PuckCast, Vol. 5., No. 3 [Podcast]


It is a month into the NHL’s regular season and the Canadiens are in first place in the Northeast Division and survived the first part of a tough week on Tuesday with a 2-0 win over the Vancouver Canucks. The next test is Thursday night in Boston against a Bruins team that is four points behind the Habs, but have four games in hand heading into action on Wednesday night.

In today’s PuckCast, Pat Hickey, Dave Stubbs, Mike Boone and Kevin Mio discuss Carey Price’s play, the struggles on the power play, scorers who are not scoring and Andrei Markov’s return to action.

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  3. avatar_58 says:

    Remember when they said we went “sideways”? Funny because an ECF last year and this years strong start…..doesn’t look like “sideways” to me.

  4. Bill J says:

    I think that is what he was trying to say.

    Does not take a great goaltender to win the Cup.

    That myth was dispelled…

    Oh & BTW wasn’t Hossa under JM too ?


  5. JD_ says:

    Come the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, Burke’ll probably receive his own personal Tim Horton’s franchise.

  6. NightRyder says:

    Thanks Bill.

    I don’t mind if the stuff sails over their head.

  7. PrimeTime says:

    I trust he has said dumber things but that is #1 imo 

  8. JD_ says:

    McGuire is doin’ a whole lotta hand-holdin’ for Loafs fans tonight.


  9. SeriousFan09 says:

    So much for the hungrier, more competitive team.

    Bruins must be sending daily muffin baskets to the MLSE offices.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  10. NightRyder says:

    Categorically false.

    Being subjected out here to everything that is Canuck until it makes my physically ill, I can say the Sedins have both been very good in all situations, including playoffs.

    And combined they make less than Gionta and Gomez.

  11. Bill J says:

    Uhm …

    He was poking a jab at members who have “used” the word “suck” with respect to some of the players on this team.

    Price was the PRIME target in fact during the off-season, if you remember.

    Perhaps you missed the double-entendre. ;)

  12. Psycho29 says:

    Has he compared the Laffs defence to the “Big-3″ tonight???

  13. Chuck says:

    They obviously weren’t meeting about improving their play. Perhaps they were trying to decide on a golf course to play.

    Centre Hice: Leafs face huge lawsuit

  14. PrimeTime says:

    I have no time for Neverlast…..couldn’t be bothered.

  15. wotever says:

    Hey, not that I’m watching I’m at work, he’s really a great goalie and will rebound but we knew he was prone to these kinds of games.  I’m sure he’ll come back strong.  Not that I care, he’s the Blues’ goalie now.  edit, just looked at the stats, looked like Conklin had a rough time too, each let in 4.. 

    Otherwise, talk about a battle for the basement, at least in the east, tonight…

    It’s just a game.

  16. TomNickle says:

    We add Cammalleri, Gomez, Gionta, Gill, Spacek and Moen and it’s a drastic overhaul.

    The Leafs add Versteeg, Armstrong, Phaneuf, Lebda, MaCarthur, Giguere and Brown and it’s a rebuild.


  17. JD_ says:

    McGuire just informed us that the Loafs have options.

    No mention of seppuku, however.

  18. NightRyder says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to drag you down to my level.

    I was referring to the current sample size I use to illustrate supreme suckitude.

  19. avatar_58 says:

    Huh? Mcguire called it a “rebuild year” for the Leafs. Haven’t we heard that same line for like 5 years? It’s not a rebuild, otherwise we could consider the habs season a rebuild as well. Pretty good for a rebuild year eh? First in the east?

  20. gumper says:

    Looks like that players-only meeting the Leafs held today might have fallen a little short of the mark.

  21. PrimeTime says:

    They are so bad……I’m glad somethings never change.

  22. TomNickle says:

    They’ve gotten better but when the chips have been down they’ve gone into hiding.

  23. TomNickle says:

    Haha.  It’s lazy to count on everyone else’s blood boiling over the two most notable players, one for his salary and one for his position for your points of reference when frequenting HIO.

    But I applaud your consistency.

  24. gumper says:

    Cheers, brother:)

  25. NightRyder says:

    Both Sedins have been excellent in the last two playoffs. Luongo has caved in, not them.

    Where have you been? Reading Gomez’s press clippings from 2001?

  26. punkster says:

    Every time the TSN camera gets a shot of Ron Wilson he’s checking what looks like his game plan.

    No wait…it’s an MLS list.

  27. NightRyder says:

    My two pet causes have long been Gomez Sucks and Price Will Be Fine.

    I aim for consistency, if not obnoxious repetition.

    All the others are minor annoyances because they will eventually sort themselves out and don’t tend to be as polarizing (read: boring) for debate.

  28. CBrady12 says:

    He didn’t say anyone sucks though…why you gotta put words in his post?

  29. TomNickle says:

    I wasn’t serious.  Thought you’d pick up on that since I singled one person out too!


  30. VancouverHab says:

    That’s just what I think. Cammi is in the same boat as Gomez, AK & Gionta — really low points (& Pleks isn’t exactly burning it up either.)

    Let’s treat them the same — not so sure about AK, but the rest (a.) are notorious slow starters and (b.) always bring ot to the playoffs.

    You have to think that for Cammi, Gio and Gomez, they have been around the block so many times that they just know the relative unimportance of these early days and the supreme value of the playoffs. Ask me then what I think of them. The Sedins put up big regular season numbers. Who cares? They, like Luongo, disappear when playoff hockey starts — and I mean, the can’t raise their game to match the intensity of true playoff-style hockey.

  31. punkster says:

    Leafs digging in for a long winter.

  32. PrimeTime says:

    Just poking a little fun……Xtra doesn’t take it as personal as the other GREATEST GOALIE IN THE WORLD fans.

  33. Psycho29 says:


    8-1 Columbus over St.Louis….

    It’s a S-Halaking….

  34. matraque says:

    Halak got pulled! haha.

    It happens… It will also happens to Carey :(


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  35. TomNickle says:

    That’s not really fair of you considering how long the list of people is that should accompany his name.

    Everlasting1 isn’t lighting up the board tonight with his Vezina proclamations. 


  36. PrimeTime says:

    Well last night and tonight should calm “the debate” for a little while.

    Where’s Xtrahabsfan???



    Prejudice + No objectivity = No credibility. The result: Partisan warfare is on the rise, and truth is on the decline

  37. TomNickle says:

    True but I could make just as big of an argument in favour of those fans who consistently denigrate Gomez; that some of them aren’t fans either.

    I haven’t read much about Cammalleri not trying lately, and he isn’t.

    Not seeing many comments about Andrei pulling his latest Houdini act.

    And those people were shouting for Dustin Boyd have grown quieter.



  38. NightRyder says:

    That’s why you need a larger sample size before forming a full opinion.

    A sample size like 1 goal in 29 games or 3 in 48.

    Then you can say someone sucks.

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