YOU Make Me Sick

If you’re one of the fans who booed Carey Price, last night – you’ve really got to re-evaluate your life. Seriously. You must be pretty miserable if you find booing a 22-year old athlete fun.

Your behaviour shows not only a total lack of respect for Price – a fellow human being – but also for the Canadiens organization and the entire city of Montreal.


Enough is enough.


This is how you treat your team? This is how you represent your fellow fans?

Nous sommes Canadiens?

The sports world is laughing at you.


Carey Price played well last night. Actually, he’s played well for most of his recent starts. He’s one of the last guys on this team who deserves that type of treatment right now. In fact, nobody on the team deserves that type of treatment.



Find another sport to watch. Read a newspaper. Go for a walk. Volunteer somewhere. Knit.

You need a new hobby. Something that makes your life a little bit happier.


I had a whole blazing rant ready to post, but I realized:

1) The filter would edit out 90% of my stronger adjectives and 100% of my colourful metaphors, and

2) An angry rant would be useless.


You’re expecting an angry rant. Your life is probably an angry rant.



I don’t care if you’ve been putting away pennies in your piggy bank for 2 years in order to save up enough cash to go to a game at the Bell Centre. Spending $40, $70 or $200 doesn’t give you the right to behave like that. Nothing gives you that right.


If this is what makes you feel good in life, then I feel sorry for you.





  1. New says:

    The booing is just bullying Chris. Nothing more, nothing less. It reflects on the person booing, not the player, or the team.

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