YOU Make Me Sick

If you’re one of the fans who booed Carey Price, last night – you’ve really got to re-evaluate your life. Seriously. You must be pretty miserable if you find booing a 22-year old athlete fun.

Your behaviour shows not only a total lack of respect for Price – a fellow human being – but also for the Canadiens organization and the entire city of Montreal.


Enough is enough.


This is how you treat your team? This is how you represent your fellow fans?

Nous sommes Canadiens?

The sports world is laughing at you.


Carey Price played well last night. Actually, he’s played well for most of his recent starts. He’s one of the last guys on this team who deserves that type of treatment right now. In fact, nobody on the team deserves that type of treatment.



Find another sport to watch. Read a newspaper. Go for a walk. Volunteer somewhere. Knit.

You need a new hobby. Something that makes your life a little bit happier.


I had a whole blazing rant ready to post, but I realized:

1) The filter would edit out 90% of my stronger adjectives and 100% of my colourful metaphors, and

2) An angry rant would be useless.


You’re expecting an angry rant. Your life is probably an angry rant.



I don’t care if you’ve been putting away pennies in your piggy bank for 2 years in order to save up enough cash to go to a game at the Bell Centre. Spending $40, $70 or $200 doesn’t give you the right to behave like that. Nothing gives you that right.


If this is what makes you feel good in life, then I feel sorry for you.





  1. New says:

    The booing is just bullying Chris. Nothing more, nothing less. It reflects on the person booing, not the player, or the team.

  2. theprice_31 says:

    AWESOME post Chris. I was at that game last night with my parents and girlfriend. When those morons started to boo Price I couldn’t beleive it, and wanted to say a few things like you, but  agree that they’re to stupid to waste any time on. Me and my girlfriend cheered loud and proud for Carey, and if only he could hear the real fans out there, who actually WATCH THE GAME, and not just get drunk, and stupid, he would know the real fans of the game support him and feel bad for every loss he has not deserved.

    On a side note, I feel in the long run this season will prove to be very helpful to his career, as he will have something to draw back on in future tough times, and know things will always work out in the end. I just pray that Habs management does not make the huge mistake of trading Carey Price.

    read Eric Engels take on this as well:



  3. Chris Aung-Thwin says:

    Thanks for the link – Eric Engels blog was great… most of what has been written on this incident is pretty good… the trouble is the people who need to read articles like Eric’s, aren’t. I feel really bad for Price – the boos always stand out more than the cheers. And this for a player who just spent hours signing autographs for fans…


    I’ll try to do my part, like you did yours. We cheer our team.

  4. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …BRAVO Chris …it’s important the Real Habs’ Fans take-on what I term the Donkeys among Us …if We really want to do something constructive on Our part to turn-around the poison between Us and the Guyz that play the game on Our behalf .

    ..I really believe added-up these Donkeys effect a serious additional burden for Our Players …effecting Our Team’s morale and even dedication to play…therefore, ultimately, to Our, the Fans’ own detriment

    …I wrote a post earlier today like a lot of other HIO commentors …in Mike’s and the general thread, which likely got buried among the many other posts from other concerned and fed-up Habs Fans on the subject today and last-night…and hope You won’t mind if I re-park My own post here

    …I am glad You initiated a more specific thread on this subject because I think a lot of Us have had enough of being embarrassed unwillingly being associated with these Donkeys

    …so below please find my take on the subject: and thanks again Chris for taking this seriously and initiating this more permanent thread


    …the Silent Majority of Habs’ Fans are on average great passionate
    Fans …knowledgable ?. yes, but being a ‘knowledgable hockey fan’ is
    not exclusive to Habs’ Fans …I think We were at one time, but with the
    internet the Dolts have a platform and networking and this spills over
    to what behavior You are finding in the Bell Centre

    …it’s an
    interesting phenomenon how self-entitled many Habs Fans are …when they
    take it for granted the Players are but numbers and serfs they can
    degrade and treat without respect …above common-sense, respect and
    mutual humanity …most of Our Idiots not considering if they were
    treated in such a way in their family, employment or professional lives
    they themselves would tell their tormenters to stick their organs in
    physically difficult places

    …ironically, most of these Donkeys
    never personally witnessed a Habs’ Stanley Cup, and if they did were
    likely very young …even I Who has been around a long time as a Habs’
    Fan, have never fantasized or pretended My Fandom has had any influence
    on the 15+ Cups I have been lucky-enough to witness, except to have had a
    communal privilege to ENCOURAGE and fortunately reaped vicarious
    satisfaction of ‘feeling like a winner’ on the coat-tails of
    People/Players/Management/Ownership I hardly personally knew, with few
    exceptions, in My day-to-day ‘reality’ 

    …We were born in a
    great city and province (the birthplace of
    the game) and lucky to have had great ownership, management and Players
    …the success and satisfaction We had like I said was completely on the
    coat-tails of people We took into Our Hearts

    …the Habs are 100
    years young …We have been extremely good and lucky to have won the
    Stanley Cup in 24 of those 100 …which also means We lost or did NOT
    win 76 of the Cups we competed for …more than a few of those 76 years
    near-death years surviving as a franchise, almost empty of talent on
    the ice, led by near incompetent management …today We are closer to
    Our better years than to the worst …yet it’s a frustrating era to be a
    Habs Fan …mediocrity ain’t easy whether You are a young or older Habs
    Fan …there are Players ALL of Us justly have a right to make Our
    feelings known when They ain’t earnin’ Their pay

    …BUT …IF We
    really are PROUD of the Crest, the Legacy, and care for the best
    interests of makin’ Our Team winners again …it ain’t gonna ever be
    realized if We act like shite-headed Losers

    …Respect works BOTH
    ways …the Silent Majority of Habs’ Fans are proud and passionate …I
    hope the ‘silent’ will start speakin’ and standin’ up to the Donkeys
    that ‘think’ they are fans, but really are hurting Our Team and
    embarrassing Us 

    …IF that can happen …THEN, maybe, We may
    recover that reputation We
    once had

    …AND …resume winnin’ agin


    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  5. HabsFanInVictoria says:

    Great article.  I can never figure out why people claim to be fans, yet treat their players with such disrespect.

  6. matrags says:

    what scares me about Price is that even if they tender him an offer he just may elect to say no thankyou and force a move elsewhere. should he end up with a commer like the Hawks deep in young talent then they may run the table for a long time.All I  know is that if he goes it will be a bigger loss than Roy  or Leclaire, and down the road we will all be asking why. I believe he is one of the few young goalies in the game that has the potential to form the conerstone of a franchise for a long time.I am hoping that the setbacks of this yr will make him stronger , and that this organization driven by its past , forced to live in the  moment will just for a moment look to its future and recognize what it has.,We wont win the cup this year baring a miracle , Price will somewhere and soon . So choose.

  7. matrags says:

    and another thing  why do we beat our self up because we have two exceptional talents in net  , why.. 

  8. missy44 says:

     good point.i didnt like them yelling PRICE PRICE so Halak would get off the ice!

    i also think it was extremely distasteful to boo jose Theodore.A guy that won the hart and Vezina ,while playing fo us.CLASSLESS!

    Not to mention all the charity work he did and continues to do in his native Montreal.Shut your big  mouth if you cant help  yourself.

    As long as Im here.Montreal used to be a classy place.You shut up during the anthems.I realize its only a few,but those few give us a bad name.Im a dual citizen,of Canada and the USA,and we really look bad when we boo the US anthem.They take (USA) their  anthem very seriously. Why cant adults just behave?????


  9. adam76 says:

    What an arrogant little “ article”.  At least you didn’t call the people in the upper bowl poor like Stubbs did. 

    Price is a pro athlete making millions – some of that money coming from the “white trash” in the whites and blues.   So your saying everyone with a 100+ ticket is to “classy” to boo?   

    Starting Price was a foolish move by this organization – the fans were booing said decision as much as Price the individual.    His poor off ice effort and conduct are responsible for his embaraaasing win loss record.  The fans understand this, thus boo.  


    This is Montreal  We boo poor results and lack of effort.  How can you be shocked by this?  Are you new to the franchise?


  10. Chris Aung-Thwin says:

    Actually, I’ve got tickets in the whites. And even then, I can only go to a few games every year because I can’t afford anymore than that. So, I don’t think anyone is made classy by the ticket they hold. I much prefer the upper deck than to the Reds or anywhere else. A couple years agao, I wrote about how much I respect the fans sitting up high, you can read that here: From the Reds.


    “His poor off ice effort and conduct are responsible for his embaraaasing
    win loss record”

    After the All-Star Game last year, I think it was pretty
    dumb – and pretty irresponsible of Price to party it up the way he did. I
    was hoping for better from him. I think he came into this season with a
    different attitude and work ethic. And if you look at the stats, he’s
    been playing fairly solid. The problem is that when he’s in nets, the
    team hasn’t been scoring. You can be the best netminder in the league,
    but if your team ain’t scoring, fuhgeddaboudit.


    “We boo poor results and lack of effort.”

    In my comment above to Joe_Habs, I wrote that if players or teams deserved to get booed, then let ‘er rip. But Price’s booing was not deserved. He was voted as one of the 3 best players on the ice that night. Booing him shows that you weren’t really paying attention to the game. If you don’t like the results, fine, boo the team when they lose. Don’t boo the team’s best player (that night).


    I’m shocked because I thoought Montreal fans were the most knowledgeable in the NHL. This shows that they (or rather,  some) are more fickle than informed.



  11. Joe_Habs says:

    I think has fans we have a right to boo our athleats, I usually agree with you Chris, but not so much here. when your a pro going out there and giving it your best just isn’t enough. Hell, why doesn’t PG offer me millions per year to go out there and “try real hard”.

    _______________________________________________________________________ <—My Blog, new post on Mike Cammalleri! Feel free to comment, I’d love to know what you think!

  12. adam76 says:

    agreed – this is the pros.



  13. Chris Aung-Thwin says:

    I’m not saying that fans can’t boo athletes – in fact, I think they should – but only when it’s deserved. This wasn’t.  Price was the only Canadiens player to earn a star that night, indicating that he was, in some ways, the best Habs player on the ice. The fans booed their best player (that night).

    To me, that’s crazy.


    If they’re unhappy with the loss, boo the team off the ice. Don’t make the goaltender a scapegoat.

  14. The Professor says:

    So wait now you’re the one who decides what is a “worthy” boo? I mean don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t have booed Price myself and I think it’s stupid, but if you’re going to go on this entire rant about how booing is classless, despicable, and booers make you sick, you can’t really turn around and say that fans should be booing athletes while expecting to be taken seriously.


    Sorry man not meant to be a personal attack and I really like your writing usually, but in my opinion that’s bogus

  15. missy44 says:

     I agree! esp with his 2 misconducts.he doesnt have passion.he is a big baby.Trade him already.3 years-no proof of him being the “face of the Canadiens”.I think it is quite clear ,that job goes to HALAK ,all the way.


    maybe Price should spend a year in hamilton and learn to be a goalie.

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