Yeah, they’re that good

The Capitals bombarded Carey Price with 41 shots and won their ninth straight against a depleted Canadiens lineup.

Start prayin’ for Plekanec.


  1. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    one player doesn’t make us a GOON squad….. but it does send a good message…

    yeah, you were ridiculing WHITE… not good, listen to the Prof!!!!

  2. ClaytonM says:

    Just more proof that the leafs are Canada’s team in 416, and Montreal is THE team for the rest of the world.

    Ken Dryden For NHL Commissioner

  3. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    HENRY 6’6″  230lbs better be called up for the March 24th game… thats all that matters.

    He was playing in the NHL when some of our guys were in Tyke… He’s fought every tough fighter in his over 100 NHL games, and has over 200 PIM..

    This guy must be in the lineup for the 24th


    ASSETS: Brings a lot of physical presence to the lineup. Hits early and often. Will not back down from anyone. Can line up both on defense and at left wing.

    FLAWS: Lacks skating speed and quickness. May not be able to handle the NHL’s best finesse forwards, especially to the outside.

    CAREER POTENTIAL: Physical reserve defenseman.

    other than that important fact/plea…. the team is doing GREAT!!!!!!!!

    Wednesday March, 9th, 2011 – the day NHL Hockey “officially” died

  4. longtimehabsfan says:

    Just stick a microphone in front of BB’s mouth and you’ll get a story.

  5. HabFarmer says:

    Brucie’s just upset his real career didn’t pan out.  He’s #7 I believe:


    A man’s attitude… a man’s attitude goes some ways. The way his life will be. Is that somethin’ you agree with?

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