Writer’s cramp with Price, Gorges & Armstrong

Price Gorges Armstrong

A very serious moment for Canadiens’ Carey Price, Josh Gorges and Colby Armstrong at Saturday signing session.
Vincenzo D’Alto/The Gazette

Canadiens’ Carey Price, Josh Gorges and Colby Armstrong dropped by AL Creations & Collections in Boisbriand on Saturday afternoon, signing autographs for a few dozen fans, posing for photos, then hanging around to sign plenty more product for the company as part of their day’s work.

A truly special feature dropped into my lap, the story coming for Monday’s Gazette. But a few observations and notes:

• Colby Armstrong is a genuinely funny guy. Montreal fans are going to love him; the media will flock to him. I showed him a photo of the ad-clogged Ambrì Piotta Swiss A League uniform of Max Pacioretty and he said, “Imagine if I could sell advertising on my own jersey?” We agreed there might be a few “This Space Available” logos.

• Josh Gorges has a very keen insight into the labour conflict that has the NHL players locked out, that ugliness going into its fourth week. The defenceman impressed me with his sense of what he believes the owners have in mind, opinions based not on emotion but clear reasoning and consultation with NHLPA executive and colleagues.

• Carey Price can take the breath out of a room. When he appeared in the store, a few moments after his teammates, you could feel his arrival. The goaltender is a very big star among his fans, make no mistake. Price said that should the lockout drag on, he could see himself going home to B.C. for a couple of weeks, pleased with his conditioning as it now stands and well aware that European teams aren’t necessarily looking for half-season goaltenders – assuming the lockout doesn’t stretch beyond that.

And below is a great illustration of Armstrong’s goofy side, in another shot by The Gazette’s Vincenzo d’Alto:

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