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Patrick V. Hickey reports from poolside that James Wisniewski’s departure from New York has been delayed by airport chaos.

The newly-acquired defenceman will join his teammates tonight.

The Canadiens cancelled morning practice today.

Josh Gorges is listed as day-to-day, and Carey Price starts against the Lightning tomorrow night.

Depressing Tweet of the Day (by Steven Hindle): Although no longer with the team, Georges Laraque still collects $2,688 from the Canadiens every single day of the 2010 regular season.

Benchmark for Josh Gorges? Tevor Daley signs for six years, $19.8 million in Dallas. He’s bigger than Gorges and was drafted 43rd overall in ’02, the year Gorges signed with San Jose as an undrafted free agent. Daley has 28 NHL goals to 8 for Gorges. but there are intangibles …


  1. Habs_Fan_1 says:

    You’re absolutely right. It isn’t as if the fans are actually bankrolling the team… I got my free season tickets and cable package, including rebates on other merchandise sold by companies who advertise with the Habs, didn’t you?

  2. TommyB says:

    Nice emotional detachment there.

  3. PeterD says:

    We as Habs fans need to stop being so emotionally attached to our team and the players in the system…we need to honest and rational about the talent we actually have on the ice and in the system.  truthfully if the group of players we put on the ice every game are not getting the job done, then there is a problem.

    Currently in the Montreal we are not icing a team that can win games…the players are not able or willing to go to the dirty areas in front of the net…are afraid of being hit with the puck in front of the net…or just don’t have enough fire in their belly to force the issue and go to the net and score… there are players like this on other teams…we have not selected or developed this type of player…SO…lets make the trades we need to do to acquire this type of player…but you know what folks…we are all going to chock ad whine when Pierre G. finally pulls the trigger and makes a trade that sends some of our beloved prospects to other organizations for the gutzy players we were unable to draft or develop within the organization.


  4. habs365 says:

    only thing the Habs need is a couple of players that can put the puck in the net when needed..what they have now couldn’t put the puck in a soccer net.

  5. ctony says:

    That would be a lot of money and an awfully long contract for Georges.  Could he fetch a first round pick or top prospect in the off season?

  6. OneTimer says:

    Yeah, I was amped when we signed him but he’s been disappointing.

  7. J_P says:

    He’s a real solid 5th or 6th, and still a solid second pairing guy.  As long as you don’t put him against the other teams best, he should make out just fine.

    Chicago has way too much depth on defense to keep him, and anaheim….well, they’re just anaheim.  They traded Joffrey Lupul only to re-acquire him, they’re odd, lets just leave it at that.

    A gift second round pick, and a conditional 5th is a very small price to pay for a solid offensive d-man with a mean streak, who showed Sean Avery, as one poster said yesterday, how to eat a “Mr. Freezie”.

  8. shiram says:

    My guess is with the incident between Subban/Plekanec/Lapierre, it might have been done so they can cool down somewhat.

  9. EastCoastJoe says:

    If paying BGL $2600 and change for another year is depressing, what do you call paying Yashin about $25K per day for another four years!  Was that a Mad Mike jobbie?

  10. Josh says:

    Another cancelled practice? Not like the team needs to work on anything..

  11. CBrady12 says:

    How is it depressing for me that BGL collects $$$ from the Canadiens? Depressing for the owners maybe…but for a fan…who the hell cares? Good for George BTW, get the money while you can!!

  12. SeriousFan09 says:

    The ever-industrious Watsatheo has a compilation for our new defencemen.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  13. habsfan reduxit says:

    … come on, lighten up. The man signed a contract and it’s being honoured. What’s ‘depressing’ about that?


    “Whenever you have the puck, and don’t know what to do with it, put it in the net.” – Toe Blake

  14. Bill J says:

    RE: your last sentence…

    Like Quebec City fans saw the Nordiques move to Denver & win the Cup in the first season in Denver ?  yeah that woulda hurt.

    Islanders moving ?  Doubt it…  NHL has a un-written rule about moving Cup winning teams.  They simply do not do it.

  15. kempie says:

    Considering the alternative is to have him taking up a spot on the 4th line, I’d say it’s still worth it.

  16. likehoy says:

    No idea what’s wisniewskis’ case but he seems like a dman that can put up 30-35 points a year…he seems like a bryan mccabe type player

    good on the PP, a loose canon in his own d-zone

    – Gomez is holding down the suck button

  17. keepthefaith says:

    For all the talk of Moen having all this heart, he is just as invisible as the rest of the team.  I dont see him that way anymore.

  18. 24 Cups says:

    Here’s the 2nd depressing thought of the day.  Laraque will also be getting $2,688 a day from the Habs next year. 

  19. larisalapointe says:

    Exactly right on. What is funny though is that some want the team to leave to end the fans’ misery…..LOL

  20. HabFanSince72 says:

    Isles are doing what so many other contenders have done: tanking to get draft picks. It sure worked for Chicago and Pittsburgh.

    The big worry for Isles fans is that by the time they get good they’ll be in a different city.

  21. Hobie Hansen says:

    One from the road…


    Travis Moen: “Hey James, welcome to the Montreal Canadiens there buddy!”


    James Wisniewski: “Thanks Travis, so what’s the story with this team besides everyone going ape s*&t over this kid who’s only 21-years-old?”


    Moen: “Well we’ve got a lot of important parts but one thing we’ve been missing is some heart and grit. They’ve placed the enforcer duties on me but I’m a light heavyweight at best. Do you think you might be able to contribute because I’m not into having the enforcer from every team looking for me?”


    Wisniewski: “Hey, you’re bigger than me but I’ll gladly chip in when I can. Why is management so content with having such a small team that gets laughed at around the league?”


    Moen: “Not sure but it’s embarrassing. If we were winning Stanley Cups it might make sense but who knows what their logic is?”


    Wisniewski: “Let’s go grab a beer at that Chez Paris place downtown when we get back into Montreal.”


  22. Bill says:

    It’s really hard to know what to expect from this guy. He’s certainly got a nice resume: OHL All Rookie Team in 2001, Major Junior Defenseman of the Year 2004. He’s shown toughness in the O and also in the AHL, where he put up 110 PIM as a rookie. He’s obviously having a good season this year -his UFA year – but he’s never really been a big scorer in the pros.

    Does anybody else find it odd that after a decent offensive season, the Ducks let him go for a 3rd rounder? Or that the Habs got him for a 2nd and a 5th when he was the Isles leading scorer? Does he have major defensive problems? Is he some sort of Jason Blake type guy who doesn’t fit into the dressing room? Or is it simply that he hasn’t quite found his niche yet?

    Nobody seems to know much about him, probably because he’s played mostly in the West where the teams receive relatively little scrutiny. I’m personally really curious to find out what we’ve got here!

    What the Habs need are the offensive skills he’s shown this year for the Isles, on the power play, yes, but also let us hope he can fix up some of the transition problems they’ve had since losing Markov. Beyond that, I love that he hits and will stand up for his goalie and other mates … he’s instantly the only tough D-man we’ve got. If he is also sound defensively then this is a beautiful deal and the perfect solution to the Markov injury, given that it cost zero roster players.

    How could it go bad? Well … Wisniewski could turn out to have merely average skills and be really brutal defensively, or he could turn out to be some kind of dressing room misfit. The first I doubt, the second is a possibility though I can’t find anything online where his defensive skills are knocked, and the third is pretty unlikely and complete and total speculation on my part.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  23. larisalapointe says:

    I’ve been reading the Islanders blog, now those fans are not panicked, but extremely depressed. They don’t all agree about the Wiz, not like us, we always agree about everything here. 😉

    (I’m paraphrasing here) Anyways most are angry to see him go because he’s tied for leading scorer and one of their top 2 Ds. They feel he was given too much for 1st/2nd Dman but is the best 3rd/4th D, and will do better in Mtl because he fits here better than NY. Since Tavares was his best friend there, some think he will follow him here…if only.

    They believe management let him go easily because he always told it like it was and hated playing in Long Island, and they’re dumba$$s.

    As one fan says “Who would play for the Islanders on purpose?”  Priceless

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