Will they be missed?


Eyes on the Prize looks at young Canadiens’ prospects who are no longer with the club.

And it might be worthwhile revisiting a link HIO posted yesterday.

In assessing the depth of talent in development systems around the NHL, Hockey Prospectus ranks the Canadiens 24th:

The Habs had one of the worst systems in hockey a few months ago, but getting Alexei Emelin to become an NHL commit from Russia and drafting Nathan Beaulieu has helped bring Montreal out of the tail-end of these rankings. Danny Kristo and especially 2010 first round pick Jarred Tinordi did not look good at all this year, while Aaron Palushaj showed solid progression and could possibly score at the next level.

Pretty grim, eh?

In his look at the team’s Top 10 prospects, topped by Beaulieu, Corey Pronman writes:

Over the past decade, the Habs used to have a secure spot amongst the elite systems in hockey, but the consistent dealing of draft picks coupled with underwhelming projections for some of their first round picks have dropped them into the bottom-tier of the league. As it stands now, the system has two significant anchors in Nathan Beaulieu and Alexei Emelin, two nice complementary pieces in Aaron Palushaj and Louis Leblanc, and then it falls off into project prospects and depth pieces after that.

There’s actually a decent amount of ceiling in this system with an equal amount of risk, as is usually the case for players who are ceiling picks. Nathan Beaulieu, Alexander Avtsin, Jarred Tinordi and Danny Kristo all have quite desirable upsides, but aside from Beaulieu, I’m skeptical about the other prospects’ chances of reaching their ceiling.

Enough doom and gloom!

Here’s Eric Engel’s assessment of this season’s D.

No Plan B for Phoenix, Islanders

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  2. JohnBellyful says:

    “Good night, Ralph.”
    “Good night, Sam.”

  3. JohnBellyful says:

    “To you from failing hands we pass the torch, be yours to hold it high”

    What kind of motivational message is that? We’re bunch a losers whose hands are failing – no wonder we can’t score – so here, take the torch, see if you can light the blasted lamp.

    And it’s the same message EVERY year. Failing hands, pass the torch. Failing hands, pass the torch.
    Wasn’t there a time when the message was: ‘To you from winning hands we pass the Cup, be yours to hold it high’?
    What advertising company suggested doing away with that bit of inspiration? Too passe, the high brows probably said.

    Well, the high brows were wrong. But it’s far too late to go back to those days. Have to win something big first now. No, it’s time to come up with a line that will lift the team when the hour grows darkest. Something Churchillian: “We have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. And a cross-check to Chara from behind.”

    You’re right. Too wordy. The line’s got to be short, sweet and pack a punch.
    “For CHrissakes, do something!”

    I like it.

    One more thing: Why not put this above the entrance to the team’s dressing room, in the lobby, in neon lights outside the arena:

    E = MC2

    as in

    Excellence = Montreal Canadiens to the power of 2 (in other words twice as good as any other team.

    Next week, we discuss Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and how the Bruins won the Cup.

    • HardHabits says:

      How about, “Pass the torchie on the left hand side.
      It a gonna burn, may it be yours to get you in a trance!”

      • JohnBellyful says:

        And who said this:
        “No, I’m not left-handed, I don’t dress left, my politics don’t lean to the left, but, yes, I do believe I’ve got something left in the tank.”

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