Why are these men smiling?

George Gillett and his much taller partner, Tom Hicks, have bought themselves 12 months of breathing room on their loan from the Royal Bank of Scotland and Wachovia.

Uncles George and Tom – or, as they’re known in the pubs of Liverpool, “those Yank c%$#s” – still owe a huge whack of money and have to a) maybe find a deep-pocketed partner and b) figure out how to build a new stadium at Anfield.

From the Guardian:

When they bought Liverpool in 2007 for £174m assuming £44.8m in
liabilities, Gillett promised not to load any debt on to the club. When
it emerged that they had done so, and that plans to build a new stadium
were being put on hold, there was anger from fans.

Learned colleague Pat Hickey reveals BMO has replaced bankrupt CIT in providing $225 million toward the Molson brothers’ $550 million purchase of the Canadiens.

• The indefatigable Robert L. looks at whether Andrei Markov should be the next captain. (Habs Inside/Out votes Yes!)
• Encouraging indicator of cerebral activity: Ryan O’Byrne likes The Onion.
• Faceoff.com has the Canadiens organizational depth chart: centres, centres and more centres …. without a giant among them.
John LeClair to the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame.
• Check Four Habs Fans for a video in which Christopher Higgins talks about his upcoming NYC comedy club gig. No, he doesn’t mean the Rangers. Chris lookin’ a bit puffy around the eyes. Wonder how Big Apple nightlife is treating him.



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