Who would have thunk?

Hockey in Montreal on May 10?

You’re kidding me!!!

Spacek could be back

• But Hal Gill could be out – Stubbs

Memo to morons: Don’t riot tonight – Boone

Game 5 goal breakdown – Robert L and Chris Boyle

• Penguins have the edge – David Shoalts

• Will Halak get the contract he deserves? – Réjean Tremblay


  1. The Big One says:

    Re • Memo to morons: Don’t riot tonight – Boone

    One heck of an article Boone.  It was funny, intelligent, reasonable, and you may very well have rationalized with the punks.  From a guy who doesn’t live near Montreal, but loves visiting the city, I can only hope you stem some of the aggression.

  2. Habscore says:

    Great article Mr Boone. I was downtown for the last two 1st round victories, and these youngsters are siimply nuts, they are not necessarily drunk just not thinking well. Thanks for the words. Could not said it in a better, or more respectful manner.


    — YES HABS CAN!! —

  3. badbalance says:

    Sounds like everyone throwing the towel already, We’re winning this in 7 and going to the eastern finals don’t you worry guys

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