Who would have thunk?

Hockey in Montreal on May 10?

You’re kidding me!!!

Spacek could be back

• But Hal Gill could be out – Stubbs

Memo to morons: Don’t riot tonight – Boone

Game 5 goal breakdown – Robert L and Chris Boyle

• Penguins have the edge – David Shoalts

• Will Halak get the contract he deserves? – Réjean Tremblay


  1. The Big One says:

    Re • Memo to morons: Don’t riot tonight – Boone

    One heck of an article Boone.  It was funny, intelligent, reasonable, and you may very well have rationalized with the punks.  From a guy who doesn’t live near Montreal, but loves visiting the city, I can only hope you stem some of the aggression.

  2. Habscore says:

    Great article Mr Boone. I was downtown for the last two 1st round victories, and these youngsters are siimply nuts, they are not necessarily drunk just not thinking well. Thanks for the words. Could not said it in a better, or more respectful manner.


    — YES HABS CAN!! —

  3. badbalance says:

    Sounds like everyone throwing the towel already, We’re winning this in 7 and going to the eastern finals don’t you worry guys

  4. CHsam says:

    This is not the latest example of Uncle Grumpy-Pants telling kids to
    get off his lawn. Having survived nights that began with tequila shots
    and ended in Hawkesbury motel rooms, with no idea of how I got there or
    why I was wearing women’s clothes, Uncle G-P can party with the best of

  5. Slovak says:


  6. Mr.Hazard says:

    Mais dans le fond, ça veut dire qu’à la première défaillance de Halak, on va le tasser en espérant que Carey Price saura enfin justifier sa sélection en première ronde et tout le bataclan publicitaire fait autour de lui.

    So well put.

    “love cannot drown truth, Nefertiti”

  7. kempie says:

    You’re giving anarchy a bad name.

    Hilarious – but true.

  8. Shublips says:

    Any reinforcements on D that would allow the Habs to see LESS of Marc-Andre Bergeron, will be a good thing.

    Anyone….MAB is simply horrific on the ice and lately is not even producing on the power play, which means that he is has now become COMPLETELY useless.  At least when his shot was going, there was one dimension to his game.  Right now, he has zero dimensions to his game!

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  9. megagoten says:

    i read jack todd’s morning qb thing.

    i should’ve known better. you guys can identify with it. it’s like that time where you tuned in to coach’s corner hoping for something better. didn’t happen.

  10. Ian Cobb says:

    All down hill and gravy the rest of the way. Our club will be loose and give it their all tonight. This club has extended their season one month longer than most people thought capable.

    Are they capable of taking the pens two games in a row?, definitely yes. But they must play a perfect game with total discipline, and who will be able to play?

    We won’t know until game time which of our walking wounded might play. Who ever can be there tonight, will be. This group , works and plays for each other, what a special team we have this year.

    Just wondering if there is another rabbit in the hat for the home boys.!

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