Who own da Chief?

George Gillett denies Jim Balsillie’s suggestion, published in today’s La Presse, that the Canadiens are for sale.

But as François Gagnon points out, everything is for sale … if the price is right.

Balsillie, whose company, Research in Motion, makes the ubiquitous BlackBerry, has pots of a money and an insatiable desire to own aNational Hockey League franchise.

(Forbes profile of Balsillie, Wikipedia entry)

 Stymied in his plan to buy the Nashville Predators and move them to southern Ontario, Balsillie delights in causing heartburn for Gary Bettman.

This Canadiens trial balloon is the latest example.

Uncle George will not sell his favourite toy during centennial year.

But "never" is not a word heard often on Wall St., Bay St. – or Lagauchetière West.

Anyway, a fun story to keep the hotlines buzzing while we wait for the puck to drop in Columbus. 

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