White called up from Hamilton

The Canadiens have recalled Ryan White from the Hamilton Bulldogs.

White, 22, 6-feet and 198 pounds, has played three games for the Canadiens this season, those during his first callup in late January. He had a shot and five penalty minutes and was plus-1. He has three goals and nine assists in 33 games with the Bulldogs, one goal on the power play, and 77 penalty minutes.

Only the sound of a coffee percolator in the media work room and the smell of disinfectant outside the Canadiens dressing room (no comment) at ice level at the Bell Centre, 45 minutes before a few Habs are expected to skate in advance of tonight’s game against the New York Islanders.

The Canadiens should have a few players available following an 11:15 team meeting. The Islanders, who sat in Montreal last night watching the fiasco that was the Montreal-Bruins game in Boston, are expected to skate at 11:30.

Audio, maybe some video and updates here later. Live bits and pieces from Stubbs on Twitter here.


  1. Hobie Hansen says:

    No wrong again! It would be nice if the Habs had a guy to step in for Subban so he can take on someone his own size…

    Ya i care about PP goals as much as you, but not when our guys are lying on the ice in a pool of blood and the game is lost already.


  2. Kooch7800 says:

    I think getting tough with our team was their game plan.  They had lost so many in a row that is the only way to beat us.  Philly does it as well.

    I am really not a fan of Chara.  He is up there wtih Cooke to me.

  3. Ian Cobb says:

    His next contract, he will pay his club to be able to play, if he gets to signs another with someone.!

  4. Caballero says:

    I am totally shocked becase Gomez usually has a very short fuse. AK46 and Gomez looked pretty bad last night.

  5. Ian Cobb says:

    They won’t get away with the goon style come play off time. By the way, we are still paying Big George Laraque contract.

  6. Mark C says:

    Pretty much how I feel. Love the way he plays, he brings a lot of great attributes to the team. I don’t even think his play is hurting the team. However, I’m starting to think he needs the Max-Pac treatment, and not even for as long as Max did. Once Cammalleri returns Eller pretty much becomes 4th liner as it stands today. At some point it’s going to make a lot of sense to try and get him playing his best game, and the best place for that is Hamilton.

  7. Kooch7800 says:

    He is having trouble cracking the bulldogs line up.  He is a healthy scratch all the time.  Too bad I thought he was going to be a decent prospect for the third and fourth line.

    Not sure what the issue is with him though

  8. The Cat says:

    I dont think any call up would please the fans right now, unless its ‘Abdullah the butcher’.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  9. krob1000 says:

    I think he is our best dman by a country mile now…and will be for year sto come unless Markov somehow recovers his form despite being older and on wonky knees. Who is our best dman?

  10. Mark C says:

    There are pretty much zero fights in the playoffs, Boston had 3 last year in 13 games.

  11. Kooch7800 says:

    Thanks god we didn’t have Komi last night.  We would have watched him get tooled by Lucic and Chara

  12. G-Man says:

    Habs better beat them by scoring more because, as a team, the Habs cannot fight. Pathetic.

  13. G-Man says:

    Shaking with laughter, Timo. Shaking with laughter.

  14. Trenton_Romulox says:

    Honestly, not seeing Gomez take any stupid penalties or do anything of the sort was incredibly disappointing to me in a way. It indicated to me that he didn’t care. And when you have someone who doesn’t care, that’s far, far worse than having a player who simply plays poorly. Last night, Gomez did both. If I was Jacques Martin, I’d sit Gomez tonight. I’d sit Gomez until I saw something in him spark during a practice, something in him snap. ‘Cause right now, he’s just running on fumes, fumes of lazy and stupid. And at some point something has to change inside of Gomez, he’s gotta find a way to take it to another level. He doesn’t deserve to play right now. 

  15. TomNickle says:

    Ian that’s completely incorrect.  I’m sorry, I have a lot of respect for you.  But there is no supplementary discipline for Ference’s slash on Plekanec, nothing on Marchand for his hit on Wisniewski and nothing for Julien for a line brawl in a decided game with under 5 minutes left.  Colin Campbell protects the team his son plays for.  If you want evidence.  Lucic punched Freddy Meyer in the face when Meyer couldn’t see it coming and got nothing other than a $10,000 fine that you and I both know the team pays for.

  16. Exit716 says:

    Yeah, but I’m suggesting that it would be a way to entice his team to let him leave if they got some form of compensation back in terms of Kostitsyn. Last night pretty much finished any small hope I had of him being any type of impact player. He’s just lazy and stupid.


  17. gumper says:

    Okay, I get it now. That’s got be the weirdest suggestion I’ve every heard, but I have to admit that if, by getting rid of AKost you could acquire Yemelin, you’d have to give it some serious thought.

  18. Ian Cobb says:

    Ya! He realy looked first class creaming Gionta time and time again. 100lbs and 14″  taller.

    Next game a two hander slash across Chara’s nose works for me, and I will pay for the fine.!

  19. punkster says:

    Hamrlik, hands down. And that in itself tells you just how weak our D is right now. Unless all of them are playing to their strengths we have a tough time competing. Fortunately all the regulars seem to perform well most of the time in their specialty roles. For example, without a solid, stay at home Gill (one of the leagues better shot blockers and poke checkers) PK is a huge liability. Getting better all the time but making brain dead rookie mistakes. All the regular D (and I exclude Picard) have strengths and together they usually do very well. But to crown PK with the title “Best” at this point is just a bit scary. Again, this is why we need that big, experienced D in a trade soon if we hope to go anywhere in the playoffs.


  20. TomNickle says:

    My only point here Ian is that the Bruins can get away with whatever they want and they know it.  Why do you think they made it a battle royal last night?  Colin Campbell.  They know that they have protection from the league office and can do whatever they want because of it.  If today doesn’t confirm it nothing else will.

  21. Ian Cobb says:

    Chara’s slash to the back of(PacheratySpell?) leg. I would put him on notice publicly, next time he tries to injure one of our players, he will get a two hander across the face. I would have no problem with that.

  22. gumper says:

    You usually do beat teams by scoring more, not by fighting better.

  23. Timo says:

    I think you are trying to see it the white way… PK is the best D we have. He just needs a bit of JMing and he will be the superstar the likes of which the world has never seen.

  24. Ian Cobb says:

    Point taken my friend.

  25. krob1000 says:

    I couldn’t disagree more.  Subban is a better defender than either Gill or Hamrlik IMO ..and I mean defensively as well. Gill is slow and conceds the blueline everytime, his only real strength is on the PK or playing with an offensvive guy and staying back to allow the other guy to contribut otherwise I find Gill well below average.  Hammer is aging and two years ago was great…but right now he needs his minutes reduced…he still has something to offer but Subban is better in every aspect…as a rookie IMO!  Spatch and Hammer are essentially trhe same player and we really only have room for one, Gorges and Gill who are our shutdown guys both have glaring deficiencies…if you could comibne them they would be great but one is too small and the other too big and not mobile enough.  Hammer gets caught more tha Subban..but Hamemr can’t recover anymore.  Subban usually redeems himself with his skating ability if he turns it over or makes an error…he has made his share but I would suggest that Hammer, Sopatcha nd Gill have been responsible for far more goals against than PK…and have nowhere near the impact in leaving our end, maintaining possession, gaining the other zoe, scoring in general,etc. 

    A well rested and sharp Hammer and Spatch makes them very competent but Subban is already better in every aspect but perhaps positioning defensively…pk is learning that but he still gets away with it because of his raw ability most of the time.  I like Hammer…but he is now a shutdown guy who I would prefer to have playing Gill’s role with Subban.  I would personally like Gill gone and replaced with a hard nosed shutdown guy….he is too limited….I do like that his postiional attention to detail is something others can emulate…and better because they can still skate…but I would prefer him to be a seventh dman and fill in sixth dman.  Weber is too small for the role needed right now too….we have offense in P and Wiz, Hammer and Spatch offer a smidgen too….Weber can’t play the shutdown role well enough and isn’t tough enough to protect our house…I do think Weber hads one better than expected ina role that is the polar opposite of his skilset…but.


    We need anotehr dman…and a top nine forward who can stand up for guys, muck it up in front, and bring some vet leadership.

  26. Gormdog says:

    That is too funny. You’ve mentionned a few times that you were rolling in dough, and I literally thought to myself last night: “Man, you know, I bet Mr. Cobb would gladly pay the fine / missing suspention salary of a Hab who had it in him to cross-check Chara in the neck”

    Seems I was right!

  27. Timo says:

    Oh NO!!!! My credibility!!!! It’s all I had left on this site. Sigh.

  28. Mats Naslund says:

    Clear as day. PK landed a clean hit on Marchand last time out which has opened him up to constant cheap-shots in behind the play. Last night he tried to steer clear of it – but there is only so much a person can take. The result is that the Bruins goat until he bites and all of their ‘tough’ guys talk smack about how he won’t back up his talk. Its hilarious really. If we had Moen follow Seguin around all game people would be screaming bloody murder. But in PK’s case – the media has lead everyone to believe that he is Sean Avery’s younger, black brother – and thus opposing teams have carte blanche to chase around a rookie. 

  29. Mr. Biter says:

    great Idea and also throw in the Undertaker.

  30. punkster says:

    Damn…had a great post all ready to go then hit “post comment” and watched my connection fail. That’s my excuse 😉

    OK, so in a nutshell, good response from you and I must agree with most of your points. My long winded response had something to do with PK and if he gets his rookieness fixed up he’ll be our best. Definitely, but for now I see Hamrlik as the number 1.Different strokes.

    However, your last line says it all. We need another D man. Discussing who is best at this or that can be subjective. The real issue is the requirement for another D, preferably someone large, mobile, with experience and not afraid to play physical.


  31. Bash says:

    From other thread…

    Please…enough of the “we need to get bigger” speeches. A dead horse could figure that out. Why hasn’t Gauthier?   This is a frontier justice league!

    When the Clarke led Flyers bullied their way to “glory” Montreal responded. How many of you remember the night Bowman started his 5 biggest players, including Savard and Lapointe on the wings! Message sent!

    What is so sad is the the escalation of goonery in this era. Cooke et al must pay the piper. The league seems unwilling to do it and that leaves no choice…teams have to defend themselves.

    Beating up a smaller player/ non fighter after you have clearly won a decision should be suspendable. Who am I kidding…it was Campbell! Price and Pouliot both landed one punch and then stopped…would we be better off if they had pounded the snot out of their opponents who were down?

    PK will have to drop them soon if he wants to maintain the swagger. He is not Robinson (yet???) but Larry’s tko of Shultz was a defining moment. Pick the opponent PK, a la Lucic strategy …and make it count.

    The return match in Monteal leaves little option unfortunately. I hate to say this but we must bring up Henry and Bonneau for fourth line duty. White plays third line. 

    The endlessly promoted trade has to happen soon…and yes size matters.

    The league has not and will not protect skilled players! Will we do what has to be done?


    “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” (anon)

  32. Mr. Biter says:

    Sad times when your goalie is one of your 2 best fighters if not your best.

  33. arcosenate says:

    Still angry.

    I wonder when they’ll figure out that every team is going to play like that against us.

    Matt Carkner, I tell you, would have busted a few heads last night.

  34. Strabo says:

    Pyatt must have got cut up pretty bad. I’m surprised that he wouldn’t be able to go with a cage.


    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein

  35. Hobie Hansen says:

    Last night’s game will only fuel the debate that is constantly present on this website. Do the Habs need to get tougher or continue to keep the smallish flashy team mentality? 

    It seems that half the people want a tougher team and the rest are content with a team solely based on speed and skill. I think the right answer is somewhere in between. 

    The one thing that is getting a little tiresome is that when a person brings up the notion of getting tougher – they’re accused of implying that the team needs to add some goons. Only an idiot would want that and I don’t think that’s what people are insinuating! 

    People bring up Chris Neal’s name quite often are immediately bashed and called a goon lover. Last time I checked, Neal is just as good as let’s say a Tom Pyatt. I think it would be a great idea for the Habs to send some prospects and a draft pick to Ottawa for Neil and Chris Phillips.  Heck, if they can’t get Phillips maybe replace him with Matt Carkner in a possible deal instead. Carkner could replace Yanick Webber on my team any day!   

    Mathieu Darche has had a decent season but most teams have a guy like Darche who also has a physical aspect to his game. Our 3rd and 4th lines have ZERO toughness except Travis Moen. When we have the smallest group of top six forwards in NHL history, that’s a problem. 

    There’s no chance we’ll beat Boston and/or Philadelphia in a 7-game-series unless we add some grit, heart and beef up considerably! End of story!  


  36. Propwash says:

    Somebody must have gotten hurt.

  37. j2w4habs25 says:

    Frigging BOSTON…. they have stronger players then us… it makes me mad how small we are but i know how fast we are and how good our Dman are when they’re on their game :) Lastnight was some madness game. I didnt like it one bit, but the good thing of this game was Carey Price Rocked Thomas :) OLE that Bruin Fans!… but I also found this interesting article on Carey Price.


    Carey Price #31

  38. Gormdog says:

    Last night was the exception, not the rule guys.


    Although, I won’t lie, at one point I was screaming at the TV while Zdeno was third man in on Patches:


     “I want a Matt Cooke! Take a two hander to Zdeno’s leg, bite Tim Thomas, slap Julien in the face, and run Marchand from behind. Who cares if you get suspended, me wants revenge!!”


    I quickly reverted back to my mild mannered glass half full form.

  39. Hobie Hansen says:

    Last night was a playoff style game and that’s exactly how the Bruins will come at us in April. And just like last night we’ll be scarred to head into the corners, Lucic will be jabbing at Price and we’ll get run over. So Obvious…


  40. The Cat says:

    Flashy? Habs top 6 forwards arent faster than any other top 6 forwards in the league, and theyre getting old too.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  41. Chuck says:

    In hindsight, it would seem that the healthy scratch of Tyler Seguin was a preemptive measure to keep their prized rookie out of a game that they knew would turn out as it did. Absolutely premeditated.

  42. Gormdog says:

    If every team is going to play that way against us… Why don’t they already?

  43. Mark C says:

    The Bulldogs play-by-play announcer was on Team990 yesterday and noted that White’s game was back to his preseason level of play, so he has that going for him. I guess Pyatt is out or at least a maybe for tonight. I do wonder if Eller will be sent down to re-group and see if he can take his game to the next level come playoff time.   

  44. Gormdog says:

    If we have “no chance” to beat Boston in a best-of-seven, how are we 3-1 against them this season? Have they not been trying their hardest? Lulling us into a false sense of security?

    Habs need to add some “size and toughness” but to go through all that effort with that long post and end on that silly note… Hurts my head a bit!

  45. sidhu says:

    White should have never been sent down in the first place.  I’m glad PG apparently got the message that we need more grit and toughness. 

    I hope that he does not settle with White — one guy is not enough.  We’re still too small with him, but it’s a start.

  46. StevieRay says:

    Does anyone else think that opposing teams are targeting PK in a effort to get him off his game ….It’s starting to look that way to me . If this trend continues our players whether they like it or not ( I think for most it’s a ‘ not’) will need to step up physically ….

  47. Gormdog says:

    Yep, and we put 4 PPG’s past the best goalie in the league, making them pay for their goonery.

    It was an aberration! The Bruins often try to goon it up against us, and usually end up paying the price with a big fat L.

    We just happened to be terrible in our own end tonight… THAT’s what cost us, not being small…

  48. Timo says:

    I bet Bruins are shaking in their little boots right now.

  49. Timo says:

    Absolutely. Despite being a rookie everyone realizes he doesn’t play top minutes for nothing. He is our best dman. It was the same thing with Daughty. Last year’s playoffs opposition was all over him.

  50. nickster13 says:

    cuz it takes a certain hate level to play like that. Hate/lack of respect, the bruins have it for us, other teams cant hate us as much or have too many skill players to want to do so

  51. gumper says:

    What’s amusing to me about last night’s game is the attitude coming out of Boston that the matter has been settled once and for all, and the Bruins have established that they are the superior team. (That attitude is reflected in the panic we’re seeing here from  a lot of HIO posters.) It ain’t over till it’s over, and even then there’s always next year. Habs have beaten the Bruins consistently by refusing to engage in the goon-based game they prefer to play. That became impossible last night because (despite what Mr. Harris has to say) the refs lost control of the game early. If penalties like the slew foot on Hammer in the first period are called, the Bruins know they can’t get away with the cheap crap, and decide to play hockey. If not, then you’re in for a night of escalating violence that eventually boils over, terminating with someone being clubbed repeatedly with a piece of equipment. Refs blew this one first to last. Anyhow, mark Mar. 8 on your calendar, when we have them in our barn. Got a feelin’ there’s goin’ to be a couple of cans of whoop-ass opned on the Bs, Habs style.

  52. Kooch7800 says:

    Wiz looked like Bergeron last night in his own end.  He did come back and contribute on the offense though. More than I can say for half our forwards

  53. Hobie Hansen says:

    Last time I checked you’re not much of a hockey player if you’re hiding behind a referee and looking over your shoulder and hoping for a call. That’s not the Canadian way…


    Remember how team Canada played in the Olympics, running over everyone in sight, that’s how you win hockey games…


    Who cares if we put four PP goals in the net after being demolished?


  54. Kooch7800 says:

    Boyd would get snagged on re-entry waivers for sure

  55. Gormdog says:

    I’ve been an Eller supporter but I have to agree at this point… Not that I feel he is without value to the team, but, I think for his own good he could use a couple of weeks playing 20 mins a night against lesser competition and build his confidence back up… <p>

     But only if they bring him back up and play him at CENTER, where he belongs…

  56. Caballero says:

    Useless bringing up White. Predictable, and pathetic.

  57. smiler2729 says:

    I’m gonna book off from work that night on March 8th but I can practically GUARANTEE there’ll be nothing even resembling last night’s game happening again.  

  58. smiler2729 says:

    So who goes on IR or gets sent down?

    I’d like to see Dustin Boyd back up too. Send Eller down and send AK46 packing.

  59. volcano62 says:

    Yep. Bruins had this all planned out.

  60. LA Loyalist says:

    We don’t have anyone who could reach his neck, except Gill. I’d throw a few loonies in the pot, though.

  61. Kooch7800 says:

    Pyatt might be still icing his face. Man that looked painful.  Nice of Campbell to just keep hammering a non fighter.  He is as classy as his father

  62. Jonson says:

    yet to be seen…….the wiz get angry, why not??? the guy is crazy, it would have been nice to see last night


    good call up for habs, i dont think it has much to do about lastnight though

  63. mrhabby says:

    of course teams are targeting PK. He likes to yap so either step up or ease off the yapping.

  64. Jonson says:

    yeah he def struggled. i just dont know how boston let him dangle out there cause it was sloppy. led to some nice goals though

  65. Say Ash says:

    Not sure if this has been posted. Flyers’ Shelley lays out five rules of fighting in NHL:


  66. Gormdog says:

    Bingo. Let them play their gooning game. Normally ends up with the Habs winning…

    Which, last time I checked, was what mattered…

  67. Chuck says:

    Let ’em. I’ll take another 6 goals against them and the victory, because there’s no way in hell that they’ll score another 8.

  68. Jonson says:

    all this talk about not being tough enough.. why hasnt anybody brought up the fact that they won 3 of the 5 fights lastnight??

    they didnt let price get run over, they defended him all night.

    plain and simple our d sucked and boston was faster and more skilled.

  69. Gormdog says:

    Yeah, I bet you were really cheering hard for PK to “man up, Canadian style” and get his head caved in by Lucic’s fists… Right?

    And I care about the 4 PP goals. Let me tell you, there are way more powerplays given out in the playoffs than there are fights.

    The way some of you act, it’s suprising the Habs ever win a game.

  70. Chuck says:

    Great point about the refs losing complete control over the game, which is undoubtedly part of what Martin had to say to them outside of the dressing room last night.

    Hamrlik and Spacek get jumped in the waning minutes of the game, and the refs give them game misconducts? Sorry, but that doesn’t cut it.

  71. Guylafleur10 says:

    What about calling up Ian Schultz , saw the kid play in the Dub , tough as nails and can actually play the game , not afraid of anyone .

  72. Jonson says:

    i dont know about that, im sure it will be the same type again. the bruins are angry, and they will try to do it again next time we play.


  73. Shiloh says:

    I wonder if they’ve reached the point where Gomez goes on waivers? No team will pick him up at that salary – would we then send him to Hamilton? Or – does he have something left in the tank?

    Eller is potentially a very good player – but he really should be playing centre. Does he get some time in Hamilton? Or – does Pyatt get scratched?

    How about Campbell hitting Pyatt repeatedly with his elbow pad? He knew it was dislodged but he kept going – wonder what Daddy Dearest thinks of all this? For sure the refs are not the subject of a nasty e-mail because they didn’t give Sonny-Boy anything extra. What an idiot Campbell is – and his kid takes after him.

  74. habsguy says:

    Wiz was afful lastnight,  he had more give aways than than Komi and Shen put together 

  75. Gormdog says:

    Won 3 out of 5 is a bit generous… I distinctly remember Spacho, Hammer, and Pyatt all got pretty decent beatings, the Spacho one should count for 2 wins!

  76. habstrinifan says:

    Totally agree! So simple really.. two of these guys and the team improves by more than 20 five on five goals.

    I am so f… mad, i CANT POST. I keep thinking of the poster who said he “hated Tremblay”.

    And i see the reaction of Mario Tremblay to last night and how he was so mad and ready to go. He probably couldnt sleep. How can fans “hate” players like that who had you confident when we faced teams like Boston. Not because the players were goons but because they would never let a team they played on be a patsy for anyone.

    Hate Tremblay and parade for F…ING Kovalev.

  77. LA Loyalist says:

    John Ferguson was not a goon.

    Chris Nilan was not a goon.

    It’s about being a multi dimensional team that can handle boston / Philly

  78. Komihater says:

    Sooo much emotion in here after last night  :)


     Look, we walked in to the B’s arena , got all emotional and tried to play “there” game. It didnt work. Let’s see what happens when we stick to OUR game plan and play smart, disciplined hockey. Kinda like the first 3 we played against them.

     I agree with JM, i would never have yanked Price last night.

     Gomer and AK just piss me off at this point.

     Kudos to the rest of them that played balls out heartfull hockey. (besides the sloppy D)


    However i would still like to see more toughness as most are expressing. How bout a package deal for Phillips and Neil?

    what about Foligno? (might be a dumb question i dont know enough about him)

  79. habstrinifan says:

    Geez how harsh. Wish Fisher came here.

  80. RJ says:

    Martin should be fired. He stood there impassively while his players got the crap kicked out of them. No anger toward Goon Coach Julien or to the refs. Carbo would have been screaming at Julien. That crap at the end of the game was BS!!


    “My face is my mask,” Gump Worsley

  81. krob1000 says:

    no, actually you have no vision…I didn’t say Quebec doesn’t need it, I didn’t say they won’t get a team either….I said they are going ahead without any guarantees and that Shane Doan better be prepared..but sure…no vision I guess?

  82. matraque says:

    You have no vision… No matter what happens, Quebec City (and eastern Quebec) needs a building like that.


    Canadien en 5!

    Never go Full Retard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svwGRJA28lY&feature=related

  83. HabFanSince72 says:

    Fisher’s career is on the wane, and for all his great team guy reputation he was never more than a journeyman,  and his wife’s music sucks the big one.


  84. mrhabby says:

    was thinking tha same..also, thought they should have pulled price for that matter thomas as well.

  85. shiram says:

    I wondered why they didnt put in Auld as well, I thought maybe JM talked it over with Price, and they felt the goals we’re the fault of the D? I dont know, it was truly a weird one.

  86. Habhopeful says:

    Honestly after last night, all i feel is emotional anger, im proud of this team but last night was hard to digest, but i dont think last night will dictate the rest of the season, , I really wish (and hope) we throw an offer sheet to Dustin Byfuglien next year, he would put Lucic, Thornton, Possibly Chara & MCquaid in their places, but thats just me being hopeful…dammmmmm, what a game though! lol


    “I went to see a fight the other night…And A hockey game broke out!” ~Rodney Dangerfield~

  87. MTLForever says:

    he never wanted to be traded but glad to go there

  88. krob1000 says:

    Quebec is going ahead and building an NHL arena…..with no guarantees of anything form anyone, the governement, the nhl, quebecor,etc ……somewhere in Phoenix Shane Doan has his agent on speed dial and is asking him to make contingency plans

  89. krob1000 says:

    only thing he did..and at least he caught himself was his fist pump  after scoring with 15 seconds left…he got excited and then looked up and realized he better not get excited….was a nice shot though.

  90. LA Loyalist says:

    Aside from minimizing the risk of Price getting hurt in a wacky out of control game. It happens.

  91. krob1000 says:

    that makes more sense…Wow…Nashville gets a great piece and what a marketing tool…Underwood’s hubby in NAshville…. Wilson and Sergei’s play there makes those picks expendable…good deal for Preds IMO.  GFood deal for Ottawa as another team may not have thrown the other pick in but they’ll make it on gate wwitht he publicity that this will get….This may actually make hockey fly in Nashville…Fisher is about as good of a guy as there is in the NHL, Underwood is a queen in NAshville…this is a very interesting move on many levels…curious to see how many country stars start hanging out at the rink…..LA Lakers of Countryville?

  92. Habhopeful says:

    Wow fisher to nashville…


    “I went to see a fight the other night…And A hockey game broke out!” ~Rodney Dangerfield~

  93. krob1000 says:

    Fisher to PReds for a 1st

  94. avatar_58 says:

    This is a terrible article, and I’ve lost respect for Dreger. Soundly beaten? Pardon me? I saw several fights, puck battles won by habs, and really – they won by 2 goals. Calm down the sky is not falling. Typical media trying to hype up an issue that isn’t really there. If you didn’t enjoy that game last night I question your love for this sport. A few more bounces and the habs would have won and we’d say “yay they never backed down”….so 2 goals and they are “soundly beaten”? Ok there Dreger.

    As for Price vs Thomas? What was Price to do? Beat him while he was down? Oh big man Carey – attacking an older man who tripped. I wouldn’t have respected my favourite player had he done this, and guess what? He smiled at him and the two skated apart. I actually laughed and admitted Thomas was a good guy. Not worth hitting “just cuz” he plays for the wrong team. A fair fight is different. Dreger is a wimp and a coward if he would hit a man when he is down.

  95. J_P says:

    Price was definitely off his game last night.  His rebound control was pretty terrible, but the D didn’t help him out AT ALL.  Don’t get me wrong, Price was not the reason they lost last night.  JM should have changed him up after the 4th goal, just because there is no reason to leave your starting goalie in for 8 goals on a night where the team isn’t doing anything to help him out defensively.  The time and space given to the bruins players was absolutely ridiculous. 

  96. MTLForever says:

    and conditional 2nd rounder in ’12

  97. Cool Ice Price says:

    I’m sure that I had two strokes last night. I couldn’t talk anymore & the smell of burnt toast was overwhelming

  98. arcosenate says:

    Wow, they actually accomodated his wife.  This league just keeps getting weirder.

  99. J_P says:

    Carey’s a great guy.  Between the fact that he said he was play fighting last night, and trying to talk to thomas at the all-star draft, he seems to think their friends.  Thomas, on the other hand, doesnt seem to feel the same way. 

  100. habs-hampton says:

    I think leaving Price in was OK, because the outcome was always in doubt and Price didn’t play that bad. If you’re down 5-1, then give Price a break, but not at 5-3.

  101. RGM says:

    Here’s hoping there’s still anything left in the tank. They really went all-out last night. Still, it’s the Islanders with the frickin’ Nassau Coliseum usher as the goalie, right?

    Go Habs Go!

  102. MTLForever says:




  103. LA Loyalist says:

    Well, apparently it’s a tradition now in Montreal to leave the goalie in to take the beating.

    Roy vs Detroit – gee, that worked out well

    Price vs Boston – luckily, I think Price’s goaltending was kind of irrelevant to the overall meltdown on both sides, and luckily Thomas coughed up 6.

  104. MTLForever says:

    why yank price if he actually wasnt playing poorly, thomas got beat a bunch too and wasnt pulled. no reason to put rask or auld in that game. Auld tonight.

  105. Storm Man says:

    And why did JM have a small line-up with 1 min left in the game?

  106. LA Loyalist says:

    There’s a freaky sub-plot in the remake of the A-Team (which isn’t bad on a plane or hotel room, surprisingly) in which Mr. T’s character becomes a pacifist. It’s so the BGL story that one wonders if that where the writers got the idea. I’d have to figure out the time lines, but there are lot of Canadians and hockey fans in Hollywood, so it’s possible.

    Very discomfiting to a Habs fan though, while watching the movie.

  107. Kimberly2u says:

    I’m so sick of the lack of officiating against the Habs it pathetic…I thought I was going to have a stroke last night I was so mad…especially Chara hitting Pac on the leg..that’s intent to hurt…what a bunch of big dumb assess that think they actually have a chance at winning the cup..I felt bad for poor Gionta last night being punched around like a rag doll…yet the officials let it all go…

  108. MTLForever says:

    we have to take the intensity etc from last night and destroy the isles on the board. 


    Auld in net to give Price the rest after last nights ridiculousness.

  109. J_P says:

    Terrible read.  Dreger is a leafs lackey and a hab hater as far as I can tell.  He tries to stir something out of nothing.  Our record against boston lately speaks for itself.  To say that the habs “have no answer” for Boston is a bunch of BS.  Maybe physically the habs dont have an answer, but the habs strayed from their game plan and played right into bostons game plan.  The habs won’t match the bruins punch for punch, and nothing less than a complete team overhaul will change that.  The habs have to stick to their game, and dictate the play on their terms, not on the oppositions.  They beat teams with solid defense, and speed on the counterattack.  Trying to use physical play to beat a physical team is an exercise in futility. 

    Why do people even still read Darren Dreger’s BS? The only one even remotely respectable at TSN is Bob Mckenzie.  He is the only one who is generally objective.  Even everything Pierre Mcguire says about the habs just comes off as sour grapes because he is clearly annoyed that Gautheir got put in as GM immediately, and that they didnt interview him for the job.  I hope Mcguire gets the job in Ottawa so that he can further ruin that franchise, and so that I won’t have to listen to him on TV anymore. 

  110. BoomBoom says:

    First off, the Habs didn’t lose last night because they aren’t tough enough. they lost becasue they blew their defensive coverage and got away from their speed game. Plus it’s one game, out of 4 that the Bruins have one so maybe we should all chill out. That stuff doesn’t happen in the playoffs.

    Second, the Bruins aren’t tough. Picking your fights (hello Lucic) against smaller guys does not make you tough. Hitting a player when he is down with your elbow pad (hello Campbell, wonder if daddy will suspend your butt) does not make you tough. Piling on someone already on the ice (Chara, Thorton, Horton, Lucic again) does not make you tough.  Bruins aren’t tough, they are just dirty mofos who pick their spots. That crap won’t work in the playoffs. by the way, Julien is the biggest fugly (fat and ugly) sh*t working in the NHL!

    Besides, of the fair fights I saw last night, the Habs went 3-0 (Pouliot, Price and Moen). kudos to Price  and Pouliot for fighting with class, one punch fight over, no hitting when the player was down.

    Yeah, the Habs could be a little tougher but we need more grit along the boards and forchecking than some guy who can fight 3 times a year. Listening to anti-chambre last night, they panelists (usual morons Bergie, Therriens (Gaston and Michel) and Tremblay) wanted to bring back 3 goons. I can’t believe I watch that sh*t, after 15 mins I feel like an idiot for wasting my time. Gets me everytime.

    Once again the refs sucked last night. Lost control of the game rather quickly.

  111. Habnofear says:

    This is Bob Gainey and Gauthiers fault in their belief that a  bunch of soft athletes will overcome a big ,strong,talented,young  and fast team in a physical sport.Thank goodness they have nothing too do with Football….

  112. dh says:

    Funny but I was trying to remember the last time that a goalie didn’t get yanked after giving up 5 goals.  Not that I think it would have mattered but …

  113. MTLForever says:

    I find it ridiculous that there was no call on Chara for his cheap shot on Patchy or the one on Plek from Ference I believe? Like come on those were clear. 


    Still rattled from last night but I know that Price still played well even though the score doesn’t reflect it. First period, we could have been down  by A LOT. He made huge saves which I thought you energize us but we could never take the lead.

  114. gatorhabs says:

    the first time I read it as Richard Zednik,     had to laugh.  I need bigger font.

  115. gatorhabs says:

    didn’t that character eventually overcome his passiveness and help save the day?   but i guess that is just a Hollywood ending.  

  116. krob1000 says:

    habs should trade Bonneau and Henry along with a 4th round pick to the Red Wings…for a promise that they will be givent he opportunity to rearrange Bruin faces for back to back games.

  117. RGM says:

    TSN’s Darren Dreger describes today as a “pivotal day” in the Habs’ season, suggesting (as I have) that they either come together as a team in every sense of the word after last, or it all goes to muck. Good read: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/dregerreport/

    Go Habs Go!

  118. Timo says:

    I think Habs should trade whoever to the wings for the right to use Wings scouts during the draft.

  119. Mr. Biter says:

    BG had it right originally. He knew he had a small team so he went out and got the toughest dude available in BGL unfortunatly between the time the contact was signed and the season started BGL became a Vegan, figure skater, born again christian, pacifist, sudden unxplained back injuries ,towel boy at a men’s steam bath, take your pick. Everyone on HABS I/O was thrilled about BGL coming and he fooled us all.

  120. gatorhabs says:

    No thanks to Neil,  I hate him too much to see him in a Habs jersey.  

    Phillips, I don’t want him either. 

  121. Timo says:

    Here is what I am wondering. It was pretty obvious after Boston had score 4 goals on us that it will be a piss poor defenseless game and Habs were totally running around out of position on most plays. Did it occur to JM to call a time out and regroup? Switch goalies? Shake things up somehow. Why is it never an option on Mtl to call a freaking timeout?

  122. Fansincebirth says:

    As upset as I am with the fighters vs non fighters BS from last night, minus Poo Poo’s smack down, I am more upset with the Lucic, Horton, Thornton, Chara moron show taking runs at our guys and trying to injure them. Two guys fairly squaring off against each other is a part of hits game, IMHO but what was displayed last night by the Bruins just goes to show how far the league has sunk, right back to the ’70’s.


    “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  123. adamkennelly says:

    Poor Ryan White…unless he is step 1 in a 3 part plan, simply not enough…and not only because of the game last night..but something which has been said all year…with the size of our skilled guys, we need a bottom 6 with some size and jam…most other teams in the league have found a way to fill their bottom 6 with guys who contribute at least as much as ours do – but who also have what we lack…its not about an enforcer but its about having Gaustad, Ott, Neil, Prust, Crombeen, Clarkson type players instead of Darche, Pyatt, Halpern etc…we don’t need 6 of them but 2 or 3 would be terrific.

    White will end up being the Richard Zemlack of the Habs – anyone remember when the Nordiques called him up to deal with Kordic…didn’t work out so well.

  124. halfnthebag says:

    I agree 100%. Boston continually tried checking from behiond with their stick laid on the back of our guys legs… repeatedly did this. Blantant display of intent to injure but nothing from the Zebra’s… it was a sad state of affairs. 

  125. Cool Ice Price says:

    Last night’s game was the 2011 remake of the 1977 movie classic “SlapShot” minus the Hanson’s …

  126. Storm Man says:

    I had to post this as I find it funny. Quebec unions now seek to muzzle bloggers. Oh no does that mean Bugs will be in the big house soon?

  127. halfnthebag says:

    MIght have to do with the amount of players off the ice at the time due to penalties. It could also have been a sign to Boston that Mtl had no intentions of fighting any further in this game. Same reason Boston took Chara and benched him at that time. Maguire commented Bos class as the reason for Chara being on the bench, but no mention of Habs…. 

  128. habs-hampton says:

    I don’t think you’re  allowed to call a timeout unless its after an icing or in the last minute of a close game. Timo, I don’t think you’ve got a copy of the same rulebook that JM uses.

  129. Mattyleg says:

    I agree.

    People who are crying and blaming PG or BG for… I don’t even know anymore, anything, everything, hitting posts, icing the puck… don’t get hockey, it seems.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  130. Cool Ice Price says:

    Carey Price could have made a huge statement last night by laying the smackdown on Fatty Floppy! Carey should have met Floppy as he was coming up the ice with a round house clocker.

    I bet you dollars to donuts that Floppy would have clocked Carey if he had a chance!

  131. smiler2729 says:

    NESN announcer Jack or Jimmy or Johnny Whateverhisnameis is on Hockey Central on Toronto FAN590 gave the Habs credit for fighting back but calling out Pacioretty as the only Montreal Canadien that didn’t.

    What a homer idiot.

  132. volcano62 says:

    I must of had 3 strokes lol

  133. Mark says:

    Ok. I think what I was getting at though is, if you’ve already beat the guy down, like Pouliot did, would you get into trouble for continuing to pummel the guy when he was down? I mean, the guys already at your mercy, and it would be a gutless Bruin/Flyer thing to do, but would there be further punishment from the refs for continuing to embarass the asskickee?

  134. shiram says:

    I don’t think they will have any extra punishment for what they did.. the refs gave Hamr and Spacek game penalties, for basically getting punched…

    As for Price, I don’t think he wanted to fight, more like he felt obliged to do it. He seems to get along with Thomas from what I have seen.

  135. Mark says:

    I was actually gonna ask about that. If you knock a guy down in a fight, and continue to to wail away on him, do you run the risk of extra penalties (ex. unsportsmanlike or roughing)? I know it seems classless to do it, and you run the risk of retribution, but after last night’s gongshow, it would’ve been nice to see Carey or Benoit unleash their inner Patrick Roy on their respective combatants.

  136. Kooch7800 says:

    Gomez is a puke. I can’t stand him.  Him and Ak sitting on the bench chabbering like they did nothign wrong.  Get rid of them both. Mind you know one would be dumb enough to take Gomez….no one

  137. jimmy shaker says:

    Why now?  Is gomez sitting?  That’s the only reason I can think of for this move….


  138. filincal says:

    to Laraque’s “defense”…he was hurt like 80% of the time.



    frikkin waste of a pay cheque…I too thought he’d make the team a few inches taller and heavier…




  139. Cool Ice Price says:

    Too bad there’s no “Morning After Pill” for bad hockey games

  140. halfnthebag says:

    You know I don’t think we need any of that kind of toughness. We need guys who can take a hit and not whine about it, and not retaliate (7.2 mill blunder of a player Gomez). A James Neal would be AWESOME to get. NOt necessarily a bottom 6 type but man he’s good all around play is somehting to covet.

  141. HFX-HabFan says:

    A few “morning after” thoughts.

    -Wiz probably didn’t fight last night because it was his first game back from the flu, and most of Boston (aside from Thornton) would be scared to drop them with him anyway.

    -Nathan Horton had a game-high five points last night.  It stings because he’s a player I’ve coveted and really wished we could have gone after last summer.  I was pretty ticked when Boston got him, especially because they didn’t really give up a whole lot to get him.

    -I don’t think bringing in a Parros/Boogard/Godard/Stortini type is the answer.  We had one of those in BGL, and when he stopped fighting, he was a waste of a roster space.  Someone like Aaron Asham (dirt-cheap UFA last summer, why didn’t we get him?!) is a perfect example of a fourth liner we need.  Some offensive skills, not a defensive zone nightmare, and someone who will win most of his fights.  Not a TTB punching bag, but not a full-blown enforcer.  Just a tough-as-nails grinder who people will fear enough to think twice about taking liberties with our skill guys.  Is Ryan White tough enough to be that guy?  It’s a start, but I don’t think he’ll be any different than Moen.

  142. filincal says:

    suggestion to Lucic: be a “Man” and fight Moen or Wiz when they’re looking for a fight or how about have an opponent face you before swinging at him. They’re called b@lls Luc…try getting some.




  143. matraque says:

    White… Wow…

    Suggestion to PG: Go get Chris Neil.  He can take Lucic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRAs6H2hMHM


    Canadien en 5! Never go Full Retard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svwGRJA28lY&feature=related

  144. HabFab says:

    The smaller guy that beat BGL’s ass in a “charity fight” last year. On the sports channels etc.

  145. shiram says:

    Bring up a fighting guy, and have skate around the ice without a stick so he can freely punch people?

    Georges St-Pierre is a montreal born guy, and champion in the UFC, a mixed martial arts sports.

    thats all I got…

  146. Storm Man says:

    Yah for the first time on this site so am I.

  147. Timo says:

    I think Ian got some ‘splainin’ to do

  148. Storm Man says:

    He plays hockey this guy you talk about?

  149. Exit716 says:

    Gauthier should have tried to trade for Ben Eager when he was available from Atlanta.


  150. HNS says:

    Now u call up White? That’s like calling the fire department after your house burnt down.

  151. Julie H says:

    Why fix something before it breaks?

    ♪Your cares and troubles are gone. There’ll be no more from now on. From now on happy days are here again, the skies above are so clear again. So let’s sing a song of cheer again. Happy times, happy nights, happy days are here again♪

  152. Mr. Biter says:

    So islanders don’t try the same thing tonight. is my guess. BTW if any Dog fans read this post, can Bonneau skate without tripping over the blue lines and how good if an enforcer is he? Please reply.

  153. aemarchand11 says:

    If it’s any consolation prize, whenever cousin Brad comes home to Halifax his arrogance has been handled in the bars downtown.

    It’s documented that the guy is cocky and a general dirtbag, so he fits in quite nicely on the Bruins. But as many were getting on PK for not “acting” like a rookie, its just a matter of time before he gets called out.

    Go Habs Go! 2010-2011

  154. Exit716 says:

    Yeah, I wonder if Marchand would opt to fight if he was surrounded 3 on 1 in a corner? That Stephen Harris guy is a clown.

  155. forskis says:

    You would think that the B’s would tell their goal-scoring rookie to not get into trouble off the ice.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  156. Mr. Biter says:

    Hopefully just the beginning of some size build up however White was up earlier and I believe Boone in his live blog stated that White was invisible vs. the Flyers and then sent down the next day. He has to realize his job is to add some muscle vs. the tough teams if he wants to stay up with the big boys.

  157. Rudy says:

    One game too late to call up White.

    “Start the season with a clean equipment bag and a freah bucket of febreze!”-CharlieHodgeFan

  158. StevieRay says:

    coincidence ???

  159. forskis says:

    It is so that Pyatt can heal from his cuts I would guess.  Besides, White last night would not have changed anythinglast night…he just would not back down like the rest of the team…not sure about the fight result though.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  160. Mike D says:

    Unfortunately yes we are. He’s also on the books for next year’s cap at 500K

    – Honestly yours

  161. Ian Cobb says:

    We are still paying Laraque’s contract to stay home smelling the flowers.

  162. Mark C says:

    He was -2 and was in the box for the other goal CO allowed last night.

  163. gumper says:

    Yeah, he’s a game-changer all right. (Score on your own net. Late delay of game penalties.)

  164. habsguy says:

    I think 8 against us was enough

  165. Ian Cobb says:

    I don’t think so.!

  166. punkster says:

    Yep, there just aren’t enough delay of game calls these days.


  167. anotherhab says:

    Could have used a player like OB last night!!

  168. matraque says:

    The B’s completly got them away from the game plan… So they have not forgot to play D, they let Boston dictate the whole game.


    Canadien en 5! Never go Full Retard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svwGRJA28lY&feature=related

  169. smiler2729 says:

    Did the Habs really get pushed around? Or did they just forget to play defence last night? The Habs are pesky and maybe a little chippy but they’re fast and they never quit and from what I read from the Boston side, we get under their skin, they LOATHE us.

    I just traded away Nathan Horton last week in my fantasy keeper league. He gets 5 pts! Don’t matter, I got Claude Giroux back.

    PS. Just as an aside here: is anybody here interested in joining a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league? We need three new owners to take over existing teams, it’s Head-to-Head format with 25 man rosters (15 keepers from year to year and an annual 10 round draft)… lemme know smiler2729@yahoo.com

  170. Timo says:

    Sorry… I am drawing blank on this one. ???

  171. Ian Cobb says:

    Gauthier has just brought up Montreal’s St. Pierre. He is going to play without a stick also.!!

  172. Habitoban says:

    Last night there was some winging on this site about how the 8 GA would affect Price’s numbers. Funny — and perhaps revealing — is how Price didn’t seem to care a bit about the numbers. He enjoyed the game for what it was and just would have liked to have seen a win.

  173. adam76 says:

    We simply can’t let a joke of a franchise like the Bruins shape our game strategy or dictate our roster.  Play team D and capitalze on the powerplays is the only way to beat them.  Hell, it worked the first threee games of the season.

    Anyone who says we need to call up / sign the goon squad, has no clue on how this sport functions.

    You goon it up with these low lifes, you will lose.  End of story.  That game was winnable, if Price didn;t let in 8 and the Gomez line didn;t stop skating in warmup, we could have been 4 and 0.  


    I was pumped on how great the Powerplay looked last night.  This is the key to beeting the Bruins and Flyers.  Slapshot hockey was 40 years ago.



  174. shiram says:

    I wouldnt put the 8 goals socred against Price all on him, our D had major shortcomings.

    But I agree we should not change the team dynamics on the basis of one game, as you say we are still 3-1 against the Broonz this season.

    And yea it reminded me of the Slapshot movie, i was wondering the Habs would come on the ice tonight all bandaged up…

    Pouliot looked badass fighting, and he and Price showed class not assaulting a downed opponent. In fact I’d argue neither Price or Thomas we’re really into figthing each other, the both of them we’re talking friendly at the ASG, but I figure they just felt they had to do it.

    Good thing we face the Isles and Loafs next, hopefully some easy points to win.

  175. gumper says:

    The Bruins will never win the cup under Julien. He can’t control his emotions in the big games. His team is a reflection of his personality. What we saw last night was Claude exacting revenge for all the pain and suffering inflicted on him by the Habs organization and Habs teams. The problem with this sort of mentality is that you can whip any team into a frenzy of animosity for a game here and there, but you can’t maintain it over the long haul. The best thing coming out of last night for the Habs may be  (as I said below) the Bruins belief that they have now established themselves as the better team, when all they’ve really done is win a game. Say what you will about JMs lack of emotion, but I’ll take it any day ahead of the sort of immature, bully-on-the-schoolyard attitude of someone like Julien.

  176. punkster says:

    A 3 minute per game man with hands of stone, right? No thanks.


  177. adam76 says:

    Do you really think having a goon in the game last night would have changed anything?

  178. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Last night was a display of compete disrespect by the fu..ing Bruins which started by the goon Marchand going after Wisniewski on an icing play, delivering a cheap shot and ending with another goon, Gregory Campbell pummelling Pyatt in a complete mismatch in the closing seconds of a game. I personally put the blame on the douche bag behind the bench, Claude Julien, because he was willing to try & do anything in order to secure a victory. Carey Price & Pouliot could’ve inflicted serious damage to their fighting partners but chose not to because of the respect they have for their team & opponents.

    I hope last night was a wake up call to management and that PG is working the phones, trying to land us an enforcer which we desperately need in order to deal with goons like Boston & Philly. Having said that, I was extremely proud of the boys last night despite the loss.

  179. BJ says:

    I wonder if Campbell’s IQ total is his jersey number or was it his father’s? Perhaps they pooled them together or simply laid his and the fathers totals side by side. All this to say that if thats the best man for discipline that the NHL can come up with its no wonder they can’t get a decent TV contract or address the head shots issues.

  180. fbkj says:

    you beat the buzz in my pants

    well done

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