White called up from Hamilton

The Canadiens have recalled Ryan White from the Hamilton Bulldogs.

White, 22, 6-feet and 198 pounds, has played three games for the Canadiens this season, those during his first callup in late January. He had a shot and five penalty minutes and was plus-1. He has three goals and nine assists in 33 games with the Bulldogs, one goal on the power play, and 77 penalty minutes.

Only the sound of a coffee percolator in the media work room and the smell of disinfectant outside the Canadiens dressing room (no comment) at ice level at the Bell Centre, 45 minutes before a few Habs are expected to skate in advance of tonight’s game against the New York Islanders.

The Canadiens should have a few players available following an 11:15 team meeting. The Islanders, who sat in Montreal last night watching the fiasco that was the Montreal-Bruins game in Boston, are expected to skate at 11:30.

Audio, maybe some video and updates here later. Live bits and pieces from Stubbs on Twitter here.


  1. nunacanadien says:

    My question is, where was the highest paid Hab last night? Where was Scott Gomez?  It was pathetic when the tv zoomed in on the invisible line of Gomez and who……was he hurt or what was the reason for Scott Gomez being absent?  He was there in body for sure, but he sure didn’t earn his million dollars a goal last night.   Overpaying Gomez is why we can’t afford a decent player of size and speed to fight back against the Marchands and the Charras.  PK Subban sure earned his keep, as did Carey Price.

  2. The Cat says:

    Like wrestling great Mick Foley said: If theyre going to have these rules between tough guys, the heavyweights, they may as well fake the fights.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  3. wotever says:

    Shelley has fought George Parros eight times, Derek Boogaard and Georges Laraque each six times, Bob Probert four times, and even Riley Cote (twice) and Flyers assistant coach Craig Berube (three times) in his career. He has had more stitches, broken noses, broken fingers and blood loss than most could count.

    It amuses me to imagine he fought with his assistant couch as an assistant coach.  (I know, I know)

    Now we need Cooke to do the 5 rules of dirty hits, with commentary from Richards.

    It’s just a game.

  4. gumper says:

    I prefer to believe the recovery starts tonight with a tidy 3-2 victory over the Isles, led by a well-rested Gomez, Kostitsyn and Eller. Not sayin’ you’re wrong, just like my version ’cause it gets me through the day in better humour.

  5. Kooch7800 says:

    They won’t put Gomez on Waivers cause as terrible as he is ( I Can’t stand him) we need to have him in our line up on the off chance he might actually try. 

    He can be a decent player (never one that warrants his contract) but when he is off he is terrible.  More often than not in the last few years he has been terrible.

    We are stuck with him and that is just the way it is.

  6. G-Man says:

    Revisionist history does not fly. Final score was 8-6 Boston. Bitch about Gomez all you want, the last time I looked, he was still a Hab.
    Check back in 10 games; it’ll take that long for this group of tough guys (NOT!) to recover.

  7. Jonson says:

    i didnt see much of the hammer fight, was it even a fight? how about moen beating ferrence, pouliot beating krecji, price taking down thomas (which i just the replay and maybe price didnt hit with a punch) i thought he lastnight. anyways my point is that we layed a beating too, i mean yeah they are stronger but they seem a lot stronger when they are fighting our guys that never fight.

  8. ths says:

    Put White , Price and Pouliot up front then watch the Gordie Howe Hat Tricks come rolling in

  9. Exit716 says:

    Is it possible to do an inter-league trade with the KHL? By that I mean sign Kostitsyn to a contract and then trade him for Emelin.


  10. gumper says:

    Relax man. They’re just filling a hole likely to be vacated by a banged-up Tom Pyatt. Neither player really has an offensive upside, and we may pull ahead a little based on the toughness factor. It’s only pathetic when looked at as PG’s answer to getting run over by the Broons last night, and I doubt very much if that’s the case. Anyway, never hurts to add a little grit, and now White is in a position to run Pyatt out of a job, which, from my point of view is not a bad thing.

  11. Ian Cobb says:

    Do not forget, we got 6 by Thomas last night.! and we have won 3 games out of the 4 so far this year. With 3 of our best players out of the lineup.

  12. BJ says:

    If we are to get tougher we can’t bring up band-aids. We need real beef. Why do other teams seem to find at least a couple of players with size and grit? I would love to have Engeland as a 6th defenseman. And John Scott on the 4th line. If we can’t find anyone I always liked Artyukhin (playing in the KHL for St. Petersburg) maybe he would come back from there next year. Its impossible to go deep into the playoffs without some grit and size. All of our Stanley Cup teams had some toughness on them. I remember them back as far Emile Bouchard in the early 50’s, 60’s Fergy, Ted Harris 70’s Pierre Bouchard, Robinson, 80’s Nilan, Chartraw. You need someone to handle that part of the game, it gives a team an added dimension. If Gauthier doesn’t move on this issue I do not see us going to deep into the playoffs.

  13. gumper says:

    Um, don’t we already have the rights to Yemelin?

  14. Cool Ice Price says:

    No player is above this team. Lines were changed to give Gomez a chance to get it together but he hasn’t. The team has to do what they have to do to win & get better. If it means sending Gomez down to Hamilton then so be it. Heck, I’d send him to the KHL!

  15. habsnyc says:

    Last night was the game that vaults montreal into the division lead and marks the high point of boston’s season.  Boston proved it has more interest in fighting than winning.  Montreal proved that if they remove the lazy players from their lineup they can beat anyone.  Final score ex Gomez: Montreal 6 Boston 4. 

    Check back in 10 games, Montreal will be ahead by four points in the standings.  No worries.  Boston is toast.

  16. punkster says:

    There you go blowing your credibility. PK our best D man? Delusional are you Mike. He ain’t no Doughty.


  17. Caballero says:

    Indeed as you say I hope it’s just to replace Pyatt, and not the solution to the toughness issue!

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