White called up from Hamilton

The Canadiens have recalled Ryan White from the Hamilton Bulldogs.

White, 22, 6-feet and 198 pounds, has played three games for the Canadiens this season, those during his first callup in late January. He had a shot and five penalty minutes and was plus-1. He has three goals and nine assists in 33 games with the Bulldogs, one goal on the power play, and 77 penalty minutes.

Only the sound of a coffee percolator in the media work room and the smell of disinfectant outside the Canadiens dressing room (no comment) at ice level at the Bell Centre, 45 minutes before a few Habs are expected to skate in advance of tonight’s game against the New York Islanders.

The Canadiens should have a few players available following an 11:15 team meeting. The Islanders, who sat in Montreal last night watching the fiasco that was the Montreal-Bruins game in Boston, are expected to skate at 11:30.

Audio, maybe some video and updates here later. Live bits and pieces from Stubbs on Twitter here.


  1. krob1000 says:

    I couldn’t disagree more.  Subban is a better defender than either Gill or Hamrlik IMO ..and I mean defensively as well. Gill is slow and conceds the blueline everytime, his only real strength is on the PK or playing with an offensvive guy and staying back to allow the other guy to contribut otherwise I find Gill well below average.  Hammer is aging and two years ago was great…but right now he needs his minutes reduced…he still has something to offer but Subban is better in every aspect…as a rookie IMO!  Spatch and Hammer are essentially trhe same player and we really only have room for one, Gorges and Gill who are our shutdown guys both have glaring deficiencies…if you could comibne them they would be great but one is too small and the other too big and not mobile enough.  Hammer gets caught more tha Subban..but Hamemr can’t recover anymore.  Subban usually redeems himself with his skating ability if he turns it over or makes an error…he has made his share but I would suggest that Hammer, Sopatcha nd Gill have been responsible for far more goals against than PK…and have nowhere near the impact in leaving our end, maintaining possession, gaining the other zoe, scoring in general,etc. 

    A well rested and sharp Hammer and Spatch makes them very competent but Subban is already better in every aspect but perhaps positioning defensively…pk is learning that but he still gets away with it because of his raw ability most of the time.  I like Hammer…but he is now a shutdown guy who I would prefer to have playing Gill’s role with Subban.  I would personally like Gill gone and replaced with a hard nosed shutdown guy….he is too limited….I do like that his postiional attention to detail is something others can emulate…and better because they can still skate…but I would prefer him to be a seventh dman and fill in sixth dman.  Weber is too small for the role needed right now too….we have offense in P and Wiz, Hammer and Spatch offer a smidgen too….Weber can’t play the shutdown role well enough and isn’t tough enough to protect our house…I do think Weber hads one better than expected ina role that is the polar opposite of his skilset…but.


    We need anotehr dman…and a top nine forward who can stand up for guys, muck it up in front, and bring some vet leadership.

  2. Exit716 says:

    Is it possible to do an inter-league trade with the KHL? By that I mean sign Kostitsyn to a contract and then trade him for Emelin.


  3. gumper says:

    Relax man. They’re just filling a hole likely to be vacated by a banged-up Tom Pyatt. Neither player really has an offensive upside, and we may pull ahead a little based on the toughness factor. It’s only pathetic when looked at as PG’s answer to getting run over by the Broons last night, and I doubt very much if that’s the case. Anyway, never hurts to add a little grit, and now White is in a position to run Pyatt out of a job, which, from my point of view is not a bad thing.

  4. Ian Cobb says:

    Do not forget, we got 6 by Thomas last night.! and we have won 3 games out of the 4 so far this year. With 3 of our best players out of the lineup.

  5. Gormdog says:

    That is too funny. You’ve mentionned a few times that you were rolling in dough, and I literally thought to myself last night: “Man, you know, I bet Mr. Cobb would gladly pay the fine / missing suspention salary of a Hab who had it in him to cross-check Chara in the neck”

    Seems I was right!

  6. BJ says:

    If we are to get tougher we can’t bring up band-aids. We need real beef. Why do other teams seem to find at least a couple of players with size and grit? I would love to have Engeland as a 6th defenseman. And John Scott on the 4th line. If we can’t find anyone I always liked Artyukhin (playing in the KHL for St. Petersburg) maybe he would come back from there next year. Its impossible to go deep into the playoffs without some grit and size. All of our Stanley Cup teams had some toughness on them. I remember them back as far Emile Bouchard in the early 50’s, 60’s Fergy, Ted Harris 70’s Pierre Bouchard, Robinson, 80’s Nilan, Chartraw. You need someone to handle that part of the game, it gives a team an added dimension. If Gauthier doesn’t move on this issue I do not see us going to deep into the playoffs.

  7. Jonson says:

    yeah he def struggled. i just dont know how boston let him dangle out there cause it was sloppy. led to some nice goals though

  8. gumper says:

    Um, don’t we already have the rights to Yemelin?

  9. Timo says:

    Oh NO!!!! My credibility!!!! It’s all I had left on this site. Sigh.

  10. Hobie Hansen says:

    Last night’s game will only fuel the debate that is constantly present on this website. Do the Habs need to get tougher or continue to keep the smallish flashy team mentality? 

    It seems that half the people want a tougher team and the rest are content with a team solely based on speed and skill. I think the right answer is somewhere in between. 

    The one thing that is getting a little tiresome is that when a person brings up the notion of getting tougher – they’re accused of implying that the team needs to add some goons. Only an idiot would want that and I don’t think that’s what people are insinuating! 

    People bring up Chris Neal’s name quite often are immediately bashed and called a goon lover. Last time I checked, Neal is just as good as let’s say a Tom Pyatt. I think it would be a great idea for the Habs to send some prospects and a draft pick to Ottawa for Neil and Chris Phillips.  Heck, if they can’t get Phillips maybe replace him with Matt Carkner in a possible deal instead. Carkner could replace Yanick Webber on my team any day!   

    Mathieu Darche has had a decent season but most teams have a guy like Darche who also has a physical aspect to his game. Our 3rd and 4th lines have ZERO toughness except Travis Moen. When we have the smallest group of top six forwards in NHL history, that’s a problem. 

    There’s no chance we’ll beat Boston and/or Philadelphia in a 7-game-series unless we add some grit, heart and beef up considerably! End of story!  


  11. Propwash says:

    Somebody must have gotten hurt.

  12. j2w4habs25 says:

    Frigging BOSTON…. they have stronger players then us… it makes me mad how small we are but i know how fast we are and how good our Dman are when they’re on their game :) Lastnight was some madness game. I didnt like it one bit, but the good thing of this game was Carey Price Rocked Thomas :) OLE that Bruin Fans!… but I also found this interesting article on Carey Price.


    Carey Price #31

  13. Gormdog says:

    Last night was the exception, not the rule guys.


    Although, I won’t lie, at one point I was screaming at the TV while Zdeno was third man in on Patches:


     “I want a Matt Cooke! Take a two hander to Zdeno’s leg, bite Tim Thomas, slap Julien in the face, and run Marchand from behind. Who cares if you get suspended, me wants revenge!!”


    I quickly reverted back to my mild mannered glass half full form.

  14. Hobie Hansen says:

    Last night was a playoff style game and that’s exactly how the Bruins will come at us in April. And just like last night we’ll be scarred to head into the corners, Lucic will be jabbing at Price and we’ll get run over. So Obvious…


  15. The Cat says:

    Flashy? Habs top 6 forwards arent faster than any other top 6 forwards in the league, and theyre getting old too.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  16. Chuck says:

    In hindsight, it would seem that the healthy scratch of Tyler Seguin was a preemptive measure to keep their prized rookie out of a game that they knew would turn out as it did. Absolutely premeditated.

  17. Gormdog says:

    If every team is going to play that way against us… Why don’t they already?

  18. Say Ash says:

    Not sure if this has been posted. Flyers’ Shelley lays out five rules of fighting in NHL:


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