Where’s a Montreal cop when you need one?

A smoke bomb billows at the Forum on March 17, 1955, touching off the Richard Riot.
David Bier, Montreal Canadiens, via virtualmuseum.ca

On March 17, 1955, with the Detroit Red Wings leading the Canadiens 4-1, a smoke bomb in the Montreal Forum, tossed as an expression of anger toward Maurice (Rocket) Richard’s suspension by National Hockey League president Clarence Campbell, touched off what would become known as the Richard Riot.

As fans poured to the exits, choking on the smoke, a Montreal police constable visited the Red Wings dressing room and told the visitors that they’d won the game by forfeit, and that they could, and should, be on their way.

Just wondering: where was that Montreal police constable last night, inviting the Red Wings to beat the traffic and depart early … with a 4-1 lead over the Canadiens, their fans not in a very happy mood?


  1. P St. Pierre says:

    Sad to say it, but perhaps it is time for Carbonneau to go. Of course I might feel this way about any coach if the team was losing, but his attitude and his words are not very professional. In my opinion, a coach should stand up for his players and he should be the one that goes to them in private and tells them what needs to be changed in their game for them to be more successful. Unfortunately, I don’t think that Carbonneau really knows what needs to be changed because he thinks that putting Mark Streit on the first line will be beneficial when the guy has played almost every game on defense this season. Not a wise choice, in my opinion.

  2. LTRAIN says:

    2 mistakes that have hurt this team this year:

    1) Letting Perezogin go to Russia.

    2) Not trading Souray at the deadline when he was in high demand. At the time we could have received a substantal player in return.

    and potentially a 3rd(yet to be determined):

    3) As much as I like him, hiring Carbonneau as coach.

  3. joel says:

    this looks like a team that is afraid to win… there is no killer instinct shown by anyone (with maybe the exception of Kovy and Higgins)and to be quite honest, i do not know how to change it!!

  4. dpeddle says:

    I am concerned about Carboneau as well.

    His implication that Markov’s play has slacked off because he’s been picked as an all star and his statement that “If you can’t play in front of 21,000 you have a problem” don’t seem very helpful. Maybe he should look at himself. If you can’t motivate a team to play in front of 21,000 maybe you have the problem Guy.

    This team is going through inevitable growing pains. But there is talent here. They need a coach who can harness it.

  5. TommyB says:

    In 1955 it was a smoke bomb, but through November and into December of 2007…it’s a stink bomb! Maybe there should be a riot.

  6. Renegade says:

    I’ve been saying this since the end of last year, and I’ll say it again.

    Montreal needs a new coach, period. The way I hear Carbonneau talk about individual players makes my heart ache, and as he blames one or two people, by name none the less, for poor play, when focus should be on the team as a unit.

    Sorry Carbonneau, you gave it a good shot, but its time for someone new to step in and, as a previous poster said, harness the talent that is present on the Canadiens.

  7. V. says:

    Where’s a Montreal cop when you need one?

    He or she is probably parked and sitting in his or her cruiser and falling asleep… oh no wait that is the SQ hehe.

    On a more serious note, I found myself wondering last night during the game “why in the world am I wasting my time watching this pitiful team? I could be studying for my exam for crying out loud” but I sat there and hoped something would happen. Nothing did :'(

    I am glad they were booed off the ice, many times I almost break my tv when I throw something at it when they lose and now they felt everyones frustration at them. I dont care if their feeling were hurt, boo hoo, what happened to the team? I hope they can turn it around and soon.

    By the way, I dont think Carbonneau is a bad coach, I just think that the team just plain sucks right now, so what do you want him to do? If he had my coaching philosophy he would break a hockey stick and threaten to do that to all of them if they did not pull it together, lol.

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