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• Michael Farber on a thin crop

• Eric Duhatschek on the impending UFAs

Cap space

Top Dmen available

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• Yvon Pedneault on the trade

Mathias Brunet’s take

Frankie the Bull welcomes SK74

Robert L’s analysis

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The worst news of the off-season is Chris’s decision to stop posting Comments at Habs Inside/Out.

Chris knows his hockey, and his analyses are always insightful and provocative. His opinions stand out in a environment where, too often, the gargoyles take over the cathedral.

The people who run this zoo are hoping he reconsiders.



  1. WarHero says:

    I said bury not  “by out”, hehehe



    Never judge another man’s decision poor until you actually have proof of it failing!

  2. nickster13 says:

    lol thanks man

  3. Curtis O Habs says:

    You spent money on a SK74 jersey?

  4. Mark C says:

    While, trading Hamrlik if possible would be a fine move, buying him out would be a mistake IMO. Adding almost 2 million of dead money to next year’s cap seems just as bad, if not worse than paying him his 5.5 this year and getting his services.

  5. Mr_MacDougall says:

    Not sure I have the authority but….. YOU’RE HIRED!!

  6. Natrous says:

    Sounds good – hopefully I’ll have time to get in on some banter 🙂


  7. nickster13 says:

    but this system also assumes a “positive” vote, so you either “like or dislike”, if its just dislike/spam then it would probably have to be maybe -18 or something if it only counts negative votes

  8. TomNickle says:

    Hey, I’m a terrible loser.  Probably because I don’t lose that often ;).

    On the goalies thing, I expect a better regular season but not as good of a playoffs.

    That has much less to do with the goaltending than it does…..

    1. Martin’s second season, he’ll know the players a lot better this year and have a better idea of how and where to use them.

    2. Health, needs no explanation.

    3. Chemistry factor.  I’ve heard analysts like Mcquire say that 20 games should tell you.  Bull!  Maybe when Mario Lemieux, Ron Francis, Kevin Stevens, Paul Coffey and Jaromir Jagr are playing for you.  This team just realized it’s potential late in the season and can build on that.

    4. Jaro. I think there’s going to be a bit of a motivating factor in the credit Halak received for the playoff run last year.  A lot of player and possibly the team as a whole will be fired up to prove the journalists who attributed the playoff success exclusively to Halak incorrect.

    That said we need guys who can maximize offensive zone possession time and create space in the slot and crease for our skilled players to work and take pressure off our D.  So I don’t expect a magical playoff run, maybe one series victory, two if the stars align.

  9. WarHero says:

    There are also rumors out there that the Habs may bury Hamrlik in the minors to free up his cap room to do some UFA shopping. Time will tell I guess.


    Never judge another man’s decision poor until you actually have proof of it failing!

  10. HabFanSince72 says:

    But then why wouldn’t they go for one of the UFA?

  11. Jbird says:

    And if you are wrongfully accused of posting spam by someone on craiglist there is no where to turn – craiglist has little staff.  It’s maddening! You can be banned by a loner in a basement with an ax to grind and nothing better to do.  (don’t ask me why I get blocked on CL – I won’t get into it on here)

  12. JIMVINNY says:

    LOL.  I like your idea best! 

  13. Natrous says:

    I proposed this idea last year and got shot down all around.. come to think of it, maybe by the trolls?

  14. Mr_MacDougall says:

    agree 100% I also like the “-10” concept.. are trying to get hired at HIO hahhahahaha

  15. nickster13 says:

    youtube does it! in fact tons of like newspaper forums and stuff use it, so im sure its possible, im no techy but i would imagine its very possible

  16. Mr_MacDougall says:

    I would love to see his contract moved.. I do like Hamrlik however, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we were stuck with him…

  17. Max_a_million says:


  18. ed lopaz says:

    We disagreed about goaltending – and now that ship has sailed.

    Lets hope the Habs win with Price in the net, or you might not appreciate my posts for long. 🙂

    I am NOT a good loser!!


  19. nickster13 says:

    well, limit 1 vote per person of course, and naturally have the requirement at maybe -10 or something negociable

  20. 100HABS says:

    Agree whole-heartedly.

  21. Jbird says:

    You have to think of  the folks who would be most motivated to flag someone for spam – it would be the people who come on to disrupt good posts and not the good posters.  It could be a troll’s dream to be able to delete posts.  

    I suggest Boone bring in a mandatory lobotomy for annoying and insulting posters.  🙂 

  22. Max_a_million says:

    It is the same for me as well, I have to avoid this site at times to maintain sanity away from the crazy negativity.

  23. JIMVINNY says:

    I don’t think that what we need is more technology.  This has largely been a self moderated forum, and I believe it should remain that way.  We all just have to learn to either ignore the trolls, or scroll past the threads created by those who don’t.

  24. ed lopaz says:

    check out this link, Anaheim has almost nothing left on defence and tons of cap room. this could work.


  25. Mr_MacDougall says:

    I’d much prefer his former teammate Jere Lehtinen…. UFA

  26. Mr_MacDougall says:

    Good point, teams that need to get to the floor generally look for a one-year-deal kinda player…

  27. Max_a_million says:

    craigslist does it

  28. smiler2729 says:

    That’s a great idea, how easily done is it?

  29. TomNickle says:

    If Kovalev can be forgiven for half hearted efforts I’m sure PK can be forgiven for the odd turnover!

    On the jersey thing, if I don’t show my man Josh some love, who will?

    It must be very gratifying for him as an undrafted player to be very close to a captaincy.  I’m pulling for him.

    I’ve even considered the possibility of them giving it to Gill for this season and maybe one more if he gets a short term extension and then him passing the torch to Josh.

  30. nickster13 says:

    what! Modano is a stud! he can still use his body position and stick handling ability better than most, plus hes a big body with lots of experience, id take him a heartbeat. I think Dallas was giving him 4th line minutes..

  31. smiler2729 says:

    Yeah but Recchi’s way more productive than Modano’s been… then again Modano’s role in Dallas has been totally reduced to nothing which has been a shame. The Stars’ treatment of him in the last 5 years has been brutal (especially being stripped of the captaincy) and I’m amazed Modano stayed there.

  32. ed lopaz says:

    when we went to a playoff game against Philly, my son was wearing his SK 74 jersey.

    he SPRINTED straight to the kiosk to get himself a Subban jersey, and got it on as quickly as he could.

    I asked the young lady – very cute indeed- if she wanted the Sergei jersey, and she laughed and said “of

    course, why not?”.

    “One man’s garbage is another man’s gold”.

    Pk’s jersey is worth buying, Tom.

    The guy was born to be a star, and the Bell Centre ice is a perfect stage for him.

  33. nickster13 says:

    they should implement a “flag for spam” system where if too many people vote negative for “trolling” then the message is deleted automatically

  34. TomNickle says:

    Teams need to get to and stay at the cap floor for the duration of the season.

    That makes him valuable to teams with low payrolls.

    It’s more likely he’ll be moved around Christmas than it is now, but now would be better for us.

  35. Mr_MacDougall says:

    The difference being that Modano was never strong on the puck, and now with his skills diminished he has become a 3rd/4rth liner, where you can not have a defensive liability.. I am sure there is a place for him, just not on a true contender.

  36. TomNickle says:

    The team being 6 games under .500 with a weak schedule when you’re eating minutes doesn’t say much for you.

    When you make a post like that Ed, I wonder how we ever disagreed on anything.

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