Were there loot bags?

Hey, was that a whiz-bang 40th or what?

Is Floyd Smith available for weddings and bar mitzvahs?

Canadiens spoil birthday party

• Stubbs unearths report on how Habs celebrated their 40th birthday

Quotes from the room

• Pierre Ladouceur on the Canadiens’ “perfect game” in Buffalo

Gerbe credits Gionta

Red Fisher on P.K.

• Boone on three stars vote

• Stu Cowan on ticket prices

Check P.K. and Price doing the triple low-five:


Louis Leblanc shines

Bulldogs open with win

• The concussion conundrum

Is Richards the next Kovalchuk?


  1. sholi2000.com says:

    Canadiens Contact List


    They Call Me Shane

  2. Clay4bc says:

    I would contact the Canadiens PR department or something for that…


    Fighting Ignorance since 1970 (It’s taking longer than I thought).

  3. JustSomeguy says:

    Very, very good progress to see Montreal tighten up and give Price some support 🙂

    Keeping the opposition to less than 25 or 30 shots means that Price will just have to be good and not OMG spectacular to keep les boys in the game.

  4. WetCoast says:

    Completely off topic but hoping someone from the Gazette or this site can help.  My mother, who is 96 and legally blind is travelling by train from Vancouver to Montreal and will be attending the hockey game on Thursday night.  She is a devoted fan and has been all her life.  Her hero is Mr. Beliveau (isn’t he everyone’s). Is there any way that anyone might know of that she could meet any of the players or any possibility of her meeting Mr. Beliveau – that would complete her dream.  Thank you all and sorry for using this forum for personal stuff.

  5. Chuck says:

    Maybe a feint and a crosscheck to the chops, too. That ceremony last night was lame.

  6. M.Neil says:

    I would love to see these ceremonial puck drops become a little more competitive, like last night, Henri and Floyd Smith really going after the puck, I noticed Henri tried to hook Floyd’s stick a bit.

  7. OverseasFan says:

    That’s such a sweet story. Makes me remember when my folks took me to hockey games when I was a girl.

    Love your puppy photo.

  8. nightmare_49 says:



       Bulldogs late out of gate, but get win



       Game Summary: …  http://theahl.com/stats/game-summary.php?game_id=1007366


       Hamilton Bulldogs host toronto at 4:00pm today. 


  9. Danno says:

    I think you will find the fan’s choice three stars will soon be supplemented by the Gazette’s and/or RDS’s three star choices for the simple reason that people want to know what the “experts” think.

    And since we’re on the subject, I miss Claude Mouton who used to say “La troisième étoile, the turd star…”

    Can we bring that back please?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  10. christophor says:

    If letting in 7 against vancouver is what you’re counting as the third excellent game last year, then you’re absolutely correct. he played solid against toronto and buffalo.

    you’re right that it is early though. things can change quickly.

  11. nightmare_49 says:



       Join James Murphy and Conor McKenna for the new Hockey Primetime Show brought to you by HockeyPrimetime.com and Aloft Montreal Airport Hotel this and every Saturday 2-4 p.m. ET on “NHL Home Ice” XM 204 and Sirius 208, and live-streaming on Hockeyprimetime.com! Featuring notable hockey personalities as guests each week, Murph and Conor get you the prime info and buzz around the rinks of the NHL, AHL, NCAA and Junior Hockey.   …  http://droppuckmurphy.com/?p=145&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter 

       Darren Dreger tweets:  2 to 4 wks for Gaborik. 6 wks for Drury. Surgery for Prospal. Tough day for the Rangers.

  12. sholi2000.com says:

    I really like reading about the ticket sales.  It’s not new news but interesting for sure. 

    I can’t imagine going to a hockey game and paying 99 dollars for 4 x 4 x 4. 

    In the 90’s I paid no more than 37 dollars for my Jets tickets, and some times I would splurge and get the 48 dollar tickets 🙂  Then again the I was a corporal making next to nothing for what did.

    Canadian markets sell tickets, but for some reason I just can’t see Winnipeg paying 100 bucks/seat on a nightly basis.  Then again, if the Jets moved back to Winnipeg I’d actually move the whole family there (from Brandon) just so I could take my son to games.  I’d work three jobs to pay off the tickets (no I wouldn’t, but you know what I mean).

    Great game last night.  Good discipline won the game.  Everyone was doing their job.

    This site rocks when all things in the universe are right.

    Here’s a to a Leafs vs Canadiens ECF  🙂

    Dear Gary

    Please put the Leafs back in the Norris (yes I know there’s no Norris)

    They Call Me Shane

  13. HABZ24 says:

    habs played a good  game and price stood tall again shutting up his critics like me. with every win price builds confidence. i like picard. o burn can sit or be traded. maple leafs no more maple laffs, wow 4 and ohhh. i guess price will get the nod tonight after a great game yest. look for cammy to outshine alfie.

  14. observer says:

    not one to defend todd but he and fisher as well and others like mcguire rightly were concerned after price’s poor play since january 1, 2009 that habs entire season depends on firstly on how price plays – if he continued at that level this team was doomed. and can you blame them when habs success last year was when their goalie played outstanding and players then responded confidently? its early only 4 games you will say for the leafs but its early also for price who if you remember played 3 excellent games to start last year too.

  15. idle says:

    @ Boone

    “the goobers who boo national anthems and were on Carey Price’s ass 20 minutes into the exhibition season”
    The minority.  And don’t you mean the people who buy the tickets, buy the merchandise, watch the broadcasts and read the papers/blogs.  You know the ones who make the league possible and create the need for nice people like you to cover it?  You know us knuckle draggers who can function just enough to stumble our way onto the innernet and click just the right combination of buttons to read HIO blogs.
    Hopefully the somewhat reasonable fans will outnumber the chuckleheads.  You know the way the decent hockey writers outnumber the Jack Todds.
    It’s only been a couple of games but it doesn’t seem like it’s going too badly does it?  When is the last time Josh Gorges got one of the stars and how many games did he deserve one.
    BTW it has been the hockey writers who have always automatically given the first star to any player who scores in overtime.  Doesn’t matter what they did the rest of the game or what anyone else did the rest of the game.  What’s the logic in that?

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