Welcome to the “Knuckles Korner”!


Hockey Night in Canada has Don Cherry and the HIO Show has Chris “Knuckles” Nilan back as a guest this week to discuss Lars Eller’s controversial comments, some advice for P.K. Subban, and his thoughts about the new helmet rule for fighting.


  1. habscout says:

    Good show guys ! Great to see Knuckles join the group too.

  2. BataviaHabsFan says:

    Great episode! Keep them coming.

  3. rated_R says:

    Great episode guys! Keep up the good work! 15 minutes well spent

  4. DocMDB says:

    Great show! Love the idea that Chris is on regularly. He is better dressed than Cherry and looks good on video! It is really nice to see an honest, straight talking expert of the game adding his insight to HI/O.
    Can’t wait for the next episode.


  5. Habimus-Maximus says:

    Great show once again everyone…..As the below reader said, very knowledgeable comments by the panel. Unlike the CBC dummies who like to crap on the Habs all the time…..

    I would love Stu to get Chris to talk about some of the funny stories from the Habs in the 70’s and 80’s….

    Good stuff HIO, you’ve come a long way

  6. twokaie1 says:

    I want to personally thank the people behind HIO in making it real. Knuckles, you look and sound great not to mention knowledgeable. What a pleasure to hear honest comments about the game and knowing that the people making these comments are high-quality and actually care about the players and the game itself. Would be nice if the rest of the hockey world paid attention to this show. Again, many thanks to the HIO team and Knuckles especially. You’re a great influence on our kids. Not like the clown on CBC.


  7. Cal says:

    Another 15 minutes well spent. Thanks to Stu, Dave and Knuckles.
    Looks like the best part of this season will be talking about it. Habs are in very tough.

  8. mr belmont says:

    In the 1960s and 1970s – dozens of grand prix drivers died on the track [the owners had emphasized speed to make the product on the track more exciting]. After watching so many of their fellow drivers die on the track – drivers boycotted races [demanding that owners put SAFETY FIRST]. It’s time for the NHL to put SAFETY FIRST [no one has died on the ice – but it’s only a matter of time]. Put SAFETY FIRST!

  9. scotland says:

    Love it when you have Chris Nilan on. One question for Chris…..when are you going to write a book/ I will be the first guy in line to buy the hard cover. It will sell a million. Thanks for the great memories watching you play for the habs!! All time favourite five Habs. Flower, Robinson, Nilan, Chelios, P. Mahovlich

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