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UPDATE: We are working on a simple way for users to access profile pages. Thanks for your patience as we try to sort this out.

On Nov. 24, 2006, The Gazette launched a new hockey website, Habs Inside/Out, promising to offer fans of the Canadiens “absolutely everything” about the most famous hockey team in the world.

Over the last five years, the site has continued to grow and it now receives more than 2 million page views each month. We’re even planning to launch an iPhone application in the coming weeks.

After being told by the Canadiens to take the word “Habs” out of the site’s name, we have renamed it Hockey Inside/Out. For the time being, the current URL, habsinsideout.com, will redirect you to hockeyinsideout.com.  But be sure to change your bookmarks to hockeyinsideout.com and update your RSS feeds.

We’ve changed the name and made some design changes to the site, but we’ll still continue to provide “absolutely everything” about the Canadiens, with our Gazette contributors Dave Stubbs, Pat Hickey, Kevin Mio and Mike Boone, who will continue to blog live during every Habs game.

Your HI/O usernames and passwords won’t change, but if you’d like to see your picture icon next to your comments, you will have to replace your profile avatar. We have simple instructions on how to do so here via Gravatar.

You can modify your profile by clicking your username above the “leave a Comment” box, where it says  “logged in as ‘your username’ “. Just click on your username, and you will be brought to the screen where you can edit your profile.

We hope you’ll like our new name and our fresher look. Please let us know what you think by emailing hockeyinsideout@montrealgazette.com or, as is the great tradition here at HI/O, by posting your comments below.

Stu Cowan, Gazette Sports editor

  1. Thomas, 19 March, 2011

    This sucks, this is stupid, the site is terrible!!!!!!! Go back to the old way please. I don’t want a globally recognized avatar….Problem is there is no other place to get all this good reliable Habs info so i’m stuck, I don’t want to be on this bush-league site, but can’t get my Habs fix elsewhere…FML

  2. Everlasting1, 19 March, 2011

    I’m sure they’ll improve the functionality/userability..
    The emoticons are aaight, the hyperlinks are back. Not keen on the idea of signing up on this gravatar..but it’s kind of a mute point of ‘privacy’ if one has a facebook, myspace, twitter account, ccard, micro-chipped passport etc.

  3. Keith, 19 March, 2011

    I just sent off a complaint to the Gazette at this link.


  4. Alirio, 19 March, 2011

    What a crock of shit!

    I’ve been online since 1994 and THS site makes me nostalgic for the EARLY days of GeoCities…

  5. Alirio, 19 March, 2011

    I miss my Habs I/O


  6. Spartan117, 19 March, 2011

    If it ain’t broke, dont fix it!

  7. Robert L, 19 March, 2011

    Habs Inside Out, upside down!

  8. Spartan117, 19 March, 2011

    Email gmolson@canadiens.com and give him a piece of your mind.

  9. habsfansince91, 19 March, 2011

    new site stinks

  10. ryantheduke, 19 March, 2011

    Since you asked..

    God-awful layout. as Charles Barkley would say, “That’s Turrible”.

  11. twilighthours, 19 March, 2011

    Is this a WordPress product?

    Yeah, it doesn’t have the same feel. I hope we all get used to it. I went thru the Gravitar process so I could still feel a bit like my old Habs I/O self.

    The worst part is now we’ve lost the ability to see who the original crew (and newbies) are – I loved it that my profile said “member for 3 years and 2 months” where Tony’s latest profile said “member for 6 hours”

  12. frankcasting, 19 March, 2011

    gravatar not working, takes me to xyz website that has nothing to do with gravatar, you guys rushed this

  13. fbkj, 19 March, 2011

    alright boone, stubs et al, i had offered my services in the past to help out your website, wordpress?


    anywhoo at least youll be able to use habs in your title again soon considering your hits are going to take a SERIOUS beatdown and youll be so off the radar the club wont notice…

    talk about amateur hour

  14. geo_habsgo, 19 March, 2011

    I knew it would look like this and this is exactly what I was afraid of. I can understand the name change I suppose but was the redesign done to prevent the site crashing? Because unless that problem was rectified I see no other reason to tamper with a site design that we all loved.

  15. Curtis O Habs, 19 March, 2011

    Who thought this was better? WTF? The Canadiens told you to take Habs out, or what? Legal action? boooooo.

  16. twocents, 19 March, 2011

    This sucks.
    If i wanted to post on a site that functioned like this, I would have. I hadn’t and I likely won’t now.

    And, to make it clear, I couldn’t care less about the name change. It’s the design.

  17. h@bby, 19 March, 2011

    The new design really stinks. I visit this site daily, but that’ll will change if the site design doesn’t change.

  18. Thomas, 19 March, 2011

    This site stinks, everyone knows it for so many reasons, i’ve just sent Stu Cowan, the Gazette sports editor who’s email can be found at the bottom of this page to complain, I hope you all do too. If we can all keep it civil i’m sure they will at least look at our complaints. I hope that all of you send him a message and a formal complaint, cause this just sucks!

  19. sillywalk, 19 March, 2011

    I can’t believe people are complaining about comments following a logical order. The old comments view was about as retarded as anything on the web today. At least this will be linear.

    As an aside; the disclaimer at the bottom of pages still says Habs Inside/Out.

  20. JFriedman, 19 March, 2011

    Do not like the new site…

  21. Spartan117, 19 March, 2011


    Are you more pissed about (ONLY PICK ONE ANSWER):

    1- The fact that we dont have ‘HABS’ in the title of the page?
    – Meaning would you rather Habs back in the title but have to live with this new page

    2- Everything else about this site?
    – Or if we used the last site, but merely changed HABS to HOCKEY

  22. HardHabits, 19 March, 2011

    Luv the avatar. You’ll be receiving a letter from the Gazette lawyers in your email soon.

  23. Mrs.Price31, 19 March, 2011

    I actually don’t mind the change. Of course the old version of the site will be missed. But changes were bound to happen. I personally feel it looks pretty good. We are just going to need some time to adjust to it. But all in all, it’s good! Although the whiteness of the site is a little annoying 😀

  24. 134, 19 March, 2011

    Why can’t you simply replace the logo with the new name in the old site and keep everything else the same??? The old site’s layout is much better- simple and less ‘crowded’. Too much layers in this new site; I find it too ‘busy’.

  25. MikeMcLaren, 19 March, 2011

    The two decisions are indpendent of one another. This change to WordPress as the back-end would have happened regardless of the Canadiens exerting pressure to enforce their copyright/trademarks.

  26. HardHabits, 19 March, 2011

    When does Als Inside/Out change to Canadian Football Inside/Out?

    Can I say Habs?

    Does that mean I have to change my name to HardHockeybits?

    Remember when Voice changed to Vice because they said Village Voice was suing? That’s was an urban legend too.

    No preview comment. No edit. Hey but maybe the servers will actually hold up as no-one will visit this site any more.

  27. Bill J, 19 March, 2011

    HardHockeybits – GOLD!

  28. idle, 20 March, 2011

    I see what you did there

  29. Bill J, 20 March, 2011

    Like that eh ? lol

  30. huge_polar_bear, 19 March, 2011

    This will take some getting used to… O_o

  31. Exit716, 19 March, 2011

    This new site is cumbersome, awkward and poorly designed. Very disappointed. It’s not an improvement. Please tell your superiors and the bean counters that forced this change that it is third rate. Bring back the previous design. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. An absolute corporate sell out by the folks in Toronto that control this newspaper now. Shame on you, Godfrey. Bring back the original design. This new one is pure and total garbage.

  32. Mr.Hazard, 19 March, 2011

    Hmmm… This makes H I/O a little too much like every other site out there… I’m scared. When Gizmodo changed their new layout, I stopped going. It was my favourite site, but I could not stand the new layout (laggy, hard to access articles, etc), so I simply quit. Partly out of frustration, party as a protest.

    Not a fan of the new name, either. But I’ve said that already.

  33. Pistolpete, 20 March, 2011

    use http://ca.gizmodo.com/, it has the old layout, (for now anyways), I too was a big time Giz visitor until the horrible change happened.

  34. piche, 20 March, 2011

    YIKES!! Where am I?

    … theres no place like home… theres no place like home…

  35. RockinRey, 20 March, 2011

    Not liking this site one bit. It was bad enough you altered Boones game blogging format ( If I missed a game – which was on occasion I could at least scroll down and read some of his obeservations and witty comments and such- videos are not necessary).

    This site is cumbersome, took me way to long to figure out how to log in.

    The Habs asking you to remove the name from the site precipitated this??

    Absolutely brutal!

  36. J.J. of Turku, 20 March, 2011

    Go Hockey, Go!

  37. idle, 20 March, 2011

    A couple weeks ago the CBC changed their website and comments section too and people went ape shit just like some are here now. It took a few days but things blew over.

    I personally don’t mind the changes and think the commenting will work much better then the old system which was very hard to follow a conversation on.

    Give the new site a few days to grow on you. There will be some things you don’t like as much and some that you like better.

    You can’t fight change, and you can’t grasp onto things forever.

    It’s time to toss out that security blanket from when you were a kid. It seemed secure at the time but it didn’t prevent your life from sucking now did it?

  38. Stuck_in_To., 20 March, 2011

    The layout is okay. The site is slicker now which makes it more like every other site and feels less like “home”. But other than a few basic items — like having a login option as the very first thing you see !!!! — the main issue is content. You can put a pig in a dress but it is still a pig. As long as our Habsinsideout writes are still here on Hockeyinsideout, its okay.

    Crap, where is my comment preview?

  39. idle, 20 March, 2011

    BTW there have been a few sites that I use that have recently been redesigned and newly launched. I use full 1080p resolution and Hockey Inside Out is the only one of those sites that displays properly in full resolution, including CBC’s website.

  40. shuttle-lemaire-lafleur, 20 March, 2011

    In the contact info at the bottom of the page it says, Habs Inside/Out: Absolutely…..you know the rest. So, whats up with that.? If the “word” can be used there, why change the format of the whole damn thing ? Dunno..pissed off tho’…

  41. RetroMikey, 20 March, 2011

    I want a blackberry app for this site! http://www.hockeyinsideout.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_sad.gif

  42. idle, 20 March, 2011

    A couple of questions.

    In our ‘dashboard’ we have the ability to see recent posts and to go directly to those posts by clicking on the # sign. Are we going to be able to see OUR recent posts or even a list of all of our posts (at least to a certain date) so we can easily go back and see any replies. Otherwise it’s back to being hard to follow a conversation.

    Is there a way to make the dashboard view the default instead of the ‘your profile’ screen, when you click on your name link?

  43. idle, 20 March, 2011


  44. idle, 20 March, 2011


  45. idle, 20 March, 2011

    [b]bold retest cause I’m idiot[/b]

  46. idle, 20 March, 2011


  47. idle, 20 March, 2011

    Red Text

  48. TOEmastro, 20 March, 2011

    This is a lot more complicated than it should be

  49. Bill J, 20 March, 2011

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation. ”

    OK Seriously ? WTF!!!!

    Got this from a post I did on Boone’s thread. Doesn’t seem to apply to other threads. (yet?) ugh!

  50. idle, 20 March, 2011

    Maybe a day or two to work out the bugs.

  51. Bill J, 20 March, 2011

    Hope so.

    Is it me, or do I work for a crazy company. At my work, they test things before going “live” with it.

    I get how some things will only come up once people use it, but so many things are broken. Really not a good way to launch it all.

    Maybe I’m being too demanding. But, this all seems so rushed and sloppy. (sorry to the web designers who set it up, but hey facts are facts, and it is my perception/opinion)

    Join the Facebook Group: Carey Price Is ALL HART in 2010/2011!.

  52. Bill J, 20 March, 2011

    BTW as a FYI for posters — “The site puts you in Moderation Limbo” when you post a link. IE the official Canadiens website.

    Lame. Seing there is no rule stating we can not post a link. Not to mention the rules are for some other website called HABS Inside/Out.

  53. zedder81, 20 March, 2011

    It’s still nice to have a place to vent about the Habs or praise them. We will all get used to the site with time, but let’s complain about it anyway. Need a big game from the Hamilton boys today.

  54. Bill J, 20 March, 2011

    EDITED — woohoo hope this works !!!

  55. idle, 20 March, 2011

    Bill, try taking some deep breaths : )

  56. Coach K, 20 March, 2011

    New format is interesting. I do like the”you are here” feature. With a simple click on the link you can easily navigate and figure out exactly where you are. Nice touch.
    One suggestion: I would prefer to see the “Log In” and “Submit Comment” links as a button at the top of the page (perhaps near the search field). It would also be better if they were just a bit more obvious. Also, it’s not clear if you can preview your comment before posting. I always found that to be useful since it often prevented me from posting something that made me look dumber than I usually am. Perhaps that is something that can be addressed as well. All together though, nice clean look. Looking forward to the game today.
    Go Habs!

  57. Alex Rio, 20 March, 2011

    i know this comment will get deleted, but the point is to show my frustration. SO mods, delete away

    I think the new site layout is fucking SHIT.

  58. Alex Rio, 20 March, 2011

    replying to my comment cos i know it will be deleted.

    the site layout was simpler and more user friendly back then, especially for iphone.

    Now i cant even search the previous threads, like before, and its more confusing,

    Hopefully the HABS insideout team will see the general displeasure here and make changes.

  59. ross, 20 March, 2011

    Wah wah wah; lots of complaints about the new design, but they’re all pretty light on details. “Difficult to understand”, etc., just translates as “it’s different and therefore I don’t like it because it means I need to re-learn how to use it.”

    Frankly, the site has needed re-doing for a while, the commenting system *especially*. I’m glad you’ve moved to WP, and glad that the commenting system has changed (I’ve yet to use it enough to figure out whether it’s for the better or not, but at least *some* change is good!).

    Of course, as a media outlet you had to comply with a request for the Habs/Hockey name-change. But it’s absolutely delinquent of the Canadiens organization to have made the request in the first place; why bother? Just corporate wankers throwing their weight around and doing things to try and justify their salaries. Ooh, look, we made sure nobody will confuse HI/O with our own nhl.com website, thereby protecting our branding and marketing position blahblahblah.

  60. go.habs.go, 20 March, 2011

    I like the layout. Why did you have to change the name? 🙁

  61. lefty, 21 March, 2011

    Help!!I am having problems accessing site with my blackberry I get the webpage but I can’t click on any of the stories. Is there a mobile link I should be using???

  62. Danno, 21 March, 2011


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  63. Danno, 21 March, 2011


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  64. Danno, 21 March, 2011


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  65. habs81, 23 March, 2011


  66. William Fever, 30 June, 2011


  67. William Fever, 30 June, 2011


  68. William Fever, 30 June, 2011


  69. William Fever, 30 June, 2011


  70. William Fever, 30 June, 2011


  71. William Fever, 30 June, 2011


  72. William Fever, 30 June, 2011


  73. SyntaxLove, 30 June, 2011


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