Weekend labour talks ‘covered a lot of ground’

 The NHL and the NHLPA are on speaking terms again following a marathon meeting between deputy commissioner Bill Daly and NHLPA special counsel Steve Fehr that started Saturday afternoon and continued into the early hours Sunday morning at an undisclosed location. It marked the first time the two sides sat down together since Oct. 18.

The sides are expected to return to the bargaining table again soon.

“We met on and off for most of the day and covered a lot of ground,” Daly told The Canadian Press via e-mail. “We plan to meet again early in the week.”

Daly said the session included “good, frank discussion on the most important issues separating us.”

Fehr told The Canadian Press: “Hopefully we can continue the dialogue, expand the group, and make steady progress.”

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In AHL action, the Hamilton Bulldogs improved their record to 4-2-2 by scoring four third-period goals en route to a 4-3 victory over the Rochester Americans Saturday night in Hamilton. Blake Geoffrion scored twice, and Brendan Gallagher and Mike Blunden added goals for the Bulldogs, while Robert Mayer stopped 24-of-27 shots.

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The Bulldogs are back in action Wednesday night when the Syracuse Crunch visits Hamilton. The Bulldogs and Crunch will meet again on Friday night at the Bell Centre in a 7:30 p.m. start.

(Photo by Pierre Obendrauf/The Gazette)


  1. Hobie Hansen says:

    It doesn’t take much to get me going when it comes to the Boston Bruins. The poll question to the right is a classic example. Their name instantly makes me cringe with anger.

    All sports fans and their team take one on the chin every so often, some teams more than others. The worst sequence of events I’ve had to endure as a Habs fan in 30 something years was when the Bruins beat on us in that regular season game two seasons ago, broke Pacioretty’s neck and proceeded to eliminate us from the playoffs in game 7, overtime!

    They had the last laugh that year, won the Stanley Cup and will always have a leg up on us until we start beating them regularly. And some would argue, myself included, that they can pretty much laugh in our faces until we win another cup.

    Damn I hate Boston!

    • ProHabs says:

      Agree on all of this. That was definitely a low point as a Hab fan during the last 30 years. It still hurts to think about. Thanks to Gauthier, Martin and Gainey we have a ways to go before we finally stop being Boston’s bitches.

    • 69HABS says:

      The ditry Broons were better than us by ONE goal. One freakin goal. The Habs were the only team that gave the Broons a scare & compitition. The Broons had ALL the LUCK on their side in that series …

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        That’s what makes it so hard to swallow, ONE goal! The Bruins fans don’t see it that way though. The Bruins see it as they smacked us around, beat us in playoffs and won the Stanley Cup.

        • 69HABS says:

          Broons fans are idiots including my Broon loving brother! I pay no attention to any Broon fan …

          • Bill J says:

            I recently had the pleasure of meeting a decent Bruins fan.

            They do exist, dying breed perhaps.

            Go Habs Go!

          • habfab14120 says:

            Like Bill J, I too, know of a couple of decent people who happen to be B’s fans. I married one.

            Despite that, playoffs are always an adventure in my house. Fortunately, our son came down on the side of Good. 🙂

    • frontenac1 says:

      Hey Hobie, remember a couple of years ago when the Bruins were up 3 games to 0 against the Flyers in the playoffs and proceeded to lose the next 4 games in a collapse of epic proportions? Every time the Bruins piss me off I just think of that. And Too Many Men On The Ice with Cherry . Their Cup was a Fluke amigo. Saludos!

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        As classic of a game the Cherry games 7 was, that’s ancient history. Does Lucic, Chara or some beer guzzling 30-year-old Bostonian think of that game when Boston and Montreal play in 2012?

        It’s like when people chant “67” when we play the Leafs. Umm, 67 was a very long time ago but we’re also going on 20 years without a cup so we’re not really in a position to rub that in their faces.

        We need some new history and be the team with all the swagger going forward. History is great and I enjoy all the Habs books, videos and records but the time is now baby! We’ve done squat for 20 years!

        • 69HABS says:

          It was 39 yrs till the Broons won thier last cup. We still have plenty of time …

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Well I was 17-years-old when we won our last in 93 and was old enough to appreciate the cup in 86 as 10-year-old minor atom hockey player.

            But 20 years removed from our last cup, a few years away 40-years-old and with 30 teams now in the NHL, I just hope I see one more cup in my day. We have a one in thirty shot each year. It’s a tough trophy to get your hands on.

    • Peajay says:

      Add to all that the reports that Boston’s owner is the driving force behind this lockout… doesn’t take much when it comes to the Bruins…

    • Desi says:

      The Bruins didn’t beat us the night Pacioretty was hurt. We were blowing them out — which is why Chara did what he did.

      No one hates the Bruins more than me. No one. I have to live in Boston and out up with their shite. But I predict the Habs will win 5 Cups before Boston wins their next.

  2. HabFab says:

    Hab Prospect Update NCAA defensemen.
    Habs have three defensemen playing in the NCAA. Mac Bennett is the offensively gifted and gets all the attention for his 3+6 in 7 GP. The other two however are playing shut down roles and are not going to score many points. Both are good skaters with decent size and are 19 years old;
    Josh Didier 6-2 215 lbs is turning into a shot blocking monster and his Denver team is ranked 3rd in the country.
    Colin Sullivan 6-1 205 lbs had a reputation in HS hockey as a rushing D but in his first season at Boston College has been turned into a shut down defensemen and by all reports successfully. His team is ranked 1st in the country.
    Another Ludwig or Nyrup would look good in a Hab uniform.

    • Bripro says:

      Encouraging. We’ve got a great crop of young Ds.
      That’s one position which looks encouraging for the near future.
      Thanks for that, Frank.

      “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

      • HabFab says:

        Quit that! I blinked and a whole new message 😛

        • commandant says:

          I haven’t seen many BC games. Any idea how many minutes Sullivan is getting.

          I know the pre-season talk was that as a freshman, with 3 returnees, and 1st round pick Michael Matheson ahead of him, he’d be the #5 defenceman at best. Has he moved up the depth chart?

          Go Habs Go!
          Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

        • Bripro says:

          😀 Wanna see that again?

          “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  3. wjc says:

    Aw yes, the final stages of the lockout:

    Keep the meetings private, no more posturing in front of the media. Just getting a deal done.

    Bettman has done his job. He played the bad guy for the owners. He became the face of the lock out….sanctioned and approved by the owners.

    Fehr has done his job. He played the bad guy for the players. He became the guy to blame along with Bettman.

    Neither Fehr or Bettman acted by themselves. Bettman had a lock out. Better to not play now, then not play later. The time to negotiate was last summer, but, the players wanted to delay. That was their strategy right or wrong.

    As it turns out, probably a 70 game regualar season, starting roughly mid November or there abouts.

    Both Bettman and Fehr did their jobs fighting for the best deal for their members/owners.

    Bettman will be able to get back to the job he does best growing a billion dollar industry. Fehr will probably retire in the next couple of years.

    If it makes you happy to blame Bettman, then blame away, nothing will convince you. If you feel better blaming the players, then blame away. Some have made up their minds and no facts will ever change it.

    The good/bad news is a deal is now ready to be made. The process had to happen, neither side could just cave in for the sake of a deal, thus a stalemate.

    But how much damage was really done, maybe lose 12 to 15 regualar season games. Season is too long anyways. Fans can go back to spending there money on sweaters etc.

    Personally I am glad hockey will be back, as long as you keep it perspective and realize it is fun to be entertained.


  4. Bripro says:

    The NHLPA has a noon conference call on Monday for the Executive Board and Negotiating Committee.

    “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  5. Mavid says:

    i am trying to not get to excited the last time the talks went nowhere….
    yes I am going to see ZZTop in Ottawa at the NAC its a nice more intimate venue…saw Mark Knopler there a few years ago..I paid 100 bucks for the best seats available

  6. badbalance says:

    Bulldogs just came back from bein down 2-0 with 10 mibutes left, it’s 4-2 now

  7. commandant says:

    1 goal and 2 assists for Galchenyuk. Still 12 minutes to play.

    This is 4th game in his last 6 where he has 3+ points.

    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

  8. kempie says:

    Galchenyuk lighting it up again tonight.

  9. HabFanSince72 says:

    Just to pass the time – anyone know who the top three rated prospects are for next year’s draft?

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • commandant says:

      Nathan MacKinnon

      Seth Jones

      Sasha Barkov

      Go Habs Go!
      Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

      • Bill J says:

        Who is the French Canadian kid that plays with Mackinon? I read someone say he’s the next Guy Lafleur.

        Edit: Jonathan Drouin.

        Not top 3, but if the Habs don’t get a top3. Maybe they can target Drouin?

        Go Habs Go!

        • HabFab says:

          Duclair is similar in Quebec but neither have much size. But then that was the reason that Giroux wasn’t picked until latter.

        • scuba says:

          Drouin is lightling it up with the Mooseheads. I think he may end up a top 5 and maybe even a top 3 pick. I go to all the Mooseheads games and so far this season he has outplayed MacKinnon.

          I still think MacKinnon will go ahead of Drouin because of the skills he does have. MaKinnon has unbelievable top speed and is a pure goal scorer while Drouin can speed the game up or slow it down and is always in the right place. Great hands and hockey IQ. Size is less of an issue as he has contimued to grow, now listed at 5,11″ 180.

          They will be on three nationally televised games this week so you can see for yourself. Subway series on Monday/Wednesday and Friday night hockey on Sportsnet.

  10. This Guy says:

    Galchenyuk going hard with two assists so far.

  11. JF says:

    Charles Hudon, in what must be one of his first games back after a concussion, had a hat trick and two assists against Drummondville this afternoon.

  12. HabFab says:

    Wise advice!

    n8THEggr8- Be yourself, everyone else is taken – Brendon Nash

  13. Bripro says:

    Here’s a poor replay of a Plekanec goal from two days ago.
    Typical of his strength on the PK.


    “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

    • punkster says:

      Oh Bri…seems you did not get the memo…Pleks is weak and should be traded…according to some around here.

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

      • Bripro says:

        Well whoever is handing that memo out can keep my copy, thanks.

        “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

        • punkster says:

          I blame Ger…which is easy to do because right now he’s likely a half dozen beers deep and taking full advantage of a Myrtle Beach Calabash buffet…no chance he’ll read this any time soon 😉

          ***Subbang Baby!!!***

          • Bripro says:

            And even if he does…. 😉
            The lucky stiff deserves a little adversity.

            “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  14. Habhopeful says:

    anyone know where one can find a sarnia sting live feed? appreciate it!

  15. Habfan10912 says:

    I’m normally not fond of the “I told you so” post but in this case I DO hope that those of you who predict a resumption of the season are correct.


    • Bripro says:

      So are you back up and running, Jim?
      Your cone of silence became worrisome earlier this week. I hope life is back to normal.

      “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

      • Habfan10912 says:

        Thanks Bri. Pretty much in cleanup mode now. Gas is still s problem
        Fuel not mine. :).


        • Bripro says:

          I saw that. The news coverage has been pretty extensive.
          I hope your damage isn’t anywhere near that of the Jersey shore.
          That’s just awful. I feel so bad for those victims. For all of you.
          Take care.

          “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  16. Boomer says:

    the line of Strome (3g, 9a) , Ritchie (10g, 3a), and Theoret (2g, 5a) has combined for 32 points in 3 games!

  17. frontenac1 says:

    And the Kebuke Dance continues. Anyone else feeling a “Stirring in their Loins”? Very low on “The Boner Meter” Amigos.

  18. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I told Ian the whole season will under no circumstances be lost …I predicted latest beginning December …and, naively, optimistic in-time for the HIO Summit …so, if only half-right, thank Gawd these morons are at least ‘talking’ (as they should have been ‘talking’ months ago 🙁 )

    …I mean all of Us, including Our grandmothers whom don’t know a puck from a stick, used Our common-sense to know what the common-sense outcome of these negotiations should be

    …but these egotists are paid big-bucks not to use their common-sense it appears

    …besides setting back Hockey Fans goodwill towards the NHL at least a decade, the most unforgivable collateral damage of this debacle will be the loss of the Winter Classic

    …this year’s Winter Classic is completely meaningless to Myself, personally, as I loathe anything to do with Turdranna (although 3/4s of Montreal’s former Anglo population, I hear, now resides there …purgatory ? ) or the MuppleWeeds …and watching the Wings is quite on an emotional par of giving My sister a peck on Her cheek …I feel this Classic, with the positive momentum of PR among Americans already generated from previous Classics, this was an opportunity to grab the attention of previously indifferent American fans in non-hockey markets throughout the country …for instance, if there ever were any chance of stoking interest in Phoenix, this was the opportunity

    …just incredible the NHL and NHLPA allowed things to get this far

    …and incredible how egoism so frequently trumps ‘common sense’

  19. sreuel says:

    All this positive posts lets say they don’t and end up with a 30 to 40 game schedule. Not worth a team to win the stanley cup as teams may start out slow.

  20. habstrinifan says:

    Hockey by a week Monday… take that to the bank!

    The idiots have finally come to their senses and things are getting worked out.

    And at the end of it all… look for Gary Bettman to lose some standing among the owners and be gone within a year. I think Fehr will stay cause the players are gonna be behind the 8 ball for a bit as far as bargaining position and will need him.

    Then we can get down to the real big issue… Do the Habs sign Subbie or not. I say NOT.

    • Bripro says:

      ” Do the Habs sign Subbie or not. I say NOT “.

      You’re kidding, right?
      There is no way Subban will not return.
      He’s a career franchise player and the team knows it.
      They can’t sign him during the lock out, but the terms will be ironed out and he will return.

      “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      …Trini ? …You forgot the ‘Just Kidding !!!’ icon 🙂

      Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

      Campaign to Retire Toe Blake’s Number 6 !!!

      Bring Back Boone, and send Hickey to Hamilton !!!

      …and, last, but not least: FREE PUSSY RIOT !!!

  21. AceMagnum says:

    I already forgot what Bergevin looks like… :\



  22. Habilis says:

    So what happens if they do get a deal within a week or two? Does the Hamilton roster get pillaged for Habs training camp? Because that would decimate the Dogs, along I guess with most AHL teams. Would they try to work around AHL games? I can’t see that working.

    Anyone have any insight?

    • Bripro says:

      I don’t think so. The current roster is one short of the maximum 23-man team, and with only one player unsigned….Subban.
      I would say most of the young players will begin the season where they are currently playing, until the injuries start.

      “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

      • Habilis says:

        So they just run a smaller camp then. That makes the most sense I guess. It just sucks for those young guys who might have had a shot at the opening night roster.

        Though Galchenyuk would be at the camp, they already said that. The way he’s playing right now, I’d say he has a real shot at sticking too, even if it’s only for the 9 game trial.

        • Bripro says:

          You have to remember that it’ll be a short season.
          If there are exhibition games, there’ll be two or three max. Even that is doubtful, IMHO. So the players will want to get the most of their ice time.
          If they do call up a select few, it’ll be more for show. But then, that’s what they’re doing now. Showing the Habs brass their moves where they’re currently playing.

          “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

          • commandant says:

            Its likely to be a very small camp with 2 maybe 3 guys trying out.

            Heck the Bulldogs games right now are basically a try out for any spots they need to fill (just like they are at midseason when you call up the player who is playing the best when injuries hit).

            Go Habs Go!
            Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

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