Warming up in the Mellon

Gorgeous photo by The Gazette’s Allen McInnis of Canadiens defenceman Hal Gill warming up in the bowels of Mellon Arena just before 6 p.m. tonight:

© Allen McInnis, Gazette


  1. nickster13 says:

    Love the determination from Gill, setting a good example for young players

  2. tippytoes says:

    I can’t say enough on how this cast of leaders has turned around the mood of this team…These guys that were brought in are all winners. I hate  to say it but Saku never really knew what it took to win.

    Does anyone miss Kovalev, Komiserek, Koivu, Tanguay et all now?

  3. Fred D says:

     I think Hal Gill is great!

    I picked this quote up from a Pittsburg site.

    <But Max Talbot does not see it the same way because he feels it is a
    discredit to the way the plucky Canadiens are playing.

    “They beat the best in the league, they’re a good hockey team,”
    Talbot said. “They’re not in the second round for nothing. They have a
    strong goalie and they play their system really well. It’s going to be a
    battle until the end.”>
    So,my brother in law Pierre, who (calls himself a Habs fan) thinks the habs are just “lucky” is wrong, again. He already owes me $20 because we made the playoffs! He doesn’t think much of JM.
    He didn’t want to bet on tonight’s result!
    Unquestioned support from this quarter.(BTW to the guy on here who said that unquestioned support was wrong, a few days ago—Phooy!–I still have the right to discuss and bellyache,while giving the team as a whole, unquestioned support.
  4. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …IF only He can move like THAT on the ice !

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY


  5. JVSmith says:

    Yes, God knows he doesn`t move enough on the ice! He doesn`t block enough shots or save Halak`s rear end time and time again with his moves! Some people are never happy.

  6. FormalWare says:

    Great photo! Captures the easy power and athleticism of Gill’s gameday sprint. The “power” equipment in the backgrounf helps put a finer point on it, too!

  7. merlin_24cups says:

    Well Said! 

  8. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Mr. Smith, You are talkin’ to One of Hal’s biggest Fans making ‘a Funny’ …so don’t jump so quickly on Your potentially misjudged-perceptions before You know of Whom You are speakin’ to

    …Mr. Gill, Himself, acknowledges He is a Tugboat on the ice …and, You don’t have to explain to Me Hal Gill’s value to Our Team

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY


  9. karpen33 says:

    only koivu!

  10. newbrunswick troy says:

    You know all year i thought Gill was a Big Pilon that Gainey screwed up and bought for way too much…..

    Now that playoffs are here and well under way……I must go and cook some more “crow” !!!!!I guess Gainey wasn,t the loser a lot of people thought after all>>> on that note notice how he,s showing his face allot more after the upset on the Caps???

  11. johnnymolson says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that saw Saku Koivu for what he really
    was.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; Saku Koivu couldn’t
    lead flies to a cow patty.  Overrated.  He faded for long stretches during the season, and became invisible in tough games all too often.  Gionta and Gomez are showing more leadership and determination than Koivu ever did.

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