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While we wait for Big Ben to suit up, a few takes on last night’s win:

Quotes from the room

Arpon Basu

Last season, Price would have lost this game – François Gagnon

Pierre Ladouceur


• Larry Brooks on the uselessness of enforcers

And from the Commentariat, some interestng observations by JF:

That was a far more exciting game than Friday
night against Buffalo and, with the exception of a brief lapse in the
second period, the Habs were full value.  But, as the RDS guys pointed
out, the two quick Ottawa goals were the result of individual errors
rather than of poor team play.  For the most part we dominated the
Senators, outshooting and outworking them in the second and third
periods and, suddenly facing a deficit of two goals, the team showed no
quit.  Nor did Price wilt as he certainly would have last year.

love what I’m seeing so far from this team.  I think that as a group
they learned a great deal from the playoff run.  That experience showed
them how to play for each other, how to overcome obstacles, and how to
believe in themselves.  They don’t quit, they stand up for each other,
and they never stop believing they can win.


Two facets of the game
that so far look vastly improved from last year: faceoffs and defensive
zone play. Last year we were usually under 50% on faceoffs, but the
addition of Halpern has pushed us well over that, and I think Plekanec
is also doing better on faceoffs this year.  Winning more faceoffs makes
quite a difference in terms of puck possession.  Also, we no longer
seem to be spending long stretches hemmed in our own zone.  There are
still turnovers and mistakes of course, but for the most part we clear
the zone more efficiently than last year and move the puck up-ice more
purposefully.  I’m seeing less dump-and-chase, more well-constructed
attacking.  Jacques Martin said at the beginning of the season that last
year he concentrated heavily on defence because it was his first year
with the team and he wanted to ensure the players learned the system
thoroughly and were able to execute it well.  It took a year, but it
might have worked.  Our defence looks quite solid and the team is
playing a lot less passively than last year, particularly when
protecting a 1-goal lead.  We no longer turn into a shell and let our
opponents pound our goaltender.  This should translate into more
victories, particularly in close games, than last year.  We started
2009-2010 with two OT wins. then, after the blowout in Vancouver, four
1-goal losses.  I think that over the season we were among the league
leaders in 1-goal losses.  Turning some of those into wins will
certainly help our playoff hopes.

AK46’s goal was the highlight of
the night but Plekanec’s, which he set up by driving hard to the net,
ran it a close second.  We’ve only ever seen glimpses of the Kostitsyn
we’re seeing now – strong, intense, physical, going to the net, and
shooting the puck.  Not only is he in better shape than last year, but
he must have done a lot of work on his defensive game.  He backchecks
well and he is not beaten so regularly along the boards.  It was great
to see him get the first star and then skate around offering pucks to
the fans.

I’m glad Gionta got a goal, and such a spectacular one, but we need to see more from that line.



  1. ManApart says:

    Didn’t seem like a very insulting post to me. I actually really like what I wrote here, thanks for bringing it up. it was very fair and measured.

  2. saskhabfan says:


    “Like it or not excuse man”, The article was stating the truth. Montreal’s goaltending is a huge question mark going into this season, no question. Price has been average at the very best the past few seasons, and during his playoff career. Having Auld as your back up plan makes matters even more scary. The writer stated Price hasn’t at all looked like a #5 pick, franchise player he was projected to be and he must hit his stride this season or the Habs are in deep trouble. Seems like a pretty reasonable statement to me. It took a super performance last year by Halak to even squeek into the playoffs. Price has to at least approach that effort this year to give the Habs a chance. The habs have not gained any toughness or size at all from last season and that definately isn’t a good thing. Another reasonable statement. They have some skill and speed but also some question marks that make another 8th place finish a very reasonable prediction.

    I know everything that doesn’t speak glowingly about the Habs is hogwash journalism to you, but it still is a good analysis to the rest of us rational fans and has some pretty good points

  3. TOEmastro says:

    actually, its operant conditioning. Punishment for bad, reward for good. Classical conditioning would be that every time eller hears a bell, he scores a goal…. which is an interesting idea in itself


    Olé, olé, olé oleé

  4. fbkj says:

    Okay, if you cant man up, shrug it off and still call being wrong, being right… and now call it honest, then I can only wiggle my eyebrows and wish you the best of luck…

  5. adam76 says:

    I had one HIO member contact me.  He got a sign up bonus of 50 bucks, I got 25.  It was a win win.


    Cute little jpg, just fyi

  6. light_n_tasty says:

    The NHL usually doesn’t have disciplinary hearings on the weekends, and the incident happened on Friday.  Plus, the Rangers didn’t play this weekend, so they’ll still have a chance to suspend him tomorrow.

  7. light_n_tasty says:

    Have you taken a screenshot of the standings yet?  I realize this is probably the most excited you’ve been in about 20 years…

  8. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    You think maybe getting benched after a loss of concentration out on the big league ice might be a learning experience worth getting?

    There are lots of ways to learn, most of which involve thinking…

  9. TorontoHabsFan says:

    I seem to remember people getting all up in arms when Martin took Spezza to task for blowing defensive assignments. And judging from his 1.02 PPG career average, I think it’s safe to say that Martin didn’t ruin him 🙂

  10. Ian Cobb says:

    You had better enjoy the Leafs for the moment Jeff, they are going to fall off the trees shortly.!

  11. Number31 says:

    Not only do the Habs not have the cap space, but Bieksa is known for taking stupid penalties at stupid times. He’s aggressive, but more often than not he comes out as TOO aggressive and it always burns his team in the end…

  12. ooder says:

    i meant i appreciated Ian posting those facts last season..

    ya i agree though.. last season had me almost ripping my hair out at some points


    88 is the new 23

  13. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    You have a point there. At times, the regular season was painful to watch.

  14. db says:

    They aren’t the same person so benching him can yield different results.  It’s good for him to see the game from there.. the speed of the team, where he should be etc.  I hope he’s learning and not just sitting there thinking about his next mistake.

  15. rocketsglare says:

    Time will tell if JM is making the right decision to bench Eller and for that matter O’Byrne. You can only go

    so far in benching these players before their confidence is affected and is reflected in their play, especially

    when Eller needs to build chemistry with his linemates.


    Go Habs Go!

  16. j2w4habs25 says:

    Cammy plays for Montreal.. all EYES are on the Hockey’s Mecca City…theres more attention in Montreal then there is in any other hockey market. For sure they might miss a few things but in the city here – Everything is spottted. But I totally agree with you…

  17. j2w4habs25 says:

    The power play!!! whats wrong with our power play unit??

    do we even have one?? JM has to mix that unit up as well if they’re not scoring PP goals.

  18. Chuck says:

    And thank goodness that he moved Halak to help ensure that we could keep him.

  19. ZepFan2 says:

    “Say what you want about me”

    Okay. You’re a lying douche who thinks he knows more than every poster on here and cries and whines like a sniveling punk when he’s proven wrong.

    I don’t and wont talk hockey with you because as I’ve already said, you’re a lying douche.

    That about cover it, Mantroll?


    “The Soft Parade has now begun.
    Listen to the engines hum.”

  20. Storm Man says:

    You need a mentor. As I see it you are nothing.

  21. ZepFan2 says:

    I know Zep was totally against Halak taking over as the #1.”

    Load of crap.

    Which basically makes your whole post moot. I don’t/can’t believe anything you type after that out and out lie.

    Just deal with it. Ian made you look like a punk!


    “The Soft Parade has now begun.
    Listen to the engines hum.”

  22. fbkj says:

    you misspelled criticize 🙂

    but if you think thats all i do on these threads then you havent been reading my posts

  23. habs03 says:

    I have no issue with benching Eller in the 3rd, no need to put a guy in a position to fail, maybe I would like to seem him get some PP time but Pouliot has earned his pp time so far this year. As for O’B, he is 26 years old, there is no future for him, the ship has past for him imo.

  24. fbkj says:

    you know whats a lot simpler and more admirable than spinning your way out of looking stupid, conceding your wrong, getting off your high horse a little and quit patting yourself on the back

    nobody could have predicted what happened, but when you get called out on it and instead of lol’ing at it you proclaim that you were right all along, which is just ridiculous

    if you cant see how you come to others, i dont know what else to say

  25. HardHabits says:

    You used to be a level headed poster, way back in your Rebel without a Cause days, but as of late you’ve become a bit of an annoyance. Give it up. You’re more about trying to retrace your steps and prove that you are/were right.

    Besides I was the 1st to support Halak as #1.

  26. ManApart says:

    Still nothing intelligent. Well maybe someday. Say what you want about me, at least I talk hockey and present my reasoning and point of view. Your ignorant a** as well as Sask, Bill J, Stormy, FBK etc, just know how to critsize. Rarely anything original or insightful to refute what I am saying. You guys are a waste of time. Even though I disagree with them at times, guys like Seriousfan, Berkshire and TomNickle at least have knowledge of the game and present their views. When they disagree with me they explain why. I respect that. I think they’re biased at times, but they are pretty knowledgeable. You guys know nothing and offer nothing.

  27. HardHabits says:

    As Martin says, “the Habs are in the business of winning.” He shortened his bench for a reason. And what’s wrong with benching him? It’s classical conditioning.

  28. HABZ24 says:

    great comeback win. i thought for sure two goals in 24 secs price would fold like a cheap lawn chair but he held his ground after his team mates bailed him out getting even at 3. gomez has got to shoot more.tweek a few things like get the powerplay rolling and we ll be fine or finer.

  29. OneTimer says:

    Ha ha ha…maybe you should skulk back to your cave before saskhabfan embarasses you again.

  30. ManApart says:

    First off, when I made the original post last December, the team had Price as the starter. That team would have never made the playoffs and that is pretty much undeniable. I was one of the first calling for Halak at that time to give us a chance. Everyone said no way, I was crazy, Price was the guy to get us to the playoffs etc. I’m sure you were one of those guys. I would look it up, but don’t care that much. I know Zep was totally against Halak taking over as the #1. Finally around the Olympics Halak forced JM’s hand and took over the #1 spot. He played awesome and the Habs still only got in by 1 point. So I think I was fairly accurate in saying that they had a big chance of missing the playoffs. I never stated they would miss them for sure. I was one of the few, who recognized that Halak was our only chance before Xmas.

    As far as they could never beat Pitts and Wash. I was wrong. But it was impossible to predict the miracles Halak would perform. Even I, a big believer in the guy, didn’t think he could steal a series or two. If you losers say you would have believed that they would have beat the teams, you are liars. I also posted  When Montreal got dominated in back to back games against the Flyers, late in the season (Subban’s first NHL games), that the Habs could never beat the Flyers in a 7 game series, because they were too small and one dimensional and couldn’t handle the Flyer’s physical game. You don’t bring that up you Hypocrites. Also Don’t even bring up Ian. You want me to pull up some of the things he’s said in the past? It’s not pretty. Even Eklund gets his s**t to stick from time to time.

  31. Jeff says:

    Good breakdown Ian, here is the 1st place Leaf version!  

    1st  Total points  

    2nd Goals for

    7th Goals against

    2nd place PK 93%

    PP well maybe not Ha! Ha! 

  32. HardHabits says:

    we’re all hoping

    the thing about last season was even barring the 47% finish and 88 points it was a totally new crew

    even in the games they lost there was a compete level that was team wide and was lacking for years

    it all came to fruition in the playoffs which even though they squeeked into them they certainly roared once in

    they finally gave Halak his day in the sun and he scrambled off to a mighty huge payday

    in return the Habs got a few good prospects and the gamble is appearing to pay off

    I appreciated last season for the reason that the team developed a new identity

    is history being made?

  33. rocketsglare says:

    JM seems to be taking the same course in dealing with Eller as he has with O’Byrne and that is

    benching him after every mistake. I know Eller is relatively green and learning to play with this

    team, but how is he going to prosper and learn if JM is benching him with every mistake made?

    The Habs gave up much to have the services of Eller (reportedly targeted personally by JM) and

    to sit on the bench is not IMO allowing this young talent the needed ice time to gain valuable ex-

    perience that will ultimately benefit this team later in the season.

    I want both Eller and O’Byrne to play as much and gain as much experience because IMO they

    are part of the future of this club. JM are you listening?


    Go Habs Go!


  34. JohnBellyful says:

    My Heart predicted the Habs would be 3-2 (6 points) after five games, my Head said 2-3 (4 points). Reality proved otherwise: 3-1-1 (7 points). My Head is hung in shame. I’m giving it a chance to make amends.

    Here’s the schedule for the next 10 games:
    HOME: Devils, Coyotes, Islanders, Panthers, Senators, Canucks
    AWAY: Senators, Islanders, Blue Jackets, Sabres
    Heart says 6-4, Head says 5-5.

    One other prediction: seven of the games will be decided by one goal. That’s my Liver talking. (I have a very chatty body … Enough with the wisecracks.)

    P.S. Apparently when the Canadiens’ game is nationally televised, you really don’t have to spend that much time talking about it in Coach’s Corner, especially if the Leafs played the night before.

  35. HardHabits says:

    I prefer a player like Scott Stevens. He wasn’t known for fighting. The big hit was his weapon. Even Larry Robinson rarely fought. Nobody dared really. Once he took on Schultz and the Broad Street Bullies. Well. Enough said about that. The bottom line is a team needs a few really tough SOB’s that can play hockey.

  36. bertuzzisucks says:

    Hamrlik and Spacek have been brutal all year and especially last night. Also their combined cap hit is 9.3 million. They could easily be subbed in with some ufa defenceman. I hate to say it but Bergeron would be better than Hammerlick.

    These guys get power play time and they cant shoot, dont score and are scary covering the points.



  37. Storm Man says:

    I guess time will tell.

  38. Bugs says:

    (this is the repost I was tellin yehs about)

    First off, the CBC opening opera intro was absolutely delightful. Best I’ve ever seen from’em.

    First 30 minutes of the game, AK was goin strong but I thought my boy Poolio was the best Hab on the ice. And then…well…whatever.

    The Kid is doing grrreat. Placed special attention on’m after 3rd goal. That was the moment. First adversity of the season. Saw him slightly boggled the puck behind his net a minute or two later and must admit to have been momentarily worried. But he took it in stride. Water off a duck’s back. Clamped down. Gave his team a chance to win. François Gagnon says that had that same situation happened to him last year, he woulda lost. Would tend to agree, even though not keen on predicting outcomes in alternate universes. That “maturity” thing must have somethin to do with it cuz dang, the Kid pulled it together. Halfway through the first 10-game analysis point, he’s seriously stacking the deck in his favour.

    And after the last Senators’ goal, did you see Jack Marty’s motivational techniques on the bench? The way he just stared out on the ice not sayin nuthin and not lookin at nobody? Total zen. The players see that, they go zen too. Boom, we win. It WORKS. Boring and predictable friggin WORKS. Jack Marty rules. And the press conferences he gives afterwards? Hooof, don’t get me started. Thrilling. Thrilling, thrilling stuff.

    Now, K Senior. It’s early. No one wants to go off half-cocked. But can it be? Will we finally see all his skills assembled within winning conditions? We want strong on forecheck, physical presence, vision, a rocket-wrister, and execution from’m and that’s what we’re getting. But there’s something else too. It looks like he might want to… uhh…”take over”. If Andrei Kostitsyn “takes over”?

    God help us all.

    And that’s all I gotta say.

    Oh, except to say that we got some stright dope on Markov’s bionic knee at the Central if you wanna.

    Decadently yours, I recline as

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  39. showey47 says:

    It would have been tough for him to get a shot with the habs this season when he had already bolted to the khl about 3 weeks before the habs training camp started.

  40. SeriousFan09 says:

    Martin Brodeur in your Yahoo League? Oh you’re going down buddy.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  41. ZepFan2 says:

    Yeah, what he ^^^ said.


    “The Soft Parade has now begun.
    Listen to the engines hum.”

  42. ooder says:

    it’s completely mind boggling i agree


    88 is the new 23

  43. Aybara says:

    Seruously, how the flying freak does Avery not get suspended for this and Cammi gets a suspension for his tap on Nied… Wow good job NHL. Makes me sick.

  44. Storm Man says:

    Manparts you are a deficiencie on here and that is a fact.

  45. Storm Man says:

    Hmmmmm. Well my Goalies let me down last night but look who you play next in the Yahoo League. Im not worried about week 1 it is all about who makes the playoffs ;).

  46. ZepFan2 says:

    Damn, missed a T.


    “The Soft Parade has now begun.
    Listen to the engines hum.”

  47. lefreak says:

    for the same reason that deharnais will never be a regular for the habs.

  48. fbkj says:

    Submitted by ManApart on Sun, 10/17/2010 – 12:40.
    They were dead on. montreal with Price in goal would never have made the playoffs like I stated. I used to say ad nauseum put Halak in goal as the starter and the Habs have a chance. Finally JM agreed and the rest is history.


    Submitted by fbkj on Sun, 10/17/2010 – 13:19.
    Dead on? Dude the exact opposite of your predictions happened and your calling that dead on?
    edit reply

    Submitted by ZepFan2 on Sun, 10/17/2010 – 13:08.
    “They were dead on.”
    Considering you stated that Montreal wouldn’t make the play-offs, and if they did, they would never beat the, “Washington’s and Pittsburgh’s” of the NHL. I’d say you were not even in the same ballpark as Ian and he made you look like a punk.
    About right!?
    Psst, you never mentioned Price. Should saskhab re-post your drivel?
    ————————————————————————– “The Soft Parade has now begun. Listen to the engines hum.”

  49. Puck Bard says:

    Link for Montreal v Blue Bombers game:

  50. says:

    That’s how he trolls.

    They Call Me Shane

  51. says:

    Please Join my Gambling Site LMAO@U

    They Call Me Shane

  52. ZepFan2 says:

    If anybody knows anything about nonsense, it’s definitely you!

    Well Adam76 as well. After all, that’s how he rolls. 😉


    “The Soft Parade has now begun.
    Listen to the engines hum.”

  53. SeriousFan09 says:

    Anything to distract yourself from that my team’s about to rise over yours in this week’s matchup at ESPN hmmm?

    Getzlaf and Koivu FTW tonight.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  54. ManApart says:

    Look who’s talking. You spew a lot of nonsense yourself there Zeppy. Until you post something intelligent maybe you should keep quiet about pointing out other’s deficiencies

  55. punkster says:

    How old are you?

  56. ZepFan2 says:

    Never thought you were the brightest bulb.


    “The Soft Parade has now begun.
    Listen to the engines hum.”

  57. Chips says:

    Brodeur always plays very well in MTL. He’ll likely be standing on his head again on Thursday, unfortunately!!!!! 25 in 2011

  58. Storm Man says:

    Im not sure but you’re living in Germany should be some good NFL games for you to watch.

  59. SeriousFan09 says:

    Lack of size and a ton of competition for spots in the lineup, KHL offered him well over what he’d make in the AHL this season and he decided to take it. The Habs need guys with bulk on the top 6 right now not another under-6′ sniper.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  60. says:

    Attitude problem, plus he’s in the KHL now.

    They Call Me Shane

  61. halakitlikethat says:

    Brock Trotter has 36 goals and 77 points in 75 games last season with the Bulldogs. Why doesn’t he ge even a shot with the Habs this season?

    Can he possibly be worse than Pouliot? Work ethic alone puts him much higher on my depth chart.

    I really don’t understand the thought process of our management. We just let a guy like that walk! I saw him play numerous times last season during business trips to Hamilton. He’s got real talent.

  62. BJ says:

    Any internet links for the Alouettes-Blue bombers game?

  63. Corporate says:

    I know that Spacek starts slow, but man has he done some stupid defensive plays. He was especially brutal against the Leafs and yesterday. He keeps doing the swiffer move which is a big no no for defensive men. 

  64. ManApart says:

    Impressive win by the Habs last night. They played a surprisingly super defensive game that helped Price who really wasn’t very good all night. The Pleks line looked like a real #1 NHL line. Dangerous everytime they were on the ice. A lot of character to come back from the 3-1 hole that they were in. To all those who didn’t want to keep Pleks this summer, calling him a little girl and wanting Lombardi instead, thank God Gauthier at least could recognise Pleks is their #1 player.

  65. lefreak says:

    “kicked out his pad in rapierlike fashion”




    i’ll get my coat.:p

  66. Tremblant Habs Fan says:

    Dissagree there, Brodeur has been knocked out of the playoffs in the first round 5 of the last 6 years. He’s done, I’d gladly take Care over him any day. That being said, he’ll probably shut out the Habs on Thursday because he’s playing in MTL.

  67. Storm Man says:

    What nonsense are you talking about now? Classy is not a word you should be using.

  68. observer says:

    i did not appreciate last “season”. i really did appreciate the habs performance in the playoffs. and now with this team opening up 3-1-1 and without markov and price basically playing well this team really looks like it will have a good “season” – real good year.

  69. adam76 says:

    Cool, now we have rape jokes – you stay classy, HIO. 

  70. ManApart says:

    No way Eller should be on the top 6. He’s not playing very well on the bottom 6 with low minutes. He can’t handle playing big minutes with Gomer and Gio, even though they are not playing very well either right now. You have to go with Pouliot the whole way. There really isn’t any other choice.

  71. observer says:

    True, but even so if Subban then would become captain at about 23 or 24 it would not surprise me at all.

  72. Bryan says:

    Not bad.  Considering how bad we were at scoring 5 on 5 goals last year, I’ll take 11th any day of the week.

    And the GA will come down once Markov comes back and JM can manage the minutes of the other D men more reasonably.

    Great start to the season so far!


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  73. ooder says:

    thanks for the stats ian..

    i appreciated it last season and i am looking forward to it this season as well


    88 is the new 23

  74. observer says:

    Only bettman’s league would have a cap where the cap means something different from “all the players on your entire roster” irregardless who plays that day!

  75. Bryan says:

    Unless Gionta really stumbles with the C on, then he’ll be captain until his contract is up (3 or 4 more years, I can’t rememeber).

    But after that, I agree 100%.  PK’s the next leader of this team.


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

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