View from there: Ruckus awaits in Montreal

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ARLINGTON, Va. – The Washington Capitals were given the day off Monday after yesterday’s regular-season finale at Verizon Centre. The Presidents’ Trophy winners won a franchise-best 54 games and will enter the playoffs as the top seed in the Eastern Conference for the first time in team history.

Head coach Bruce Boudreau spoke to the media this morning about facing the Canadiens, the atmosphere that awaits at the Bell Centre and the Capitals ultimate goal of winning the Stanley Cup.
“That’s the only game intown,” Boudreau said of the Canadiens in Montreal. “They don’t have to split it up and have the Nationals on some of the pages, the Wizards on some of the pages, the Redskins and [the Capitals]. It’s Montreal. It’s the Canadiens. It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a ten-page spread come Wednesday and Thursday.”

Boudreau will not announce who the Capitals will start in goal until Thursday, although all indications are that Jose Theodore will get the nod. Theodore is 20-0-3 in his last 23 decisions and has not lost in regulation since Jan. 12.
Boudreau also touched on the NHL’s second-ranked power play.

“They’ve killed us on it so far [5-for-14]. They move the puck, the shoot, they go to the net, they’re quick, they’re on pucks, they’re on loose pucks. Their forwards aren’t big, but they’ve got two good units and two really good point-men who can shoot the puck.”
The Capitals would be best served to stay out of the penalty box against Montreal. The Capitals 213 five-on-five goals were tops in the NHL, while the Canadiens 132 five-on-five goals were last. The Capitals 213 five-on-five goals are also three more than the Canadiens overall total of 210.


  1. habsgod says:

    bugs price is 1-1 as a starter in the playoffs he beat boston in 7 and lost to them in 4

  2. hotspur says:

    THN had us finishing 8th, with an upper limit of 5th, lower limit of 11th. Pretty close there. Although I definitely agree that Caps in 4 is a little too confident. They also had philly winning the cup, a piss-poor prediction if you ask me 🙂 

    Audere est Facere- To Dare Is To Do

  3. The Teacher says:

    I thought Carey had a game 7 shutout helpingto win us a series against Boston, if I recall correctly? The year we lost to Philly in the 2nd round?

  4. MikeMcLaren says:

    It’s easy to get into Theodore’s head in Montreal though.  Last game I saw him play was his first one back with the Avs where he let in 8 goals.  I think it’s a real X-factor.  Theo’s turned it around this season, for sure (hey wait, his contract must be up!), but I think he could be mentally weak IN Montreal.

    So I’m hoping Montreal wins tight games that aren’t Theo’s fault so we see him and not Varly in Montreal.




  5. g says:

    Chop down that big russian

    “Long before I ever wore the jersey, I wore the jersey.” Dryden

  6. nunacanadien says:

    Its better than watching Price lose the series in 4!

  7. 23 HABS 23 says:

    Well “Habitual Offender” … if you think that Halak has played well down the stretch … you have the blinders on friend!  And my post did NOT (I repeat  NOT!) say that Halak sucked – far from it!  And based on your post … you obviously did not watch the game on Saturday night – he was HORRIBLE – even in warm-up!  Yes Warm-Up (I was at the game and saw everything). 

    You can call me a fanboy if that makes you feel better – but I believe that Price will be the better goal tender looking forward to future seasons. – And when Halak did not get to play as much as he thought he should – he WANTED a trade.  I have heard no such thing from Price (not complaining and is supporting Halak like a true team mate should) – He is maturing right in front of our eyes!  Give him a chance – and don’t hate him “just because” … it makes you look foolish.


    GO HABS GO! (Let’s go get that elusive 25th Stanley Cup!)

  8. Storm Man says:

    Good yah I was a little worried that he would become BGL well he is not so big anymore lol

  9. Danno says:

    He did buy a big pile of steaks (organic ones) at the market. He’s definitely not vegetarian, if that’s what you’re concerned about.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  10. nunacanadien says:

    I guess the Habs management has its priorities, making sure Nickelback can play at the Bell Centre anytime, and of course the Habs management still has to work on its number 3 club you know those golf clubs require upkeep and having a stanley cup series get in the way doesn’t help, never mind losing out on the spring golf season because your team won the stanley cup, no, not for poor Bob Gainey and Pierre Gauthier!

  11. nunacanadien says:

    What so Pierre Gauthier can force which ever coach survives the summer to play Price again next year, so we can mathematically be insured to finish 8th again?  Since Price came that is all we have been good for at year end.

  12. nunacanadien says:

    What so Pierre Gauthier can force which ever coach survives the summer to play Price again next year, so we can mathematically be insured to finish 8th again?  Since Price came that is all we have been good for at year end.

  13. Storm Man says:

    Cammy needs some Alberta beef

  14. nunacanadien says:

    Are you calling Halak a woman?

  15. Storm Man says:

    Good movie;)

  16. Storm Man says:

    LOL no he eats meat fish ect but come on so many great places in Montreal to have a great steak he needs one;) a friend sent me a text said cbc did a interview with Cammy and he took them shopping with him I was at the game so did not see it.

  17. mike g says:

    Funny that they all had us missing the playoffs with their “insider” and “expert” analysis….

    Now, they throw us under the bus when we make it. LOL, they and all other hockey “experts” had the Flyers winning the East and the Cup this year….

    They are soo good with their predictions….They sould stick to writing about the sport, and not predicting it.

    ps. They must also be the worst hockey gamblers lol

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  18. Habit in the west says:

    Why waste anyones time analyzing this. How’s for analysis? Sweep, with a heavy case of, badly out scored. Or. this one is even better, Dead Man Walking, does anyone want to see a Dead Man Walking? This is going to be quick, a rarity for me. There is panic at multiple levels with this team. Good luck, I’ll still cheer for them, because I know nothing else.

  19. matmacat says:

    No reason why a steak can’t be organic.

  20. mike g says:

    Basically you are saying JM has to ” coach to win”, instead of coaching “not to lose”…

    Well, JM has been coaching “not to lose” all year. And all you do is play defense and safe hockey, because you are trying not to lose. Instead, he should as you say, coach “to win” games vs Washington…

    I agree, and that is what has cost us all year. His style of coaching led to us blowing leads in the 3rd because we get cuaght not moving and playing too much defense. Also, because we don’t move we attract alot less penalities, thus fewer PP’s…

    If your are going to beat Washington, you can’t play it safe and try “not to lose”. There is nothing safe about the Capitals. But, like we’ve done to some great teams this year, let’s stick it to them. Were small and fast, and let’s put that to use instead of using it as an excuse…speed will kill their defense like it did in the season..

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  21. Somethingwithhabsinit says:

    “The Canadiens, on the other hand, have two capable goalies (presumptive
    starter Jaroslav Halak and Carey Price) to choose from. Neither has won a
    playoff series

    I guess The Hockey News wasn’t really following hockey in 2008. Nice work, gents.

  22. pmaraw says:

    did he hire laraque as his personal chef?

  23. Storm Man says:

    Cammy needs to eat a steak and stop with all the organic crap

  24. Bugs says:

    That’s better; at least we win a game.

    See, we can beat anybody!

    (and it was a 2-2-1 edge…which isn’t an edge, really)

    Still…go Habs, man, c’mon!

    Ridiculously overhyped, call me

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  25. Storm Man says:

    ESPN says colossal mismatch Habs cooked in 5

  26. Bugs says:

    From the Hockey News, well, the interesting part:

    Washington – 2-1-1 (15 GF, 14 GA)
    Montreal – 2-1-1 (14 GF, 15 GA)

    The NHL’s top two power plays – Washington is No. 1 at 25.2 percent efficiency; Montreal was next at 21.8 percent – collide head-on this series. Both teams suffer a significant drop-off when it comes to their penalty kill: the Habs had the league’s 12th-best PK crew (83.0 percent), while the Caps plummeted down the rankings with the sixth-worst PK unit (78.8 percent). Washington’s larger discrepancy between its PP and PK gives Montreal a narrow advantage. Edge: Montreal

    The Capitals scored 101 more goals (318 in total) than Montreal (217) this year. As well, Washington’s top five forwards (Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, Alexander Semin, Brooks Laich and Mike Knuble) combined for 406 regular-season points. Montreal’s top five (Tomas Plekanec, Scott Gomez, Mike Cammalleri, Brian Gionta and Andrei Kostitsyn) combined for 258. Need we go on? Edge: Washington

    Washington’s Mike Green and Montreal’s Andrei Markov are two of the league’s premier puck-moving blueliners. But where the Canadiens’ defense corps leans more on positionally sound veterans such as Hal Gill, Roman Hamrlik and Jaroslav Spacek, the Caps depend on a mix of offensive contributors (Joe Corvo, Tom Poti) on D. We think it’s a wash. Edge: Even

    Former Habs goalie Jose Theodore has re-claimed the Caps’ starting goalie job from Semyon Varlamov with a superb second half of the season, but his prior playoff inconsistencies leave some doubting him. The Canadiens, on the other hand, have two capable goalies (presumptive starter Jaroslav Halak and Carey Price) to choose from. Neither has won a playoff series, but both together give Montreal a slight edge. Edge: Montreal

    Canadiens coach Jacques Martin is known as a risk-averse strategist who hasn’t had much playoff success in his NHL career. Meanwhile, Caps bench boss Bruce Boudreau is a riverboat gambler of a coach who proved last season he isn’t above inserting an inexperienced goalie (Varlamov) when he’s got a hunch. Boudreau also has a more talented group to work with; funny how that makes coaches appear smarter than their colleagues. Edge: Washington

    Scoring the first goal of each game will be more important to Montreal than Washington in this series: when the Habs trailed first this season, they won only .256 percent of those games (the eighth-worst mark in the league). But even when the Capitals surrender the first goal, they still managed to win more than half the time (.533) – and were the NHL’s best team in that regard.
    Stranger things may have happened than the Canadiens upsetting the Capitals, but frankly, it would be an upset of legendary proportions if Montreal won this series. In fact, given how deep the Capitals are on offense, and how inconsistent the Habs have been during the regular season, Montreal could be hard-pressed to win one game, let alone four. Capitals in four.

    “Washington’s size and depth of size will wear Montreal down in each game and wear them down in the series. To prove a point, Washington will check well early. They’ve got way too much depth for Montreal and their size is going to control all the areas over the game. That’s a bad matchup for Montreal. Montreal has some skill through the middle of the ice, but the problem is they’re going to have a tough time moving through the forest.””

    We’re given a 2-1-1 edge in…”edges” and we’re out in four? And what’s this business of the Priceberg never winning a series???

    You sellouts! Unbelievers! Infidel!!!


    Ridiculously overhyped, call me

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  27. avatar_58 says:

    Great now I picture the habs sitting around a campfire with Splinter talking in a raspy voice

  28. linp says:

    He’ll need special padding to survive though.

  29. dufour says:

    Very well said… I think it was Splinter (Ninja Turltes) who said that you need to attack an oppenents weakness rather than its strength. By trying to contain Washington’s offence they are attacking their strength. They need to push back by taking it to their sub-par goaltending. If Washington gets knocked out at all this playoffs it will be because of their goalies.

    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” Jacques Plante

  30. Rtnrlfy says:

    As a Habs fan who has been a Capitals season ticket holder the last two seasons (and who is pulling for the Habs in this series, just to be clear), I had strong doubts about Theodore when the Caps originally signed him.  However, he has been stellar this year.  Has he let in some soft goals?  Yes.  But has he also had some terrific games?  Absolutely.  IMHO a goodly portion of the goals scored against the Caps with Theo in net can be attributed to defensive breakdowns – if there is any deficiency that MTL can exploit in this series, defense is the best option and the Caps’ biggest weakness. 

    As an additional comment re: Theodore, he could be a bit rusty on Thursday given how much playing time Boudreau has given to Varlamov of late. 

    Just my two cents (from someone whose license plate will make her very unpopular in the DC area in the next few days, LOL).



  31. Storm Man says:

    Guy Boucher is that you?

  32. DMAN says:

    I am not a JM hater like some on here. However, I think JM should allow Kirk Muller to  lead the charge a little in this series. Similar to the way he did in Montreals 6-5 win over the caps in Feb.  The message is simple:  ATTACK!!! Draw penalties, force the defence to work, get shots on net with bodies in front, forecheck.  Muller even has Boudreau believing that is how we always play.

    If Montreal tries to contain Washington instead of taking it to them this will be a very short series.

    If they do the opposite it could go to 7 games which gives anyone a chance!

  33. ab-hab-nut says:

    We can hit the net??

  34. habs4cup says:

    If only the habs were playing better going into the playoffs. but 3 losses in a row to teams like NY Islanders and Tor, doesn’t instill alot of confidence, plus the fact that Halak isn’t playing well, leads me to be extremely aprehensive.

    If habs were playing well and had momentum, different story.

  35. Shublips says:

    This will be a tough series for the Habs.  Likely they will get smeared but, if the stars align, it is not out of the realm of possibilites for them to pull off an upset.

    Read the series preview:

    2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Montreal-Washington Series Preview

  36. Storm Man says:

    JM’S  fool-proof plan is to let someone else coach the team

  37. Watsatheo says:

    I can’t wait for the playoffs


  38. habs001 says:

    we finished tied for 19th in points…tied for 23rd in scoring….caps finished tied for 18th in goals given up…the problem is that even if the caps had the worst goaltending  in the nhl they are facing the habs who had 4 players who scored more than 40 points…our line up is full of 18-30 point a year players who need many scoring chances before they score as they have very limited natural scoring abilities.

    the biggest concern is our play in our d zone…all year our d has fumbled around in our zone…opposition forwards have been able to close on our d when we start passing the puck behind our net…another concern is the many turn overs our forwards give up in our zone..when we get pressured we are life and death just to chip the puck out…the flyers,hurricanes,islanders in the last weeks have dominated us when they started to apply pressure…i am not sure how we can hold up to a caps team loaded with huge forwards plus the hitting and physicality in the playoff is at a way higher level than reg season. 

    this is why i am suprised that so many posters are picking the habs in 4–6 games ..not talking about the posters who would pick the habs to win if our line up was made up with the slovakian womans team but many posters who have written insightfull post all year..i really hope i am wrong as i know how empty the feeling is when we loose but i just dont see our line up that talented …if you pick the habs to beat the capitals than i am sure you would pick the habs to win vs any team..watching most games this year i just dont think this team is a stanley cup finalist calibre team.  


  39. ed lopaz says:

    I heard Bud Selig’s daughter was in the running to buy the ‘yotes.

    Selig is a master at the ‘conflict of interest” ownership; see – Milwaukee Brewers baseball dynasty.


  40. ed lopaz says:

    janet jones was all over than conspiracy – and by logical extension, in my opinion, so was “the Great One”.


  41. mike g says:

    Memo to all NHL fans before the playoffs start:

    – Clutching, grabbing, hooking, and all other infractions usually penalized in regular season games are now permitted until the end of the playoffs (excluding obvious high-sticking)…

    – The San Jose Sharks will lose in the 1st round. The latter is rule 12.0-13 in the NHL rulebook…

    – The Phoenix Coyotes will get more powerplays than the Red Wings. We, the NHL, own them and would like to capitalize on a great opportunity to make money….

    – All head shots and/or hits from behind usually resulting in a 1-5 game suspension, will now be lowered to 0-1 game suspensions maximum. All incidents in this category will also go unpenalized during the game they take place in….

    – Cameras inside the nets will not be available in HD for the playoffs. The NHL has failed to pay their bill to the camera service provider, thus cutting any ties with HD goal review. So, all reviews will be made by standard television camera angles. This will enalble the NHL to have their usual fun and biased say in all decisions….

    – Any player not named Crosby or Ovechkin will be targeted for late-game penalities, resulting in an unfair advantage for the losing team in any given game, or our (the NHL) 2 favorite teams; the Washington Capitals or Pittsburgh Penguins.

    Sounds like it’s gonna be the usual fun, eh?!!!

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  42. ed lopaz says:

    i’d like to see Gill practice the ‘lie down’ more in the warm up, if he’s going to use it in game situations.

    you know; “you’re only as good as you practice”.


  43. Jbell10 says:

    its sheer genius aint it

  44. lavie says:

    Gill would be playing 60 minutes a game. That’s why he wears the A.

  45. Storm Man says:

    How many shutouts did three-o-more have in his last 23 decisions?

  46. ParrySoundHabber says:

    nice one Chris….lmao


    “Talent is a gift from God, but you only succeed with hard work. Yvan was proof of that.”

    Jean Beliveau

    ~If winning wasn’t important we wouldn’t keep score.

  47. Chris Aung-Thwin says:

    That’s exactly why Gainey signed the guy. Personally, I think he should just lay down in front of the net the entire game… let Halak deal with the high shots. 😛

  48. ParrySoundHabber says:

    chatting with my GF in New Hampshire right now and we’ve got Lumpy Gravy blasting…..GO HABS GO


    FZ is severely missed


    “Talent is a gift from God, but you only succeed with hard work. Yvan was proof of that.”

    Jean Beliveau

    ~If winning wasn’t important we wouldn’t keep score.

  49. LizardKing1967 says:

    Jose Theodore: 20-0-3 last 23 games. Big friggin deal!!! He’s 19-27 lifetime playoffs, including his “great” Vezina year. Please, bring on the hairless wonder!!



    Jim-out. I BELIEVE!

  50. DraftBeer says:

    I like how the Habs lost to the Isles, Canes, and Leafs to lull the Caps into a false sense of security.



  51. marlboro says:

    Is it only me, or has Hal Gill showed why he’s being paid 2 million a year, and has a cup.  Gill has been outstanding!!  Knows his role, and will be fantastic in a playoff series.  And we’re gonna need him.

  52. BJ says:

    “Theodore is 20-0-3 in his last 23 decisions and has not lost in regulation since Jan. 12.” Good thing they have weak goaltending!

  53. CaliforniaHabsFan says:

    Finally the Habs will have some U.S. coverage. They love Ovechkin.


    I smell an upset…




    but then again I just had some baked beans….

  54. riazp says:

    Here is what I think,

    Basically, Halak has looked so-so the past week, maybe the pressure, maybe the fatigue, maybe both. If halak has a so-so game on thursday and we loose, Price is in. Obviously if we loose and halak is amazing JM will go back to him, but Halak needs to performe in game one. 

    We all know price had a horrible series last year but lets not forget he did win a series two years ago…by the skin of his teeth i do agree but still. If the habs trade price in the off-season it will be a mistake, I am convinced of this. 

    We absolutly need to win one of the first two games if we want to have a chance to win the series. If we lose both games in Washington, we lose in 5 (they will win game 3 or 4 at home…hopefully 3 because thats the one i’m going to!) if we win one of two in Washington there is a good chance we go back to Washington with a 2-2 tie then it will come down to a best of 3. Still Halak needs to be at his very best in game one. The leash will be short if he fails to perform in game one.

  55. smiler2729 says:

    This will be THE 1st round upset of the season, there’s one every year.

    Maybe Tampa Bay will take Gauthier and Martin off us for nothing.

  56. Chris Aung-Thwin says:

    BGL’s dismissal and BG’s departure were a ruse. I heard that Bob Gainey was personally supervising Laraque’s training in the mountains of Tibet. BGL will be a one-man wrecking crew come puck drop. He’ll also fight crime at night.

  57. JD_ says:

    The key to beating the Caps in the first round is found in this “Washington Capitals” anagram: “Two hassling captain.” If it’s good enough for Team Canada, the Habs’ll have to be on the Caps’ captain like a hobo on a ham sandwich.


    After the Loafs tied the game up in the third on Saturday night, I turned to the assembled crowd in my basement rec room and said, “The Loafs are going to pull Giggy,” you know, to do their best to F things up for the lowly Habs.

    To my surprise, they didn’t.

    In this morning’s sports section, I read that Mopey Loaf coach Ron Wilson never considered pulling his goalie, saying the move would have effectively contravened the “integrity” of the league; i.e., a spoiler shouldn’t be treated as a must-win.

    Argh! Just when I’ve got a really great hate for him going on, Wilson has to go and say something so honourable. Dammit! It just flies in the face of all my Loaf prejudice.

    I despise him even more.


    Watch out for Tampa.

    New Lightning owner Jeff Vinik just made the most blatantly obvious decision in dropping both GM Brian Lawton and head coach Rick “I’m All In” Tocchet, thus bringing closure to the laughable Koules-Barrie era. If there was ever a team whose underperformance was more illustrative of the “it starts at the top” phenom than Tampa, I’d be hard-pressed to find it.

    To this day, I remain baffled that Tampa would toss a buffoon like Barry Melrose under the bus only to replace him with a very recently convicted criminal. Tocchet might have been a warrior as a player but, as a private individual, he demonstrated a sustained lack of judgment. This wasn’t a “wrong place at the wrong time” kinda thing, this was a long-term conspiracy. Whatever was the rationale to put him behind the bench? The intensity borne of a close call with a prison term? Foolish.

    So much talent, so little to show for it. Think a guy like Lindy Ruff would have an impact in TB? Lou Lamoriello? Put a couple of solid guys in place and Tampa could be the biggest year-over-year turnaround in 2011.

  58. Taipei 101 says:

    LOL!  You owe me a new keyboard!

    “Music is the best.”
    – Frank Zappa

  59. Danno says:

    The Caps are scared stiff.

    They know Jacques Martin has a brilliant fool-proof plan to foil Ovechkin.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  60. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Warshington should be bery, bery afeerd. Just like our approach to making the playoffs, we’ll back in, up and all over them!  Go Habs!  

  61. Hockey Socks says:

    I sense the return of the saviour Laraque is imminent.

  62. 23 HABS 23 says:

    If Montreal can play like they did against the Leafs on Saturday (Skating, Shooting, Controling the puck – plus have Price tending the Goal)  We have a chance!  More pressure on Washington – gotta ride that in this series!  Don’t care who is in net for Washington … just pepper him with shots!


    **Now I am sure that Halak will get the start against Washington – hopefully he plays a lot better than on Saturday – he was AWFUL!  And if he plays like that in this series – We are finished!


    If allowed to play – I believe Price will win more games than Halak!

    GO HABS GO! (Let’s go get that elusive 25th Stanley Cup!)

  63. Harani says:

    Someone asked me on the other thread, yes that is Dominic Moore on the pic.

    “I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

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