Video: Saturday at the Bell Centre

Veteran Hockey Night in Canada play-by-play voice Bob Cole relates to Habs Inside/Out’s Dave Stubbs a few of his cherished memories of the late Pat Burns. Cole spoke in the Bell Centre’s HNIC broadcast booth shortly before warmup for tonight’s Canadiens-Toronto Maple Leafs game.

Scroll down for two clips of Canadiens legend Henri Richard talking about his team and its enduring global popularity, a clip of the dramatic moment of silence for Pat Burns and, postgame, comment from the Canadiens’ dressing room.



  1. ManApart says:

    God bless Pat Burns.

  2. K-hab25 says:

    RIP Pat, you will be missed.

  3. MTLForever says:

    RIP Pat, great coach.




  4. Wayne says:

    I was hoping Bob Cole would elaborate on Pat’s secret to quitting smoking. I like these vignettes Dave, keep up the good work.

  5. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Dave, I am curious to know Who is doing the videography …Yourself or assistant ?
    …I only want to say the standard and quality of Your (OR Their) work is outstanding …I enjoy each interview immensely
    …Your videography, truly, almost completing HIO as THE unique multi-media cornucopia of Habology
    …include Robert Rice’s ‘Habs Future’ as a full-time daily blog/update and HIO would be ‘dotting-the-i’ perfectly

  6. Bleu blanc rouge says:

    Bob Cole ” I spent a little more time with Pat when he was coaching the Leafs than when he was with the Canadiens.” Geez, I wonder why Bob. Maybe its because your a big Leafs homer who is supposed to be impartial since you are a play by play man, but make no attempt to hide the fact that your pulling for the Leafs all the way when they play the Canadiens. I can’t stand that little Mr. Magoo looking S.O.B.

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