Video: Habs fall 5-2 to Penguins

The Canadiens saw their three-game winning streak end at the Bell Centre tonight, the Habs falling 5-2 to the visiting Pittsburgh Penguins.

It was a very quiet Habs dressing room postgame, only captain Brian Gionta, defenceman Hal Gill and forward David Desharnais in place to speak to the media.



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  2. olematelot says:

    Same old, same old. Got anything new to say troll

  3. nunacanadien says:

    Or more like pissing the bully off, unless you have size, speed, or some police enforcement to ensure you don’t get the crap beaten outta ya, cause the Habs are nothing but small skinny has beens mixed in with smart alec young upstarts like Price and Subban, it’s bad enough to have one Sean Avery, but when your team is nothing but full of nothing but a bunch of wannabee Avery’s it’s a nightmare of injuries etc.  This explains the habs.  We sign players who think they are big, have skill, and the mouth with it.  All you have to do is watch Gomez and Gionta basically get the crap beaten outa them time after time.

  4. G-Man says:

    Did not see the Fleury “crossed-arm” pose. Good for him if he did it. Now, when the goalie at the other end of the rink beats the Habs, we should expect to see it. Give us something unimportant to talk about.

  5. HABZ24 says:

    fleury mocked price by doing the cross armed pose after he won. pouliot goes from  hero to zero in one game, three penaltys, come on smarten up ding dong. ya ya back to backers, travelled,got in late, tired,whatever, lost two pts. man is that desharnes dude ever tiny, smaller then gionta and cammy. wont get past philly with those  lil guys. cant we draft guys with size and talent. matt leblanc another tiny dude. love the new allstar format, itd be great if they did what we did as kids, wait til gametime, put all the sticks in a pile, shuffle them, throw one this way one that way. thats ur team. no captains needed.luv to see sid and ovy on the same team.luv to see the sedins against each other.

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