Video: Habs clinch playoff berth with OT win over Blackhawks


P.K. Subban and goalie Carey Price rather awkwardly celebrate the former’s overtime winner Tuesday against Chicago.
Pierre Obendrauf, Gazette

The Canadiens are headed to the playoffs, opponent to be named, following their 2-1 overtime victory at the Bell Centre Tuesday night.

Video coming from the dressing room of goaltender Carey Price, who made 42 saves in yet another sterling effort; defenceman P.K. Subban, who scored the winner on a one-timer blasted from near the faceoff circle; captain Brian Gionta; centreman Scott Gomez; and forward Michael Cammalleri.


  1. My preference for playoff opponents would be:
    1) Pens
    2) Bruins

    No matter who the Bruins play, I believe they will choke in the playoffs.

    ” The Habs will win the Cup ONLY with Carey Price in the Nets “

  2. Nahlsy says:

    As reported elsewhere: The rookie Canadiens defenseman turned and skated towards Price, who checked Subban to the ice as the Canadiens gathered around their teammates to celebrate their return to the postseason.

    “We just looked at each other, we were skating as hard as we can at each other and we were both really excited, and I buried him,” Price said.

    **Gotta love it**

  3. LA Loyalist says:

    Well for the next week all is forgiven. Let’s rest who we need to rest (Price, Cammy, whoever else is hurt behind the scenes) and we’ll see who answers the bell in a week or so.

    Go Habs!

  4. Nahlsy says:

    That’s the play of the year (followed by the hit of the year). The future’s so bright, ya gotta wear shades.

  5. ABHabsfan says:

    The only bad part about the game was having to listen to Mike Johnson explain that the habs have to be better at scoring. What did he have, 5 career goals? That dude was terrible, playing and commentary. I am going to have to learn to understand french better so I can watch games on RDS.
    What a great game though. Some of the best goaltending I have ever seen by both guys. Subban’s GWG was an absolute Laser!

    • Nahlsy says:

      In fairness, Gomez and Cammy came into tonight with as many goals between them since December 20th or so as Crosby’s had in that same time frame with like 6.. and he’s been out since January 5th. Gomez has 2 goals since Christmas and Cammy came into tonight with 4 or 5 in that same stretch… that’s not gonna cut it out of a pair of guys making about 1/4 of the team’s total salary cap between them)

  6. Kristopher7 says:

    Auld to start next two games? I think he should, rest up Pricey for the big run.

  7. Nahlsy says:

    So poll time: Hit of the year for the Habs was …
    A) Subban destroying Marchand
    B) Price’s hit on Subban after the playoffs clinching OT winner?

    • Nahlsy says:

      I’m going with B by the way, Bruins have been destroyed before, but it’s been awhile since the Habs have had two kids with this much promise, and who are this much fun to watch out there.

  8. habs_nessa says:

    What an awesome night! Was at the game and couldn’t be happier right now 🙂 Habs clinch, leafs eliminated…what more can you ask for? lol

    P.S. Anyone else HATE TSN commentary and how it takes an hour before you see if your post was actually posted, as well as the fact that leafs being eliminated is the top story on the site..when will they learn? lol

  9. PrimeTime says:

    Great game. Not sure if we want Price needing to stop 40+ shots /game in the playoffs but that sure was entertaining hockey at its near best.

    “Extremism only serves one’s selfish desires”

  10. Ian Cobb says:

    Is there a rule somewhere that instead of having a face off, we can just throw the puck to them or something.

    If we do not learn how to win a draw once in a while, we are going to be in deep trouble.

    • rogieshan says:

      The Hawks had numerous opportunities to capitalize from our deficiency on the draw. He may be out best penalty-killing centre, but Plekanec’s faceoff percentages are horrid. Hope Muller stays on top of them for the playoffs.

    • WestHab says:

      true, that was so dangerous most of the time in our own end, against those guys. But Yiipi we won and with 2 games to spare!

    • ABHabsfan says:

      Hey Mr. Glass-half-empty; how about Cammy winning the draw on the PP in OT to eventually win the game? Does that qualify as clutch? Not enough has been said about how good that was.
      Toews is unbelievable on draws. I don’t think we normally lose that many

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Saku wins lots of draws… oh crap.

      Seriously, you make a critical point. Having to fight to get the puck back before we can even think about attacking more than 50% of the time is really a momentum and energy killer. However we’re not going to fix that problem this year, now are we?

      At least we have PK and Price to watch. Let’s play the kids hard for experience and yes, I would let Auld play the next two games, and roll the dice.

      I was in Toronto on the weekend and the waiter was listing the draft beers and said “Molsons”. My gut instinct was “no” , at least till we find out what the Molsons intend for the fate of our team. I had a Creemore instead. 🙂

      I actually hope we play Boston, if there is a team whose head we can get into…

  11. Rob D says:

    Yeah. but Price and PK have to learn to tone it down..that’s just bush league running around just because you earned a playoff spot..Come on! Good Canadian boys and that..but c’mom….you kids still up? OK…watch them bump like two disco dancers…it’s a shame…etc etc.

    In case you want a preview of Donald S. Cherry on Saturday…lol

  12. rogieshan says:

    Props to Cammalleri for winning the crucial draw in overtime that resulted in the game-winning goal. I swear we were losing every faceoff up to that point from the 3rd period on – especially Plekanec.

  13. Ian Cobb says:

    I can’t post,! my voice is shot!

  14. deuce6 says:

    Thank the hockey Gods for Carey Price…We would have lost without him, again..


    Yes, I’m a Hab fan..Wanna fight about it?

  15. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Good job Boys.

  16. Thomas Le Fan says:


  17. MICP says:

    My preference for opponent would be:
    1) Pens
    2) B’s
    3) Flyers
    4) Caps

    • Nitroslices says:

      Either club would be murderers’ row. I would place the Caps above the goons; B’s and Flyers.

    • Jim Edson says:

      The Phillistines sans Pronger look an awful lot like a toothless tiger!

      …..My empire is crumbling, my international sponsors are deserting me, my authority is questioned, I am held in contempt wherever I go.

      Who am I: Mohamar Ghadaffi or Gary Bettman.

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