Video: Gionta, Price, Spacek, Cammy after win

Video of Canadiens captain captain Brian Gionta, goaltender Carey Price, defenceman Jaroslav Spacek and forward Michael Cammalleri following the Habs’ 3-1 victory over the visiting San Jose Sharks.



  1. habs365 says:

    I would have to say the team..when they have a bad game..they don’t say much about martin..they want to trade the team..this one is no good..that one is no good..they should do this with him..he should be on this line..or sit him out..think it over the players get the blame..I don’t see martin sitting out..I don’t have anything against martin as a a coach, don’t play mind games with your players..a player has to be on a steady line..ask cammy, a very good player..haven’t got a clue what players will be on his line come tuesday night..sitting Pk because he made a couple of don’t see him doing the same to gomez..oh I forgot the vet don’t get touched according to jm…..

  2. Psycho29 says:

    Actually, I think the Devils made themselves as bad as the Laffs

  3. observer says:

    kessell scored the shootout winner beating his old team boston and the rookie burke could have drafted. burke has done an outstanding job. admit it! if anyone said last summer burke would make leafs as good as new jersey this year you’d say he was dreaming – well burke did it! whatta great gm!

  4. observer says:

    2 points out of first in eastern conference with one game in hand. way the best in least goals allowed. edmonton beat st. louis and halak tonight for their 4th win in a row.

  5. HabFanSince72 says:

    In interviews he doesn’t choke.

  6. observer says:

    I’d have asked him, “why is it you have little success leading your team to the Stanley Cup finals whether you are in Boston or in San Jose?”

  7. savethepuck says:

    thinking he is an important part of our hockey team that won’t cost as much for us to sign him next year because of this injury.  He is a player that has worn the JERSEY longer than any other player. He will be fine and an important part of our furture.

  8. DavidKB says:

    Watching St. Louis and Edmonton and the audio was only the sounds of the arena. It was great to hear the players. I’m thinking about sending CBC an e-mail requesting that they do the same the next time Bob Cole does a game… let him call it, just don’t broadcast it. I was sure he had retired. I guess wishing it isn’t enough.

  9. iwardhabs says:

    “Two o’Clock, time for a Red Bull…”  That’s a funny, relaxed, and confident goalie.  

  10. 4loorplay says:

    what do we do with markov….seems he getting hurt in the same place all the time now. be it gets fixed this season what does a team do if opponet hits him there again with same results…..thinking trade

  11. Say Ash says:

    I friggin’ hate Thornton. Remember him in the 2nd int? “if we keep them to 5 shots in the 3rd we’ll be fine”

    The Sharks had 4.

  12. pmaraw says:

    you know the leafs are in a sad state when their GM goes banana’s (in a GM standard) over a tying goal.

  13. aemarchand11 says:

    Sportsnet Makes me sick, putting up an Article about Subban’s  “Cockiness, affecting his team”.

    These Toronto based media stations are ridiculous. Anybody who agrees with Don Cherry should have their heads examined. But if PK was playing with the leafs they would be all over how talented and full of charisma his is, not to mention his truculence.

    Go Habs Go!

  14. K-hab25 says:

    If they weren’t “playing as a team”, who would get all the blame?

  15. habs365 says:

    Don’t give martin all the credit..the other coaches must be doing some good..the team is playing as a team that’s why they’re winning.

  16. FormalWare says:

    Spacek? Stubbs – you said you had a vid of the Spaceman!

  17. samTHEman says:

    Yup looking great. Just don’t forget Boston, Detroit and Vancouver have 3-4 games in hand.

  18. Ayan_SB says:

    Brian Burke is building a hell of a team.

    In Boston.

  19. Ayan_SB says:

    The Habs have now climbed up in the standings to #2 in the East.

    They also lead the East in allowing the least amount of points to the opposition. That is to say, they win most of their games in regulation.

    Only 3 points away from the top of the league.

  20. samTHEman says:

    Bruins playing the Leafs on CBC. In other words, Tim Thomas notches his 6th shutout of the season, increasing the gap between Price and himself to 2. But…but…..Vezina….belongs to Price. Maybe Carcillo, Avery or Orr will run Thomas over. One can only hope….lol kiddin.

  21. CanadienBoy says:

    Niece Weber got it D figure out and got stronger,we got two up and  coming D so what the bitching ?

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