Video from the last morning in Brossard


The Canadiens dressing room at their training facility was jam-packed with media Monday morning.
Wearing a variety of  tee-shirts, jeans, hoodies and more hats than you’d see at an Easter Parade, the players trooped in for one final barrage of questions before they start their premature vacation.

“It was a roller-coaster season, Carey Price said. “Standing here today isn’t much fun.”

Price will be staying in Montreal for more rehab on his concussion and neck injury. He said he hopes to sign a new long-term contract because he likes the city, likes the organization and wants to stay here.

“I like playing here,” Price said. “I want to play here as long as I can.”

P.K. Subban will be joining Team Canada for the world championships. He said much the same as Price re contract negotiations.

To a man, the Canadiens maintained the team was not as bad as its last-place finish suggests.

But there was also a consensus that changes are coming – on and off the ice.


  1. blu_blanc_rouge says:

    Bravo Markov…Suban is an A-hole…everybody knows it…

  2. Bill says:

    Just looked at the videos, and maybe it’s Markov who has the attitude problem?

    Possibility 1) He didn’t want to be answering questions and brushed it off. He brushed off more than one question, actually.

    Possibility 2) He dislikes PK so much so that he wouldn’t bother to offer up one word of praise, even if he didn’t mean it.

    Either way, his attitude sucks. He makes millions of dollars to play hockey, which he hasn’t done much of the past two years … answer some freakin’ questions! It’s part of the deal. By not doing it he just created a negative media storm about Dissension in the Locker Room. Stupid move.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

    • 69HABS says:

      What is this video U talk of Bill?

    • smiler2729 says:

      Markov has become such a non-factor, what does it matter what he says?

      I could see the new GM not wanting to deal with his constant chinadoll injuries and trading him…

      Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.
      F Brian Burke, Laffs are turds.
      Jaroslav Halak is Brian FREAKIN’ Elliott’s backup in St. Louis.

    • mb says:

      I would think it’s more like 1)…

      I don’t recall him ever doing long interviews. That said, he looked particularly direct today. Maybe he should understand that it’s a part of the job, as you say.

    • Cal says:

      Every interview with Markov it’s time to talk about the knee…for the umpteenth time. I get that he’s tired of talking about it.
      He is not coach or management and so doesn’t talk about other players. Oh my! He must absolutely hate Subban. Nonsense. It’s the stupid, and I’m being generous when I say stupid, questions that reporters ask.
      The Montreal media wants to keep stirring the pot because there are no playoff games for the Habs this season.
      My take is that all of the Habs players are glad this nightmare season is over. File and forget it. Markov will be glad when training camp starts and he will be part of it.
      He’s not a trained PR guy; he plays hockey.

  3. habstrinifan says:

    Ok I am gonna add my two cents worth re the Markov-Subban thing.

    I agree with all the posters who are ffffing fed up with ‘veterans’ on this team not developing a philosophy of ‘having each other’s back’ publicly.

    The person who used the Bruins/Marchand as an example is RIGHT ON!
    The poster who cried out for a ‘LEADER” said it ALL.

    Odd also that the official website of the Canadiens(where all the interviews are posted) seemed to have edited out that part of the Markov interview.

    Many people here dis Alex Tanguay. But I shall always remember him standing up to a reporter and basically telling that reporter to go to hell and shut to F… up re Koivu and the french thing.

    And Tanguay said it to a French reporter. I shall never forget that and Tanguay shall always have my respect.

    • smiler2729 says:

      Wow, Tanguay did that?

      Man, I thought he turtled and wanted out of the Montreal fishbowl… oh wait, he did bolt ASAP.

      Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.
      F Brian Burke, Laffs are turds.
      Jaroslav Halak is Brian FREAKIN’ Elliott’s backup in St. Louis.

      • habstrinifan says:

        No he did not. I have never understood the angst against Tanguay. Maybe was because of what we gave up. He was going ok until he missed the last part of the season with injuries.

      • HardHabits says:

        He wanted to stay. Gainey refused to sign him because Tanguay didn’t play while still injured. All that after squandering a 1st and 2nd round draft pick on him. For a few weeks Tanguay-Koivu-Kovalev was the hottest line in the league. Habs problem as always… no secondary scoring let alone tertiary. Once Tanguay went down the season went to the pits. That line combo was a brief respite. The 2nd half record that year puts this one to shame. That was a Tank of epic proportions. Only instead of leading to a high draft pick it led to a first round sweep and an eventual blow-up.

        There goes the theory about French players not wanting to play here too. Tanguay publicly stated he wanted to stay. RDS and Bertrand Raymond were all over it.

  4. Old Bald Bird says:

    My take on PK is that they can keep him and trade all of those who have a problem with him, assuming they do. He’s one talented guy with a lot of crowd pleasing pizazz.

    • RiverviewCanadien says:

      So if Pacioretty, Plekanec, Cole, Price, Emelin, Markov, Moen, White, Eller all have issues with him, should they still be traded?

      It’s no secret Subban likes the limelight and his antics on the ice this year pissed off hockey fans and Canadiens fans. We all remember the Turtle incident, right?

      Now I am not a hater of Subban at all, and am not saying he SHOULD be traded, but if the right deal came along, I would pull the trigger.

      • habstrinifan says:

        Yes we remember and I for one was loud in my condemnation. But come-on… you sound like he has litany of on-ice issues.

        SH&& it all! What’s teh use trying to convince people like you. Just tell me the team you send him to so I can sit back and enjoy them on TV like I think I would for the Worlds.

      • Old Bald Bird says:

        You are taking me pretty literally. However, do you get the point that I am making? I don’t want to see one more guy leave for little return because of a so-called attitude problem. In fact, I rather love his exuberance and competitiveness. I realize that I may be in the minority, however.

        • RiverviewCanadien says:

          I completely agree and was making light of your point…some folks took it the wrong way I believe.

          How can you not like watching PK do what we wish our forwards could do every time they try…skate the puck into the O-zone and look damn good one handed!

          But heck I would trade anybody if it made the club that much better. I cheer for the crest not the nameplate.

        • Adidess says:

          No Bird, in fact you’re not in the minority. The paying public at the Bell Centre is generally very vocal when it comes to PK. Jersey sales seem to be going pretty well too (though I don’t have the numbers). Nobody is indifferent to PK so there’s a polarization effect, but safe to say he’s a popular player with Habs fans.

  5. H.Upmann says:

    I hope they send Gomez away. It’s like watching Groundhog day with us hoping he’ll regain form ‘next season’ etc. Well, has he? I hope Molson’s done with Gomez

  6. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Eric Cole was given the A when Gill left. Markov got it back the 1st game he returned. Markov is a leader on this team and I have more confidence in Markov than Subban.

    Besides, we all know PK has fought in practice, been yelled at by the D coach, and gets boo’d everywhere he plays (besides MTL). And now Markov hates him because he is so disgusted with his attitude so he just never wants to talk about him or to him (ok I made that last part up).

    I like PK, I think he played very well down the stretch, but I would never be upset if he was packaged to NSH for Weber, just sayin’

    Go Blue Jays!

  7. habstrinifan says:

    Playoffs? We dont neeeeeeeeeeeed no stinkeeeen playoffs to keep this place cooking.

    We just need all the hio BS to be ramped up!(mea culpa here too).

    This is fun guys.. keep it up. I wont be suffering any withdrawals at this rate.

  8. Adidess says:

    Haha, finally somebody with an original idea. Trade PK!

    Bc the soon-to-retire Markov can’t seem to get himself to make a comment on pk he wasn’t originally planning on making…

  9. blu_blanc_rouge says:

    It seems to me that PK’s personality is a major concern on this team. Several other players have and even coaches have spoken about his attitude. Since it continues to be a problem…then trade him…

  10. Adidess says:

    You’re right mb. I watched the video excerpts. Markov wasn’t friendly at all, before or after the question on PK.

    He seemed to take exception to the questions asking whether he’ll return to form next year. With undertone sort of like ‘Please! we all see you’re not skating well, can’t make sharp turns orvkeep up with the play, and you’re shying away from contact, so tell us this won’t be the player we see next year’.

    He’s fed up generally.

    • mb says:

      I didn’t write he didn’t seem friendly…? I think you’re refferring to slamtherimtim’s post, to which I replied.

      I think he’s had enough of having to answer the same questions over and over again, though… As most of us would be.

    • Marc10 says:

      He’s fed up! The guy has been paid handsomely to do rehab and (like it or not) his injury was a major reason why the Habs didn’t get anywhere this season.

      Answering simple questions from reporters (whether they’re trolling or not) should be a walk in the park. It’s not like the guys were asking him to co-sign PK’s mortgage or give him a kidney.

      I love Markov as a player but he did himself and the team no favours there. Heck, he could have said: “PK has done an amazing job. A kid his age shouldering all that responsibility for so long… I just wish I could have returned earlier to lend a hand. I plan to be there next year and together we’re going to turn things around.”

      Instead we get… “Next question.”

      Can we get a leader on this team already!

  11. HabinBurlington says:

    I have only seen the interview with Markov provided in this HI/O link. But having watched all the posted videos with Markov this season, I really get the impression he is sick and tired of having to answer the same questions over and over. Every time he has these q and a’s the same question, will you be back to your old self, are you confident, are you playing for Russia, how does your knee feel, is it true your dog drinks Absolute Vodka and not Moskovskaya?

    I think he just can’t wait for the day his play speaks for itself and the questions are more like, are you looking forward to playing Boston for the Eastern Conference Championships this playoffs?

    I am hopeful, he is just plain and simple tired of answering questions. Period.

  12. HardHabits says:

    In case anybody missed it PureGuava has started this summer’s festivities with a soon to be classic post on the other thread.

  13. HabinBurlington says:

    Well thankfully with the PK/Markov story we have something to think about and talk about. I mean it’s not like this team was at a crossroads as related to GM and Coach. Whew, I am glad finally we can stir the pot about something.

    I mean we had reached afterall a complete unanimous decision that Price is the keeper for this team, that argument died off years ago. We would have had a slow summer.

    THanks Montreal Media!

  14. slamtherimtim says:

    anyone know if Gionta was there


  15. Marc10 says:

    Say what you will about PK (or don’t…), he isn’t the reason this team didn’t make the playoffs. That responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the veteran core of this team that stank up the joint in the early season (except for Cole) and management/coaching that put together a terrible training camp and who gambled on St Andrei’s return and then panicked and signed Kabs.

    Andrei Markov should man up. He should publicly thank PK for carrying the load while he was MIA and the rest of the gang should acknowledge the kid’s contribution. He is one of the biggest contributors on this team.

    Does PK still have some growing up to do…? Sure. But he’s not a minus on the ice. Far from it… The same cannot be said for a good chunk of this team.

  16. boonie says:

    Sorry for reporting this, but after reading TSN’s report that Savard will be named the VP with a subordinate GM, it seemed necessary.

    It’s nearly impossible not to respect Serge Savard as a player, GM and business man. But, the key take away from the Gainey, Gauthier situation was the importance of coupling authority and responsibility. 

    If Molson learned anything from that disaster (and the dang fool probably didn’t) was he needs to empower the head man and make him publicly responsible. We’ll never know where Gainey’s authority ended and Gauthier’s began. Ultimately, those vagaries shielded both from reasonable performance expectations.

    That can’t happen again. If serge gets uber authority, then announce it and let him accept the accolades of success or the barbs of failure. He’ll hand pick the GM or assistant GM and the coach, and set organizational goals. If he doesn’t get uber stuff, then select a GM, thank serge for his input and get him the hell out of the organization. No more consulting, quasi-GMs… Please.

    And, mr. Molson, if you don’t follow this well established business rule, it’s only because you are a pathetic fop. One who wants to pretend to have power when things are humming and eschew responsibility for failure.

    Only geoff molson could make the thoroughly classless and unlikeable Gauthier a martyr. To say Gauthier and gainey were insular was a pathetic attempt to say the kaberle and bourque deals were completed without owner consent. That suggests Gauthier ran the team without an approval process until weeks before he was fired or mr. Molson just flat out lied and approved those deals. not a lot of honesty or business acumen from big Geoff. 

    Hopefully we get more transparency from his latest business decision.

    • slamtherimtim says:

      i like your point about not having anyone to blame , theres responsibility in managment , and no one was taking it between the both of them

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Your post is unnecessarily abrasive and aggressive since it’s based on unconfirmed reports and your conjecture. Once the Canadiens’ organizational structure is set it may be appropriate to comment then. To assail Mr. Molson personally is uncalled for.

      How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

  17. The Jackal says:

    On this PK stuff

    Being hopeful here but maybe they did not comment so the media wouldn’t try to fabricate some story about the comments – the last thing this team needs is more rumours about the locker room. If Cammy and AK were let go because of their attitude, why not PK?

    • DorvalTony says:

      What’s wrong with PK’s attitude?

      Thanks for listening, Geoff Molson.

    • mb says:

      Or maybe the Habs are just trolling everyone by giving the fans and media some rumor material before they all disappear for five months 😛 Kidding, of course!

      And if you are right, they should know better… No comments is just as bad as actual comments in this city! hehe

    • slamtherimtim says:

      there is no way both PK and Markov will be back , Markov will be traded if he cant get along , understand why he isnt the captain of the team and liking him less everyday

      • Habfan10912 says:

        Sounds like he had a bad day.

        • slamtherimtim says:

          i heard on 990 , when he was asked if he was going to relax a little this summer he siad , thats personel.

          all he talked about was rehabing his knee in short rude answers , just like when he was asked , hows your knee and he says , its still there

          he should have been captain by a lot of people and he was overlooked

          now the PK , no comment , he had a couple relapses with his injury and returns when we are out of it , sounds to me like he doesnt want to be here or he is depressed and needs some good meds

          • mb says:

            To be fair, about his “he’s still there” and other comments such as this one makes me believe he’s a tongue-in-cheek kind of person, but that’s just me. He’s never been one to give long and elaborate answers, anyway.

          • Mark C says:

            Thanks Dr. Phil. Not answering questions about PK, relapses, and returning when able = not wanting to play in Montreal or depression. Really?

  18. mb says:

    Good article from Dave Stubbs. (And for those who’ve had it with the PK talk, no PK mention in there ;)):

  19. JohnBellyful says:

    Managed to locate video missing from above:

    Reporter: Brad, you scored your first goal as a Canadien Saturday night, although it was an empty netter and more a case of sheer blind luck that didn’t affect the outcome of the game but did bring you to within one of Gomez’s total, which must make you feel pissed that he’s earning $7 million and you’re getting just $600,000, and probably leaves you wondering if his vaunted dressing room character is really enough to make up for the lack of offence, which, I’m sure you’ll agree, can’t be said about PK, whom a lot of players apparently find very offensive and have for a long time. Care to comment?
    [Staubitz punches reporter in the face, knocking him out]
    Staubitz: Next question.

  20. Mark C says:

    According to the little blue bird, Jarred Tinordi has just hurt his ankle.

  21. Mark C says:

    Yikes! I see all the trolls are out today, including master troll Jack Todd.

  22. Adidess says:

    egold98, you nailed it right there.

    Though it is strange (like many have said) that reporters would randomly ask players about PK’s progression/development, it is incredible that some would go to bat for fre@king Gomez, but nobody would find something (good) to say about Subban.

    I also have my doubts over whether anybody besides Markov actually refused to comment as Lavoie claims without naming names.

    • slamtherimtim says:

      are these on rds or something

      went to check , gotta agree with you guys that was pretty bad on markovs part

    • egold98 says:

      Thank you!

      Maybe Lavoie did fabricate the story a little bit, I think I have a good enough grasp of how the media works and how they try to generate buzz (it’s working with us isn’t it?!)

      The question in my mind was legit: a reporter asking one of our better veteran defensemen to comment on one of this team’s brighest spots amidst a dismal season. This player who he asked him to comment on, replaced Markov! Subban logged a team high in minutes played, minutes that no doubt would be assumed by Markov.

      Again, maybe I’m making too much about this. I just can’t see a Boston Bruin coming out and showing his obvious disdain for Brad Marchand. Or a Philadelphia Flyer coming out and saying that Scott Hartnell is too brash. Or even a Toronto Maple Leaf coming out and saying that Phil Kessel is too soft and Dion Phaneuf isn’t captain material (Leafs jab here yes!)…

      In Montreal, if you’re too good or too cocky – the rest of the team can’t stand it! Get him outta here!! Just makes absolutely 0 sense…

  23. egold98 says:

    Alright, I’ve just about had it. I’m going to defend PK Subban (because it seems none of his teammates intend to…):

    Let me get this straight. Andrei Markov (bless his heart, and his knee), decides to “rip” PK Subban by not willing to address any questions about his progression. He offers a quick denial to answer any questions pertaining to the topic and eludes his obvious disdain for his teammate.

    Now maybe I care about this way too much, but i just have to ask…WHY?

    Why is it in Montreal our own pathetic players cannot stick up for one another?

    Why is it when we finally produce and develop a draft pick who displays world-class talent, with a dash of swagger, we feel the need to harness it down??

    Why Andrei Markov, who practically didn’t play for 2 years, cannot come to the defense of PK and speak favourably of the guy who literally assumed his role for those 2 years???

    It’s mind boggling to think that not even the players on this team have one another’s back. PK gets targeted by the likes of Don Cherry (media), Sidney Crosby, Mike Richards, Joffrey Lupul (opposing players), and now….Andrei Markov. Players such as Milan Lucic or Brad Marchand – you think they get treated the same way Subban does? Not at all! A guy like Marchand while probably hated across the NHL is one of the Bruins boys who I’m sure they love to death in that locker room.

    …But no, here in Montreal a little bit of swagger, confidence, TALENT – it’s not acceptable. It’s disrespectful.

    I’m sorry but it’s so disheartening to watch all of this crap unfold in front of our eyes. I know I’m not in that locker room and there’s probably a ton more that occurs behind the scenes that we’re unaware of. I just truly feel we’re going to run this player out of town and he’ll flourish elsewhere…somewhere where his teammates will actually appreciate what he brings!

    This is so not the PR we needed right now, and I’m just so surprised someone like Andrei Markov didn’t realize that.

    p.s.: ironic how Josh Gorges goes to bat for Gomez, yet Subban rubs the guys the wrong way!

    • The Cat says:

      Very well said! The habs are more worried about PR and their image than the actual product on the ice.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

      • naweed235 says:

        I agree it sucks to know how the guys on the team feel about one our only promising players.
        However, I can see where they are coming from… Although I have never met the guy, I have a pretty good idea of what kind of person he is judging by his actions on and off the ice as I know a bunch of guys who are like him. His arrogance and probably lack of respect for the vets probably rubs them the wrong way and some guys just have too much of an ego to oversee that kind of thing.

        • The Cat says:

          Im not saying Im the best judge of character but looking at Subban’s face, I just dont see malice. Maybe hes got me fooled I dont know.

          [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

        • egold98 says:

          As professionals though, it’s imperative to hold whatever resentment you have towards anyone else in the organization, inside.

          Like it or not, Andrei Markov needs to realize that PK Subban is by far the most important defenseman the Canadiens have (at the NHL level, minor league wise, and in the junior ranks). Markov just missed the last 2 seasons, and it was Subban who filled his role…

          Don’t like the guy personally, that’s fine. From a professional standpoint, I simply want to see our players finally sticking up for one another and acting as a “team”.

          I just find it so hard to believe Markov, coming off all the time he’s missed, could have the audacity to show any resentment towards one of our best players. The question he was asked was strictly hockey-related, and it just to me shows a complete lack of respect (no matter how Subban acts off the ice).

          For me, this is just one of the many things to have piled on this year among a flurry of just unprofessional and bonehead occurrences regarding the Canadiens. I’m fed up. As a fan, I’m just dying to finally witness some positivity!

          Hopefully tomorrow we win the lottery

          • naweed235 says:


          • C_Carta says:

            Thats the thing. Professionalism. You don’t talk bad about your team mate in public. I don’t really know what to make of the Markov comments, or should I say lack thereof, regarding PK. I have always taken Markov to be very professional, so I do find it difficult to believe there is any malice behind what occurred. Of course, at the slightest sign of potential drama the speculation begins. Hopefully this is nothing. The team cannot afford to have their two best defensemen at odds.

        • habstrinifan says:

          WOW! I better keep my ffffing mouth shut before I call you a…..

      • DorvalTony says:

        Pull the C from Gionta, give it to Cole and give PK an A.

        Gorges: can’t skate, score, pass, hit, fight but he can let the puck hit him. Yay.

        Thanks for listening, Geoff Molson.

    • The Jackal says:

      Being hopeful here but maybe they did not comment so the media wouldn’t try to fabricate some story about the comments – the last thing this team needs is more rumours about the locker room. If Cammy and AK were let go because of their attitude, why not PK?

  24. Adidess says:

    On Markov, he always strikes me as a proud guy. Now he’s a 33-yr old player on his last leg struggling to regain his form, after 2 years on the shelf going through injury/rehab nightmare.

    You’re asking him to comment on the 22-yr phenom who is rather cocky, likes flying up the ice, and may have even supplanted him as the team’s best defender while he’s been away.

    Could it be that he doesn’t feel like throwing any compliments PK’s way? Or could it be that Subban who’s been waiting to play with the great Markov has started to show how unimpressed he is with the player he now sees?

    • mb says:

      I still don’t get why they’d ask other players to comment on PK… I mean, besides the question aked to Gorges regarding Gomez, they don’t talk about players’ development to other players. But when it’s about Subban, it’s a different story…? Obviously, some people thought they would get some stuff to write about by asking his teammates about him.

    • naweed235 says:

      he might’ve disappointed a lot of us here this year but he still is probably one of the best snipers in the league. I for one was amazingly happy when he signed here. when he was traded, I thought it was a good deal for the team as for some reason I had a very good image of Bourque based on the limited exposure I had to him. But now I realize that we lost an elite goal scorer without replacing him or even getting a good return for that matter.

  25. mb says:

    Is it just me, or does Lavoie not know what to write about today… Must not be enough news to cover until tomorrow’s lottery, I guess.

    From Renaud Lavoie:
    “C’est Andrei Markov qui a été le plus clair en disant devant toutes les caméras qu’il ne voulait pas parler de lui. Quelques coéquipiers ont fait la même chose, dont un qui m’a dit la chose suivante sur le couvert de l’anonymat. « PK fait trop ce qu’il veut sur la glace et hors glace. » On commence donc à en avoir assez.”

    Briefly, besides Andrei Markov who’s been “clear” about not commenting on Subban, apparently some players didn’t want to comment either, including one anonymous player who said PK was doing what he wants on and off the ice. So Lavoie concluded that the players were tired of it.

    So basically, some anonymous players anonymously made some undeclared comments about PK. True or not, you’re not getting very far by not having any proof to back your so-called facts.

    Anyway, for what it’s worth:

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      This is not the first time we hear this. I think it’s pretty clear Gill had his fill of Subban this year.

      Best scenario – it’s just growing pains.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • mb says:

        Well, as I stated, true or not, I’m not a big fan of anonymous comments and assessments based on no proofs.
        Plus I, for one, find it weird that reporters asked other players about Subban… I mean, why bother asking if not to stir some stuff up?

        And I do hope it’s just growing pains, as you wrote.

      • DorvalTony says:

        You prefer the Pylon to PK?

        Thanks for listening, Geoff Molson.

  26. The Cat says:

    Im lost. What did Subban do that no one wants to comment on?

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  27. habstrinifan says:

    So what’s the first job for the new GM?

    Get Gomez sit. settled?

    Get Markov to like Subban?

    Get Gomez to like Subban… then package Subban and Gomez to a team highlighting the great chemistry between them.

    Get Plekanec to like Subban… then package Subban and Plekanec to a team highlighting the great chemistry between them.

    Get Darche to like Subban… then package Subban and Darche to a team highlighting the great chemistry between them.

    Drive a wedge between Subban and Price then trade Subban as an outcast.

    Have Pang buy a carton full of the same cream that Michael Jackson used so that Subban can at least do things the ‘fake’ white way.

    Make the dressing room an apartheid environment. Whites in one room/Subban, blacks, and Muslims n in the other.

    Trade Subban to Florida and give him a hoodie and a bag of skittles as a parting gift?

    Hire a coach.

  28. Psycho29 says:

    This Cathal Kelly guy from the Toronto Star and TSN looks like he could be Pierre McGuire and Red Fisher’s love child…

  29. Adidess says:

    Well, RDS only showed Markov saying ‘next question’, but Renaud Lavoie claims a couple of other players did the same thing (no video).

    Part of it may be jealousy, but doesn’t look good at all.

    RDS also made a big deal out of the fact that most players did not have the team’ hats on for the interviews.

    • GrimJim says:

      Is this what the summer is going to be like, criticising the hats guys wear, casting aspersions because a guy who was injured for 90% of the season doesn’t want to talk about the player most likely to eventually replace him, rumours of uber-VPs and signed GM contracts that no one is releasing only to have those rumours denied minutes later. This is the real reason why the Habs can’t go through a full Tank/rebuild, look at the crap we have to avoid stepping in just three days into an early exit…
      EDIT: aw, crap it’s been only two days…

  30. Adidess says:

    Interesting that the players didn’t want to talk about PK. Doesn’t look good at all. Maybe the guys would rather talk about themselves. Were they asked about several other teammates? Why PK?

  31. Boomer says:

    A lot of people hating on Price but consider this, PK 2nd year, Emelin rookie, diaz rookie, Weber crap, Kaberle Crap, Campoli Crap…
    Gorges and Markov (who everyone here knows have missed a lot of games the last year) were the only good veterans infront of Carey… Halak, Lundqvist, Rinne you name it, it wouldn’t matter with that d corps infront of them… I like Emelin, Pk, Gorges and markov, but Emelin and PK still need to improve (which they will with time).

  32. mb says:

    Yeah, because Montreal definitely does not have any kind of diversity when it comes to cultures and cultural backgrounds, right? Sorry but I’m trying to understand the point of your comment.

  33. The Dude says:

    If Allah is a goal scorer then play him!

  34. Bripro says:

    Why do you even bring that up?

  35. habstrinifan says:

    Some people consider 8″ a lot!!!

  36. slapshot777 says:

    Only reason Myers is good defensively is because of his reach. Same as Hall Gill. Regards of speed PK can skate circles around Myers.

    Everything else with regards to Myers has him as a good not great defenseman. This is what, his third or fourth season. I still haven’t seen anything outstanding with this guy. I have heard all the talk about how gifted this guy is, but in reality right now as of today there is not one thing that stands out on Myers. He does everything good and like I said before not great just good.

    Let me ask you this, who would you want carrying the puck out from your end as full speed and making something happen. PK or Myers ?

  37. naweed235 says:

    Go check the video Re comments on Subban from the teammates:
    Reporter: What do you think of Subbans progression this season?
    Markov: Next question
    R: You don’t want to comment on it?
    M: No, Next question…

    Apparently a lot of the players didn’t want to comment…

  38. matt jordan says:

    Jack Todd bashing Price again, didn’t he write a two page spread last year admitting that he was wrong, the Habs kept the right guy, and basically ate crow about the whole debacle?

    • Lizardking89 says:

      I love Price but piss poor defense or no he didn’t play well this season and should share part of the blame.

      • K-hab25 says:

        Price started 65 games behind the 3rd worst team in the league and the team had the 11th best GAA. Better than any non-playoff team. I’d say he did pretty good.

    • K-hab25 says:

      Since I can’t respond to you down there I will here. Halak had 43 starts, 23 in the first 4 months and 20 in the last 2 months. He was the #2 the majority of the season. Your delusions of grandeur about how great Halak was in the playoffs is comical. He was 9-9, was pulled twice in the first 2 rounds and got lit up like a christmas tree by PHI. He wasn’t then, and isn’t now, worth more than what we got. As far as your tenure compared to mine, I was here posting three formats ago, when Huet and Abby were the goalies, before JT and Robert L started there own sites. When crazy a** corny12 was the only troll. So ya you’re new compared to me “sport.”

      • saskhabfan says:

        Out of those 43 games,only 18 were against teams holding a playoff spot and only 4 of those were against teams in the top 10 in the league. Not only was halak a backup,he was sheltered by being given the easier assignments then elliot who still had the better stats by a big margain despite the tougher schedule. Don’t know why anybody is still talking about keeping halak,its been proven over and over again he can’t handle a starters number of games. All we need is allan walsh crying through the media again when halak losses his job to budaj. Just like he did in the world championships last year.

  39. smiler2729 says:

    D’ya think ol’ Burkie in Tranna’s gonna add Pierre Gauthier to his $62 million stable of assistant GMs?

    Or will Schiarelli add him since Boston’s seems hellbent on picking up Habs scraps (Ryder, Pouliot) in the last bunch of seasons?

    Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.
    F Brian Burke, Laffs are turds.
    Jaroslav Halak is Brian FREAKIN’ Elliott’s backup in St. Louis.

  40. slapshot777 says:

    @ Habsfan0

    I don’t see how Halak would lead the Blues to a Stanley Cup and be a Conn Smythe winner, when he is a backup to Elliot.

    So,it wouldn’t be an issue would it?

  41. HabFanSince72 says:

    WRT salary discussions, would anyone here trade PK for Tyler Myers straight up?

    I wouldn’t.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • GrimJim says:

      I wouldn’t make that trade either, but…
      Imagine lining up for the opening faceoff, looking up ice and seeing a Myers-Tinordi pairing staring back at you.

    • K-hab25 says:

      Yes! As they say in sports, you can’t teach size. Myers is every bit as good offensively if not better than Subban, just not as flashy. Defensively Subban is superior, but not by much. So basically they’re pretty equal on the ice, except for the 8″ Myers has on him.

    • 24moreCups says:

      I wouldn’t make that trade either, sure Myers is a huge man but we have Tinordi coming up in a couple years who can fill that position minus the offense.

    • The Dude says:

      One of the biggest problems with the Habs this year and for the 18 other previous years is the totally brain-dead,brainwashed so called “true” Anglophone Canadiens fans who lapdog with approval no matter how bad the outcome of an never ever ending broken non-working scenario . And how mighty have they fallen with a last place Habs team who are probably the Worst Canadiens team ever”hidden by the loser point”! But for me the best ting about this is they “the so called chosen fan” have lost ALL CREDIBILITY in their opinionated” rose coloured glasses” viewpoint!
      THESE ARE THE FACTS THEY HATE ABOUT THE 2012 MONTREAL CANADIENS :1) the team is a disaster which will be BLOWN UP! 2)Not enough home grown representation for Les Glorieux and certainly not enough Francophone players or coaching”bi-lingual” !3) Carey Price is not the greatest goalie ever”better than average!”4) The NHL IS A BIG BOY’S SPORT “Only need a couple of smaller athlete’s” 5)4 MILLION per FOR GOSH GORGES IS TOO MUCH! “Darche is way better Captain material!” 6) Defense must be played by Giants” with a chip on their shoulders!” 7) Higgen,Riberio ,Ryder,Halak,Theodore and Max LaPierre are real good Hockey players…for real! 8) Chances our Habs make the play-off’s NEXT YEAR are slim to none! again for real! 9) All 4 line’s must score!……….put on your reality glasses and add too this list ,FORE!

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        Have another White Russian, dude.

        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • Psycho29 says:

        Thanks for helping keep the kids off drugs. They only have to read this post…

      • CalgaryHab says:

        Maybe we can land Lecavalier! He’s the answer!
        Darche? Are you kidding? The only team he CAN play for is Montreal because he’s french.
        The real problem is french media and french fans putting unreal expectations on french players so they will never want to play for the Habs, and as soon as they do they’re run out of town…. by the french.

      • rob_c says:

        You are a moron. Detroit, Vancouver, Nashville, Pittsburgh, New York (Rangers), St. Louis, Philly are all teams with no to little “home grown” talent. (referring to players born in their own backyard). To make a hasty generalization about anglophone fans is ignorant on your part. I rarely comment, but every once in a while a retard like you says something totally uncalled for. I was at the game in the bell centre in which many of the fans booed Carey Price. I was with 10 english speaking canadiens fans as well as 2 bilingual fans. None of us were a part of it. I can tell you the 4 french speaking fans infront of us were. I’m not going to look at that small sample and claim that it was only the ignorant french jeering Price. Thats obviously not the case. Any knowledgeable Canadien’s fan knows the lack of french talent on our current roster is the least of our concerns. As far as you saying this was the worst Canadiens team ever…. this team wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the teams Koivu captained. I wont even get started with the coaching.. You’re right, it is very important that the coach of the canadiens can speak french. Most players on the team have trouble communicating in English with the coach, since many speak solely french. I understand completely where your coming from. Listen, we have the greatest fans in the word, whether we’re from Europe, Ontario, Quebec or BC. There will be moron english speaking fans, just as there is moron french fans, but you need to relax with the generalizations. You’ve insulted me personally along with many others who probably won’t speak up. Moron.

        • The Dude says:

          Ohhh,poor baby! time for someone to put on their big boy pants and roll with us big boy’s!

        • mb says:

          You might want to read his previous comments and realize you shouldn’t waste so much of your time replying to him… He also said Gorges should definitely not be the next captain because he didn’t throw Gomez under the bus while replying to a quite stupid question (IMO) by a reporter, earlier today.

      • Lizardking89 says:

        Your whole post reeks of bullshit. Calm down and rethink your life,

      • ont fan says:

        I read one line from the Dude and he’s lost me.

  42. K-hab25 says:

    Since the Price/Halak debate is raging again, not surprising considering Halaks #’s are better this year, no debate last year, also not surprising. I looked at there stats post trade. Starts – Price 135, Halak 103, W’s – 64, Halak 54, GAA – Price 2.41, Halak 2.19, SV% – Price .919, Halak .917, SO’s – Price 12, Halak 13, All-Star appearances – Price 2, Halak 0, playoffs – Price 1, Halak 1. Taking into account the quality of teams in front of both, I think we definitely kept the right guy.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      No one who has a clue about hockey thinks we kept the wrong guy.

      No one.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • habsfan0 says:

      But if Halak leads the Blues to the Stanley Cup…and wins the Conn Smythe trophy in the process..will you still feel the same way?

      • CalgaryHab says:

        Jesus couldn’t backstop this team to a cup so I don’t think Halak would’ve. I love Eller but we should have been able to get more.

      • K-hab25 says:

        Yes!! For that fantasy to happen you Halakites are going to have to hope Elliott falls apart, because Halak is his teams # 2 going in. I wouldn’t want Niemi, Osgood, Fleury, Thomas or Ward over Price either.

    • matt jordan says:

      I think the Canadiens kept the right guy, but they also traded a really good player with a minimal return.

      Lars Eller is a good player too, but Halak was coming off a dominating playoff and season. Halak singlehandedly helped the Canadiens defeat two Stanley Cup contenders. Lars Eller had one average season in the AHL and seven NHL games. Ian Schultz had just scored twenty goals as a 20 year old in the WHL. If you’re going to trade an NHL regular who has recently excelled and their value is at an all time high, you’d think you could receive more than two prospects.

      Oh well, better hope Eller scores 25 goals next season. Its not as if Gainey and Gauthier’s legacy can get much worse.

      • Sean Bonjovi says:

        Niemi won the cup that year and the Blackhawks let him walk for nothing.

        “Patch the holes, ride it out, Play for 2015”
        – Sean Bonjovi

      • K-hab25 says:

        Halak was a 25 year old UFA who had about a 3 month stretch of good play and we got a former 1st and a former 3rd round pick for him. What did you expect to get for UFA? Honestly what?

        • matt jordan says:

          Halak was a restricted free agent at the time of the trade.

          I’d expect at least a roster player in return for a starting goalie. And that three month stretch of good play happened to be during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Good time to get hot, no? And dispatching the loaded Penguins and Capitals can be called something better than “good” play.

          And it was longer than a three month stretch of good play, in 45 regular-season appearances, Halak was 26-13-5, was ninth in the NHL with a 2.40 GAA and fourth with a .924 save percentage.

          • K-hab25 says:

            I know you’re new and all, but Halak through late DEC that year was awful, so yes it was only a few months. You are correct about the UFA thing though, still doesn’t change the fact that he wasn’t our #1 90% of that year and had never started more than 43 games at any level in his career. Again a former 1st and 3rd for an unsigned and unproven #2 was a good haul, period!!

          • matt jordan says:

            I’m new and all? New at what? HIO?, i’ve been at this clunky site longer than you sport. Good try though.

            You’re completely out to lunch on this. You can try to paint it like Halak was a #2 goalie for the Canadiens, but he wasn’t. You must have missed the part when Halak carried the Canadiens past an explosive Washington Capitals team while making 50 saves per game, than he carried the Canadiens past a loaded Penguins team.

            How is it possible that Halak was the backup “90% of that year”, yet he played in 45 games plus all three rounds of the playoffs… Doesn’t sound like a backup to me. Sounds like someone who wrestled away the number #1 job.

            Yes Halak, did not have a contract, but he was a RFA and the Blues signed him to a reasonable contract.

            Lars Eller is a good player, but Gauthier didn’t get enough on this trade, and everyone knows it except a few delusional Canadiens fans who somehow defend Gauthier even after his reign of error.

    • smiler2729 says:

      My 7 year old just came up to me with his mom’s iTouch and was watching a Habs/Leafs game from March 20, 2010 on CBC’s Game in Six Minutes… all the highlights which included some guy named Mitchell scoring the winning shootout goal on St. Halak.

      Yeah, I know the Habs went on to upset the Caps and the Pens before the Flyers flattened ’em but nobody remembers Halak’s less-than-spectacularity vs. Philly…

      Halak is lucky Ken Hitchcock took over St. Louis in October cuz the vultures were circling him and even then Brian Elliott’s been the better of the two, Brian FREAKIN’ Elliott.

      Just sayin’ is all…

      Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.
      Brian Burke is a whining blowhard, Laffs are turds.

  43. Steven says: has segments on all the prospects. They have Grigorenko slated to be picked 3rd and Galchenyuk 4th. For those of you still on the fence about them, have a look.

  44. RGM says:

    Some crazy facts and figures…
    In Montreal’s 35 regulation losses this year, Habs’ opponents outscored them 121-47. Goals for average = 1.3. Power play was 9.8%




    GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
    “Scott Gomez is an elite NHL player” – VancouverHab

    Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

  45. naweed235 says:

    Would you trade our 1st round pick for any of Bobby Ryan, Rick Nash, Eric Staal or Jamie Benn?

    • GrimJim says:

      Maybe Bobby Ryan

    • shiram says:

      Been needs to be re-signed, so that’s a strike against him for a pick.
      Hard to fit in Staal and his 8.25millions cap hit, especially since it seems Price’s getting alot more than I thought he would. Ditto for Nash, and he has been underperforming.
      Maybe Bobby.

    • Stormin says:

      Eric or Jordan Stall in a second

    • RGM says:

      No. All good players and proven commodities, but Habs need to develop their own players and stop mortgaging the future in the hopes of hitting a home run in the present. That’s kind of why the team is where it is right now.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
      “Scott Gomez is an elite NHL player” – VancouverHab

      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Amen Brother! Let’s let our new GM build a team that competes for years to come, not just for 1-2 seasons.

        Aside from Cole and Markov rust free, our nucleus is young, lets build around that!

      • croozer says:

        Agreed RGM

        Why take a chance on bringing in a guy to be THE GUY and he might not even want to be here?

        We have good homegrown stars-in-the-making like Price & Subban.
        Now we have a chance to grow our own star forward.

    • naweed235 says:

      just for the record I would do it in a heart beat for B. Ryan… The guy is insanely gifted and is somewhat underrated IMO

      • GrimJim says:

        My only concern would be Ryan’s immediate cap hit of $5.1 mil. The draft pick should (recognizing that drafts are a crapshoot at the best of time) give you a highly skilled player at a bargain value for at least three years. I would trade our 1st and Nashville’s second for Ryan and Anaheim’s 1st without hesitation.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      We’re winning the lottery tomorrow!

  46. The Cat says:

    Here are my predictions (for you to shove in my face after the first round or vice versa ^_^).

    Ottawa in 7… Ottawa always has played well in NY
    NJ in 5… My sleeper pick and 20-1 bet to win the cup
    Philly in 6…Just a hunch.
    Boston in 5…Not seeing the caps as resistant at all.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • smiler2729 says:

      NY Rangers over Ottawa in 4
      Florida over New Jersey in 6
      Pittsburgh over Philly in 6
      Boston over Washington in 5

      Vancouver over LA in 4
      Phoenix over Chicago in 7
      St. Louis over San Jose in 6
      Nashville over Detroit in 5

      Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.
      Brian Burke is a whining blowhard, Laffs are turds.

      • habstrinifan says:

        Ottawa – NYR will go to 7… then it’s a toss up.
        New Jersey will beat Florida.. NJ enter sthe playoffs hot. And Kovalchuk is earning his money.

        Other series I see pretty much as you do.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Rangers in 6
      Florida in 7 (snoozefest)
      Pens in 6
      Bruins in 7
      Van in 6
      Hawks in 7
      San Jose in 7
      Detroit in 6

    • Steven says:

      I’m seeing a few upsets here.

      Ottawa over NY in 6(They have a winning record in the season series, and I think their offence could make Lundqvist look bad)
      Washington over Boston in 7(They also have a winning record in the season series. Ovechkin’s been hot lately and he could take care of the series himself)
      NJ over Florida in 5(The Panthers are really only in 3rd because of how weak their division was. The Devils are the real deal)
      Philly over Pittsburgh in 6(Philly could give the Penguins a run for their money in this one.)

      Vancouver over LA in 5(Despite what all the pundits are saying, LA and Van city have met a few times in the playoffs in the last few years, and I don’t think the Canucks’ll have a hard time with them)
      San Jose over St Louis in 6(If the Sharks can get it together, they can win. They have more postseason experience than St. Lou)
      Chicago over Phoenix in 6(Can’t underestimate the Blackhawks. They’ll beat Phoenix, but it won’t be easy)
      Detroit over Nashville in 7(It’s gonna be a hard fought series, but Detroit’ll take it. They’re deeper and have more experience)

    • neumann103 says:

      Ask me again tomorrow and i will probably say something completely different but

      NY Rangers over Ottawa in 5
      New Jersey over Florida in 6
      Pittsburgh over Philly in 6
      and the Upset pick:
      Washington over Boston in 7

      Vancouver over LA in 6
      Chicago over Phoenix in 6
      St. Louis over San Jose in 5
      and the semi upset pick:
      Detroit over Nashville in 7

      “Et le but!”

    • Bripro says:


      IMO, the hardest to predict are 4 vs. 5 in both series.
      Here are my predictions (1st round (# of games), Winner each div’n, and SC winner):

      Rangers (6)
      Bruins (6)
      Devils (5)
      Penguins (7)

      Canucks (6)
      Blues (6)
      Coyotes (7)
      Red Wings (6)

      Blues vs. Pens
      Penguins – Stanley Cup Winner

      NOTE: In my fantasy world, the Canucks are playing the Sens for the cup.

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      NY over OTT
      WAS over BOS
      NJ over FLA
      PITT over PHI

      VAN over LA
      STL over SJ
      PHX over CHI (Toews is key)
      NAS over Det

    • Cal says:

      Rangers over Ottawa in 5. Goaltending.
      Florida over New Jersey in 7. Brodeur is done.
      Pittsburgh over Philly in 6. Goaltending/scoring
      Boston over Caps in 7. Goonery rules. For the 1st round, anyway.

  47. Stev.R says:

    How often do players get resigned during the playoffs? I seem to remember it usually happens after the playoffs are done, but that could be because we are usually in the playoffs.

    On a side note, place your bets on the day we announce our new GM.

    I’m going with May 10th.

    I’ll write down your answers and whomever is closest will win 5000 HIO points.

  48. HabFab says:

    Mathieu Darche will apparently be a play-off analyst for RDS. Man, did they ever up their cumulative IQ with that move.

  49. The Dude says:

    And that clip of Gorges concerning Gomez is exactly why Gorges should NEVER BE CAPTAIN OF THE CANADIENS!

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      He’s sticking up for his team mate in public. That’s certainly something you look for in a captain.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • ABHabsfan says:

      Was he supposed to crap on the guy when he (Gomez) is likely standing a few feet away? The guy is a teammate and you stand up for him. It was a stupid question for a reporter to ask. What’s he supposed to say? “Yeah the guy’s a bum” ? I don’t think anyone is in postition to question Gorges leadership, Mr. Lebowski.

      “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
      Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

    • RGM says:

      Why? Because he didn’t throw one of his teammates under the bus? Get serious. Let’s say Gomez is miraculously back with the Canadiens next year. Let’s say Gorges said…whatever the hell you wanted him to say about Gomez. Now we’ve got a real rift in the locker room between the captain (Gionta) and one of his assistants/the future captain (Gorges) because Gorges called out a veteran player that is well respected and popular in the room, his production notwithstanding, one with whom the captain goes back several years and won a Stanley Cup with in another organization.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
      “Scott Gomez is an elite NHL player” – VancouverHab

      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

    • habstrinifan says:

      I think he answered brilliantly. He looked the reporter straight in the eye as the reporter was formulating the rather long question.. did not turn away once..showed keen interest in the question. Paused before he started answering as if to emphasise some weight in his answer and then started with a marvelous ‘preamble’.

      “As long as he is on this team”…. Brilliant and unevasive performance. Give him his due DUDE.

    • habs-fan-84 says:

      Your comments continue to reach new heights of stupidity.

    • Strummer says:

      It’s not for any player to criticize a teammate to the press.

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  50. Price07 says:

    Once again I have been annoyed by my least favorite gazzette writer Jack Todd, calling out Price as part of the problem this season. Last friggin place in the east and 5th best for goals against, a .916 save percentage on a team that is the third worst in the league! A defense which was pathetic, yes the penalty kill was excellent but part of that was actually thanks to Price!!! Everyone knows a big part of the penalty kill is your goalie. Price could have had a better season (he said it himself) but to call him out as a part of the problem this season is just ridiculous. But I`m not surprised as this happens a lot with Jack Todd, one of the reasons the gazzette is always the last thing I read when looking for sports news.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Not to mention 20 games where Habs scored 1 or fewer goals. Hard to blame goaltending for that but why let facts get in the way, huh?

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      Obviously could have been better, but he was still very good. He kept this team in most games. Yeah, he let in some backbreakers, but in the big picture that doesn’t mean much. As for the excellent PK, I would actually give a ton of credit to the guys in front of him like Gorges and Pleks. Without those two, I don’t think even Price could bail out the rest.

      But yeah, going after Price as one of the problems is like going after Crosby and the Sedins as the “problems” of the league (whining, immature extracurriculars and not sticking up for yourself) instead of going after Lucic, Marchand and most of the Bruins (running over goalies, trying to take guys at the knees, “defending yourself” in very questionable ways, etc., etc.).

  51. habs99 says:

    Price and Subban are the staples of this franchise. You dont like them, tough luck, start looking for another team.

    Only bandwagon habs fans still think Halak is a better goalie and we should have kept souray over markov.

    Price and Subban should get whatever it takes to get them secured for a long time. If you look at any team out there that has a chance to make the dance…they need a top goalie and a stellar D. Lock these two up and we have a fighting chance to be there again, soon. A Top 2 pick wouldnt hurt either! 😉

    • Price07 says:

      Totally agree with you! Halak is on one of the best teams in the league. You think Brian Elliott is the best goalie in the league like his numbers suggest? HELL NO! but its because he was on the blues! Halak is a solid goalie, but ask any GM and they will respond as the great Scotty Bowman did and say trading Price would be a huge mistake. Any GM would have taken Price over Halak. As for Subban, he gets on some people’s nerves from time to time but the guy is a star and he’s only going to get better. People who say otherwise about players like Subban and Price are big time bandwagoners just skimming the surface of the whole story and not actually knowing much about hockey.

  52. Dr.Rex says:

    Does anyone know if Mike Babcock is bilingual?

    IF he is then he should be our number one candidate for HC. I really think he would consider a change.

  53. pmaraw says:

    @dtoight how come you dont reply to people without starting a new thread (like i just did) also, how come you dont reply to people who reply to you?

  54. Stev.R says:

    How much do you think the RFA’s wil get this year:




    • Stev.R says:

      White 1.1m
      Emelin 1.5m
      Diaz 1.2m
      Blunden .9m
      Eller 2m
      Subban 3.9m (Same as Gorges)
      Price 5m (Same as Pleks and Gio)

      Darche 1m
      Moen 2m
      Staubitz .8m

      • ABHabsfan says:

        I’m agreeing with most of that; though I’m not offering Diaz or Darche contracts. (Perhaps Darche a coaching position). Price “6 for 6” seems to be a popular number

        “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
        Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

        • Stev.R says:

          I’m certain Diaz will get another contract if only because we need depth on defense while our prospects develop. It wasn’t a terrible rookie season either

          • ABHabsfan says:

            I would be offering contracts to Garrison and Carle (Phi) for d-men. Garrison’s shot could give the PP a real “shot” in the arm! ( the pun was too easy, I apologise)

            “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
            Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

          • Stev.R says:

            Both those guys will make too much money for us. After Price’s and Subban raises and the RFAs getting resigned – even with Gomez being bought out – we will already be tight to the cap. If we can sign a solid defensive dman for ~2m, then we may have enough money left to sign a top 6 forward for ~4.5m, which is something I think we need more.

      • 24moreCups says:

        I don’t think White gets anything over 1m. And Subban will probably get at least around 4m.

    • K-hab25 says:

      Only 2 of them will get more than slight increases, Price and Subban. Price will get a 5/6 year deal at 5 to 6 mill and Subban a 2/3 year deal at 3 to 3.75 mill.

    • habstrinifan says:

      White because of injury regulation ra.. i think it’s 10%
      Emelin regulation raise.
      Diaz ticket back to Europe or maybe pkgd in trade.
      Blunden regulation raise
      Eller regulation raise
      Subban 3.75 to 4.5 mill for 2 yrs.

      Price 5 to 5.5 mil for 3 yrs.


      Darche regulation raise and 2 way contract if allowd.
      Moen definite 400.000 plus more than he made last season.
      Staubitz regulation raise.

  55. Steven says:

    Since there isn’t a whole lot to talk about around here(Although the influx of posts is obviously proving me wrong), how about I throw something totally left-field in here!

    I decided to do a playoff sim in NHL 12 with all the matchups this year.

    Final 4 were Vancouver, St Louis, Washington and Pittsburgh.

    St Louis in 5 over Washington for the Cup. Seem legit?

    • Stev.R says:

      WSH the darkhorse.

      For the draft I did, I got my money on NASH, STL, & PHI going far. With NYR and CHI doing well too.

      I figured everyone else in the draft would be going PIT and VAN so I took the risk.

    • shiram says:

      It seems doubtful to me that the Caps make it that far with ??? in the net.

    • Bripro says:

      IMO, the hardest to predict are 4 vs. 5 in both series.
      Here are my predictions (1st round (# of games), 1st each div’n, and SC winner):

      Rangers (6)
      Bruins (6)
      Devils (5)
      Penguins (7)

      Canucks (6)
      Blues (6)
      Coyotes (7)
      Red Wings (6)

      Blues vs. Pens
      Penguins – Stanley Cup Winner

      NOTE: In my fantasy world, the Canucks are playing the Sens for the cup.

  56. christophor says:

    I want to see Nashville go far and I don’t buy the view that we want to see them lose. The idea motivating this view is that the 2nd rounder acquired by the Habs in the Gill trade will have higher value if Nashville doesn’t make it to the semi-finals. (If Nashville makes it into the semi’s, they lock themselves into one of the last four drafting spots in each round.)

    The reason I don’t care about this is that Nashville finished 5th overall. Their success will hardly matter for the Habs’ late second round choice. I think it’s fine that the Habs will be picking somewhere between 55th and 60th. The difference is very unlikely to matter. There’s so much luck involved at that point in the draft.

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      I’m with you. There’s no guarantee that a 45-50 pick will prove better than a 55-60. Hard working team with a likable coach that has built a contender without tanking. Also great town with great people. I’m cheering for the Preds all the way.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      The earlier the Predators are out of the series, the higher up the draft order they’ll choose. For example, the teams eliminated in the first round get picks 15 to 23. If the Preds made it to the Stanley Cup finals, they get ranked bottom 2. So we do have rooting interest.

      In the second round, that could mean the difference between pick 40 or thereabouts or pick 60. Trevor Timmins would tell you that’s a huge difference.

      How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

      • 24moreCups says:

        Exactly, if it wasn’t for that 3nd round pick we got from them I’d be cheering for them, I kind of like Nashville maybe it’s because of the former Habs players or because of Carrie Underwood haha.

  57. JF says:

    Great answer from Gorges to the question about Scott Gomez. What a classy guy.

  58. The Jackal says:

    A few questions re. next season

    -Our draft pick – will he play with the big club or in Hamilton?
    -The fourth line – I think Staubitz/White/Darche/Moen would finally give us a good fourth line – is this good or should should we consider Dumont here?
    -Bourque – I think we should give him a chance, as the Habs have often given up quickly on players. Perhaps if we put him with Plek and Gionta he may contribute, otherwise try him on the third line with Eller and LL – may be good for depth
    -D – We need a steady presence on D who is big and tough, I think with that in place we can survive with Kaberle or Diaz, but I’d rather see St. Denis and have Diaz as 7th guy.
    -Weber…. take him to the shed?

    • shiram says:

      The 4th line needs a center that can eat Pk minutes, and win key faceoffs, I like White, but he is not there yet. Keep him as a winger, and play Moen on the 3rd I guess.
      Bourque gets to play with Pleks only if the Habs cannot find a better winger for Pleky. Bourque might benefit from playing the lesser opposition Eller faces.

      Weber could always be 7th D or traded.

    • Stev.R says:

      If we draft Grigs or Galchenyuk then they have to play in Jr if they aren’t in the NHL, which I don’t think they would be.

      I think our fourth line needs to find a shutdown center that can win faceoffs. Pleks is starting too many shifts in the defensive zone.

      Bourque is a good 2nd/3rd liner if he plays hard. I think most of us would agree that we should give him a full season before we all trash him. He’s on a short leash though.

      Kaberle isn’t going anywhere and will be a decent second pairing guy if we get somebody strong defensively to play with him. A lot of people like the idea of Bryan Allen but I don’t really know much about him.

      I think Weber has had his shot and we all know what he’s capable of. If we weren’t so strong offensively on the back end we could use him, but with Markov, Pk, and Kabs, there isn’t really room for him. Not to mention all the guys in the minors we have. I say trade him and our second round pick to move up into the first round.

      • The Jackal says:

        Yeah, 4th shutdown centre would be great, that way Pleks can play less PK minutes and have more energy. Also Kabs is ok, he has contributed and I agree that if he gets a steady partner on D that we can play them as our 3rd pair and have a solid D.

    • 24moreCups says:

      I like Blunden and wouldn’t mind having him back to play the 4th line. He’s big, he hits, he can skate and could drop the gloves if need be.

  59. K-hab25 says:

    For those that think Price should get 4 mill like Halak, because Halak was better (HH), LMMFAO, a few facts to counter your OPINIONS. Starts – Price 263, Halak 96, W’s – Price 126, Halak 56, playoff W’s – Price 8, Halak 9, playoff SO’s – Price 2, Halak 0, years as a #1 – Price 4, Halak 0, all-star appearances – Price 3, Halak 0, career #’s – Price 2.54 gaa .916sv%, Halak 2.51 gaa .919 sv%. If anyone honestly thinks Halak was a more proven commodity or better then, than Price is now, is either a moron or battling tony for king troll of HIO honors.

    • The Cat says:

      Its all about getting the Ws; 56 out of 96 is better than 126 out of 263.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

      • The Jackal says:

        It is about the W’s cat, but Halak’s stats are inflated by the circumstances of his playing environment. He is good in a tandem system, but he is not a guy who will win as the go to #1. This year in St. Louis he is playing under a team that plays a tight game and thus benefits from that – also, his stats are padded by this season for him. CP has been the Habs MVP for the past 2 seasons, and he is a goalie that is widely lauded across the league by players, coaches, GMs, scouts, and by the pundits.

        • The Cat says:

          I hear you but naming the goalie MVP in Montreal is like a reflex. Like I said yesterday, the fact that Price is considered the MVP by most fans over Cole is a bit of a joke. Dont forget its Montreal, the pundits dont talk about Lundqvist or Rinne as much, it doesnt make them inferior, you wouldnt be hearing about how good Price is nearly as often if he toiled in Nashville.

          [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

          • The Jackal says:

            Price is a good goalie, I think we made the right choice by keeping him, and Halak is good as well. I think they name Price MVP here because we have so much trouble scoring that a lot of the time we rely on him to keep us in the game. Cole is amazing and I wish he could have been a Hab way earlier and he is definitely MVP material, but I just think that without Price we would be where Columbus is. Look at Tampa, Stamkos has 60 goals but that didn’t really help them much. Not to say Halak is bad or that his stats don’t mean anything, but Price’s win % is not indicative of his play as much as the fact that we haven’t scored enough goals to support him.

      • K-hab25 says:

        W’s are a team stat. How many career wins does Pleks have or Subban, exactly. You’re a smart guy Cat and you know what I’m saying is true. Halak was a back-up that had a good playoff run, Price is a 3 time a all-star, who’s averaged over 60 starts the last 4 years. Halak hadn’t even had 1 year with 60 starts or 1 year being his teams #1, let alone the 3 all-star appearances Price has to Halaks 0. It was huge risk for St. Louis to pay him what they did, aswell as trading a top prospect for him. Last year showed Halak for the tandem goalie he is. The way he struggled in the second half with the workload and pressure of being a true #1. This year pre-Hitchcock he was atrocious and will be his teams #2 as the playoffs begin.

        • The Cat says:

          Thanks for the kind words. Im in no way saying that Price isnt a good goalie but hes not been very good yet. And also you have to factor in the bias against euro goalies: Kiprussoff, Lundqvist to name 2 have had very good careers, but listening to the media, you get the feeling that theyre inferior to guys like Miller. Or Pavelec -if he was canadian- youd hear about him a lot too. Or Niemi, very few Stanley cup winning goalies have had so little respect.

          [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

          • K-hab25 says:

            I’m not sure I agree with you on either point. Price has proven the last 2 years he can start 65+ games and play at a consistent level. I also think the media, aswell as I, think Lundqvuist is the best goalie in the league. They also praise Kipper and Rinne frequently. As far as Neimi goes, he gets the same treatment and respect as a guy like Osgood got. Neither of them are bad goalies, but clearly not difference makers. Both played for stacked teams.

        • boing007 says:

          So, when it’s a matter of Halak’s stats W’s are a team stat. With Price’s stats it’s W’s are just Price’s stats? Make up your mind. Halak started and won twice as many games as Price did in 2009-2010, which makes him the number one goalie in my book. He and his teammates also stonewalled the two most dangerous offensive teams in the NHL. Not too shabby. Still waiting on CP to duplicate that feat.

          Richard R

          • K-hab25 says:

            I’m still waiting for Halaks first all-star appearance, he’s been gone 2 years now. Hell his teammate was this year. Fact is neither Price or Halak have won a cup, so I could care less about Halaks hot streak 2 years ago, it doesn’t prove he’s any better in the playoffs then Price. The sample size is way to small. As far as W’s go, I’ve always said it’s a team stat, whether I’m speaking about Price or Halak, or anybody for that matter. Halak got hot for a couple of weeks and took advantage of the consistency issues are 21 year old #1 goalie was having. Good for him. He’s still not an elite goalie or in my opinion a true #1 that can start 65+ games at a consistent level. He’s a good goalie, a good guy, but not a true #1.

      • christophor says:

        Like in baseball with pitchers, wins will become less and less of a goalie-centered stat. People in Montreal especially are goalie-crazy. One player on a team is judged according to the TEAM’S wins. That’s nuts. All stats need to be understood contextually but wins are especially unreliable in judging a goalie’s performances.

        WRT the goalie debate, lets put aside the Price-infallibilism (Molson cup every month) espoused by many, as well as the ardent Halak-defending that’s more rhetorical and less substantial. (You, Cat, have been guilty on occasion of falling into the latter camp, especially when you’ve argued that Price’s teammates secretly dislike him and envy his favouritism; I’ve only heard how great a teammate he is). Anyways, we can of course see that Halak had a better year, but Halak’s year was so different than Price’s and, even though I loved Halak while he was around, I don’t think he would have done any better than Price if he were tending the Habs’ net this year. That Price can post average-to-above-average stats in front of a draft-lottery team is nothing to scoff at. Context. Plus, Halak would have needed a more able backup in Montreal as he hasn’t shown he can play a lot of games.

        • The Cat says:

          When Halak was here, the players played more for Halak than for Price, I stand by that 100%. No matter the line of work, no one likes the person that receives grotesque favouritism.

          [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

      • English is not a Crime says:

        So Chris Osgood was better than Roy or Hasek is what you’re saying here? Going by your standards, he is. I am thinking that’s not such an accurate way of telling the true value of a goalie Cat.

    • boing007 says:

      One problem with your stats. 56 wins out of 96 games is a better win/loss percentage than 126 out of 263.

      Richard R

  60. habstrinifan says:

    Listen to P.K re the stanley cup .. he picked right last year…suggesting the Bruins were gonna win. I rememebr people we pissed he did. Some even wanted to trade him fo saying so.

  61. habstrinifan says:

    This may not be best place to post this… or maybe it is as we listen to the thoughts of a season that just ended.

    You want to get real riled up and cuss at … well you go read.

    • smiler2729 says:

      Yeah, I’d heard that before, another great Gauthier move…
      I’d have rather had Reggie Houle than him in hindsight.

      Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.
      Brian Burke is a whining blowhard, Laffs are turds.

  62. smiler2729 says:

    I’m betting Scott Gomez is a Hab next season. There’s just no advantage to paying the penalty (cap hit) for buying him out.

    Hiding him or Kaberle in Hamilton is bad P.R. for a team has a hard enough time attracting UFAs.

    Just sayin’ is all…

    Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.
    Brian Burke is a whining blowhard, Laffs are turds.

    • shiram says:

      What are you betting?

      • smiler2729 says:

        I’m betting I’m right!
        Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.
        Brian Burke is a whining blowhard, Laffs are turds.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Smiler, I think you are right, but did not have the gonads you are displaying to type that.

      Edit: Perhaps your recent surgery provided extra strength there! Hope the recovery is going well bud.

      • smiler2729 says:

        Thanks, HB, I’m off the painkillers but still sore so I can take any pain the HardHabit types throw at me.

        And yeah my nut is swollen…

        Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.
        Brian Burke is a whining blowhard, Laffs are turds.

    • Stormin says:

      They wont send Gomez to Hamilton, he will play in Alaska where he played during lock out. Not a big problem with the UFA issue as most NHL players know we have no choice but to send him out if we can not trade him. I agree though cutting guys to Hamilton does not go over well within the players in the league they do look at that , although it has not hurt the Rangers who have gone that route more than once.
      ps THERE IS A 0% chance Gomez is here next year

    • habstrinifan says:

      Ok smiler! I live in Ottawa. I will take you up on that bet.

      I bet he wont be in Montreal… as a player … next year.

      You name the stake…. make it reasonable.

      Could even be a donation to charity.

      My take on the PR is exactly the opposite of yours…. for a team which has sat in squalor for last while, it would be bad PR to continue doing so by keeping Gomez… so they would send a bold message to fans and do something.

      • smiler2729 says:

        The bet is I’ll change my signature below to habstrinifan rocks or something if he’s not a Hab in October.

        Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.
        Brian Burke is a whining blowhard, Laffs are turds.

        • habstrinifan says:

          OK I’ll take that bet. But you can already see tha testimonial in most women’s bathroom stalls East of the Peg.

          Maybe I can send you out to the Peg and west to do some graffiti work on my behalf.

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      OHHHH Smiler, where to begin. Montreal does not have difficulty attracting UFA players (Cole, Gionta, Cammalerri, Gill, Spacek, Hammrlik, Lang, etc.). This is fact. There is not a higher tax rate, that is fallacy. The Ranger have recently signed bot Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik WHILE having Redden in the minors.

      Also, Geoff Molson has stated he is committed to building a contender, not a fringe playoff team. Surely he will allow the “new GM” to bury Gomez in the minors. As for Kaberle, 25-30 GMs in the league would see Kaberle as a useful player on the Habs, where he is there 4th best D.

      I like most of your posts, and this one too. i just view the situation differently. I do think that Gomez will be at camp with a chance to make the team if the team has room for him under the cap and he is not bought out. Let’s face it, he is def. a top 9 forward on the Habs, and when he was in a bottom 6 role he was usually the best forward of that group.

      • smiler2729 says:

        By difficulty I mean they have to overpay (mostly with term) to attract UFAs.

        As for Kaberle, he’s still great at cycling the puck during the PP but he’s cringeworthy as a 5-on-5 dman. We had Bergeron as a PP specialist, why not Kaberle?

        And Gomez, well, I want him to succeed but that albatro$$ around his neck has ruined his game and his mere presence on the team rubs most the wrong way. I wish there was a cap ceiling team that could take him off the books but we’ll see…

        Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.
        Brian Burke is a whining blowhard, Laffs are turds.

  63. Stev.R says:

    I read that if you take away empty net goals and shootouts, Montreal finished with a -2 goal differential. For a 28th place team that’s pretty good.

    • Talik Sanis says:

      I believe that it is something of a record. No other team has finished so low in the standings with so “high” a goal differential as the 2011-2012 Canadiens. Heck, as I recall, several of this year’s playoff teams have worse goal differentials. If we hadn’t traded away two of our first line players (at least prior to this year), with a competent coach, it is possible that we could have rebounded next year to an eighth place finish and a first round exit.

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      Wow, that’s pretty weird to think about. But what about other teams who have a lot of shootout losses like Carolina and Florida? Would their goal differentials improve a lot? If so, it might be similar to the Habs’ numbers.

    • Malreg says:

      We also never had to pull a goalie mid-game this year.

  64. ooder says:

    i wonder what gomez can possibly have to say

    The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

  65. Bripro says:

    There’s a missing video between Pleks and Gomez.
    I guess they got wise and left either Kaberlazy or Can’tpoli on the cutting room floor. Foreshadowing?

    • shiram says:

      These are so bland anyways, and difficult to understand what is being said.

      • Bripro says:

        I think next year the team should assign an arbitrator to field the questions prior to presenting them to the players.
        What a question was that for Gorges:
        (Basically) “So now that the season is over, give us your honest opinion of Gomez….c’mon…..honestly!”
        What did he expect?
        “Uh…yeah…Gomez was useless, and I hope they dump him next year”.

  66. Stormin says:

    Check out these high lights of I hope the newest Canadiens from this years draft Alex Galchenyuk and Michael Matheson. Matheson has grown 2 more inches and is not as listed 6″1 but is now 6’3 size matters in the show. His biggest asset though is he is one of the best pure skaters in the draft, also he has superior offensive skills , skating hard shot. Physically strong going to Boston College NCAA after this season , playing in Dubuque for former Hab Jim Montgomery. From Pointe Claire perfectly bilingual for the politically thinking supporters of the Habs, I have seen him play many many times and he would be a steal with our first pick in the 2nd round.

  67. Malreg says:

    Very disappointed that Gorges did not get an invite to the Worlds from Hockey Canada.

  68. disgustedhabsfan says:

    One bummer of a season. Maybe we win the draft lottery. If that’s the case, it was worth it. Team needs a legitimate superstar. Otherwise, addition by subtraction — and ship Gomez out of here. Buy him out or plant his ass in Hamilton. Will serve him right for playing like a puss.

  69. HabinBurlington says:

    I am appalled at the jacket Price is wearing during this interview. Clearly he is again embarrassing this organization.

  70. gmd says:

    Gomez wasn’t his usual wise ass self in that clip, maybe he knows he won’t be back next year.

    PK’s killing me with the Yankees hat.

    Go Jays!

  71. munch17 says:

    A few observations about the year.

    1. I don’t usually agree with Jack Todd but I do agree that the team entered the season unprepared , no power play , too many exhibition games , hardly any practice time. Was this greed on part of owners? Don’t know. I hope they’ve learnt.

    2. Carey Price is an elite goalie. Not perfect. But watch other games,goalies,hi-lites – every game has weak goals – CP didn’t give up too many playing with pretty inexperienced and soft defence. Todd is wrong about PK – CP is our best penalty killer and he handles the puck extremely well ( yes he does make mistakes).But he saves our defence a lot of wear and tear on the dump ins and can get the puck out of our zone better than most other goalies.
    3. Cammy was a so-so top 6 forward ( he was great in the play-offs). In trading him we got Bourque, a prospect , 2nd round pick, and cap relief. So don’t expect him to be a top six forward. I hope next year he will be a steady 3rd liner – maybe with Eller and Gionta.

    4. Kaberle – wouldn’t get my blood pressure too high about him one way or the other.

    5. The future – not horrible. We are one of the best 15th place teams ever. I hope we get a big center – then figure out what to do with Pleks and DD. Gomer has to go. Prospects not in AHL because a lot played in NCAA. Good defence prospects.

    • New says:

      I think you’re right. There isn’t much difference between NHL goaltenders today but Price is above the pack and is as responsible for the PK strength as anyone, and he is getting better.

      Small differences go a long way. Losing Boucher then Muller exposed Martin for what he is. An average NHL coach. Losing Muller was a problem for the PP.

      Since Markov began to play the team took 15/26 possible points. Over the year that would have been 95 points. Or, lining up against Boston or the Rangers and a 16th overall draft pick or greater.

      Different coaching and GM situation? Probable different result. Since this result was terrible the probable result is in the playoffs. Same with Markov.

      Such is life. Bourque is trying too hard.

    • habitude says:

      Have to admit, I’ve done a 180 on Price. Wasn’t thrilled when he seemed to have just been handed the job a few years back but I’ve really come to respect his quiet determination, his mostly unflappable nature and his clear dedication to his teammates (it’s clear they like him too). He’s even got a very good sense of humour from what I can tell (interaction with media, all-star game antics etc.). I hope he’s on the Habs for many years to come. Thanks for reading this and take care.

  72. Hobie Hansen says:

    Go Habs Go!

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