Video: Bruins’ Thomas, Chara after Game 3 win

The Boston Bruins have pushed their Eastern Conference quarterfinal against the Canadiens back to Boston for Game 5 with a 4-2 Game 3 win at the Bell Centre in Montreal on Monday.

Video below is of Bruins goalie Tim Thomas and captain Zdeno Chara.


  1. jimmy shaker says:

    Price will make amends for that error….The boys almost came back and saved it for Carey, but Thomas made the key saves, so give him credit. Realistically 4 of the 5 goals (not counting the empty netter) were shite goals. Should’ve been a 1-0 cubs win, but anyways. Price will rebound, the boys need to keep the intensity way up and convert on the PP when they get the chances. Early first goals of the game have made or broke the habs all year. If the boys score in the first five minutes of the game, they win! If they give up a goal in the first five minutes, they lose. Let’s get the first one on thursday and let Carey take it home! Good game, can’t win them all……I’m surprisingly not mad or bothered that much at all!


  2. Chuck says:

    The “Turning-Point-Of-The-Game-That-Turned-Out-Not-To-Be” was Chara’s missed high-stick in the first period. Not only would it have been a sure 4-minutes due to Wiz’s bleeding mouth, but the first part of it would have been a 5-on-3. Potting one on what should have been a big powerplay for the Habs would have really changed the complexion of the game.

  3. Timo says:

    Well, I guess we got all of the 8 million out of Gomez in game one. Since then – nothing. Same for Gionta. JM for Adams still? How about Hammer and Spach for Norris? The team that can allow itself to be swept by emotions or worse simply think that the series is in the bag got what it deserved. Same as the regular season – show up only for a part of the game. I mean, heck, it was great mystery that the crowd was going to go wild. Noone could have anticipated that. So I understand how our players and coaches were completely caught by surprise.

    The team was completely useless like in the most games during the regular season. Bruins weren’t any better than they were in games one and two. Habs were just back to their normal selves. Pathetic all around. So, the worse team is going to lose this series.

    Oh, btw, are we still bowing down to Gainey and Gauthier and thank you thank you thank you for blessing us with such talented and dedicated crew?

  4. ProHabs says:

    Mike B, how come none of the reporters from Montreal didn’t spit in Chara’s face or knock his teeth out while that goon was talking. It was a chance for a reporter to become a hero. There must have been a number of Montreal reporters that would have been there for backup: heavy weight champ Hickey, tough guy Melnick, two tall Jones Todd and of course Hot Red Head Fisher.

  5. AceMagnum says:

    Trying desperately not to feel the same way I did in 1996 and 2006.

  6. j2w4habs25 says:

    Does anyone know how to put a photo on here?
    <<< i want to know

    Carey Price #31

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