Vanek set to make Habs debut in Phoenix; Gorges returns to Montreal

Goaltender Dustin Tokarski made an impressive debut in a Canadiens uniform Wednesday night, backstopping the Habs to a 4-3 shootout win in Anaheim.

And now Habs fans can get excited about Thomas Vanek making his Montreal debut Thursday in Phoenix against the Coyotes (9 p.m., TSN-HABS, RDS, TSN Radio 690). Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin acquired Vanek from the New York Islanders just before Wednesday’s 3 p.m. NHL trade deadline and the forward joined the team in Phoenix Thursday.

“Any time (you get traded) you’re excited to come in and meet the guys,” Vanek told reporters Thursday in Phoenix. “It’s a little bit overwhelming, but since the minute I found out I had been traded to Montreal, they’ve treated me first class. We just had a quick meeting this morning and I’m sure coach will let me know (who I’m playing with) later.”

Josh Gorges won’t be in the Canadiens’ lineup against the Coyotes. There were reports after Wednesday’s game that the defenceman has a broken hand and he returned home to Montreal Thursday to be re-evaluated by team doctors. Gorges is believed to have suffered the injury during last Saturday’s game against Toronto, but continued to play, including 21:28 of ice time in the win over Anaheim.

Tokarski, who was called up from the AHL’s Hamilton Bulldogs after Carey Price was sidelined with a lower-body injury, said he only worried about one thing in his Habs debut Wednesday night.

“I had to take it as any other game and just do what I did to get here,” he told reporters in Anaheim after the game.  “I had to go out there and worry about one thing, stopping the puck. I just had to block everything else out. I think it’s good to have nerves. I had to fight them off and at the end of the first I got a lot of saves in after not many in the first 10 minutes. It felt good going into the second to have some shots.”

The Canadiens didn’t have a morning skate in Phoenix, but injured players Brandon Prust (upper body), Michael Bournival (concussion) and Price all skated at Arena.

GM Bergevin, who was in Chicago Wednesday for the funeral of his mother-in-law, was to join the team Thursday in Phoenix and meet with reporters shortly before the start of the game.

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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  1. gfurlano says:

    I really like the Vanek trade. I dont know why a lot of people have Wiese ahead of moen on their depth charts. Moen is important cuz he is on the PK and on the shut down line with Pleks at the end of the game.

    For tonight I my lines would be
    Pac — DD — Gally
    Chucky — Pleks — Vanek
    Bourque — Briere — Gio
    Moen — White — Wiese

    Markov — Emm
    PK — Weaver
    Murray — Tinner

    Eller needs to sit another game after they won without him last night. Any ive like murray with tinner for the short term so I would keep them together. If gorges is out long term I would call up beaulieu.
    IN the future when we have a healthy lineup my lines would be

    Pac — DD — Gally
    Chucky — Plek –Vanek
    Gio — Eller — Briere
    Moen — White — Prust

    Pk — Gorges
    Markov — Emm
    Murray –Tinner

  2. gmur says:


    Weaver, a reliable defenceman, who averaged some of the toughest minutes of any Panthers defenceman this season and has an edge to his play;

    Dubnyk, an insurance goaltender who has played as big as his size in the past;

    Vanek, a goalscorer who averages almost a point-per-game and is the Habs leading scorer as of yesterday…

    And there is not one player gone from the lineup of a team who sits comfortably in a playoff position without these players in the lineup.

    Not a bad few day’s work by Bergevin.

    Let’s hope Gorges isn’t gone for long… Mike Weaver’s acquisition certainly looks pretty good right now with Gorges’ absence. Gives depth to Therrien to work with.

    Feels good to be a Habs fan today.

  3. Storman says:

    I was just watching CNN, they just showed a video of a guy pumping gas, when suddenly his arm caught on fire, he started running towards store entrance when he was abruptly shot in the leg by a police officer coming out of the store,, when the police officer was asked why he shot him, he said he was waving a fire arm..

    • Kooch7800 says:

      ba dump dump tish

      “Lets Go Canada”

      • stephen says:

        As long as we’re going there…

        There once lived two boll weevils in South Carolina. One grew up to become rich and famous in Hollywood. The other never left home and didn’t ever amount to much. People said he was the lesser of two weevils.

  4. Un Canadien errant says:

    I tried to post my admittedly lengthy take on the Thomas Vanek trade, with a Jerry Seinfeld quote for a preface, and the HIO gremlins didn’t like it. They gulped it down and didn’t even leave a crumb.

    If you’re interested, you can read it by clicking on the link below.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige

  5. Sportfan says:

    I have a few legit questions

    When will we here from MB about yesterday?

    Where will Vanek play, who sits?

    Last but not least, anyone still in shock by the trade?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  6. dano58 says:

    Well we all now know M/B is all in for this years team so it could be a win/win for us fans. If we go deep anything is possible and if we don’t well maybe anything is possible(M/T fired). See that is a win/win either way.

    GO HABS GO!!!

    “Always looking to better my team.”-M/B

  7. Mr_MacDougall says:

    @Chris on gorges

    He is very similar to Dan Girardi in almost every way.. Points, size, shots blocked, hits, +\- for their careers.

    He is an important player that can impact the outcome of a playoff series with his PK ability and defensive play all while taking very few penalties.

    I think the perception of Gorges is undervalued because he is paired with PK and evaluated as a #2 D which he is not… He is paid like a 3-4 D and plays great based on that.

    • on2ndthought says:

      and is genuinely liked by others, not unimportant in a team setting

      “a cannonading drive”

    • Chris says:

      The similarities between Gorges and Girardi (another Guelph Storm fave, by the way!) were not lost on me. It has been a little disappointing to see the piling on of Josh Gorges this season on HI/O. He is a valuable contributor to the team.

      The big difference between Girardi and Gorges is that Girardi piles up a lot more hits each season. I understand that Habs fans would like to see a more physical defence corps, but that will never really be Gorges’ game. Instead, he is very adept (and fearless) at blocking shots and he is a good positional defender.

  8. Cal says:

    Anyone see Bellyful lately, or is he on vacation?

  9. SC27 says:

    Now we will really find out the true value of Gorges and what he brings to the D corps on a nightly basis.

  10. moroccanhabfan says:

    Hello Commentariat,
    I am in Southern California and watched the Habs play the Kings and Ducks so here are a few comments:
    – Comparing both games, it almost looks like two different teams. What a difference energy levels & commitment can make ! The boys looked gassed after that 6 hour flight and it showed in their execution.
    – Bourque hits really hard and seems to implicate himself more than I had thought. However it seems that he just lacks hockey IQ, not being able to know where his linemates are on the ice and not making very good decisions as a result.
    – I was sitting behind Hiller’s goal (first row behind the glass) and with one of the first hits of the game Moen practiacally broke the glass (they needed to call a repair crew to make sure it was OK.) I almost jumped out of my seat. However can’t recall seing Moen much the rest of the game.
    – Gallagher is a fireball. Amazing to watch him handle the puck. His hands and stickhandling ability is way underrated. You always people say “he plays with grit” and “fights for every inch” but lets be honest, if this kid wasn’t so good at protecting the puck, he wouldn’t be performing so well. He’s got a rare mix of natural ability (he was an elite scorer in the WHL, remember?) and strong work ethic. He can stickhandle, pass, shoot, check, what can’t he do ? One thing that worries me is when he skates with his head down searching for the puck. Barring injuries, this kid will become an elite scorer at the NHL level. MSL type.
    – PK is phenomenal. By far the smoothest skating defenseman in the league IMO. Yes, Doughty is a hell of a hockey player. But looking at his footwork there is no comparison with Subban. Subban could probably be a professional figure skater if he wanted to. Also, the strength with which he handles the puck is amazing. Its only a matter of time that he sharpens every other aspect of his game, we sometimes forget he is 24. 3 years and another Norris trophy from now, there will be no argument about who is the best D-man in the league.
    – Gorges is impressive. His body position, stick position, is always perfect. What a reliable guy. Its sad to see how many people (even on this site) don’t see his value to the team, and continually criticize him because he can’t make plays like PK can. His skating, passing, and bodycheecking are not impressive but he is never a liability either.
    – Vanek was … well, I imagine he will look amazing in bleu-blanc-rouge.
    Go habs go !

    With Subbie, Chucky & Gally… The Future is Bright !

    • Chris says:

      Having watched Drew Doughty through his four years in Guelph, I can assure you that he is absolutely capable of some pretty astounding footwork as well. He used to resort to it a fair bit in his first couple of seasons, but he’s greatly simplified his game the past two years.

      Like many of the Storm players, Doughty received some coaching from a fairly famous figure skater (Barbara Underhill’s husband is a part-owner with the Storm, and she’s since been hired by the Leafs after they saw how much her tutelage was helping the Storm players).

    • on2ndthought says:

      nice post, thanks

      “a cannonading drive”

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Thanks for the notes. One year I really have to head down to Cali when the Canadiens are on their West Coast trip. It’s almost a dream trip: hockey, and sunshine in winter.

      • moroccanhabfan says:

        That’s the reason why I’m here UCe. 🙂
        I drove down from Vancouver with a couple friends to take advantage of good weather, phenomenal views, and everything else California has to offer. Oh yeah, and Cali happens to have three elite hockey teams.

        Also, at one point yesterday Corey Perry gave me eye contact for a second before firing a shot into the glass where I was sitting (had there been no glass, it would have been my face ) as a “get the hell outta the front row, hab fan” type gesture.
        But in all seriousness, I noticed he pays lots of attention to pleasing fans during warmups. He and Getzlaf are great for this franchise, and no wonder they don’t ever want to leave orange county.
        And another note … Sitting next to me was a family (parents & two daughters) who’ve held duck season tickets since ’93 inaugural season and were going all crazy throughout the game. Yeah SoCal is not Quebec when it comes to hockey fans, but the game is growing, and the atmosphere in both LA and the OC was way more exciting what I had envisioned. Props to Bettman for helping grow the game in the South (this is coming from a bettman-hater)

        With Subbie, Chucky & Larsy… The Future is Bright !

  11. CHicoHab says:

    Fan 590 show Toronto this morning the host said Vanek overrated. What has he ever done in the play offs is what callers were saying.
    No kidding.He hasn’t been in a play off since 2010-2011 season. Leaf fans criticizing what an individual has done in the play offs. How about the Leaf team’s play off success?? Not much since Nineteen Sixty something………………..dont know why I tuned to that station…………

    “take your time and hurry up”

    • SC27 says:

      Sounds like pure jealousy coming out of the Toronto media! They deserved nothing and they got nothing. Some of the comments from Leaf fans just make me so angry for whatever reason; maybe just because how brainwashed they are.

    • Mozeby says:

      I heard that crap this morning too. I guess Jeff Blair ( or whoever that moron is) is working on the side as Nonis’ spin doctor. Hey, the Leafs don’t need any help. Phaneuf is the best d-man in the leaque, Berniner the best goalie, Kessel the best winger, they have the best coach, Morgan Riley is the best d man since Paul Coffee. Vanek “only” scores 30-40 goals a year. Who needs him? Not the Leafs, according to the yo-yos in leaf land.

    • PrimeTime says:

      I used to have a decent amount of respect for Jeff Blair as a Globe & Mail journalist, and even as an occassional guest on Primetime with Bob McGowan. But ever since he took over the morning slot on The Fan he has turned into a Leaf fan and is always pumping their tires. “Toronto is best Canadian team”; “Canada will not win gold because Canada is weak in goal”, blah blah blah. He has really turned into a jerk and has become very annoying.

      “Fans are entitled to express their opinion, but most of the comments on talk radio and on The Gazette’s Hockey Inside/Out website ranged from the mildly uninformed to the outrageously stupid” – Pat Hickey.

      º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

  12. Un Canadien errant says:

    Temperature in Vancouver, according to Team 1040: frigid, as concerns ownership and management. They’re running a poll asking if fans are happy Ryan Kesler is still a Canuck, and it’s a dead heat at 50-50. Those who are against don’t dislike Ryan or necessarily want him gone, they just don’t want to go through the convulsions the team went through with the Roberto situation. They also don’t believe that the return will be better at the draft in June.

    Conversely, there are rumours flying that it was the Aquilini family which nixed a trade with the Penguins, partly because they’ve lost trust in Mike Gillis in executing this or any other trade, and partly because John Tortorella presumably has their ear (they hired him, not Mike Gillis, goes the rumour), and he wants to have him for a playoff push.

    This is going to get messy. The Canucks are playing the Dallas Stars tonight, and at the forefront of this clash is that the Stars owner, Tom Gagliardi, used to be a business partner of Francesco Aquilini, and they were in negotiation to buy the Canucks jointly, until the deal broke down and Mr. Aquilini went ahead and bought the team by himself. There were accusations of a double-cross, a messy divorce, the whole thing landed in court.

    Since then, the Stars stole Kevin Connauton and a second-round pick from the Canucks in return for ultimately useless rental Derek Roy. They’ve also drafted quality rookie Valeri Nichushkin 12th overall this spring, one slot after the Canucks picked up Bo Horvat, who had to be sent back to junior for more seasoning.

    So while the on-ice product from the Canucks for the foreseeable future will not be great, the backroom dealings and boardroom action should be fantastic.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Had completely forgotten about the part where Aquilini and Gagliardi were going to be partners. Always fascinating to read the behind the scenes.

  13. on2ndthought says:

    I watch every habs game (and a nearly equal number of unimportant NHL tilts not involving the Saint-Flannel). All year I’ve seen ONE bad game by Bourque (not many great games to be sure).

    When we picked Bourque up we were supposed to be getting a big body that can score. We got a big body…

    OK, a big body that can skate, even skate with the puck, but can’t score.

    So why do I like him? He’s a big body. He forechecks and backchecks and gets his big body in the way. He doesn’t win all his battles, but he’s in those battles and he’s not getting pushed over. He is skating and getting in the way of players who can’t push him out of the way. He stays calm (“doesn’t appear to care”) but he keeps skating and getting in the way.

    I think it was during the Xmas break that he had his really bad game and was benched, I am convinced he was flu ridden, but we just needed the bodies then.

    I appreciate many of us need a whipping boy, and that Gomez is gone. Just remember when you are whipping, that you are whipping a big body now.

    “a cannonading drive”

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I notice much of the same. Quite often I see a player rush into the corner in the opposing end, knock the opposition of the puck and give the Habs control. I check the number and it’s often Bourque!

      It’s really hard to put a finger on why he doesn’t have much success, like you said he’s often very noticeable out there. He isn’t getting much ice time anymore but before, he was getting chance after chance and had the worst luck ever!

      • Mattyleg says:

        I think it’s a confidence thing – he’s hit more than his fair share of posts, and it seems like every time he does it, he shrinks a bit.

        He’ll have a great shift where he’ll drive to the net, throw his weight around, but when it doesn’t result in a goal, his next shift is a little less intense, and the next one a little less than that, etc.

        This is why he (like Eller) tends to score in bunches – he needs to see results for his efforts, or else he doesn’t try it again.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      I agree with everything, I’ll add he doesn’t take many bad penalties either..

    • Phil C says:

      I’m not a big Bourque fan. He seems to always be a half second late on his forecheck, he glides way too often for someone who gets paid to play hockey. They are only 40 second shifts, so he should be able to keep his feet moving. He loses way too many puck battles for a guy his size due to a lack of intensity. He’ll even sometimes cruise by the net instead of stopping to look for rebounds which really drives me nuts. I think his results so far reflect what I have observed. When Bournival and Prust are back, I’m pretty sure he’ll be in the pressbox unless he starts playing with more jam.

      • on2ndthought says:

        yeah, he doesn’t play with fire.. he just plays, guess it’s a personality thing, transfer Gally’s heart into that body….

        “a cannonading drive”

    • Habfan10912 says:

      I guess I need to watch more closely. I’m not a fan and I see an uninspired player on way to many occasions. He’s one of the reasons why the team struggles to score 5 on 5. 12 points in 51 games seems to me to be a fair measurement of his play this season.

      I do appreciate your take though. I might be too harsh. CHeers.

  14. J Haul says:

    I like Vanek.

  15. CH Marshall says:

    MT should let Vanek experience the awesomeness of DD’s passing… and I agree with Mads, put those kids back together

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      Putting Galchenyuk and Gallagher with Eller creates a whole whack of problems. Eller does not deserve to play with those guys based on his play as of late, and it is a demotion for the wingers who are currently on the top two lines and receiving PP time.

      Furthermore, Galchenyuk has looked fantastic with Plek and Gio while the DD Patch Gallagher line has been flying. Do you really disrupt all four lines?

  16. Un Canadien errant says:

    The Devils no longer have to forfeit their first-round pick for the cap-circumvention penalty on the Ilya Kovalchuk deal? After stalling for years, putting off the draft they’d surrender their pick until the last possible moment, they get a call from the Commissioner giving them a reprieve? Should we be surprised at this kind of justice, given the state of NHL refereeing, and the state of the hands and wrists of the Canadiens after a night of playing through Corey Perry slashes under the somnolent eye of the zebras?

    There were some cynical posters at the time the penalty was announced who swore there would be some conspiracy or dodge and the Devils would never have to pay. They’re being proven right.

    Who thinks the Canadiens would have gotten a reduced sentence if they’d been caught cheating? Or the Calgary Flames?

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige

    • The Jackal says:

      You’re right UCE, it’s disappointing and I’d wonder what would happen if a popular/successful franchise did this rather than a team that needs to be propped up in some ways.

      But at the end of the day as was said below, some teams that circumvented the cap did not get any punishment and Kovy ended up bolting.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        As was pointed out below, some teams will in future seasons be hammered with cap recapture penalties when some players retire before their contracts expire, but the Devils got off scot-free, with the bogus ‘retirement’ and now this.

        • The Jackal says:

          Yeah did not see they had incurred penalties.
          But I still agree with 24 cups – it’s a compromise of sorts.

          Hockey sine stercore tauri.

      • Chris says:

        To be fair, the Devils have been one of the more successful franchises over the past two decades, perhaps second only to the Detroit Red Wings.

        • The Jackal says:

          I meant successful as teams that don’t need financial/other support from the league and also don’t have that big a fan base. Pretty sure the Devils had some money troubles recently as well as some troubles selling out their arena but I could be confusing it with another team.

          Hockey sine stercore tauri.

          • Chris says:

            No, they’ve definitely had some financial difficulties of late. Their ownership group has been a mess. Still, Lou Lamoriello is one of the more skilled GM’s, and the degree to which he is plugged into the NHL meant that there was exactly 0 chance of that first round pick penalty ever actually coming to fruition. I wasn’t even remotely surprised at the news that the pick was returned, albeit as a 30th overall pick.

    • Gerry H says:

      NBL – National Bush League

    • 24 Cups says:

      Normand – I think you could see this coming a mile away. I’m not surprised. When it’s all said and done, I still think it’s a fair compromise. The entire cap circumventing situation was a black eye on many teams as well as the league.

      BTW, I’m not sure you saw my post concerning Vancouver’s future cap penalties for Luongo but let me tell you it’s really ugly. I’m still not sure why they just didn’t buy him out last June. I expect maybe the owner didn’t have that amount of coin. Of course you would have a better handle on that.

      BTW, there is a chance that the temperature might go above zero here tomorrow in Slowville. The last time that happened was when Emelin played a good game.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        The good thing is that Roberto, playing close to home like this, in a low-pressure environment, is more likely to eke it out to the end of his contract, as an uncomplaining backup, than he would be as a Maple Leaf or Canuck or Flyer, so the Canucks have more a chance to dodge that bullet. If Gary Bettman doesn’t change the rules again.

  17. jols says:

    Lines are going to be:
    Prust(when healthy) and any combo of the rest…

    I think the line most people want to see is Vanek/Pleks/Chucky. But Therrien being the fossil that he is will not ‘disrespeck’ the captain and actually still doesn’t trust Chucky in a prominent role.

    • The Jackal says:

      Or we could listen to Chris’ very insightful comment below and see that playing that line may not be that good an idea. Another great point against that genius proposition is that Pleks and Gio are a great shutdown pair that contributes offensively – why break that up when you can make a new line that won’t disrupt an important component of our team’s success?

      It’s nuts how people still rag on MT despite a very successful second stint as a coach.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Ozmodiar says:

      Yes, I agree with this line-up. (I think, given the depth, Prust is out of the top 9)

      – MT won’t drop Gio’s minutes.
      – Vanek is a LW
      – DD is always looking to feed Max.
      – LW on Pleks’ line has been a bit of a turnstile, so Vanek will slot in nicely.

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      Yep, that’s the easy thing to do, doesn’t disrupt Patch/DD/Gallagher who have been flying…

      I also would like Gio bumped to the 3rd….

      Vanek Plekanec Galchenyuk
      Patch DD Gallagher
      Bourque Eller/Briere Gionta
      Prust Eller/Briere Moen

  18. Chris says:

    For all the dismissal of Josh Gorges’ game on this site throughout the year, I think it is fair to give him his due. He played last night’s game with a broken hand, and he played relatively well. I can pretty much guarantee that he broke that hand on Saturday night against the Leafs when he took that slap shot off the hand that had him bleeding on the bench.

    He proceeded to finish the game, and then he played against the Kings and the Ducks last night. I was surprised and impressed that he didn’t leave the game on Saturday night, as that looked bad. The fact that he played two more games shows what a trooper the guy is.

    People may not like his form of leadership, but the guy has heart in spades.

    • krob1000 says:

      agree..and I thought he palyed well last night

    • jimmy shaker says:

      he is fearless and very under appreciated here, even by me! I’ve had him in many of my armchair gm dealings on here…..but for sure he would be missed by the team if he is gone for any long period of time. He is the perfect number 5 D on our team, but plays in the 3 or 4 based on need. He’s a little expensive as a 5, but you can’t replace his heart or dedication…….kind of annoying on 24ch but overall a great asset to the habs. He plays through this if it were the playoffs, but with MB’s move for weaver, josh can afford to rest and come back as healthy as he can.

      Shaker out!

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        He’s not expensive as a 5 if we get Beaullieu and/or Tinordi in the top 4 on cheaper deals (kinda like how Gallagher and Galchenyuk are amazing bang for the forward buck)

    • Mattyleg says:

      Doing all the things that you just talked about is a form of leadership that speaks louder to players than the whooping people see on 24CH.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Chris says:

        I’ve never watched 24CH…I can think of few things that interest me less than watching a bunch of athletes talk. Well, listening to teenagers on the bus is slightly worse:

        “And I was like _______, and the she was like _______, and like we totally like hit it off.”

        I was amusing myself this morning counting the likes in a conversation between the two female university students sitting next to me this morning….I gave up when it surpassed 100 in the < 5 minute bus ride.

        • Mattyleg says:

          I don’t watch it either.
          I think my hockey heroes (for the most part) are best seen and not heard.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • jimmy shaker says:

            Really…..I love seeing the behind the scenes stuff……seeing how these guys interact and the great things they do for the community. It’s great telly viewing compared to 95% of the crap that is on nowadays.

            shaker out!

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            You guys are missing out. While it’s not an unfiltered view, you do get some insights on the team dynamics, and a better understanding of how a team is run.

            I still can’t get over the fact that these guys get to eat all the time for free. There’s fridges full of drinks, protein bars and other sundry snacks, catered breakfasts, lunches, dinners, constantly.

            Not jealous.

  19. Donkey Hoat says:

    I was away a few days, did I miss anything?

  20. Mattyleg says:

    Dipsy, you still around?

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • DipsyDoodler says:


      Moving. Forward.

      • Mattyleg says:

        There once was a scorer called Vanek
        who made all opposing teams panek,
        so MB went out
        and he got him for nowt,
        Now he’s putting up points with Plekanek.

        Got it?

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • DipsyDoodler says:


          Moving. Forward.

        • The Jackal says:

          This is a very advanced form of message encryption – to use certain verses to create a hidden message intended for the recipient while leaving the other readers distracted by whatever style is used. To you and Dipsy, this is the time and place for exchanging your game tickets. To everyone else on HIO, this is a clever rhyme about Vanek.

          Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  21. UnkleGary says:

    I don’t think you put Vanek on DDs line, they need a guy on that line to crash and bang and get in the goalies face. Patches is already the sniper on that line.
    I think maybe this is the time to test Eller. Let’s finally give him some legit wingers and see how he does.
    Keep Pleks line together in a defensive role with Briere if we need offence or Moen is we need to keep a lead. Something like
    Patch/ DD / Gally
    Briere (Moen) / Pleks / Gio
    Vanek / Eller/ Chucky
    Prust/ White/ Weisse
    Anyhoo, had to throw my two cents, what a fun time to make up lines.


  22. jols says:

    I wonder when Therrien is going to give Vanek the ‘you are now a grinder’ speech.

  23. FANHABULOUS says:

    Vanek didn’t get a point last night… send that bum down to Hamilton.

    Seriously though, here’s my line-up going forward (since everyone seems to be making up combos):

    Max/DD/Vanek – Our obvious #1 line with our best scorers and arguably our best setup man. This easily becomes a tough line to contain.

    Galchenyuk/Eller/Gallagher – Already proven that they have chemistry, play at high speed and score goals. I like the youth, skill, enthusiasm, mixed with Gally and Eller’s grit on this line.

    Briere/Plex/Gionta – MT always uses Pleky’s line as the shutdown line in the playoffs anyways… heck, it happen when Martin was coach too, so you know that’s what his main priority will be: keep the other teams top line off the score sheet. With Gio and Briere, they can just concentrate on D, and chip in a goal here and there. Plus, Plek and Gio will be on penalty killing duty, while Briere might help on the PP.

    Weise/White/Prust – Grit, pace, 3 guys who can fight, lots of energy… your classic 4th line.

    Lots of spare parts to plug into the 4th line.

    On D:

    Gorges – PK
    Markov – Emelin
    Murray – Tinner/Weaver

    With Price and this line-up, assuming everyone plays up to potential, we have a chance to go deep.

    “You will not regret picking me” – PK Subban.


    Vanek – Plek – Gio

    Patch – DD – Gally

    Chucky – Briere – Prust

    Moen – Eller – Bourque

    Weise – White – Parros

    Markov – Emilin

    Subban – Georges

    Murray – Weaver

    Bouillon – Tinordi


    • 24 Cups says:

      Much has been made about this but I would raise two points. Seven years is an eternity in the NHL and Briere is but a shell of the player that he was at that time. Secondly, Vanek is here to do one thing – take the team as far in the playoffs as possible. To me, that means he plays with the best players, both 5 on 5 as well as the PP.

      • arcosenate says:

        Keep in mind that is why Briere is here as well, for the playoffs.

        I agree with you, it’s 7 years, but I bet they at least see PP time together.

    • on2ndthought says:

      man, that was a good team!!!

      “a cannonading drive”

  25. Habs_101 says:

    Vanek – Galchenyuk – Gallagher (ALL OFFENSE)
    Patch – DD – Borque (Exploit)
    Briere/Moen – Plekanec – Gionta
    Prust – Eller – Weise/White


    • SmartDog says:

      With all the forwards we have, as soon as you include Bourque, you’ve lost. Half the time it’s like having no-one on the ice. Can’t risk that.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  26. SmartDog says:

    Patches DD Vanek
    Chucky Eller Gallagher
    Gio Pleks Moen/Briere
    Prust White Wiese/Bournival

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • jimmy shaker says:

      When everyone is healthy, I would like this


      Parros, Bourque and wiese = extra


      Frankie = extra

      Bournival/Tinordi…..can stay for dep, but MB will probably send them down to hamilton along with tokarski

      Pricer and Budashe

      Shaker out

    • Cal says:

      Vanek plays left wing.

  27. habsfan0 says:

    I wonder how many shifts it will take for Vanek to get on MT’s bad side?

  28. krob1000 says:

    What time is pregame skate today? Anxious to see lines…”special plan” for Vanek.

  29. adamkennelly says:

    why not play Vanek w/ Eller and Chucky?

    leave DD w/ Gallagher and Pax

    put Plek w/ Gionta and Bourque or Moen or Prust

    and then some mix of whomever is left w/

    Weise, White, Bournival, Parros, as needed.

  30. 24 Cups says:

    Phoenix hasn’t beaten Montreal since Dec 9, 1998 which coincidentally was Mike Boone’s 70th birthday.

    The Habs hope to make it 15th in a row tonight.

  31. The Teacher says:

    Well I guess that weaver trade looks much better now considering our shot blocker has a broken hand.

  32. Timo says:

    I got a little bored so see if you can figure out kimura to crucifix.

  33. on2ndthought says:

    To those who want Vanek with Gio and Pleks: how does it make sense? They have become a checking line against the opponents top line. Leave them to it. You have Galchenyuk and Briere, who are supposed to be delivering offense; pair them with TV and let Eller or Moen take the defensive responsibilty with our captain and best two way player.

    “a cannonading drive”

    • Steeltown Hab says:

      DD line works because they have Gallagher out there grinding. I think Vanek Galch would benefit more from Eller than Briere.

      Unfortunately I think Briere and DD are more spots that are interchangeable, tough because DD’s played well and even when he wasn’t doesn’t get moved. Briere is showing he deserves more but structure of the team makes it tough.


      Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin, Bournival, De La Rose – @J_Perez22

      • Chris says:

        Vanek-Plekanec-Galchenyuk doesn’t make a lot of sense because Vanek and Galchenyuk are both LW. I know that people say that he can play RW, but Vanek has established himself as a top NHL sniper playing on the left side. Why change up something that has clearly worked for a decade?

  34. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    Vanek – Pleks – Chucky
    Patches – DD – Gally
    Bourney – Briere – Gio
    Moen – White – Weise

    Beaulieau – PK
    Markov – Emmy
    Tinner – Murray

    That’s what I’d like to see. The only issue is that you lose Pleks as a checking center. If we were to play the Pens or Leafs — teams where you want to match against a top line — I’m OK with putting Gio back up with Pleks and creating a shutdown line. Put Vanek with Briere to create an offensively oriented line there.

    • knob says:

      I honestly think that it might be better for Therrien to designate Plex as the shut down line on a go forward basis instead of flipping the LW with Moen in the third. Vanek-Galchenyuk-Briere is instantly the most dangerous line. Put Eller with Plex and Gio to check the other teams top lines.

  35. habstrinifan says:

    Slowly morphing into an ‘outsider’ on the site. Better for the nerves the reduced involvement. But may I offer a take or two…

    Vanek deal… one word… BRILLIANT:

    ” Montreal picked up Vanek and a fifth-round draft pick this year in return for a second-round pick and prospect Sebastian Collberg. A second-round draft pick in 2012, Collberg has three goals and six assists in 40 games this season with Frolunda in the Swedish League.”

    Compare what it took to get Vanek to NYI and other deals. Absolutely brilliant regardless of what happens off season. MB stepped up.

    Game last night.. Hope I dont get pilloried for saying the following:

    Man the TWO FRENCH GUYS brought the FRENCH in their shootout goals. Remember when the ‘flying Frenchmen’ represented the elan of scoring finesse as brought mainly by the ‘French players’ on the HABS. Those were two beautiful pure skill shootout goals.

    Let’s not get carried away with Tokarski though. Not his fault but he demonstrated the difference between an NHL and AHL goalie… especially in the shootout.

    Could a period of exciting HABS hockey be close at hand. I am thinking YES. Weise addition and now Vanek were moves in that direction.

    • krob1000 says:

      Tokarski looked very nervous…he fell awkwardly a ew times..both during the game and the shootout….kind of tightened up and fell over. There was one chance where he went to stack the pads and just kind of fell on hisback but Getzlaf or Pery (not sure which) missed the net. HE played well in teh reaction game but any time he was given an opoortunity to think he kind of fumbled…nerves clearly a factor..but he got the win against top NHl team on the orada nd made quite a few saves..good for him! That was not likely his game though…would likely be much more comfortable next go around.

      • habstrinifan says:

        Agree. Just want to suggest to the overly optimistic that any “cupboard overflowing” re goalie prospects which includes Tokarski should be tempered…. just as I think I was right in not falling into line re the ‘potential’ of the Colbergs etc.

        Mind you I still am 100% behind my comment that Connor Crisp is steal of 2013 draft.

        But then again I havent factored in the ‘goalie whisperer’, the ‘McGiver of Goalies’ … one Stephane Waite. He probably could turn Tokarski into a Luongo… uhhh wait!!!!!

        • Chris says:

          I still think that when their careers are stacked side-by-side, that of Sebastian Collberg will surpass that of Connor Crisp. But time will tell.

          Crisp is a good OHL player. But I wanted to see more than a PPG pace from a 19 year old with Crisp’s body. He doesn’t have the excuse of McCarron, who is still growing into his lanky frame. At 6’4″ and 225 pounds, Crisp had already reached his playing weight back in 2012.

          Crisp has impressed me with his leadership this season. I think he can be another Travis Moen like player in the NHL. That is already higher than what I thought he could achieve when he was drafted, but it is hard to see him as a top-6 forward in the NHL.

          • CJ says:

            I think that’s a very fair point. I do agree, although that’s based solely on an educated guess. That said, we now have five players of similar dimension (small, offensively gifted) Reway, Collberg, Hudon, Andrighetto, Lethoken, Thomas. We have far fewer prospects who fit Crisp’s profile. As such, I’m glad it was Collberg and not Crisp.

            Just my two cents….

          • Chris says:

            CJ: I agree. I think Lehkonen and Andrighetto made Collberg expendable, so I have no problem at all with that trade.

            Crisp, De La Rose, McCarron, Gregoire, Nattinen, and Vail are all guys that can play on any line, which gives them a much higher chance of making the NHL than the smaller guys on the list you mentioned, who all (with the exception of Hudon) probably project as either top-6 NHL forwards or career AHL players.

            I think Collberg will get that top-6 chance because he’s got the requisite skills and he’s going to a team that can use him.

        • Storman says:

          Trini I am assuming you did not watch this years WJC where Collberg playing with other U20, was one of the premiere skaters in the tourney with an NHL top six forward release. He does not get top end minutes playing with men in Frolunda but is regularly used in shootouts a la Galchenyuk,, Collberg will be given every opportunity to be a top six forward in a few years in Brooklyn if not next year in Long Island, he was not a stiff or a bag of pucks, we gave up a legit prospect,

          Tokarski to me looked very shaky yesterday..But a win is a win,, and you make your own luck even if you are as nervous as hell.

          • habstrinifan says:

            I watched the tournament and didnt come away as impressed as your. But I am not in any way saying my evaluation is correct… it is just my read… for what it’s worth.

  36. naweed235 says:

    Do I have the depth chart down right?

    Gally DD Patch
    Vanek Pleks Galch
    Gio Eller Briere
    Weise White Prust

    Moen Bourque Parros Bourni

    As much as I’d love to see Bourni in the line up I think he’ll be the one sent down. Something has to be done re. Parros as well. I’d be Ok with having Moen and Bouruqe scratched on a nightly basis

  37. krob1000 says:

    When was the last time the little Montreal Canadiens got pushed around? Doesn’t seem to be much of that after whistle nonsense going on anymore or guys skating through Montreal crease after every whistle.

    • Timo says:

      I agree. Teams aren’t taking nearly as many liberties as they used to knowing guys like Murray, Tiny, Parros, Moen, White and probably Weise are around. But I hear most of all they are afraid of DD unleashed.

    • CJ says:

      I noticed that to. Especially with Tinordi and Murray on the ice. Whistle blows and the crease clears quicker then when the cops arrive at a rave. People used to set up shop and request the wine menu. Like someone said earlier, how far have we come from Bouilion and Diaz?

    • Chris says:

      One factor in this that gets consistently overlooked is that Price has grown up. He used to wear his emotions on his sleeve, and he was very visibly upset at times when there was contact in his crease.

      If you let the opponents see that the contact is getting you annoyed, they are only going to increase the amount of contact until the referees starting handing out penalties.

      Now, Price is the picture of poise. If he gets bumped, he just fights his way back into position. No more arm flapping, no more looking at the referees, no more chopping at the forward in front of him. Just complete focus on the puck. This is the single greatest improvement in Price’s game.

  38. Steeltown Hab says:

    I don’t get how people don’t realize that when Bournival is healthy he’s obviously a top-9 guys for us.

    I still don’t get why Therrien walked away from using him with Plekanec and Gionta when they were so good together.


    Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin, Bournival, De La Rose – @J_Perez22

    • Timo says:

      Michael Therrien works in mysterious ways.

    • knob says:

      I agree with you that Bournival was pretty good with Pleks and Gio…still don’t understand why that line was changed. With all forwards healthy, we would have 16 guys and would need to get down to 14. Bournival (I am only assuming that he is on a 2-way contract) would be the easiest guy to assign to the Bull Dogs

      • Steeltown Hab says:

        They told him to find a place in MTL, he’s staying forsure. Dropping Parros or Bouillon to waivers makes more sense to me.

        Suprised they didn’t deal one of the 4th liners at the deadline.


        Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin, Bournival, De La Rose – @J_Perez22

        • Chris says:

          Dropping Parros is possible, but they now have a ready excuse to send Bournival to the minors if he comes back this season: they can justify it as a conditioning stint, as he has now missed nearly a month with his concussion.

        • CJ says:

          With the expanded rosters, there is zero value in putting anyone on waivers.

      • SteverenO says:

        Bournival with Plek and Gionta (even strength)
        172 minutes – 5 GF – 6 GA (-1)

        Briere with Plekanec and Gionta
        170 minutes- 10 GF – 1 GA (+9)

        Galchenyuk with Plekanec and Gionta;
        134 minutes – 4 GF – 7 GA (-3)

        Any line up that does not include Briere/Plekanec/ Gionta playing together is a mistake, a BIG coaching mistake.


        Steve O.

        • Steeltown Hab says:

          I’d like to see the possession metrics with these three as well. Not sure GF paints the entire picture but better perspective than opinion alone forsure.


          Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin, Bournival, De La Rose – @J_Perez22

    • Chris says:

      Like most rookies, Bournival has his up nights and his down nights. But more importantly, the Habs are currently looking at a home-ice seeding in the playoffs. The Boston Bruins played Tyler Seguin all season only to sit him in the playoffs until injuries forced him back into the line-up when he was a rookie. Bournival is far more of a complementary player than Seguin was, so I don’t think he’s necessarily an obvious top-9 player.

      Bournival has been a pleasant surprise. But NHL coaches typically go with veterans in the playoffs, and Bournival’s production wasn’t good enough to justify keeping him in the lineup ahead of the other players. Throw his concussion into the mix, and you might not see him again this season. The Habs could easily shut him down to ensure he is back to 100% next year.

  39. SteverenO says:

    How will MT make set his forward lines and how long will they last?

    My calculations through data analysis suggests these combos:

    Pacioretty/ Desharnais/ Vanek

    Gallager and Vanek can be interchanged, if necessary.

    Bourque, Parros : healthy scratch
    Prust and Bournival to replace Moen and White when healthy

    Seems to me that Bourque and Moen have become `spare parts` and add little value to the lineup. Although Moen is a “good” penalty killer, We have many who are better, (GIonta, Pacioretty, Prust, Eller, Plekanec, and I would love to see Gallagher can do on the PK.

    Bourque has been useless offensively, (the team has c=scored an average of one goal every 40 minutes with Bourque on the ice at even strength) While he (Bourque) has been effective as a DEFENSIVE forward , we have plenty of others who can take on that role.

    too bad we couldn’t have moved Moen and Bourque for some drafty picks- also would be nice to have them moved to free up space for the younger, speedier, and dare I say `grittier`players like Weise, and Bournival.

    White is an excellent “13th” forward.


    Steve O.

    • Ozmodiar says:

      > My calculations through data analysis suggests these combos …


    • Ozmodiar says:


    • Ozmodiar says:


    • Mike D says:

      I have no fancy stats or analysis to back me, but I’m going to say that Moen is a much better PK’er than Max or Eller. Frankly, it’s not even close. And as far as Moen adding little value to the lineup, I just want to point out that Gally’s goal yesterday was completely due to big Trav bulldozing two ANA players over to free the puck up which Gally cashed. That’s only 1 play, I realize.

      I also think Gally sacrifices his body enough when we’re on offence and doesn’t need to do any more of it on the PK.

      As for White, his play has really improved this year and he is an excellent 4th line C. Gritty, responsible, and tough. He’d be in my top 12.

      – Honestly yours
      Twitter: @de_benny

      • SteverenO says:

        You are RIGHT Mike D…. ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE
        Maybe you should look at some stats…..

        Moen — 144 minutes Shorthanded TOI -17 GA.
        Avg: one GA per 8.5 minutes of short handed play:

        Eller — 86 mniutes Shorthanded TOI -6 GA.
        Avg: one GA per 14 minutes of short handed play:

        Pacioretty:— 64 minutes Shorthanded TOI – 4 GA.

        Avg: one GA per 16 minutes of short handed play:

        Prust — 85 minutes Shorthanded TOI – 6 GA.
        Avg: one GA per 14 minutes of short handed play:

        Plekanec: 187 minutes Shorthanded TOI -18 GA.
        Avg: one GA per 10 minutes of short handed play:
        ( note… he usually plays with Moen)

        White — 62 minutes Shorthanded TOI -5 GA.
        Avg: one GA 12 minutes of short handed play:


        Steve O.

        P.S. Plekanec has 43 minutes MORE Shorthanded time than does Moen and has been on for only one additional GA.

        While this is not 100% conclusive, it is very highly likely that Plekanec would have much better numbers if he played with anyone BUT Moen

        • lach60 says:

          I’d still rather have Pleks and Moen on the ice on the PK in the last minute of the 3rd.

        • Mike D says:

          I appreciate that you put the work in to provide those stats, and I’ll take for granted that the numbers you gave are right, however, they don’t tell the whole story at all. Moen also gets the toughest matchups on the PK since he plays mostly with Pleks (Gio is up there too).

          Max and Eller play far more sporadically and rarely too on the PK, usually against the 2nd PP wave.

          – Honestly yours
          Twitter: @de_benny

        • thorandresson says:

          Yes, but the stats don’t show the full picture.

          Typically Plekanec and Moen will face the top opposing PP.

          One definite conclusion you can make is that Moen and Plekanec are the top penalty killers based on time played.

    • Cal says:

      Vanek plays left wing.

    • bwoar says:

      Like the guy said, Vanek PLAYS THE LEFT WING



  40. habs_54321 says:

    I know everyone thinks Eller can’t play wing and he seems to struggle at wing for some reason but you know what? he struggles at center also! he’s a 6’2 220 lbs body he can play the freaking wing! his mentality is the problem the slightest breeze of wind and he’s off his game and lost.

  41. RetroMikey says:

    Bergy reminds me of Bobby back in the days when Bobby was GM.
    He got Kovalev to shore our offense in a trade before the playoffs and Kovalev stayed in Montreal.
    Can’t say if Vanek will stay in Montreal but I bet he’ll sign in Minnesota in the off-season.
    Wish we traded some of these guys like Markov who was sure to go to Edmonton for a high draft pick and prospect which we need.
    We got the W, but that still does not solve the problems this club has on size and on the D.
    BIG IS BETTER I SAY! It will show come playoff time who is mightier, midget David or the giant Goliath?

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

    • 24 Cups says:

      Based on what the hot shot goal scorers went for yesterday, I’m not so sure the return on Markov would have been as much as you might think.

      I feel the stage is now set for Montreal to re-sign Markov which is fine by me. He is presently our 2nd best defenseman and probably will be for the next two years. Why would we dump him? Who would replace him, unproven kids?

      • Cal says:

        I like that MB thought enough of the effort of this season’s team that he bolstered the roster. The East is wide open. Anything is possible.
        You’re right, it was a buyer’s market yesterday.

  42. sweetmad says:

    I made a comment last night,but nobody else has said anything,Gally A and Gally B were on the ice together at the end of overtime last night,and they looked really good together,their magic was still there,they should be playing together more often.I know I wasn’t dreaming as it was only 9 30 here.
    I love my HABS can’t wait for Vanek to play and CP to come back.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Respectful silence, sweetmad. Alex G. has quick hands and creativity but should be put through keep-away workouts to improve his puck possession skills. Brendan G. is a star, and one of those young players who is “money.” Almost Steven Stamkos-like. I hesitated to write this, but Gallagher is a couple or three years younger than Lars.

      Edit: just wanted to add that Gallagher has one more goal than Mike Cammalleri, and B. Gally missed early-season time due to a concussion.

  43. on2ndthought says:

    Great day to be a Hab fan.

    Gritty team with skill! Man those ducks looked huge last night, but we didn’t flag when the going got tough; still think the refs were unbalanced, but we didn’t falter.

    To those who criticize Gorges:
    Malgré la douleur, Gorges a été utilisé pendant 21:28 minutes contre les Ducks, ainsi que 16:42 face aux Kings.
    He and Murray have become a shut down pair extraordinaire.

    I put Vanek with Briere and Chuky
    DD, Gally, Max
    Eller, Pleks, Gio
    White, Weiss Bourque/Prust/Moen/Parros

    “a cannonading drive”

  44. aHabGrowsInBrooklyn says:

    Talk about burying the lede… Gorges with a broken hand. How about that acquisition of anothe NHL d-man in Weaver? Bergevin looking like Einstein today.

  45. Mattyleg says:

    So, once again, I have two tickets for the Boston game on Wed.
    $135 each, Whites, Section 312, EE.
    Friend got them but can’t go.
    Face value.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Can I pay you back later…just kidding.

      If I were in Montreal or had the day off in Ottawa the next day I’d take them for sure. I’m surprised your 1st post didn’t get them sold.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      I’ll take’em

      I mean seriously, not jokingly.

      Moving. Forward.

    • Storman says:

      Hey Matty..My Daughter Big Habs Fan,, she is home for spring break from UMaine with her boyfriend from Boston big Bruins fan, would be an awesome, little present,, But i think they return to school on weekend i will verify shortly.

      Its all good,,,Looks like i was beaten to the keyboard, by the DipsyDoodler

      If DipsyDoodler, changes his mind let me know, the kids are willing to stay there second week of spring break for Bruins Habs..

  46. Storman says:

    Collberg has NHL top level skating and his release is unreal, will be given every opportunity to be a top six forward in Brooklyn,, Certainly was a hard decision by MB,, i am sure he must have pushed Louis Leblanc and also fought to keep Jacob de la Rose out of the discussion,,this trade looks great now,, but like any trade wait and see,,

  47. knob says:

    One game into the Vanek era and Vanek was invisible last night…just kidding lol

    I was pro trading Markov and Gionta for assets but after watching what the market was yielding yesterday I’m happy that Markov and Gionta are still Habs. Markov would have gotten us a couple of thirds and Gionta a 5th…might as well just keep them. With Vanek in the mix I think that this team could do some damage.

    When all forwards are healthy, I am assuiming that Bournival is sent to the minors and Parros is run through waivers to get within the roster limitations. I am hoping that Therrien doesn’t dress too many fourth line guys. I don’t want to see Prust on the third line so that Moen, White, and Weisse can all play.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Ya I was shocked at how little teams were getting back! I was pro trading Markov and Ginota as well but for solid prospects and 1st round draft picks!

      I couldn’t be more happier today though! Vanek is more than just acquiring a player at the deadline, like a 2nd line goal scorer or a serviceable defenceman. He is pretty much superstar material. He may not be Crosby or Malkin material but is in the next tier for sure. Awesome.

      • CJ says:

        I wonder if focus now shifts to the offseason? Perhaps those decisions might be revisited before the deadline. I don’t think Gionta’s rights would hold any value, but I’m sure you could get a pick in exchange for a window of negotiation with the General.

        To your point, and with which I completely agree, there was no sense in giving these players away. If all that was offered was a 3rd and or 5th rounder for Markov, you walk away.

    • aroma says:

      Don’t even know when we’ll see Prust. He’s injured, right? Then again, when this year was he not out of the lineup or playing hurt. We’ve heard so little about his condition. Almost the forgotten man.

  48. Timo says:

    Just noticed that Vanek was acquired for Collberg and a CONDITIONAL 2nd round pick. What’s the condition?

  49. Mr_MacDougall says:

    I think Brian Gionta is just as good as Ryan Callaghan.

  50. thorandresson says:

    Wow 51% of the commentariat thinks the Habs can win the cup this year, albeit less than 200 have voted so far…

  51. ont fan says:

    Habs only pay 1/4 of Dubynk contract.

    • CJ says:

      And, it’s prorated on top of that. We basically pay 25% of 25% of his original contract which I believe was $3.5 million. Rough math, approximately $200,000 dollars.

  52. rljmartin says:

    How about these future PP combos?

    DD-line as is
    Danny on point if needed

  53. Ron says:

    Dubby getting his 1st start as a Bulldog tomorrow night againist the Barons.

  54. naweed235 says:

    Gorges has a broken hand… He’ll be out for at least a couple of weeks… All of a sudden the Weaver trade makes sense!

  55. shiram says:

    Darren DregerVerified account ‏@DarrenDreger

    NHL will award Devils with the 30th pick in the Draft instead of the 1st round pick as usually determined. Also forgiving $1.5 mil of fine.

  56. WVHabsfan says:

    I think and HIO thread for Tim would be great. I know it would boost my spirits and my family/loved ones!

  57. krob1000 says:

    Any news on Price, Gorges, Bozon, PRust and BOurnival wouldbe uch appreciated…as well should HIO do a Tim Bozon thread to send him?

  58. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    We won’t see Vanek – Pleks – Chucky, which is a crying shame. Gio is a very good third liner. That’s where he should be.

    • BrownHabFan says:

      Agreed could be the revolutionary ok the ak46-pleks-ak27 style line

      “I couldn’t really hear the words that Jeremy was saying because I got my 2 stanley cup rings plug in my ear”
      Patrick Roy

      • Ghosts of the Forum says:

        Also, if it ends up that we do only have Vanek for the rest of this season, I think it’d be a critical piece in Chucky’s development to get exposure to playing with a player of Vanek’s calibre. Help him learn how to be a big time offensive player in this league.

  59. DipsyDoodler says:

    Here is a funny blog post from the Oilers’ site coppernblue about the Hemsky trade:

    I linked to it because it’s funny and well written, but also, so we all understand what a badly run franchise actually looks like.

    Moving. Forward.

  60. habs-fan-84 says:

    Could Price’s “injury” be a blessing in disguise?

    Assuming it’s just a tweak, and he ends up coming back next week 100% healthy; perhaps the 2 weeks he will have had off after the Olympics were a blessing. Naturally, he’ll have adjusted to the time zone difference and he should be both sharp mentally and physically (as gets ready for the stretch run and playoffs).

  61. krob1000 says:

    Just checking out Ovie stats…..depsite a couple of “off years” he is still averaging 51.5 goals per 82 games over his career….about the pace he is on right now…

    • Cal says:

      Too bad the rest of his game sucks, eh? He doesn’t seem to have improved on any other facet of his game. On a team like Pitts, his work ethic would be questioned.

    • Luke says:

      He is an awesome talent.

      The problem with Ovie is that he’s a winger. I really think you need the premiere centre to build around.

      Wingers to supplement, Centres are the foundation.

      • krob1000 says:

        I have wonered if making hima center would force him intoa more defensvie and responsible role…too alte now but in his early years I thought it might mbe a good idea. Big RH centers are a rare breed in the NHL and he has the wheels to be everywhere…..he s a strange one…if you tick him off all of the sudden he is a backcheking and physical beast…but if youlet him sleep, he’ll hang out and wait for everyone to do the dirty work and feed him the puck. Too bad because he is an incredible talent but I think that whole organization needs an ovreahul…OVie needs capatin who can put him in his place. If Ovie played for Boston Chara would have him in line and so would the rest of the team. HE is jsut not leader material…but he cuold be so successful if you could jsut someone have a team where he is not the focal point..but how the hell do you do that? He needs to not be top dog and have to be aprt of something..insted he an d everyone knows he is the system…or lack of one in Wash despite many coaches best efforts. WHo can really challenge him?

  62. slapshot777 says:

    Is it true that Josh Gorges broke his hand.

  63. AZ_Hab_Fan says:

    What’s the Price story?

  64. AZ_Hab_Fan says:

    Awesome! I’ll be there!

  65. BrownHabFan says:

    For the lines it would be nice to see just to maybe help give Eller the kick start he needs


    “I couldn’t really hear the words that Jeremy was saying because I got my 2 stanley cup rings plug in my ear”
    Patrick Roy

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      Not an EGG fan… I like Galchenyuk with Gio.. Learn from the Captain young fella

      • BrownHabFan says:

        So let him learn the defensive style while keeping his offensive touch? I can see that

        “I couldn’t really hear the words that Jeremy was saying because I got my 2 stanley cup rings plug in my ear”
        Patrick Roy

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          And he gets PP time with those guys.. I am a little disappointed he hasn’t received much PP time this season, but it’s better than rushing him I suppose.

          • B says:

            Galchenyuk is 6th on the team and 4th among forwards in PP TOI/g. Only Subban, Markov, Pacioretty, Gallagher and Desharnais (in order) are ahead of him in that dept.

            –Go Habs Go!–

          • Mr_MacDougall says:

            I am aware of those numbers, but most of his time is on the second,wave with less skilled players.. But like I said, perhaps bringing him along slowly is the best method.

          • Luke says:

            Second wave of PP should see him facing less talented or tired PKers.

          • Mr_MacDougall says:

            Id prefer building chemistry with top end talent than second tier talent.. Just an opinion. Your point is valid though, he would be against weaker PK (provided they start their top guys)

          • B says:

            Sorry MacDougall, I thought you were saying that he hasn’t received much PP time this season.

            –Go Habs Go!–

      • Habitforming says:

        If Gio had any of the talent Galchenyuk does then that might be a good idea

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          So you’d prefer putting our “golden nugget” on a line with our most inconsistent center to try to get him going? All while breaking up our top line to het Eller going? You Eller folks are blinded by his size, he is not an intelligent player, rarely makes dynamic offensive plays.. I like Eller a lot, as a bottom 6 player.

  66. Habcouver says:

    Good morning, it’s always great to be a Habs fan! Winning the unexpected games adds to the enjoyment.

    The Yotes are battling for a wild card, so I hope the Habs muster up some strength to meet the challenge tonight.

    Hope Boods shuts the door, and Weaver has an excellent debut.

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  67. shiram says:

    You have to think other teams were in on Vanek too, which makes all the more puzzling that the price was not higher.

    Maybe Snow was asking for too much and got caught near the deadline and had to make a deal.

  68. habsfan2014 says:

    I am one of those who has been critical of MB in the past and I have to admit he impressed me yesterday.

    Now I wish that all my fellow arm-chair GM’s out there just relax and let Vanek play. Who cares if he signs elsewhere in the summer. What matters is Habs making a strong push in playoffs. The East is wide open and if Price continues to play dominant, then who knows. No one gave us any chance in 86 and 93, yet we won and why? A hot goalie and decent core group.

    I’m for one not bothered at all with Price being on shelf. It will just mean he will be well rested and on a mission in the playoffs.

    Its time the pessimistic fans get on the bandwagon and start stirring up some spring fever because there is nothing better in the world then playoffs in Montreal


  69. Vladdy Mondavi says:

    Looking at other moves around the league, it looks like Washington is gearing itself up for the playoffs (Penner and Halak).

    Opinions are like kittens, I’m giving them away.

  70. shiram says:

    we get to see Vanek in a Habs jersey and the game is at a more reasonable time, sun is shining, temps are going up

    Good stuff

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      Days are getting longer, snow boots gradually getting pushed to the back of the closet, evening coffee soon to be replaced by an evening beer.. Habs improving.. Things are on the up and up

  71. durocher says:

    Last night’s game was fun to watch — the Habs seemed to be playing with a lot of confidence, and Toker played excellent against a top team. It was great to see the bench so happy during the shoot-out.

    I’m excited to see TV in the lineup tonight. I imagine BGP comes out for him.

    I expect to see:

  72. Vladdy Mondavi says:


    I like the moves MB has done. It may not bring them to the promised land but any playoff rounds won is experience for the younger players which is always good for their development.

    Opinions are like kittens, I’m giving them away.

  73. durocher says:

    I can now die happy

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