Canadiens upbeat, happy for Gill


The talk in the room after practice was about satisfaction with recent performances, record notwithstanding, a milestone for Hal Gill, who will play his 1000th NHL game Thursday night in Pittsburgh.

AUDIO of Jacques Martin.


  1. CanadienFanTrappedinNiagaraFallsNY says:

    ENOUGH with the talk of firing JM.
    He brought the team to the ECF when they were supposed to be a bubble team in 09-10. They had injuries. They had AHLer’s. They had an unstable goaltending situation. Then they wiped out the STANLEY CUP CHAMPS and the President’s Trophy Winners. We lost to Philly from exhaustion and a lack of talent.
    In 10-11, we improved in the standings, then basically were the second-best team in the playoffs. We lost to the eventual cup champs and came closer to beating them than any other team. Lost by an OT goal. 3 of them.
    Slow start this year. See where it ends up.

    • VONLEBARON says:

      Do u remember who was behind the bench with him that season man…. Kirk Muller, enough said. Why did Muller leave… It was reported by le press, there is a Coaching “dissagreement” in philosophy is what they called it at the time.
      And as for injuries, y do u think we ALWAYS have so many? Cause we are small whimps for the most part. Im a DIE hard habs fan, just makes me sick that a lot of these issues could and would be solved with a new GM and coach. I almost hope we lose the next 5 games, then fire the works of them, and see if the new guys, if picked right, come back and lead this team to the playoffs.

      • Thomas Le Fan says:

        Milwaukee is doing so well, the AHL is considering handing them the Calder Cup at the end of October. Of course, assistant coaches are the absolute key to success and Ian Herbers probably deserves all the credit but lest you overlook the obvious, don’t forget the importance of the mascot. Rumour has it that there’s a new person inside Youpi. There’s where the actual problem might lie.

        • Ehabs9 says:

          Ya Milwaukee is doing great…No one said they were the key to success, but they play a much larger role then they appear to from an outside perspective. A lot of people felt Muller was a large part of the success the team saw, there’s a reason he got offered jobs. He was a player’s coach, Martin doesn’t care about the individual parts and I think we’ll see that take its toll further on in the season, that’s my opinion at least.

        • VONLEBARON says:

          Who ran practise the last couple seasons….MULLER, and at least he is still young enoiugh to skate during practise and demonstrate a few things. Did u see our old timers on the ice in practise….? If my mind serves me correctly, there was a video clip of one of them falling down on the ice while they were just standing by the boards in practise. Its a total joke man. Im not saying that the ASS. coach is everything, but like EHABS9 said, he has a lot bigger role on the team than people think. So far as i was concerned, everyone on the team respected and liked Muller, why would u just let him walk is beyhond me.

  2. PrimeTime says:

    So everyone wants JM fired but no one has proposed his replacement. Who is available……???

    Addition: My choice would be Dale Hunter but it would take a lot for him to leave his London Knights club.

  3. Sportfan says:

    I have two questions answer which ever you please

    1 DO you think Campoli is actually going to comeback from his injury and play or will he become that guy who signed with us but never really gets to play because of the injury??

    2 What are the latest trade rumors i haven’t heard much

  4. samTHEman says:

    Hypothetically speaking, if the Habs missed the post-season and the Leafs made them, I dunno what I would do with myself.

    What would you do?

    It’s P.K. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

    • DEANDALLEY says:

      U & me both …

      That would be worse than getting kicked in the Nads & getting my pecker cut off with a rusty knife!

      “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”

    • HardHabits says:

      I’d post 100 comments a day like I always do.

    • Sportfan says:

      I would have no idea to be honest boycott the playoffs and take a lengthy vacation where hockey doesn’t matter southern states XD

    • JF says:

      The Leafs are actually looking as though they might make the playoffs. The big question for them is goaltending, but so far Reimer is doing fine. He has better numbers than Price. However, most of their scoring is coming from the Kessel line. Kessel has always been a streaky scorer, so if he stops, their offence will sputter. I don’t know how I’ll stand it if they beat us on Saturday, let alone the playoffs.

    • ManApart says:

      Phil Kessel is God?

      Leafs > Habs?

      At least so far. Looks like Burkie might know what he’s doing afterall. Kessel, Lupul, Phaneuf, Steckel all looked great tonight.

    • Propwash says:

      Leafs are getting all their wins done with early.


  5. BKAK72 says:

    All things being equal IMO the following teams have the best lineup to earn a playoff spot: Pittsburgh, Philly, Washington, Boston, Buffalo, Tampa Bay and Rangers. That leaves one more spot. I can’t image that one being for the HABS w. Markov out and an inept offense.


  6. ManApart says:

    Is Kessel God?

    Leafs > Habs

    At least so far, I’m afraid so

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