Updated audio: Price gets start vs. Thrashers

The Gazette’s Pat Hickey reports from the Bell Centre after today’s Canadiens practice that Guy Carbonneau will go with Carey Price in goal tomorrow vs. the Atlanta Thrashers.

Lots of speculation around the arena about trades, but no deal has gone down yet.

Listen to Christopher Higgins and Michael Ryder talk about … all the talk about trades. And here’s Mike Komisarek on the same topic, recorded after Saturday’s 3-0 loss to Columbus.


  1. The Teacher says:

    Yuck, that is a horrible trade! They can have the rights to Jack Todd.

  2. RS says:

    As far as I’m concerned that’s more serious than “stealing” a purse. But thankfully he didn’t kill anybody.

  3. N.B.habs fan says:

    Hit the nail on the head,how true.

  4. moser17 says:

    Hackett is probably playing, since I think I saw a Rolaids delivery truck at the Bell Centre. Good call.

  5. showey47 says:

    If halak gets called up either tonight or tomorrow morning, it pretty much means huet is being dealt. Especially with the announcement that price is starting tomorrow.

  6. Hoegarden says:

    I don’t care if the put Hackett in nets for tomorrow’s game but I do know they have to win this game, no excuses.
    With both Buffalo and N.J. next where both Thibault and Brodeur got shutouts against the Habs earlier this year, this week-end will be the toughest yet for 2007-08 Habs.

  7. Gooner says:

    In his last two and a half gmes Huet allowed 10 goals. By the same token Price has allowed 9 in his last two and a half games. Looking at the big picture I would say both goalies are in a funk. That totals 19 goals in those five games. I would say we have a definate defensive problem right now as well. This can’t be all goal tender problems.

  8. coutNY says:

    Could be just until year end (true rental) for that all they need about $2 mil OR since the system works on a salary hit that averages the salaries out over time Healty, Spezza, and Alfredsson are making roughly 25 mil a year is actually $19.414. Take out UFAs Redden and Gerber and it looks more doable.

    Still that would mean their D-fense would be lacking but possible.

  9. N.B.habs fan says:

    thanks buddy ,I thought so too .Do you suppose Halak will get the call tommorow to come up.I have to get ready to go to work,in 1 hr and nothing happened yet.Gess I will have to wait till tommorow….

  10. HKisses says:

    This was the best article i have ever read…. My co workers were looking at me as if i was a mental case….I literally was LMAO(Laughing my ass off)

  11. moser17 says:

    Huet et al. to Atlanta in a big deal for Hossa. Huet plays against us tomorrow night. Hossa doesn’t play until he finds the missing glove with his name on it.

  12. Dave Stubbs says:

    Next thing you know, they’ll be talking about “working journalists”, an oxymoron of course, being spotted at the arena… Is it 3 p.m. Tuesday yet?

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  13. Chorske says:

    No, just heard a rumour on nothingbettertodoonFebruary25.com that the deal fell through. Leafs Inside/Out also wanted young prospect Chris Aung-Thwin thrown into the deal.

    Needless to say, Habs Inside/Out is a buyer in this market. NO DEAL!

  14. showey47 says:

    legwand plays for the nashville predators. I thought they waited till game day to announce the starter, especially since we pretty much use a tandem. Possibly something in the works, who knows.

  15. Chorske says:

    Wait! WAIT! I think someone just tested a microphone in the press room!!!!

  16. Chorske says:

    Not THAT hack?! 😉

  17. skoehn says:

    everyone has been blaming huet for last year…why don’t you blame carbo for putting him in?? it was a stupid move by the coach. Coming off an injury like huets you would expect he may not have the best game… Huet may have lost but carbo screwed up more

  18. Habs64 says:

    With 24 hours to go until the NHL’s trade deadline, the Calgary Flames don’t appear willing to deal away winger Alex Tanguay. General Manager Darryl Sutter told reporters on Monday afternoon that he is not trading Tanguay and he likes the make up of his team.

  19. N.B.habs fan says:

    showey47, this might sound stupid but do they usally tell who is in net the day before? and who is legwand?

  20. showey47 says:

    off topic, david legwand arrested for dui

  21. showey47 says:

    or No Toronto Clause

  22. Richard says:

    Man, only in Montreal (and maybe Toronto)…

    “Hey, I’ve got a story for you: The habs are cleaning the press conference room. Go write a story.”

  23. skoehn says:

    Why do you want to rush this kid so much He will not be ready to carry the load next year… especially with no veteran to help him…

  24. Blitzen says:

    Man this town is nuts…
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  25. von says:

    For real. Call up Halak, Chipchura, and Grabovski and sit out the deadwood which is dragging the team down.

    Montreal Bulldogs, here we come!!!

  26. Blitzen says:

    We’re sending him to Pittsburgh straight up for that stiff Crosby.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  27. skoehn says:

    Motivator i’m not so sure.. I see to young goalies who each will want to be considered number 1 and play the majority of the games. It sounds all good but you forget these are very young men Neither has the experience to beable to help each other instead they will battle eah other and both their games will suffer..

  28. HKisses says:

    Y would uask that? do you think anyone knows anythign at all right now? lol anything u hear are rumors

  29. Blitzen says:

    I’d be happy with Halak in net. Price as a back-up.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  30. johnnyhab says:

    Is Huet involved in a deal?

  31. Sakus Evil Twin says:

    Did Bob say he wanted an Impact player?

    I know that the Saputo family are looing for a goalie, so maybe we’ll get Antonio Ribiero for Huet?


    What’s that? Stunned silence?

  32. skoehn says:

    Wow I don’t undersand going with Price he looks shaky and let in bad goals… If huet gets Traded the goaltending will collapse the kids are not ready to carry the load of a season without a veteran mentor… Why carbo is so willing to throw price into the wolves right away i’ll never understand.. price needs more development.

  33. cautiousoptimist says:

    I’d hope we would get at least a high pick thrown in there to make up for Richards’s $8M salary…


  34. TC says:

    Rumour is the price is steep, Stubbs for McKenzie, Strachan and a reporter to be named later.


  35. HKisses says:

    OMG LOLLLLLLLLLLL…….i jus came across this….Habs r cleaning press confrence room LOL…pretty funny article..Its in french


  36. projectpete19 says:

    it doesnt matter what huet wants

  37. Cable Guy says:

    I never looked at it that way but your right.

  38. secretdragonfly says:

    Wow, we were in section 118, row V and came in from Oakville. While I’ll always have great memories of the ceremony honouring BG, the same can’t be said about the game itself. Time to look ahead and play like the winners we know they can be.

  39. showey47 says:

    for the love of god dave don’t waive your ntc.

  40. von says:

    Wow, definitely kind of surprised about this. I kind of expected hearing Huet would start. I guess there trying to get him into a rhythm.

    I’ve gotta agree with the speculation that a deal is in the works for Huet. Get something good for him, and let Halak and Price steal the show!!!

  41. frank81 says:

    It’s been an especially trying time for Dave Stubbs, given the rampant speculation that he’ll be traded to Leafs Inside/Out. 😉

  42. showey47 says:

    I had actually read( i wish i could remember where i saw it) that gainey was interested but hoped to pick him up on re-entry for half the price. Not really a good plan when you are sitting in the top 5 or 6 teams in the league and re-entry works from the last place teams and works it way up. I personally would of offered dandy for him straight up, it would of been a salary dump for us going into next season and the pens get a player who can play forward or defence.

  43. Habhopeful says:

    Planet,I haven’t read anywhere that tanguay waived his no trade clause…Where did you hear this?

    “Like, you can’t get a girl pregnant when she’s on top man, I mean, its gravity…Just can’t happen.”

    -Jason Segel

  44. showey47 says:

    We definatly would of won that game, only huet could blow a game where his team scores 5 goals for him. If halak had won that game, carbo would of had little choice but use him for the playoffs. If halak actually steals a round or two, it would of been hard to deny halak the starting job in montreal to start this season making huet an expensive back up. Huet essentially saved his starting job by losing the most important game of last season. Seems so wrong on so many levels. I have nothing against huet but i would rather trade him now and get something for him and take our chances with a price/halak duo.

  45. Habs_008 says:

    I agree with the Gainey ceremony. I have never seen anything like it. It was something else! If they ever retire Patrick Roy, no dout i will be back for that one.

  46. Dave Stubbs says:

    Speak for yourself…

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  47. JF says:

    Yesterday Richards was not including Montreal among the teams to whom he would be willing to be traded.

  48. Cable Guy says:

    Ya it sucks we lost but the Gainey ceremony was amazing, well worth the drive and price of admission. I drove 400 km to get there so you have me beat.

  49. TC says:

    It’s one of the big secret’s in Southern Ontario but Cobourg (population 15,000) is a little hotbed for Habs fans. At one point about 15 years ago I could name all of them, but I’m proud to say we’ve increased our ranks since then. After all we’ve had Dryden, Beliveau, and Shutt all visit the town. Hell we’ve even had Chris Chelios enjoy a pint at the local pub.

    Anyways to be a Hab fan in a town that is obsessed with the Leafs has always been a badge of honour.


  50. Blitzen says:

    He has a NTC (No Traitor Clause)
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  51. Richard B says:

    Recchi? in a trade?
    Recchi asked to come to Mtl. for free when he was kicked out of pittsburgh and Gainey passed.
    Y whould he turn around now and change his mind.
    With that said…Hossa, Koivu, Recchi should interesting.

  52. Habs_008 says:

    No, i was in Sec 119 row R (i think) seat 3 and 4. We were behind the visitors net for 2 periods. So I saw no goals on my end. Haha. ohh well, I’m actual live just north of Toronto. But i have been a hab fan all my life. I did have a great weekend in MTL. Just wish the habs played hockey that nite. It was the first time i have ever seen them lose. Now the record is 4-1 when im in attendence. haha.

  53. huge_polar_bear says:

    Not to mention it was Huet that started that game that we lost to the Laffs… Would it have been different if we went with the hot hand of Halak? We will never know but I think we would have won that game with Halak in nets.

  54. nick says:

    only if we get something 😉

  55. nick says:

    Hossa to Ottawa? I don’t think so.

    Ok so theres been some speculation that Hossa is headed to Ottawa… Personally, i think this might be a little far fetched. Their first line, well Healty, Spezza, and Alfredsson are making roughly 25 mil a year right now. Thats right, 25 million split 3 ways. Which leaves, 25 millionish for the remainder of the team. Unless Ottawa is going to move a couple players, i seriously don’t see them picking up another 6-7 million dollar salary if they can help it.

    But thats just me.

  56. Cable Guy says:

    Trade deadline day is better than Christmas……

  57. Richard says:

    HOSSA (yes, a 3 way trade)
    1st round pick



    Or at least we can all dream. Sigh…

  58. Cable Guy says:

    hey where were you sitting? i was in section 206 of the desjardin section, row c, seast 1 and 2. Are you the family from Cobourg?

  59. RGM says:

    I’m surprised that Carey’s getting the start tomorrow, but pleasantly as I’m one of his biggest backers. It’s nothing against Huet, it’s just that I want to see Price develop quickly and be prepared to assume the #1 role next year in the (likely?) event that Huet’s no longer around with the team. Hopefully it’ll be a much better all-around performance…and who knows who else will be in the lineup that night.

    See you April 5th at the Bell Centre!

  60. planet habs says:

    I have a feeling Huet will be traded to Tampa along with Ryder for Richards. I hope it’s true,because Huet is a UFA and unless he’s traded, we’ll lose him for nothing. I heard that Ottawa is willing to give up Vermette to Atlanta for Hossa. If we offer Higgins, Higgins has more goals than Vermette this year and past 2 seasons. But I don’t think Gainey is willing to part with Higgins. maybe Ryder, Grabovski, Yemelin and a pick for Hossa and Recchi?
    Tanguay has waived his NTC, but to which team? would be great if we could get 2 scoring wingers, or winger and centerman.
    God forbid Ottawa gets Hossa; it would be a real downer for habs fans.

  61. mrstewart61 says:

    Let’s wait to see if Halak gets recalled!

  62. mrstewart61 says:

    To Tampa for a 1st

  63. Habs_008 says:

    I was at the game Saturday, I drove 500km to see the Habs. They didnt even score a goal! I did get some good Pictures/Video footage of Gainey’s retirment. Well the footage isnt the greatest cause it wasnt a video camera. Huet could be gone, I wouldnt be surprised. Even though he has at times been our best player since we got him from LA. The habs havent shown him enough respect at times. That being said he hasnt looked good at all lately, neither has Price or our Defense. This team is not yet their, but they will be a season from now.

  64. Habs64 says:

    Huet to another team not Atlanta.

  65. Alirio says:

    Huet and Ryder to Tampa???

    I’ve made a huge mistake…

  66. Y says:

    Ummm no, why would Huet want to go backup Lehtonen?
    Waddell said he is happy with his goalies

  67. showey47 says:

    You know, moving huet and bringing up halak could be the ultimate motivator to get the best out of price. Who is the bigger threat to steal price’s future #1 job, huet at 32 and a ufa next year and won’t be here or halak at 23 and is the best goalie in the ahl who also at this time last year carried this team to within one point of making the playoffs?

  68. N.B.habs fan says:

    Price played well,just no help fron the defence and you have to score to win.Get over it please…….

  69. G-Man says:

    I get the feeling Streit will hit the road, too, but don’t worry. I’ve been wrong before.


  70. MathMan says:

    As previously pointed out, this is very interesting. On the one hand, Carbonneau needs to give his starter a few games in a row to get into a rhythm/build some confidence, rather than do the Ottawa lose-and-sit dance.

    On the other hand, Huet is ostensibly the starter, and Price certainly did not look like he was too hot last game. Logically, it should be Huet getting the bulk of the starts, to get him back into a rhythm for the playoffs.

    Besides the trade possibility, two explanations exist.

    Either Price is seen as the probable starter going forward…or they just want to use the backup against the weaker team (especially post-deadline) with two bigger match-ups on deck this week.

  71. G-Man says:

    Can you say Huet, Ryder +1 prospect = Hossa? Sure, I knew you could. :)


  72. Habs64 says:

    Huet to be traded I would say!

  73. 24 Cups says:

    These two points against Atlanta are vital if we don’t want to start sliding back toward the playoff pack sitting around position #8. Our schedule doesn’t get any easier after Tuesday. I think Price is the right choice.

    The Original 24 Cups

  74. MikeL says:

    This is extremely weird. Price did not play well enough Saturday to get another start. This is very fishy and sounds like Huet may be gone come Tuesday night.

  75. nick says:

    Who was blaming him for Saturday’s loss?

    I agree he looked shakey and went down a little quick on a few shots, but i don’t feel he was the only one responsible for the loss either.

  76. showey47 says:

    Interesting considering he was being blamed for the loss on saturday, but tough to win when your team doesn’t score and your defence makes toronto’s looks like a bunch of all-stars. Could trade talks involve huet?

  77. Cable Guy says:

    Hopefully someone gets hot.

  78. Richard says:

    Anybody think that this hints that Huet may not be a Hab tomorrow?

    Another guess is that this is the official beginning of Carey’s career as #1a, and that he will be put in charge of our playoff run.

  79. HKisses says:

    The trade has gone down ,they just don’t wnana make it public yet.I just got off the phone with Gainey

  80. N.B.habs fan says:

    next move will to bring up halack,(spelling)

  81. illusion8055 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Richard.

    This is definitely the start once again of a 1A-1B system here for the Habs.

    Unless of course Huet is not a Hab by tomorrow afternoon…

  82. TC says:

    Any notice on forward lines?? I know I’m sounding like a broken record by wondering why is Latendresse still being dressed (0 points in his last 11 games). After watching the Bulldogs play the Marlies yesterday, I’m wondering even more.

    Grabovski has 17 points in his last 8 games with the Bulldogs, after scoring two more yesterday. Of course, Thrashers GM Don Waddell was at the game which leads me to believe that the reason Grabovski isn’t playing with the Habs is because he’s probably in the Hossa trading mix.

    If that isn’t the case why haven’t Grabovski and Latendresse traded places. I think a stay in Hamilton would do Latendresse some good and a promotion to Montreal is warranted for Grabovski.


  83. Bill H says:

    While Grabs could have had more ice time, his stay with the Habs was less than stellar. I must admit I was thinking he would never make the NHL. However, the way he is playing lately, I am only too happy to eat my words and say “Give the guy another chance.” A stretch in Hamilton might be what Latendresse needs.

  84. Hockey11 says:

    Latter and Grabovski need to play on the top two lines to be effective, there is no room at the Inn and Latter is too slow, both should be in Hamilton until it is their time. Grabo too small to dig and be effective on a “role” line”.

    Playoffs are coming we need warriors.

  85. TC says:

    Maybe Grabovski is the tonic for Koivu and Higgins ??


  86. habfan53 says:

    There is an old sports saying that sometimes the best trade is the one you don’t make.

    In keeping with that I hope the Canadiens do NOT move any roster player for Hossa NOW. By all means persue him as a free agent but at this time
    I don’t believe Montreal has was it takes to WIN the cup this year.

    I fully expect Ryder and Huet to be elsewhere next year(2 bad) that free’s up 5.5 million. With the increase in cap space that leaves a fair chunk to sign a top 6 forward even with Marc Streit commading a large raise.

    Carey Price will have a full year under his belt and should be able to deal with the abuse he will receive from the fans (us included) evrytime he allows more than 2 goals.

    The defence will be stronger with O’Byrne and Gorges a year older I still think we should get a defencemen’s coach.

    The forwards with the addition of a top 6 forward and the same output or BETTER for the current roster.

    Make next year the 100th anniversary the year to pull outall the stops.

  87. GPK says:

    TSN is reporting that Tanguay is off the market. Who’s left??

  88. RS says:

    The big scoring forward that everyone’s attention turns to is……………………Michael Ryder!

  89. showey47 says:

    Ryder’s stock is slowly going up, as odd as it sounds, its true.

  90. king ddd says:

    call up danis.. i dun even know whey hes isnt even in the nhl, his first strt in the NHL was a shut out… hes probably our most underated prospect..theres no way seeing how good he is if he isnt playing inn the big league. and poor halak he was great last year.. hell we couldve WENT to the playoffs had carbo put him between the pipes for the final game.. eventually we are going to get rid of halak and danis and before u know it they will be like vokun and PRICE WILL BE LIKE THEODORE!

  91. RS says:

    Easy there, calm down, the trade deadline is stressful for everyone!

  92. von says:


    Go back to bed 😉

  93. Les-Habitants says:

    If Gainey does make any moves, he has to be very careful at what assets he’s willing to move. For an impact player, who on the roster is untouchable? As a team moving into the playoffs, I think you can count out the players on the first two lines being here. Those two forward lines make up the core of this team, the future, it’s leaders, and its offense. Those 6 players are here for this year, although I can see Higgins/Sergei being moved to different lines, they’ll still be in Montreal.

    Ryder and Grabovski remain the two assets that I think would garner the most attention and Halak as well, depending on which team you are looking at. Chipchura is a player who I’d keep, a great third line center is as valuable as a scoring forward, and he’s only going to get better.

    But that said, I’d only give them up for Hossa or Olli. Otherwise, I like this team…I really do. It’s young, and I wouldn’t mind trying to see how far we could go with the current roster. This is a good, young team, and a playoff push together will only make them better.

    Who knows, with Hamilton on a hot-streak, we may have two teams to cheer for in April.

  94. Les-Habitants says:

    Bobby Holik?

  95. N.B.habs fan says:

    looking better all the time for Ryder,hope he stays here.

  96. RS says:

    My parents always did threaten to cancel Christmas. I think it’s finally happening!

    And now even McCabe is saying he doesn’t really want to be traded. There’s no hope left! 😉

  97. Habs_008 says:

    Everyone who is saying that Price will be like theo, which theo are we talking about? the one that won the Hart and Vezina and was the only reason we went to the playoffs? or the one that gave up on the team and let everything go by him? I hope its the Hart and Vezina winning Price we will see. Remember Price is only 20 yrs old! No reason to give up on the kid in his first year. I know Roy and Dryden won when they were young and not expected to. Times are different now, Price will be fine, be Patient.

  98. rogus says:

    Or the Theo that was involved with the Mafia, and played like they had a contract out on him?

    Or the “propecia” man?

  99. Proudones says:

    There appear to be several of us in here who, for whatever reason, are unable to get the audio files that are posted from time to time.
    Is there any chance that someone in here can make a point of giving us a synopsis of these audio files when they are posted?

  100. Propwash says:

    You can right click on the link and click “save target as” and itll download the file straight to your pc

  101. RudeMood19 says:

    Could this move possibly signify Huet leaving Montreal?

    If so, what do you think are the ramifications for Montreal?
    1. February 19th, 2008, a day which will live in sublimity.

  102. moser17 says:

    nervous fans.

  103. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    HIGGINS audio

    great comments from HIGGS…he was almost brought to tears talking about RYDER..he does not want to see him go…Ryder is his roommate and he commented on how Ryder has been professional all year in the face of all the media/Carb scrutiny etc…

    He also believes that if a trade happens it will include a ROSTER player…

    Also comments that the team is eager to turn it around NOW…against Atlanta.
    1. Feb 19, 2008 – History was made.
    2. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev…..at his PRIME
    3. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    4. We will win the CUP

  104. Proudones says:

    Thanks for taking the time. It’s very much appreciated.

  105. RS says:

    Who wouldn’t want a Newfoundlander as a roomate? Salt of the earth!

  106. 1010 says:

    If Gainey does pull the Hossa deal retaining his services is an absolute and I feel it won’t be that hard for Bob to swing. As stated many times before these Euro guys like Montreals’ international flavour. Let’s pray we don’t have to give up too much. We can rest assured they will have to give up something that will upset some of us.

    GO HABS.

  107. sidhu says:

    Agreed – I wouldn’t mind a trade for Hossa so long as we can sign him to a contract. There have been rumors that Montreal spoke to Hossa’s agent about this possibility.

  108. LizardKing1967 says:

    Wadell was at Bulldogs game, and we had two scouts at Thrashers game. Grabs got a hat trick, he’s gonna look nice next to Kovalchuk. Nobody in MTL here wants Hossa. Didn’t you all say that about AK27 too? Hossa=talent. He’s worth 8 mil/year at 5 yrs. in todays market. In Bob we trust….Giving Grabovski, Higgins, Yemelin, and 1st rounder is not too bad. 1) we don’t need Grabs, we have the K brothers. 2) with all our D prospects, especially Valentenko, then Yemelin becomes expendable(gotta give something to get something). 3) Don’t wanna lose Higgins, I like the guy alot, but he’s a third line winger at best being force-fed on the second line. He’s gonna be killed here like Kirk is Work was (gotta give something to get something again) 4) 1st round pick is tough to lose, but, as deep as Habs should finish, 20+ pick won’t be that great.

    Of course, I would never do this unless we agree to sign Hossa to a deal in advance.

    Think about it for awhile, and let yourself digest it.

    Kovy, Pleks, A. Kost.
    Hossa, Koivu, S. Kost.
    fill in the rest.

    Looks ok to me.



  109. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    RYDER audio

    Ryder says he and some of the guys around the room are nervous this time of year…he doesn’t care about the rumours…

    also commented on how important it is to not get IN A RUT NOW!!..team has to come out of it NOW…

    1. Feb 19, 2008 – History was made.
    2. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev…..at his PRIME
    3. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    4. We will win the CUP

  110. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    KOMI audio

    says that after 3pm it will be a big relief for some of the players…

    I guess this must be their WORST TIME till tomorrow…same for some of us fans…
    1. Feb 19, 2008 – History was made.
    2. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev…..at his PRIME
    3. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    4. We will win the CUP

  111. sidhu says:

    Price getting the start is good news to me. Nothing against Huet, but I’d rather see us go with youth — I’m hoping Halak gets called up tomorrow and Huet is shipped for some assets that can help us long-term.

    In Bob We Trust!

  112. showey47 says:

    I’ve been preaching that for months but for some reason people think we need huet.

  113. Shobud says:

    I think its time for price to step up or step down..If he can’t do it tomorrow then its time to go back to the bulldogs till next year..Its too late to play around with goaltenders now if we want playoffs..

  114. CHsam says:

    At least we don’t have Theo or Aebischer around. Good god that was bad.

  115. 1010 says:

    Who would have thought goaltending would be our number 1 concern at this time of the year? One of these guys needs to get some consistancy and do it fast. They can’t close out the year with this kind of backstopping. Go Price. Go Huet. Or bring up Halak.

    GO HABS.

  116. carmine007 says:

    ME, ME ME me meeeeeeeee!!!

    I saw this one comming a mile away.

    Huet with a contract ending this season and a VERY young talent in Price!

    It wasn’t crazy for carbonneau to start Price but I felt keeping Halak up for the rest of the season would have been a better move. Even Murray Wilson of CJAD800 feels Price needs another year of experience before’s he’s our everyday man. Man do I wish we had a vet like Broduer!!!!

    I still have faith in Huet, I just would feel more comfortable if he would take a pay cut and sign a 2 year deal and stay as our backup… Then again,,,

    It’s NEVER over til it’s OVER!

  117. carmine007 says:


    It’s NEVER over til it’s OVER!

  118. Will Longlade says:

    Huet, Ryder and O’Byrne to TB for Dan Boyle. As part of the deal, the TB police agree to drop the charges against OB.

    Sounds like a lot, but we will lose the first two of these players to FA anyway and as an RFA, OB may attract an offer sheet that the Habs may not be able to match. What does everyone think?

  119. sidhu says:

    I think we need a big, strong defenseman in OB a lot more than we need a powerplay quarterback in Boyle. We have Marky and Streit to play that role anyway.

    That said, I don’t mind trading Huet since I think Price and Halak can make a capable duo and we can get a good return for Huet.

  120. nightmare_49 says:

    Boyle just signed with Tampa.

  121. HabsInBlood says:

    Interesting that Price was announced the starter for tomorrow’s game against Atlanta. This breaks Carbo’s trend of playing a goalie until he loses.

    Hmmm … could there be a more significant reason as to why Huet is not in nets tomorrow night? I guess we’ll all know by 3pm tomorrow.

  122. The Teacher says:

    That is what I’m thinking. something is fishy here.

  123. Will Longlade says:

    You’re right. $40 million over 6 years. Well that’s one scenario that can be laid to rest.

  124. Jamie says:

    Some people have been complaining that Carbo doesn’t know how to handle his goalies. Maybe he is learning – he is putting Price in to give him a chance to redeem himself which is what any goalie would want (I know since I am a goalie but at a tenth the talent of these guys although the feeling is the same). Also, he is letting them know in advance so they can prepare for the game – no guessing. I think this is the better way to go, it may have nothing to do with a trade.
    John Paddock decided the same thing for Ottawa although I hope our results are better. I would take Huet over Emery any day of the week.

  125. skoehn says:

    its not fair that price gets a bounce back game huet rarely get that chance…
    I’m going to miss huet…i just don’t get a good vibe going with 2 young goalies next season… hopefully I’m wrong as there both great goalies,just wonder if its to much to soon

  126. skoehn says:

    we do need huet perfered or another veteran as a mentor.. Huet has been incredibly supportive to carey. Carey himself admits to that…

  127. showey47 says:

    where were our vetern goaltending last year at this time? Huet injured again and aebishcer was a total sieve, it was the rookie halak who salvaged our season and gave us a chance to make the playoffs. Then our reliable vet huet blows another one against the laffs. Speaking of the laffs 2 of our last 4 games are against them this year including the last game of the season. Would you trust huet again in the last game of the season if it came down to it? against the laffs none the less, not a chance.

  128. bonez says:

    intresting indeed! they better not trade huet that would be a terrible plan

  129. showey47 says:

    why? its not like he was instumental for last years playoff run he also guaranteed us a tenth place finish when halak would of got us eigth.

  130. Hoegarden says:

    Been there, done that, could not find the switch to turn him off.

  131. CHsam says:

    In that he’ll need to take that propecia drug or whatever Theo was taking lol!

  132. showey47 says:

    Price is a little steep but welcome to the trade deadline. Throw in holik and we could have a deal. How about we also throw in dandy and ask for recchi.

  133. LizardKing1967 says:

    guess you don’t know hockey…it’s not like basketball, where they trade 25 players from two teams in one deal.



  134. showey47 says:

    Who’s talking about trading 25 players? I suggested to add holik to your trade suggestion, it would solve our third line center issue. Then offer dandy for recchi, atlanta gets a dman/forward who is under contract for another season and we get a useful vet with playoff experience who is a ufa can play anywhere up front and hence no contractual obligation from us next season. We also dump an expensive 4th line salary in the process off the books for next season. Its a smart trade both personel wise for the remainder of this season and finacial next season. As for not knowing hockey, i’ve already forgotten more than you will ever know

  135. HabsInBlood says:

    I think you expect us to give too much for Hossa. Waddell is not in that strong of a bargaining position. Hossa is gone at the end of the year, so if he does not move now, Atlanta gets nothing.

  136. wild flower says:

    Wow, under your scenario, they better be able to sign Hossa for the long term, because if we go one round and out, people will combine this move with the Ribeiro trade and might want another ceremony to take down the 23 banner.

  137. king ddd says:

    my bad.. i forgot how great price have been lately..

  138. RudeMood19 says:

    I like Price too. BUT, if they get rid of Huet Gainey better get something for him.
    1. February 19th, 2008, a day which will live in sublimity.

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