Update: Lach continues to mend

Canadiens Hall of Famer Elmer Lach continues to mend from a hip he broke three weeks ago.

The 93-year-old was discharged from a Montreal-area hospital on Friday and has taken up residence in a rehabilitation facility, where he’ll be up on his feet a little more and building strength back into his surgically repaired hip.

As always, Elmer send along his best wishes and thanks to those who have been asking about him.


  1. Sheldon says:

    Glad to hear that Elmer is doing better! This new look on HIO is just plain abysmal! I have to admit, HIO has been pretty much all downhill after its first year.

  2. Danno says:

    Dear Elmer. You’re a tough cookie and we love you. Best wishes to you and your family and to all the injured Habs for a full and speedy recovery.

  3. Danno says:

    I don’t like how we lost that feature which you could click on other bloggers avatar and find out about them.

    I also don’t like how the site does not indicate “new” comments after you refresh the page.

  4. geo_habsgo says:

    anyone still having problems with their avatar? i signed up and it still wont work

  5. Clay4bc says:

    Unlike some, I love vanilla ice-cream…however, this site looks like North Korea now. Lame.
    Get well, Elmer.

  6. Jbird says:

    I sure hope he gets to go home sometime.
    And, I’m not picky about what a site looks like – I appreciate that the spell check works in this comment box I am typing in.
    Hate there being no game on a Saturday Night.

  7. Chuck says:

    Continue to get well, Elmer.

    By the way, this new format has all of the personality of vanilla ice cream.

  8. geo_habsgo says:

    Get well Elmer.

    And this site is really awful. The other one was so sleek and and clean. This feels so bland and the gravatar thing just doesn’t work. Change the name of the site if you need to but please go back to the old layout.

  9. fbkj says:

    lach continues to mend, good stuff

    this website, when it it begin to heal…?

    bugs site is more impressive (no offence bugs)

  10. habsfansince91 says:

    hope all goes well

  11. Spartan117 says:

    Elmer would roll over in his bed if he heard about what the Habs brass just did to habsinsideout.com.

  12. slapshot777 says:

    Get well Elmer, hope to see you at the Bell Centre soon.

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