Update: Hamrlik out

Defenceman Roman Hamrlik sits out tonight’s game, having sustained a shoulder injury last night in Columbus vs. the Blue Jackets. Ryan O’Byrne takes his place.

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Not that this counts for anything, but the Canadiens are 80-101-20-5 against the Toronto Maple Leafs in games played on Saturdays. The Habs love Thursdays, however, with a 114-65-26-0 record.

On Fridays? Glad you asked. The teams have played once, a 1-1 tie on Nov. 1, 1946. 

More useless info: should the Canadiens score seven goals tonight, they’ll hit 1,000 on the road against Toronto.

One more reason to dislike the Air Canada Centre: the Canadiens are 8-15-1-2 at the barn that replaced Maple Leaf Gardens.

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  1. The Cat says:

    I dont think the habs have won a game the past 2 years when Hamrlik sits out.

  2. Number31 says:

    Kovy is a one-man team because his team isn’t positioning themselves for him to use them. Not much he can do about that. To give him credit though at least he knows how to break through the 4 Leafs players all lined up and waiting at the blue line while Markov simply just turns away instead of trying to dump it.

    For 2 rights Breezer does, he commits 5 wrongs. No booming shot tonight either.

  3. Ton says:

    Latendresse won’t make it to Hamilton because he won’t clear waivers. Therefore one can make the assumption that he has some sort of value. Trade him in a package. He will not develop any further that what he is. He’s at a dead end. No hands, no scoring touch, no play making abiltiy, and for a 6′ ft 4′ player he does not consistently play phycical nor can he fight. What will Havlat, Lats, Begin, and a draft pick get us?

  4. TC says:

    Random Thoughts about tonights game against the Leafs from the Hockey News Canadiens Blog:

    Habs Pathetic in Embarrassing Loss to the Leafs


  5. smiler2729 says:

    Carey Price plays goalie like some kind of blind robot! Everything is butterfly, use your freakin’ reflexes, kid!!! It’s hockey!! It’s a fun game, play it that way!!!

    Latendresse needs to see Hamilton and Brisebois needs to see a pressbox permanently.

    God, I hate losing to the Leafs.

  6. Ton says:

    Give Don Cherry credit he showed the butt end just moments ago. Discusting little b t.

  7. Ton says:

    I like some of us Hab fans go on this site and smash the laf’s. Well who made who laf tonight. Like I said before we are not stanley cup contenders. Gainey knows and we saw it in his fascial expressions. Watch the changes coming. I guarantee you calls ups and a trade for a D is coming.

  8. habs haven says:

    Wish we had a LESS talented team, then we might work harder!
    habs think because they have talent, no need to work hard! LAZY LAZY PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring up Pac, D’agostini and Weber PLEASE!!!!
    Latalentless is the worst player in the NHL! he belong in juniors, not even AHL calibre!

  9. Habboss says:

    Thank god we got rid of Grabs for nothing.

  10. HabsColor says:

    IT’s just a wakeup call for Gainey and Carbo for the past two games.

    1. Offense is just sluggish. Bring some new skates back from Hamilton!

    2. Defense was just as bad as you can imangine. O’Byrne and Breezer DON’T deserve to be playing the defense.

    *** If there was no friendship (Carbo and Breezer) there, how could SUCH as player still play in Habs roster??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. martin says:

    wake up time for kovalev, our 2 goalies,anyone on defense.goodnight for brisebois,lattendresse,o’byrne,buillion. the latter 2 of my favs but are not getting the job done.I think begin would have done nicely tonight.Guy has to put some control into these guys, an off night is ok but no effort should be unacceptable.

  12. habs haven says:

    what defence?

  13. bigdave says:

    Mr. Cobb,

    Brisebois was the best Hab on the ice vs Columbus?

    What year was that game?

    He is a liability.

  14. habsgod says:

    what an embarassment tonight! we played terrible plain and simple. This team
    is missing something and needs a jolt,how about a 4th defenceman( jay bouwmeester,mattias ohlund) are 2 names that come to mind. and our team needs a serious wake up call by having some 6:00 a.m. practices!and to learn some discipline these penalties are getting pathetic! one was a real homer call imo the penalty on andrei kostitsyn,he didn’t touch puke schenn!that was a brutual call.i think goerges laraque is a disappointment so far this year,but alex tanguay has been a blessing in disguise.

  15. bigdave says:

    Peeeuw what a stinker!

    I reckon Bob had better start working the phones to get someone to replace Brisebois!

    Toronto had him completely sorted out, just move the puck into a corner and it like a man advantage! NO sign of Brisebois there.

    What is wrong with Kovalev trying to be a one man team.

    Where was the rest of the defence?

  16. Ton says:

    Some what agree but it was more than a simply game plan. Give the Leafs credit they outworked, out muscled, out played habs in every aspect of the game. Look at the score board, shots on net, etc

  17. Hoegarden says:

    The Laffs had a simple plan for tonight’s game; crash the net and let’s see what happens. It worked perfectly, the Habs did not/not respond and Price was on his back more than on the butterfly. Had the team responded after the first crash on Price it might have been a different ending. Even the refs had to intervene and call three straight goalie interference penalties. Our D was simply not there tonight, period. Man do we miss Hamrlik ! Komi is going to have to do more(cleaning the crease area and dropping a few of them if need be) and O’Byrne is nowhere near NHL level.
    Gorges, Breezer and Bouillon simply do not have the kilos to clear the front.
    It was the same story last night in Columbus.

  18. Stodog says:

    Tonights game was basically a reflection of the season so far. Taking dumb penalties, defensive break-downs and worst of all, NOT WORKING HARD. The boys have to understand that last year, there weren’t any expectations and teams didn’t get up for them. This year, they are going to face a battle every night and if they’re not ready for each game or don’t want work hard, than over the long run, they will lose more than they win. Overall, I am not worried about tonights game, you knew the Leafs would be gunning for them after their performance in early October. My concern is that with the exception of the first Leafs game and maybe the Flyers game, the Habs have for the most part been the worst of the two teams on the ice. There is just no flow to their game, Kovy is dangling too much (does he shoot anymore), Lats looks lost and even Price/Halak have looked questionable on some goals. I know its still early and after all their record is still 8-2-2 but their are just some issues that have to be addresed ASAP.

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