Up again

Shout-out to loyal readers of Habs Inside/Out:

Per Google Analytics, our page views were up 10 per cent in September.

The numbers, courtesy of Gazette marketing stats whiz David Klimek:

September, 2009: 1,882,546 page views

September 2010: 2,064,188

PLUS 138,939 page views on mobile devices.

Stubbs has donated his bonus money to GetRogieintheHoF.com

Hickey has hired private security for his first visit to Philadelphia

Boone has bought a GIONTA name plate to sew on his Christopher Higgins jersey.

Mio has rented a Ferrari for Thanksgiving weekend.

And our new guy, Stu Hackel, had dinner at Le Bernardin.


  1. notbigbird says:

    It’s all about people trying to talk sense to the trolls. They’re good fishers dem trollers.

  2. flowerpower_74 says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you reached 3 million this next month or so……


    Habs will gel as a team.

  3. punkster says:

    Good work guys. As we used to say in the office, “We upped our numbers last month, so up yours”.

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