UNMASKED: Price reflects on his fine Canadiens debut

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Canadiens goalie Carey Price takes a break during practice today at the Bell Centre. He’s wearing the new mask that was delivered to the arena just before he stepped on the ice.
Dave Sidaway, Gazette

Canadiens goalie Carey Price sat in his locker room stall after practice today with his old, Tri City Americans junior mask above him while holding the new CH-logo’d, bull-rider-adorned model he’ll wear onto NHL ice.

The new mask is considerably more colourful than the plain white one he wore for his first-ever NHL game, an impressive 3-2 victory over the Penguins in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night. It arrived at the Bell Centre just this morning, and Price spent nearly a half-hour discussing the mask, painted by Sweden’s David Gunnarsson, its design and the significance. This is called being a goalie for the Canadiens…

Price was typically low-key and contemplative 14 hours after his successful first step into the NHL.

Listen here to the 20-year-old netminder discuss his debut, the mask (more on it below), talking to his father after his first game, the media attention he’s getting and the fact he’s still flying a little under the radar in Montreal, not fully recognized on city streets… yet. The clip runs 7:50.

And here is the equally quiet, good-natured Cristobal Huet, the Canadiens’ No. 1 goalie who is expected to get the home-opener start on Saturday, talking about how Price sees him as a mentor, the significance of the first home game and more. Clip runs 4:10.


Canadiens goalie Carey Price foils Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby on one of Crosby’s team-hgh six shots Wednesday. Price wears a plain white mask, his new one not yet arrived from the painter’s shop.
Jason Cohn, Reuters







From the top of this six-photo series, goalies at practice today: Price displays his new mask in the dressing room; chatting on-ice with Cristobal Huet; dropping to block a shot; with Huet and goaltending coach Rollie Melanson; Huet with Melanson; and a good look at the rodeo scene on the side of Price’s mask, with Huet in the background.
Dave Sidaway, Gazette

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