Undefeated in the post-Pearn era


Great win.
But put the cork back in the champagne.
The Canadiens are in Boston Thursday night.

(Photo by Allen McInnis of  The Gazette)

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  1. longtimehabsfan says:

    Leaving the game at the rink. Excellent piece Boonie!

    “It’s a moo point. Like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”

  2. Boomer says:

    Too bad about Pearn, makes me wonder if the top brass play us for fools, lets fire the assistant coach that way fans will get off our case

    Boom baby!

  3. kenzie420 says:

    It’s one win you fools, sure its nice but nothing has really changed. PP was a sacrificial lamb, I’m sure he is not the issue at all, I still think JM needs to go, the system he runs will never work long term for this team. With this one win everyone seems to think were a good team and that we do not need changes. Wake up Habs fans JM an PG need to go. Nothing has changed

    When times get tough, just remember, at least I’m not a leafs fan!! go habs go

  4. showey47 says:

    That was the erik cole i was waiting to see. The most dominant player on the ice despite only 13:30 of ice time. Still don’t get JM’s infatuation with using both cammy and gio more on the PK then on the PP. I think this is one of the reason’s our PK has been suspect. You have small guys with shorter sticks who have a more difficult time taking away passing lanes across the slot or from point to point because of it.

    If you are going to use a guy like cole for 13 min’s maybe give him some PK time. Big body,longer stick and a huge short handed goal threat with his breakaway speed.

  5. avatar_58 says:

    Dear bulldogs – don’t bitch about my attendence if you constantly play on the same nights as the habs. I like you guys but the habs come first.

    Sucks because I want to see Leblanc

  6. Habitoban says:

    Any thoughts of Subban’s play so far? Doesn’t look like the same player. His hockey instincts seem to have declined. Is he just overthinking or what.

    • Chris says:

      Could just be a sophomore slump. Drew Doughty fell off considerably in year two as well, and he plays a similar game.

      Subban has got to react to the idea that teams have scouted the heck out of him now and know his moves before he makes them. He’s got to be less predictable and/or make the safe play instead of the thrilling play.

      Also, as someone else pointed out below, he could just be a late starter. I’m reserving judgement on players until Christmas. It is easy to get off to a hot streak (Plekanec was over a point per game after 17 games last season, but only finished with 57 points on the season and I probably don’t need to remind anybody my age of Brian Savage’s hot starts) or a cold streak (Vincent Damphousse, anyone?).

      • krob1000 says:

        I think it is the opposite problem …he made one really, really horrid give away and has played too conservatively IMO. Especially without Gomez he needs to carry the rock more through the neutral zone as right now he is our best at gaining the blueline. He does have the problem of every once in awhile need the reigns pulled back a bit but right now I think the pendulum has swung too far conservatively….he needs to find that balance but without him carrying the puck more he is not as effective IMO. They have him playing super tight right now…maybe they are hoping to ease him back into the offensive fray but we need him now as Gomez best skill was his ability to carry the puck in our possession from one end to the other. In the Florida game in the dying seconds I was disappointed when he gave the puck to Cammi despite having a head of steam in the neutral zone….PK would have gained the zone….or had a better chance. Cammi is fairly good but Gomez and Pk are the best we have at that and PK should have carried that puck in.

        • Chris says:

          It’s funny, but I think the puck-carrying this might be a bit overblown. At various times this season, I’ve seen Kostitsyn, Eller, Cammalleri, Diaz, Plekanec, Gomez and Desharnais successfully enter the zone. I don’t think it is a lack of skilled puck-handlers that is the issue so much as a system that the rest of the league has figured out.

          The Canadiens have been using pretty much the same breakouts for as long as I can remember. The personnel change, but the breakouts are the same. One of the issues is that so many of our supposed passers are simply not that great at passing; the puck ends up so often in the intended recipient’s feet or forces them to slow down or alter direction…tape-to-tape passing on this team is brutal. And if you can’t pass tape-to-tape, it is going to be hard to break into the other team’s zone because they are going to find it very easy to angle you off into the boards.

          That was part of what made Markov so good. He is not nearly the skater that Subban is, but he makes nice passes to players in full-stride, allowing them to maintain their speed as they go up-ice. This is something that all the current D need to work on.

    • G-Man says:

      There’s a lot of hesitation in his game. The forwards are not giving him a quick and easy target to pass to, resulting in PK spinning and reversing back into his zone.

    • petefleet says:

      I think he’s still thinking ahead of the game. What I mean is he’s making moves based on his perception, not reality. It will come together for him. Xmas will be a different player. It would also help if he was allowed to go but with a slow start like this for the team, there is no way that they’ll let him loose.

      Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

      ***Habs Forever***

    • 24 Cups says:

      It’s Subban’s 2nd year of having to take on Markov’s role with the team. That’s a tough gig for anyone, yet alone a kid who has never played in the NHL before.

    • patience is a virtue says:

      Subban has not been flashy, but he is playing top minutes against top opponents, game in game out and doing a great job. His micro-stats show that he remains the best Habs dman in terms of helping keep the puck out of the defensive zone and moving it up the ice into situations where scoring chances are created.

      These are the scoring chances for and against with Subban on the ice (not including last night).

      Scoring chances for: 39, against: 25, + 14, ratio 60.9

      He is the best on the team in this important category.

      Yes, he is -4, but that can be attributed to some bad luck, and not really major gaffs on his part (there was one ugly give away though).

      In terms of offense – he has a dman high 30 shots, but 0 goals. That will change soon enough. I’d say against Boston 🙂

      • Chris says:

        What is the ratio of scoring chances for and against when you subtract power play time, where I suspect a significant number of his scoring chances come?

        Regardless, I find the definition of “scoring chance” used by the guys that are trying to track that stat off-putting. A Zdeno Chara or P.K. Subban one-timer slap-shot from the blue-line with traffic that forces a great save by the goalie is **NOT** considered a scoring chance by Olivier and the others, at least not according to his description given over in an interview this past August at Lions in Winter. Not intended as a criticism of what they’re doing…I think it is awesome that those guys are taking time during games to record this stuff.

        But I think the notion of “scoring chance” is a highly subjective thing. I don’t see a shot from the slot into the goalie’s crest as a scoring chance, even though it would be labelled as such because of where the shot originated. Gomez has such a weak NHL shot the past few seasons that his shots simply aren’t a threat to score. The scoring chance differences would have us believe otherwise because of the spots from which he is shooting, but aren’t taking into account a fairly obvious decline in his actual shooting ability. He has no zip to his wrist or slap shots anymore.

        “Microstats” are great, but at the end of the day, we should all judge with our eyes. And thus far, Gill and Subban have struggled with the defensive one coverage and have been, in my opinion, the pairing that have been the biggest liability thus far.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      It’s either the classic sophomore slump, which has even affected the HOFers or as Andrew Berskshire has suggested, he’s a slow starter which ia a reasonable consideration as well.

      Subban’s become a target of aggressive scouting since he is expected to headline the offence from the back end and he still has a lot to learn about when to start off with his offensive rushes and when to hold back.

      He has incredible upside and will continue to grow, but defencemen don’t really hit their prime until 25 or even 27.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

  7. petefleet says:

    The view from my rec room:

    1. That was the Erik Cole that I remember coming into MTL and giving the Habs fits. He was awsome last night. I feel bad that he didn’t get a goal for his reward….a win is good though.
    2. Carey looked a little shakey in the first and i thought it was going to be a long night. Give him credit, he pulled it together and played with swagger (and luck) in the 2nd and 3rd.
    3. Max Pac….what can you say about this kid? This. If the Habs had another 6 guys with his heart and determination, there wouldn’t be ateam in the league that could touch them.
    4. Lars Eller is going to be great. Maybe even a first liner someday. My bold prediction.
    5. The refs helped with not calling the foolish penalties that they called against FLA. Some of those calls were bush league. It always helps a skilled team to play with flow. Last night, after the first, there was flow.
    6. Weber and Diaz are keepers for sure. I think of Markov in his early years as a Hab and I remember he struggled at times. There were lots of critics calling for his head….me included at times. I’m not saying either one will bea Markov, but if they develop as they should, they will be solid ‘D’ men.

    Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

    ***Habs Forever***

    • 24 Cups says:

      PF – It’s funny how two people see games differently.

      I thought Philly had lots of chances to put us away in the 1st period. They messed up a few plays (which makes us lucky) and were also held at bay by Price. In fact, I had him as one of my three stars.

      I see that Eller has potential but it certainly didn’t show that much last night. I’m still not convinced this guy will be a top end forward. If he becomes a solid 2nd liner then we should be happy. A Pleks/Eller combo should be much better than a Pleks/Gomez duo.

      The refs? I agree with you, I didn’t think they had any impact on the outcome of the game. It all tends to even out over the course of a year.

      Weber? It’s funny, the Markov injury led to the Campoli signing (and injury) which is ironic because both injuries gave Weber the icetime to grow and shine. We’re in great shape if two of the three kids on defense eventually become solid regulars, especially seeing none of them were high end picks.

      • petefleet says:

        It doesn’t sound like you saw it much different than me….save maybe Eller. I thought he made some fantastic plays last night that he or who he was with didn’t finish.

        Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

        ***Habs Forever***

        • 24 Cups says:

          I also thought DD had a strong game. Many people feel he may not be able to play centre long term, but I certainly feel he will be able to fit in somewhere on the roster.

          This might be a lost year for White but he’s also another guy who should eventually take a regular spot. I’d rather have these guys instead of +35 players who are living off of fumes or past achievements.

      • krob1000 says:

        We finally had some momentum killers in our favour…the posts, the open net miss by Simmonds, the dying seconds goal to escape the first tied,etc I thought the second and third were pretty well played but the game could very well have been lost in the first. Karma I guess for Buffalo…now we are still owed one for Florida…after that…we have to not rely on the Karma Police and Hockey Gods though.

        On Eller….I think he is going to be solid enough as long as the team is three centers deep…i thinkt hat is the ket for Montreal anyway since we don;t have a top 10 center….our strength up the middle will have to be depth and I think Eller in that regard can be one of a three headed monster easily…just not the main head …..but I can see definitely the potential to be a second liner, easily a good third liner (he already is IMO) and maybe a low end first if we have a 1a,b and c da few years down the road…he is young and foreign so all things considered his adaptability has been quite impressive, once he better uses his size offensively and to protect teh puck I think he’ll imporve..that is a skill that takes time.

        • 24 Cups says:

          Simmonds was my 4th star for the Habs.

          Good to see you’re still kicking around, Rob. I trust that all is well with you and yours.

          • krob1000 says:

            my oldest kid is playing rep (5 or 6 days a week) so I am not seeing all of the games other than the condensed version(2 I did not see at all)…only seen 4 in real time now (need PVR). All is well but super busy!!! I still read things on here but have been posting less and less as work is busier now moreoften than not…when it is slow..I can still pump out more useless ranting than the average bear!

        • slychard says:

          Uhhh, if we’re going for karma paypack shouldn’t you mention the Avalanche game as well? I’d sure like payback for that one.


          The HABelicious HABe (pr. babe) leaned forward and told the bruins fan; “Kiss my HABS!” He took one look at her displayed HABS and realized her HABS were indeed quite kissable, as opposed to his Big Bud ugly Bruinettes with their hair teased sky-high and excessive make-up. A tear ran down his cheek knowing her suggestion was a tease so he did what any red blooded man could do, he converted to HABSnation. All is well.

  8. slychard says:

    Let’s see what scenarios I would like to see happen during tonight’s game at the gahden.

    During the pre game intros the crowd jeer’s Max so loudly the vibration loosen’s the ‘Sturly cup champians’ banner off it’s hinges sending it hurling to the ice, narrowly missing several Bruin players and severely shaking their confidence.

    Ratchand does one of his obligatory ‘needlessly spray ice on the goalie to show everyone I’m a douche’ move after a rush but this time Price is ready for him and sticks out his skate at him. The skate on skate impact catches Ratchand off guard and is so violent his ankle breaks on impact necessitating major reconstructive surgery and numerous pins to put pack into place. He will spend the rest of his days with a visible limp.

    PK is hounded and taunted constantly by Lucic throughout the 1st period. Finally PK finds the moment to send him a message via a well placed violent slap-shot a la “slap-shot” to the gonads that sends Lucic crumbling to the ice with a shriek worthy of Jamie Lee Curtis. He is carted off ice in hysterical tears.

    Max Pac scores a hat-trick. After the 3rd goal he slightly brushes against Chara on his way to celebrating with his teammates along the boards. Chara, as we all know, becomes incensed and tries to exact revenge, fortunately the refs were at the ready and send him to the box, albeit with much difficulty, while in the box Chara is sulking so intensely that he gets a slight aneurysm that leaves him, ironically, with the same symptoms as a severe concussion. On his next shift, unaware of his “concussion”, he suddenly breaks into a Russian dance and the trainers medical staff along with teammates and 8 of Boston’s finest are needed to restrain him.

    The crowd is stunned to silence. Start chanting ole ole ole at the habs…and mean it.

    Tonight’s game better be good. Bring it on!!!!!


    The HABelicious HABe (pr. babe) leaned forward and told the bruins fan; “Kiss my HABS!” He took one look at her displayed HABS and realized her HABS were indeed quite kissable, as opposed to his Big Bud ugly Bruinettes with their hair teased sky-high and excessive make-up. A tear ran down his cheek knowing her suggestion was a tease so he did what any red blooded man could do, he converted to HABSnation. All is well.

  9. dudurules says:

    No Gomez?!? Big W last night?!? Hmmm Curious and Intreguing?!?

  10. Ian Cobb says:

    I hope the lines stay the same tonight.

    The boys are going to have to keep their heads up big time. Boston knows that we have much more speed than they do, and will be hitting everyone they can catch in an effort to slow us down.

    Retaliation penalties will kill us. We are going to have to suck up the hits and keep our legs going at top speed.

    If we do, Boston’s frustration will start to appear, giving us power plays. And by the 3rd period their tongues will be hanging out and their legs will be shot in trying to stay the speed.

    High tempo and discipline game in both ends of the rink is the only way to defeat this Stanley Cup team that we took to 7 games last year. We do have the players to get the job done!

    We may even have the coaching!

    • HabFab says:

      I would give Diaz a break and put Emelin in against the Bruins.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Absolutely agree with both of you, question is will JM put Emelin in? Is the track record with JM not to keep a game winning roster for the next game?

        • GrimJim says:

          My question with that is, Diaz is right-handed and is paired with Gill. Gill never changes sides so Emelin would have to play his off side. Can he do that? And do you want to put him in the situation of adjusting to smaller ice and the different side?

  11. krob1000 says:

    Since the post below regarding the system Jacques has in place has been a topic for so long …..and it is no secret I am not a fan of Martin I thought I would state why it is I am frustrated with Martin.

    His theory of puck possession is great if implemented and then employed correctly…that is not him on the ice so he is not to blame there. But where he is responsible is deciding who plays at what given time, in what game,etc. This is where I have issues with Martin as I believe his system is not the greatest and not the worst but I have huge issues with his in game decisions and personel decisions….this is my main beef with Martin.

    I realize the strategy we are trying to employ is very dependent on poise, elite conditioning, attention to detail, patience and work away from the puck,etc …so in some sense I kind of understand why the kids have difficulty as these are traditionally problems young players encounter naturally. So from that it is obvious that youth and Martin’s system are going to collide in some regards…this is why kids rarely play in Detroit and why they groom in the AHL for so long.

    However, as a coach you make the most with what you have? Have we been doing that? Is it really necessary to so heavily punish kids who can not thrive in a system that is designed for vets? Is it right to reward vets because they are vets who try to play this style yet are no proficient at it? Is the toll on the organization too high as kids are repeatedly being lost for nothing as they have no chance (the great majority) of thriving in this system? is it the right time for this system…ironically I thought this year and next were ideal to some extent.

    I have huge issues with his reluctance to let PK run a little more free , I have issues with his love affair with Moen, Gill, Darche, Gomez,etc and inability to show similar patience with kids.
    I like Martin’s theory but only Detroit has EVER mastered this theory as an organization and Martin and PG need to understand why that system works in Detroit. They are a family in Detroit, every player I have ever heard after Detroit discusses the bonds there and the culture and family feel to detroit from ownership to the farm system. Habs players leave and grumble that they don’t know what happened, there was no communication,etc. Young players leave for nothing,etc. Bowman and Babcock will be the first to tell you the most important thing about coaching is having the right players on the ice at the right time

    I think Martin’s system is good enough if he is not the one communicating it in all honestly….Kirk was the perfect liason between the players and the coach.
    So I do and have since the beginning had issues with Martin…but his system is not as much to blame IMO as his his lack of communication skills with the players and handling of the overhaul and implementation of his system. I feel it feeds the egos of vets who are sometimes to stubborn to change or flat out have not the skill level anymore to play it. I feel it can be a confidence killer to kids….and sometimes his “lessons” that is teachig these kids backfire…perhaps that would not happen with a little more communication? who knows that seems to be the common complaint when young players leave… so after all this rambling I guess I am not as big of a hater for Martin’s system as I am for his people skills and personel selections. I actually think that if the communication is improved (with either a new coach or a better assistant) things can and will improve as the makeup of the team has improved IMO. I guess I kind of understand what at first seemed like a bizarre move by firing the assistant…but in Montreal…with Martin at the helm…the asssitant is almost like the coach…..now if only they had a little more leeway with respect to personel we just might have something special.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Agree Communication seems to be a common complaint per se. Unfortunately it appears neither PG or JM are of the high communication type.

      • krob1000 says:

        Nor was Perry Pearn a nd I think Jacques now realizes how important Muller was and he needs another Muller. If you want to mimic detroit and that appears to be our intent then it ahs to be allt he way throught he organization….from Mr. Molson to teh Bulldogs, to the scouts. The Habs were always viewed as “classy” as an organization …that needs to be lived up to as it is in Detroit …. by everyone

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Except it was reported that JM was not happy about this change and apparantly argued to keep Perry. I suspect/guess that PG told him what has to happen more than he realized.

          • krob1000 says:

            ok so maybe Jacques head is still in his keester lol…but pg I think realizes that Martin’s theories are ok…but he is not capable of putting them to work on his own or with Perry Pearn. It seemed really bizarre to me to fire the assistant but as I talked myself through it..that post was kind of self therapy lol…it kind of makes sense. Martin is still in the hot seat but even if he were fired….I think the general framework he tried to introduce would remain…and possibly improved by a different person delivering it….I think that is why PG made that move…

          • GrimJim says:

            Remember, though, that Pearn and Martin are long-time friends. You should always try to protect a friend if you can. And being long-time friends, people (at least I do) often discount problems that that friend might have. Loyalty is a great thing to have, be it can cause problems too.

      • thorandresson says:

        Cunningham seems like a very good communicator, it’s funny how everyone keeps talking about Muller and how much he is missed, but is he really? Cunningham and Ladouceur did a great job in Hamilton last year, and are cleary good guys to have in there, how come no one is mentioning them? Actually, Boone even mentioned in his blog how Ladouceur took over some Pearn’s roles quite well last night.

        • krob1000 says:

          Time will tell…Muller is clearly missed on the pp thus far. Muller was a players coach and perhaps Cunneyworth and Ladoucer are as well….I hope so and maybe htat is why the move? Maybe they were being overruled by a Pearn/Martin tandem and not letting Cunneywroth and Ladoucer have enough influence? who knows…I have onyl heard positives about each of them in the tidbits the former Bulldogs said when they were brought on…my post was not a knock on them.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Kroob–Great post my friend. Everyone on one page comes from communication and understanding of the whole picture.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      You said it with much more insight than I ever could, but that’s my problem with JM — how he handles and deploys personnel. I am now very worried about this issue with Yemelin.

    • patience is a virtue says:

      I like this interrogation of “The System” and the comparison to Detroit. Although I am unsure how you know so much about JM’s communication style behind closed doors, I agree that clear communication is key if you choose to deploy such a complex system.

      Here’s the thing though – Martin has proven excellent at nurturing young, non-top-10-draft-picks as integral parts of the Habs. I like the way he has handled PK, Patches, DD, Eller, Weber, and now I expect Emelin, and maybe Diaz and Paluhsaj will be developed into multifaceted NHLers.

      The Habs do have something special. BG and PG have put in place the best offensive line-up we have seen in years if not decades. Price is a franchise goalie and the D, while raw and hurting at present, will heal and mature over this season and the next.

      Be patient folks – this year will continue the upward trend of the past 2 seasons.

      • krob1000 says:

        I am only basing teh communication on what former players have said about him..both Montreal and Ottawa…and having seen Martin on the bench and in pressers he doesn’t appear to be the communicating type.

  12. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    Yannick Weber is +5….who knew?

    Once Marky is back, that’s a helluva PP. PK has got to, got to turn it up though. And I mean turn it up in the right ways. Get back to playing solid hockey and turning on the spectacular when opportunities arise.

    And Gorges has 5 points in 9 games….also unexpected.

    • GrimJim says:

      One of the TSN guys pointed out last night that 9 of PK’s goals last season came in the second half of the year. Maybe we have a team of late bloomers: Cole, Gionta, Cammy (better in the playoffs than at any other time), now PK?

    • Chris says:

      As with Subban/Markov, Weber/Markov might not be such a great pairing. It puts Markov on the wrong side, something he didn’t show a great comfort level for in the past.

  13. GrimJim says:

    I hate to be the fly in the ointment, but I have a bad feeling about tonight’s game. Second game of a back-to-back, teams usually play worse. The game after a team breaks a streak is usually a loss because of the emotional letdown. Games with Boston are emotional and Mtl this year hasn’t been great in emotional games so far. Boston’s ornery because they are off to a slow start. It’s all adding up on the negative side of the column. Sure hope I’m wrong but…

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      You are wrong…. there, feel better?

      I think they should be ok. They had a good sized lead, no real tough minutes to finish the game out. Price basically had the last period off. They continually rolled 4 lines and spread the time out.

      The big minutes went to our younger guys (PK, Weber), who should be able to play 5 nights a week if they had too.

    • Jordio-oh says:

      This is wishful thinking on my part but I feel like after all of the losing, one win has the guys hungry for more. I think they’ll come out hard versus Boston, hoping to string together more sets of good, smart plays.

      Possible fatigue aside, I think they will continue the good habits going forward.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      I am the guy with the cloth to wipe your ointment off your wings Jim!

      We can beat these guys, if we FLY at top speed!

  14. Mattyleg says:

    Know what I liked last night?
    (apart from jumping out of my seat and yelling five times)
    The way we stirred sh!t up whenever a Flyer went to the net after the whistle.
    There were a few times when ‘a scrum ensued’ and our guys were giving it pretty good.

    I liked that.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  15. adam76 says:

    So Montreal wins three in a row – and we hit 500? Sorry, not going to happen – this team will not make the playoffs.

  16. Le Jadester says:

    Huge win last night ! I have a feeling that we are gonna hand the Broonz their tails twice in a row now ! Probably gonna break out into a huge win streak too (fingers crossed – can’t stand losing under any circumstance)

    I think a couple of magical moments could have been the difference last night;

    1) Firing PP – I never like him. He thought he was too cool for school. I remember him yelling at PK last year one time after something he did. All I know, is you don’t yell at PK.

    2) Weber’s Goal – Something happened there ? Finally some good luck ?

    3) The 1st intermission – Why were the lines changed. Instant impact with Cammy, Cole and DD lookin unreal ?

    4) AK46’s Goal – Open the floodgates with a crash the net style goal after he set it up too. Set the stage for Patches.

    5) The 5-1 Result – Huge statement to NHL sayin’ look out fella’s, we are for real. Just had to sort some internal issues out.

    With all that said. I still don’t like JM running the show.

    I do like the boys on the team sans Gomez and avec Emelin ?
    Still need another center though ?

    Habs, OLE !

  17. joshua94k says:

    The tide has turned…

    The team was in turmoil and Bob Gainey has saved the day.

    Yesterday morning he talked to Carey Price and the goalie ditched the pink pads and mask. (Price said an executive decision was made and asked him to wear his old equipment, we know Gainey makes the executive decisions).

    Gainey then had a talk with GM Gauthier and said we need a change to shake things and Martin up. Both agreed that there is no suitable bilingual coach available and they are stuck with Martin. Instead Pearn was asked to step down and given another role in the organization. The moved worked. There was more discipline behind the bench and a good team effort.

    Gainey probably had some input in adding Eric Cole to the team and Cole played his best game of the season last night.

    Gainey’s young draft picks and aquisitions are the key forces behind the team. Price, Subban, Paccioretty, Weber, Gorges, Cammalleri, Moen, are some of the better players right now.

    Later when accolades are written about this team going from the celler to the top of the standings, they will have to give credit to Bob Gainey who helped form this team. He stood behind Price when everyone gave up on him, he told detractors of PK Subban to “shut up and let him play”.

    Yet, even as the Canadiens lose key personnel, as they get pushed closer to the brink, they seem to somehow grow stronger. – Scott Burnside ESPN

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Are you being serious? If so, how do you know Gainey was behind these moves?

    • dhenry1234 says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Beliveau showed up in that locker room between the first and second period to light a fire under the Guys

    • Xsteve50 says:

      Not only do we not draft well…we give up on our good picks too soon..
      Here is my take on the PG BG rule:
      Guillaume Latendresse 77 goals 56 assists
      Matt D`Agostini 39 38
      Sergei Kostitsyn 49 75
      Mikhail Grabovshi 65 89
      Mark Streit 53 167

      2006 Misses
      Mtl (20) picks David Fischer 0 0
      Phil (22) Claude Girous 55 105
      Mtl (49) Ben Maxwell 1 1
      Boston (50) Milan Lucic 66 91

      need I say more……

      and Girous was in our own back yard….

      • Lafrich says:

        Who is Girous?

      • Jordio-oh says:

        2007 Hits

        Mtl (22) picks Max Pacioretty
        Van (25) picks Patrick White (now in the German Leagues)
        Pho (30) picks Nick Ross (spent half the season in the ECHL last year)

        Mtl (43) picks PK Subban ( the collection of players picked ahead of him is laughable)

        The draft works both ways.

      • thorandresson says:

        Who’s Girous? Don’t think there’s a guy in the nhl called that, oh wait I just realized you’re an idiot and don’t know how to spell Claude Giroux’s name, even though the Habs just played against him last night.

      • bleedhabs81 says:

        Wooo! I haven’t seen this arguement in at least a week. Nice job finding old posts and re-posting them. As for your question about you needing to say more, I would say no. Please don’t say more. Please don’t say anything ever again.

        p.s. Giroux has an X

  18. avatar_58 says:

    So Gomez…..3rd, 4th, hamilton?

  19. Tony McLean says:

    VERY interested to see Blunden and Nokelainen against the Brunes. *Especially* Blunden nailing FrankenChara a few times. Should lead to getting the fr33k off his game, likely a penalty or two on his part. He can dish it out but he sure can’t take it. Predict Thornton goes after Blunden but it won’t stop him from doing his job – to piss off Chara. Best part is that Blunden appears to know what’s in store for Chara.
    “Bill 101 is garbage.” – Ted Tilden

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      It is true. If you can hit Chara, he gets angry and stupid. I bet if someone lit a fire near him he would get scared and run away (having never seen fire before).

  20. ed lopaz says:

    the Flyers are a completely different team, and a team that we now match up against very well.

    they hit a few posts, and the chance Simmons missed was as easy a chance as I have seen missed all year.
    the entire net was open and he managed to push the puck like a Novice player into the goal post.

    that turned the game around in my mind.

    several times I was waiting for the Flyers to “finish their hits”, and then I saw that the Flyer in question was a rookie or a skilled player that let our Habs “off the hook”.

    When the Habs began to see that they were being given the time and space they needed to actually skate, pass, and shoot,
    the game turned in our favor.

    It is a simple formula to beat this Habs team, since we are missing defenceman that have the experience and physical size to control the play.

    Teams that dump and chase and force are defence to work in the corners and against the boards for possession of the puck, will have a lot of success.

    Teams that “stand up at the blue line” and force us to dump the puck and chase, should also give us a lot of trouble.

    Last night, the Flyers minus Pronger were LESS PHYSICAL than we were.

    Assuming Price makes the key saves, which he did on several occasions, we can, and we will compete very well against this Flyers team.

    Pronger, like Chara, is precisely the piece of the puzzle the Habs are missing (our version is Markov).

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      What was important Ed, the Habs jumped on an opportunity to beat an opponent working at a disadvantage, something they don’t do often enough. Pronger is what makes the Flyers go right now.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

      • ed lopaz says:

        I agree

        By the way, watching Couturier skate last night I was NOT impressed – at least not with his skating.

        The Flyers have kept him nevertheless.

        Its an interesting philosophy and its great news for the kid.

        But he will need to watch Giroux skate in practice and start moving his feet if he wants to become a star.

        Giroux – wow! – how far has he come in such a short time??

        The guy plays PP, PK and of course top 6.

        He is a legit NHL star!!

        • SeriousFan09 says:

          Some guys take time to build up their skating for the NHL. Pacioretty’s explosive bursts only really came around in the last couple years. He should train with Van Riemsdyk, similar size and JVR has taken time to really come into his own.

          Talked with a couple fellows about Raphael Bussieres as well, they like him in the Top-60 so far, figures he may end up late 1st at his current rate, but could end up an early 3rd. Draft can get very funny after the Top 15-20 picks after all.

          – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
          SF09 on Twitter

  21. caladin says:

    Last year the PP was Muller’s not Pearn’s. Not sure about the PK.

  22. caladin says:

    I love the way some of you guys write history. I hate that move, that’s JM. Oh wait it worked, Uh we’ll give that one to RC.
    Last night wasn’t a fluke, there has been a steady progression, and Philly didn’t play well. JM deserves credit for the win just as he does for the losses.
    It’s about winning the cup, not about who predicted what when. I’m saddened so many of you would rather be able to say I told you so than to have the team win.

    Keep Hope Alive.

  23. Must-tri says:

    Everyone seems to be pushing the panic button for no reason. The habs dominated the games against Florida and Buffalo. If it wasn’t for Miller and Markstrom standing on their heads the Habs would be 2nd in the Northeast and 5th in the conference. Patience!

  24. Will Longlade says:

    Pearn’s firing may have had more to do with his inability to reign in Subban (versus the Hab’s anemic PP or poor positional play in the D zone). In the absence of Markov, the Habs needed Subban to play a controlled, team-oriented, efficient game. This wasn’t happening with Pearn in charge.

  25. shiram says:

    My take! (who cares what I think, right?)
    What I got from the firing of Pearn is mixed signals. PP and PK last season were good, if not great, and it was Pearn’s job then, as it was before yesterday. When PG says he was removed from the special team coaching job, he also says he wants to keep him and that he did good work.
    The RDS crew talked about it, and what I got from them (Brunet played for Pearn) is that Pearn does not communicate much, and with the influx of young blood on the team, you need to have someone there that can easily talk and explain stuff to them. It also sends a clear message to JM, he and his crew are not safe where they are and if things do no improve he could be at risk.
    Maybe Muller was the catalyst that made everything click for the other coaches.
    Too early to really know how this will affect the team.

    Good win last night, MaxPac is one of the reason it’s still entertaining to watch this team, really enjoy watching him play.
    And how impressive was Erik Cole, while taking into consideration that he only played 13:33 minutes! Of course he got plenty of PP time, but he was really a spark plug and his numbers do not tell the whole story of what he contributed on the ice.

    DD had a great night, and was even above 50% on the faceoffs.
    Kinda disapointed in Gionta so far, and last night had me thinking he was probably picked for Captain more for his charisma than his team leading spirits…

    Moen for powerforward 2011/12!!

    • Ian Cobb says:

      A couple of kinks to work out yet shiram, but the players are not the problem here. Players always have to be put with complementary type players to excel. Coaching job. Martin could never accept that fact and just moved players around, at their frustration.

      • shiram says:

        A few roster moves could improve the team Ian, but the team can win with what they have, I’m just not so sure how good an impression they can make in the playoffs.
        Hopefully the new roles taken on by the assistant will help out Martin, he seems to clearly need some help in reaching some players.

        Moen for powerforward 2011/12!!

  26. notjusttrash says:

    Would’ve been an entirely different game if we didn’t score that late goal in the 1st, we went into the locker room with all the ‘mo and kept it. Those lines looked like they were clicking, when Gomer gets back I’d put him between Eller and AK and not mess with what’s going on on the top two for a little while. But you know, that just won’t happen because 7 million dollar players are top 6 automatically, regardless of performance. I was also most impressed with the Cole-DD-Cammy line (even though Patches-Pleks-Gio put up more points). If Eller had any finish he would have 2 goals and the game woulda been put away in the second.

    Is it just me or did Price look more confident in his old pads? Not superstitious my eye.

    Winter is Coming

  27. RobertAlanFord says:

    Our GM’s and HC’s philosophies contradict each other. We have a GM who seeks speed and skill over size and grit and our HC’s strategy requires a tougher breed of player.

    Cam-Plek-Cole. Patches-Gomez-Gionta. Thats roughly 30 million bucks invested in the first two lines. None of these guys average a point a game because they are playing in a system that restricts their full offensive potential. Some of them are perfectly capable of reaching the 80 point mark or more, just not here or in this system.

    “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”, Hunter S. Thompson.

  28. patience is a virtue says:

    @Shiloh and others who don’t seem to understand Martin’s coaching. There is a really interesting analysis of his style by wescoasthabs about half way down the comments on this thread over at Habs Eyes On The Prize: http://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2011/10/26/2517558/game-9-recap-habs-breal-the-slump-with-5-1-win-over-flyers?login=1319722532

    Here’s the main points:

    “Its a defense-first strategy which shifts burdens between lines and also between the defense and forwards, and requires a great deal of buy-in from the team in order to work.

    Its tough to implement… Its complex, and requires practice as well as a willingness of all team members to stick to the script. Which is why I can’t comprehend people calling for his head.

    I admit sometimes I question his personnel decisions, but he’s restored a sense of order and continuity to the club. Kostitsyn is a great example of a player who has grown tremendously since [Martin] joining the club, as is Plekanec. The fact that they continue to play hard, despite not getting the glamor numbers they would get elsewhere, is testament enough to Martin’s credibility.

    I’ll use an example from soccer, and then turn it back to hockey. What we’d do is use our strikers (forwards) not as scorers, but as ball holders. You’d win the ball, hold it, then play it back to the midfielders, and so advance upfield. By doing this, you wore down the defense of the other team horribly, and kept ball possession. Conversely, if you needed to score right away, you could shift gears and throw your offensive guys up front, and throw them off.

    Martin does something similar. He gets the bigger forwards like Cole and Moen to gain possession, hold, and then move forward, from the neutral zone into the offensive zone. Kostisyn and Plekanec are used effectively here as well.

    The only downside to this is that you really need to have skilled defenders to make it work, as they’re responsible for the puck delivery. If they can’t win the puck, or worse, send out bad breakout passes, then the system doesn’t work as well. Hence, I think a great deal of our struggles this year are all the young defenders.

    …that’s why I like this team and Martin’s way of doing things. It plays the percentages by reducing quality chances (every player, I’m sure, is given a very specific defensive assignment, such as: ‘Make sure Hossa can’t turn back and lay it off to player x’), and it creates better matchups, as you play lines based on line strengths and weaknesses, without depending on any one line to carry the team the whole game (although, its great when it happens).

    One last thing- I like how Martin seems to set different goals for lines- the 4th line is a success if it can get the other team stuck in its own end. Guaranteed that’s what they’re told to do every day in practice. For the top two, you can see they play a way more complex offensive zone scheme, with more passes and individual player responsibilities. Its tougher than one thinks to get that ironed out, and it really helps players get focussed. You don’t go out thinking ‘hey, let’s see what happens’. You go out, knowing that you’re to cover x and y with player 15 on the opposition.”

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Patience won’t work here!
      Martin might be waiting for the old rules to come back for his style of game! but that is not going to happen my friend.

    • 44har48 says:

      Could not agree with you more, except this is old NHL thinking and strategy. This team is built for the new NHL, and the style of play you outline above does not work well in this new NHL era. So you end up with speedy scoring guys focused solely on Defence and our lack of scoring has illustrated this over the past 2-3 years. Halak and Cammy being unconcious in one playoff series does not prove Martin’s philosophy will work today.

      • patience is a virtue says:

        Two things:

        1) That wasn’t my analysis – I actually question it in the comment thread it came from at HEotP (see link).

        2) It seems to me that JM’s system has worked, outstandingly, considering the key injuries since he arrived. He has been successful here, despite all the frothing at the mouth less than 10 games into the bloody season.

        • 44har48 says:

          Don’t take it personal, just commenting on your post and I realize you don’t make the linups or dictate this rediculous strategy:) I would agree some of us have had to step back from the ledge in recent days, maybe even overreacted a bit, but my opinion of JM has not changed in 3 years. He was mildy successful in the old NHL and has not won anything in the new NHL with his “system” that he applies regardless of the player personnel strengths and weaknesses at his disposal. I couldn’t call for his head when Cammy and Halak made him look good becuase the Habs were winning, I can now.

          This is definatley the most talented group of players this team has had in many years, Martin has brought discipline and the feel of a real head coach, he just has not gotten the best out of the group of guys he has had and I feel it is due to his inflexible system he applies regardless of what his personel is or how the rules of the game have changed. He also appears to have a terrible repor with his players, thus when you are relegated to the 4th line or press box when you are a top 6 forward (with little to no explanation as to why), and you watch others like Gomez continue to play top minutes and literally kill this team, you don’t exactly come out playing your best. I know they are pros, paid a lot, blah blah blah, but they are human too…

          One last thing…injuries are a part of the game that all teams go through in every sport. It is not and never will be an excuse to lose.

          • patience is a virtue says:

            “This is definatley the most talented group of players this team has had in many years, Martin has brought discipline and the feel of a real head coach, he just has not gotten the best out of the group of guys he has had and I feel it is due to his inflexible system he applies regardless of what his personel is or how the rules of the game have changed.”

            I agree wholeheartedly with the first part, and would give JM lots of credit for molding the new, non-top-10-draft-picks into key roles. Yet, you may be right about the inflexibility of his system in today’s NHL. I guess time will tell.

            Injuries may not be an excuse, but they are an explanation and something that requires a response. JM has not used them as an excuse. His team has won, and improved, despite them.

    • krob1000 says:

      There is a hgue difference between puck possession and the theory of puck possession. Detroit plays a puck possession game, they support each other everywhere…the guys without the puck are the important players not the guys with the puck, the carrier need only maintain possession for a second or two and then he is given two options. It also takes a great amount of skill and poise to play this game when you do get the puck. It also as you mentioned though has to come from both the d and the forwards…both in starting in our own end and also while in the other end.
      Great first passes are key but so too is waiting and hesitating to make something open up…but counter attacking quickly is often the key and taking control of the other teams not yet organized defense. In the neutral zone and in the offesnive zone maintaining puck possesion requires very heady play and this is where someone like Lidstrom or even Markov is phenomenal….PK is pretty good and Diaz will be a keeper too in this regard. Poise and not panicking are often the difference between making a play or making a safe play that results ina 50/50 or one on one battle which we may or may not win which throws the possession in jeopardy. This is why I often get frustrated at Gill and Gorges,etc who often just ring the puck around the boards from inside the oppositions blueline when we have them on the ropes…..Gorges is improving. If they can buy themselves a split second and the forwards are given time to support and get open the attack is continued…but way too often we give up possession for a 50/50 possession chance in the corner. We do however have some bigger guys now that are winning more of those battles and most of our smaller guys are fairly proficent at it.

      • patience is a virtue says:

        Good points krob. Detroit is unrivaled in this regard.

        I like the mix of skilled puck possession guys (Pleks, Gomer, AK, DD, Eller) + mini-sniper-speedsters (Gio and Cam) + crash-the-net-power-forwards (Patches, Cole, dare I say Moen!?) PG has put in place.

        I think we can expect a lot more 4+ goal games this season. That sports bar may even have to up their free wing deal to 6 goals or risk bankruptcy…

        • mrhabby says:

          we score 4 or more but also let in 5. i don’t think martin wants that.

          • patience is a virtue says:

            And I don’t think the dmen (with a little more experience, and the hopeful return of Markov) or Price will allow it.

            I expect TFS’s* save % back up above .915 in due time.

            * The Franchise Saviour, or the…

  29. DearyLeary says:

    Let’s temper our enthusiasm with the fact that Philly might be a sub-500 team without Chris Pronger. The Bruins have been champing at the bit to hurt a Canadien this year, I’ve got a bad feeling about tonight.

  30. Ian Cobb says:

    Instant results!
    That was just the first step in the move of Cunnyworth and Ladouceur taking over this club. I hope sooner rather than later.

    It was them that between the first and second period got Martin to put Desharnais up between Cammy and Cole and put Eller between AK and Moen, with Plecks between Patches and Gionta. With instant results from all 3 lines.

    The other problem yet to be corrected is Plekanecs. He has to be taken off the power play. He already kills penalties and with the power play time, he is much less effective when he plays his regular shift. Besides he lacks the heavy shot, size and defenceman skills to take on the power forwards breaking out and into our zone.

    Nice to see a different hockey philosophy behind the bench last night. Cunnyworth and Ladouceur just might be able to bring Jacques Martin into the new NHL. If he can not change as he did last night, he will be moving on as well.

    I hope the lines stay as is for tonight against Boston and also, that the 4th line needs at least 1 more shift per period to help with fatigue in the late stages of the 3rd.

    We may have turned the corner, but a long way yet to go folks.

    • G-Man says:

      After all the line juggling Martin does, you say the other two did it? Stop clutching at straws.

      • Ian Cobb says:

        G-man do you honestly think that Martin would have put DD up between Cammy and Cole by him self, he would have had him on the 3rd or 4th line.

        Martin is on an Island now. He better listen to his coaches or he will be moved out during the season instead of Gauthier moving him at the end of the season.

        • G-Man says:

          Ian, do you have any access at all to the team’s dressing room other than a guided tour?
          None here have access to the team or the management save for Hickey, Boone, Mio and Hackel.
          You seem to not want Martin to succeed and you constantly blame him for all the Habs’ ills. So, when the game is won, it can’t possibly be because Martin made changes between periods, right? Sheesh!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Ian I don’t pretend to know how much influence Cunneyworth or Ladoucuer have on specifics, but based on the optics of last night, they have some. Tempered with the good point brought up that this only happened 90mins prior to the game.

      Seems to me the redundant talk of communication issues is what is most important to get fixed on the bench, and if changing that up through the Asst. Coaches helps then so be it.

      I hope this team can get on a roll until the rest of our cavalry return of the injured list, I think specifically of Andrei Markov and Ryan White.

  31. Mr. Biter says:

    Lets hope we now win 2 vs the Broons but by close scores as if we win one big I’m taking bets on who the Broons will target and there will be no one to stop them. My pick (Max).

    Mr. Biter

  32. adamkennelly says:

    I am happy about the 2 pts in the bank – could come in handy in April but lets not celebrate too much.. Habs were so bad in the first – it looked like NHL vs. AHL – they rope a doped the Flyers into going to sleep – that win was a result of terrible play by the Flyers – not great play by our team….I love the pts but hate the win.

  33. avatar_58 says:

    Why are they travelling the day after only to come back home saturday? And the bruins haven’t played since last weekend?

    Seriously what?

  34. harrow15 says:

    If there were no such thing as injuries, our lineup would look like this:




    Theres some depth there, our 4th line actually looks respectable. Budaj is a solid backup.

    • nunacanadien says:

      I like the line MaxPac was on. And adding Kosty to another line really made a difference. Gomez is the weak link here.

    • harrow15 says:

      Just read on Habs nhl site that betts was returned to philly due to injury, that bettman had to overrule the waiver.

      • nunacanadien says:

        That is why I was excited to see they were ready to sign Betts. Betts would have been what the Gionta/Gomez line is missing. Betts could have helped improve our PP by winning faceoffs. Too bad our faceoff men are easily overpowered because they are so short. Granted Betts is old and washed up, but hey, when you have an old black and white set like Gomez, you need to buy the spare vacuum tubes to make him shine! Unfortunately there are not that many vacuum tubes left to help outdated technology. The habs where old washed up veterans come to provide advice so that other old washed up veterans can take advantage of that nice clinic the old washed up vet Bob Gainey built for “Crazy Bob’s Hockey Emporium for players who can’t check good, or fragile young rookies and washed up veterans who no longer score goals..”

    • Neutral says:

      Gomez will make a fine 4th line center just a little overpaid. we don’t have much longer to deal with that.

    • Ton says:

      Yes but it needs some tweaking. Center is weak! D is still weak, and 4th line is not aggressive enough. I think you need to have Moen on the 4th line with White and a good face off guy whomever he is. Now the 4th line is not one you that plays on occasion its one your roll with the others and get equal ice time. you need 4 lines in todays NHL

  35. HabinBurlington says:

    So based on early season results alot of us were wondering aloud if indeed it was Muller making many of the meaningul decisions on the bench and the motivating last year. Then we see an asst. coach relieved of their duties and it appeared Mr. Ladoceur had a much bigger role in how things were handled on the bench.

    DOes this not lead us to believe JM is indeed just doodling on his notepad. I honestly am not asking just to be a smartass. Aside from providing a philsophy or “System” as a framework for how the game will be played what decisions does JM make during a game or what specifically does he teach before games.

    I wonder the same thing in Toronto this year. Ron Wilson had2/3 of his assistants removed and replaced this past off season and suddenly the Leafs have improved their play.

    Are head coaches just motivators on the bench in the NHL and if so, I am not sure what kind of a motivator JM is.

    • avatar_58 says:

      No kidding

      • nunacanadien says:

        We see JM’s style before Pearn was fired, the five on five and beign rigid has cost Montreal a lot. Last night the boys were given free reign. Kosty was allowed to skate and it improved the game significantly. Subban was allowed to shoot freely and skate freely. Gionta could skate all over and force a play. It was real hockey.

        Now that the pressure is off, you can bet JM will probably force the team to go back to his rigid five on five table top hockey style fo play.

        Fire JM, fire PG, fire Bob Gainey, the trio came up with the losing formula. Sure we have a lot of talent and it is just a few small guys like Gomez which give Montreal the reputation as being the team to push around. Without a small guy like Gomez around, the other team forgets we are small. In fact we are not small. We are heavier than other teams combined, but that weight is unevenly distributed among a few players. The rest of the team is small in comparision, kind of like watching a freak show sometimes. You have one small red uniform (Gionta-Gomez) flanked by average size players. Then you have the larger players who tip the scales.

        We are deficient in age where it counts, on defense. We are younger and the lack of experience shows on our defense in comparision to other teams in the east.

        Without Gomez we have the willingness to fight and defend Price. With Gomez, the other teams know they can push us around.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Hard to believe Ladouceur is responsible for last night. Pearn was fired an hour before the game.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Now we are on the same page my friend. Did you read my post up top GERALD?

  36. Antho says:

    This is just one sly move by the goat to mask the real problem; the manikin. Manikin has the final say behind the bench and don’t try and blame Pearn for all the poor line changes or the stupid style of hockey they play.
    I hope they lose this home n home against the bruins so we can have robinson behind the bench instead of that harry rosen manikin

  37. Neutral says:

    I don’t have a problem with back to back games but with the same teams. Boston is sitting back licking their chops and rested. Habs played the night before and had to travel not fair to any team.

    • nunacanadien says:

      Stop making excuses for JM and PG and Gainey. The unholy trio has caused one of the greatest hockey shrines to be bastardized with a small tyke Gomez. It has shown the league we are an easy team to push around. Being lazy and signing only those players no one wants but who have some talent has not given us a cup so far under Gainey’s rebuild. This is what it still is. Gainey may not be the public face but you see his hand.

      Time to bring in some real defense, time to stop signing small, cause small so far hasn’t given us leadership or scoring, which is what Gomez Gionta were labled as and the excuse for wasting the cap space on the duo. Keep Gionta, let Gomez go.

      Give Desharnais time to improve, keep him with Cole and MaxPac. They showed they are a special team. I liked the duo of Kosty and MaxPac at the doorsteps of the other team. This is what happens when you free up the offense to skate freely, to smash the other net and shoot in a rebound.

      This shooting and then rushing back to your point sucks cause it does not afford the shooter the chance to pick up the rebound. Fire JM. Fire PG who supported JM. Add Gainey as an ambassador, stop using him for the unofficial scout, as all he’s done is recommend that we sign those players no one wants. It’s the old excuse of the media, the taxes and language. Last night showed that regardless of media pressure, taxes and language, hockey players who are allowed to play and use their talent can score.

      • Ian Cobb says:

        Mistakes were made the past 5 or 6 years for sure. Even by Bob Gainey. But I will never forget what he did for this franchise. He did not want the GM job at first but would came here for 5 years only as he stipulated. He rebuilt this whole organization from the ground up and put Mtl. back into the NHL from the bush league that it was floundering in.

        • nunacanadien says:

          Agreed, Gainey gave us very exciting hockey. Too bad we got rid of Halak. Too bad Kovalev was very inconsistent. Gainey almost got the formula right. He played Price a year too early. We could have kept both Halak and Price. Gainey’s downfall was signing washed up players like Samsonov, Johnson, and not recognizing rookie talent but relying on the rookies as injured reserve as opposed to banking them like most teams so they could develop. When you only sign unwanted players who are often easily injured, you deplete and destroy the rookie’s chance to physically develop to an NHL level. Add to that, was the very nasty route the whole NHL was going which the Habs totally missed out on. Goon hockey reigns in the NHL.

  38. PG_doesnt_stand_for_Pierre_Gauthier says:

    The curse is over as Carey dropped his custom equipment.

    Same thing happened last year at the Heritage Classic.

    • kempie says:

      these are all wonderful causes that Price supports, so don’t get me wrong. But I’d think that a goaltender. playing at this level, would find a more practical way to help out than changing his equipment every time he takes up a new cause. I’ve seen Carey Price special edition masks in the bargain bin at Value Village.

  39. mrhabby says:

    the firing .was it PG who decided or Martin who decided fun to muse about it i guess. a bit odd with an ass’t gone. maybe we will see more changes next week.
    Nice win last night, strong skating game. Heres hoping the players play there game and don’t listen to Martin..
    The flyers with Pronger play .700 hockey and without play .500 hockey. There not the big bad flyers they use to be but i could careless.
    I still feel the team is not even close to being out of the woods. Iam sure the bruins are licking there chops. Iam expecting tons of pressure on our defence with us being reactive most of the game..Prove me wrong Habs i would love it.

  40. Neutral says:

    None of management is all that smart – for the addition of cole and the two forwards they let go pouliot and halpern we have the same team up front as last season. so why’s the team losing.
    we should be better with the addition of cole that’s why he was brought in to improve the 5 on 5.
    two reasons why we’re losing. martins style of coaching. they’re not allowed to be over aggressive always have to be thinking defence. how are they gonna win like that, if they lose the puck don’t try and get it back go on the defence.
    second reason we have a weaker defence, but we will benefit from that some of our “D” are on the down side of their careers. I think it was good to replace them now with our future “D” to give them time to gain experience.
    so while our young “D” is learning we’re gonna lose games. maybe won’t make the playoffs but that’s the price you have to pay to build a better team. to have a chance at winning a cup we need a different coaching system. the current system doesn’t work it has been proven….don’t blame the players. blame the system.

    • TommyB says:

      In all fairness to Cole, I think he walked into a mess when he joined the Habs, but he seems to be finding his place lately. He’s looked pretty good the last few games. I’ll take him over Poulliot any day.

      • Mr. Biter says:

        Cole seems to have found his place and ever since JM was questioned by some young reporter (can’t be Red as he may not have seen the falling of the walls of Jericho, but did read about it in the tablets next day) about Cole’s lack of PP time and must of put the on switch in JM’s head. BTW BP is just awesome in Boston 0 Goals O Assists 0 penalties -2 plus/minus. Wiz and Halpren gone big holes, BP big relief.

        Mr. Biter

  41. Habfan10912 says:

    Seriousfan reporting that Louie Leblanc in lineup for Dogs tonight. Good news for chrisadiens and I as we’ll be at the game at Albany Saturday night.


  42. 44har48 says:

    I don’t know anymore than anyone else on here, but all I will say is that you can’t fire a head coach and then have the new guy play 3 games in 4 nights against Philly and Boston…:)

    You also have to have a better replacement than what you have in line…

    • nunacanadien says:

      We have Ledouche and his wonderful lines. Heck fire JM and promote Ledouche maybe. We all know that JMs five on five style has cost us injuries, forcing players to stay rigid in their wings and not skate around kind of leaves them open to checks. Watching Kosty skate around ala Team CCCP style was a breath of fresh air.

  43. naweed235 says:

    Does anybody know what’s happening with Ryan White? I have not heard a thing about him… What kind of injury does he have that he is not even around the team? I miss that guy… I think he is excatly what our 4th line is missing right now!

  44. well….can we still fire the coach? 🙂


  45. HabFanSince72 says:

    Listening to Pierre Gauthier’s explanation for the firing of Pearn I can’t help but conclude that Pierre Gauthier is a bit of a creep.

  46. TommyB says:

    Fire the assistant coach! That’s just bizarre. Not sure if I’ve ever seen that one before, anywhere. It’s definitely an admission that there is a coaching issue in Montreal, that’s for sure. Assistant coaches are generally brought along by the head coach when he is hired. Usually hand-picked by the head coach because they share the same philosophies and vision of how the game should be played. The assistant coaches are therefore extensions of the head coach. The head coach appoints duties to these assistants….you run the D, you run the PP, PK, and so on, but ultimately what the assistants are doing and teaching is directed by the head coach, or at the very least, endorsed by the head coach. To fire an assistant, due to a team’s poor performance, without the head coach going along with him is a new form of scapegoatism to me. Never heard of it before. Did Gauthier enter the coach’s room with a handful of straws and announce, “I have to fire someone. Everybody pick a straw.”?

    Was last night’s performance on the ice the direct result of the change? Maybe. Maybe not. But if appointing Ladouceur as the guy to run the D made that much of a difference you have to ask yourself just what the hell JM’s job is, and what is he doing there. He’s not known as an offense-minded guy. Maybe he has to stick around until they find a bilingual replacement. Could be the hunt is on.

    Aside from all this coach crap, I thank the Habs for giving me reason to feel good again last night. They were downright exciting, after that horrid first period. I’m not convinced that all of a sudden all is well, and that they have weathered the storm. We shall see. But to know the Habs can put that kind of offensive pressure on a team such as the Flyers kind of leads me to think the players are not at fault. The talent is there. They are capable.

  47. Chrisadiens says:

    Quick everybody back on the bandwagon! 🙂 Great win last night. Now let’s own the bruins like we do every year and right this ship. Its amazing what 1 win can do.

    Where’s the guy that said that missing Max Pac wouldn’t be a big deal? Hehehe.

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  48. slychard says:

    “People talk hockey to me in french. I answer in Czech and everything is better.” Gotta give Spacek kudos for that one. One of the best quotes ever.


    The HABelicious HABe (pr. babe) leaned forward and told the bruins fan; “Kiss my HABS!” He took one look at her displayed HABS and realized her HABS were indeed quite kissable, as opposed to his Big Bud ugly Bruinettes with their hair teased sky-high and excessive make-up. A tear ran down his cheek knowing her suggestion was a tease so he did what any red blooded man could do, he converted to HABSnation. All is well.

  49. HabinBurlington says:

    Question to either Mr. Boone, Mr. Stubbs or any other Media Member from HIO, what was the reaction to BGL’s comments on the radio yesterday among the press corps?

    • slychard says:

      What comment was that? Fill me in please.


      The HABelicious HABe (pr. babe) leaned forward and told the bruins fan; “Kiss my HABS!” He took one look at her displayed HABS and realized her HABS were indeed quite kissable, as opposed to his Big Bud ugly Bruinettes with their hair teased sky-high and excessive make-up. A tear ran down his cheek knowing her suggestion was a tease so he did what any red blooded man could do, he converted to HABSnation. All is well.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        He was doing a tell all book promotion on Team 990 with Tony Marinaro yesterday. BGL’s code and JM’s system both appear to be intricate and complex.

        • slychard says:

          What code is that? Not to eat meat and dance only with willing partners once he signed with the habs? How ’bout the system? Ah you mean the one JM has about not fighting back and letting teams push the talented players around and intimidating the goalie? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

          The HABelicious HABe (pr. babe) leaned forward and told the bruins fan; “Kiss my HABS!” He took one look at her displayed HABS and realized her HABS were indeed quite kissable, as opposed to his Big Bud ugly Bruinettes with their hair teased sky-high and excessive make-up. A tear ran down his cheek knowing her suggestion was a tease so he did what any red blooded man could do, he converted to HABSnation. All is well.

          • slychard says:

            It just hit me…BGL is coming out with a book? I’m sure it’ll be better then Dryden’s ‘the game’


            The HABelicious HABe (pr. babe) leaned forward and told the bruins fan; “Kiss my HABS!” He took one look at her displayed HABS and realized her HABS were indeed quite kissable, as opposed to his Big Bud ugly Bruinettes with their hair teased sky-high and excessive make-up. A tear ran down his cheek knowing her suggestion was a tease so he did what any red blooded man could do, he converted to HABSnation. All is well.

        • That’s when I turned the station.

          Shane Oliver
          Brandon, MB,Canada
          R7B 2R7
          Ph- 204 724 8418

    • Dave Stubbs says:

      I have a great deal of time for Georges Laraque’s big heart and his humanitarian work. I don’t pay any attention to what he has to say about hockey as it relates to the Canadiens; the axe he has to grind with the team is pretty obvious.

      Dave Stubbs

      Hockey Inside/Out
      Sports Columnist/Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette
      • On Twitter: twitter.com/habsinsideout1
      • Email: dstubbs@montrealgazette.com

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I have no doubts about BGL’s heart and his efforts to help mankind particularly as it relates to Haiti. His efforts there are very commendable and from what I heard PK also has a great heart and was more than happy to help with the cause.

        My question however, was how his comments played out with the media. I listened to the interview and while I have issues with how BGL viewed his role on the team, I also think his role was shaped by how he was handled. Clearly some of what he said was factual. For Example his talk of how JM told him not to worry about what was happening on the ice as it related to other teams taking liberties, and that Muller had told him he wasn’t the coach so he couldn’t put him out there.

        I don’t deny he has an axe to grind, in fact he probably has more than one he can afford many axes with the contract he took.

        • slychard says:

          Give it up. Dave can’t rock the boat… If you ask that chick reporter she might have the gonads to answer you.


          The HABelicious HABe (pr. babe) leaned forward and told the bruins fan; “Kiss my HABS!” He took one look at her displayed HABS and realized her HABS were indeed quite kissable, as opposed to his Big Bud ugly Bruinettes with their hair teased sky-high and excessive make-up. A tear ran down his cheek knowing her suggestion was a tease so he did what any red blooded man could do, he converted to HABSnation. All is well.

        • slychard says:

          LOL…I called her a chick because I don’t even know her name. I live in Key West for Christ’s sake. I believe she works for TSN radio? Check out the web site. Julie? That’s just a guess. Good luck and let me know if you do get in touch with her.


          The HABelicious HABe (pr. babe) leaned forward and told the bruins fan; “Kiss my HABS!” He took one look at her displayed HABS and realized her HABS were indeed quite kissable, as opposed to his Big Bud ugly Bruinettes with their hair teased sky-high and excessive make-up. A tear ran down his cheek knowing her suggestion was a tease so he did what any red blooded man could do, he converted to HABSnation. All is well.

          • nunacanadien says:

            I wonder if Gauthier’s yogurt eating tendency kind of sent the wrong message to JM. Hey JM you can stop wearing those garters as you won. Now we know what Carey was talking about. Mind you I wonder if the nice very gentle very politically correct along with what looked like PG wore mascara and lipstick in yesterday’s media excuse for JM terrible five on five style, I wonder if he is really the right stuff to be leading a historic franchise….hey PG they put too much fluff on you…or wait, maybe that’s what the Molsons want, a very gay head office, full of laughter, full of political correctness and hey, why make the poor guy work for his millions when the Centre is full every night! Can’t have PG and Bob Gainey break a sweat now can we? That can’t be politically correct corporate mindedness now….what’s next, we make JM wear garters outside his suit?

          • nunacanadien says:

            I wonder now, since PG came and JM, the habs have been a punching bag of sorts. I wonder if it is the corporate mentality of the Habs organization that we will play politically correct safe hockey, which is fine if you are running Canada’s Olympic team and have Dr. Pound breathing down your neck. But really, what kind of pressure comes to bear on the habs to sign small, sign old, sign aged, sign injured, heck we might as well put the Statute of Liberty outside the Bell Center with Gainey’s face on it, and have the inscription “bring me your old, bring me your hurt, bring me your wimps, you are welcome in the land of washed up hockey” or something to that effect! Honestly that is what it seems sometimes. You have players who don’t fight back, yet you can see they want to! Time to get rid of the “be gay” “be happy” rule of Gauthier. the NHL is not a nice hockey league, you can’t play nice hockey and expect to win a cup.

  50. Habfan10912 says:

    Something have had to happen yesterday afternoon to have this occur so close to game time. I wonder if we will ever know.


    • HabinBurlington says:

      PG actually said that this is “One of the Changes” they decided to make. Is there another change (shoe to drop) coming? Or does telling Price not to wear PinkPads qualify as the other change.

  51. JoeC says:

    I figured it out, now that JM doesnt have his “PP” to play with, he can concentrate on the game….

    • nunacanadien says:

      That’s always been Gainey’s modus operandai, sign the aged veterans like Cole that can draw penalties, score one goal, in hopes that Price can stop all goals or only allow one goal, and you get enough wins to ensure the 8th position at year end. Man, that sucks to have a hockey legend like that destroy the team that made him a legend! No wonder there has always been an emphasis to sign small players no one wants and who have a tarnished history of some kind, so they can draw penalties!

  52. Thomas Le Fan says:

    So it’s obvious. How could we be so blind? We fell victim to the double P curse. Pink pads, Perry Pearn, poor play, (no) power play. We’ll be alright now.

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