Trotter defects

Brock Trotter, who had a solid year in Hamilton and was expected to compete for a job at training camp, is going to the KHL.

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Adrian Dater’s Top 10 NHL centres

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How NHL teams got their names

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Someone has to do this for hockey

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Annakin Slayd, who did that brilliant Feels Like ’93, turns his talents to Montreal’s late, sometimes great baseball team.



  1. Bill J says:

    What a lovely reply – replying cuz I like replying to posts like this.

    Hope it gave you great pleasure. 😉

  2. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    and you sir are a grade A moron. 

  3. Bill H says:

    You mean the Legion of Zoom?  I don’t see anyone giving them the boot.  Its all in the size of the heart.

  4. Bill J says:

    Montreal Canadiens fans do not hate sholi’s guts.

    If that where the case, they would equally hate your guts.

    As you are far from being a innocent little Habs fan 😉

    Donkey’s who judge people’s posts & opinions… are exactly that – Donkey’s (for the record, refer to the OTHER name of a Donkey)

  5. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    sholi’s posts = epic fail

    still remember when you got banned from the Canadiens forum,  good times!  Funny how Montreal Canadiens fans hate your gut’s.

  6. Chorske says:

    It’s always a good idea to criticize the post, not the poster.

    As for use of emails for harassment- you CAN block someone, it’s really easy. Heck. The way I see it, I would prefer a situation where everyone HAS to use their real name, and a real valid email address. It would strip the site of anonymity, which would help the more problematic posters realize that there are Real People behind these avatars.

  7. The Cat says:

    The thing I dont like about pontificating is that its not about wanting decorum, its usually about defending friends who have like minded ideas about the habs.

  8. says:

    You’re that online idiot that everyone hates Miamu aren’t you?

    You’ve been banned from more sports forums than Tiger has dates.

    They Call Me Shane

  9. New says:

    Never make a decision in the short days of winter, or look for a fight in the hot days of summer:-).

    I hear you. Years ago I foolishly suggested that Theodore and his new trophy be traded. Eventually I had to change my now spam filled email. I was pretty confused, as a big Theo promoter, that the idea generated such venom. I thought about it a bit. I think it is validation. A lot of people look for validation. It builds self esteem. When they hold an opinion and someone else agrees, they are validated. If several someones agree well, all the better. That is why many posts begin with “Excellent post”, you feel good and they hijack some  validation points as well.

    If you disagree it becomes a personal attack. The matter isn’t reasoned out that way, or personal, but by attacking their opinion you diminish their validation point balance.

    When you read posts carefully, and there are still a great number of excellent posts hidden here, you begin to get a sense of the author’s views. A lot of fans write consistently “We” as if they were on the team. Some fans write consistently that Howie Morenz sucks, they just won’t let it go:-). (Ok it isn’t Monenz but I don’t want to start another flame war:-} Regardless of opinion most folks forget to indicate before each phrase that it is their opinion, and write as if it is fact. This irks others.

    The bottom line is like mom used to say “It takes two to argue, one to fight.”

    You are right about people leaving though. Some of the best commenters have stopped. But that is evolution. HIO will be what it will be, and as long as they have the sidebar links to sites we like there are options:-)

  10. Clay4bc says:

    Brian Gionta – 5′ 7″

    Michael Cammalleri – 5′ 9″

    Those are 2 quality players. short or not…

    I’m not saying we couldn’t use some size, but really, those are likely 2 of the 10 best Habs in the past 20 years…


    “This has to be the mother of all brain-dead decisions.” Red Fisher regarding the Halak trade.

  11. nightmare_49 says:

       by Robert L / just in case somebody missed it

       What Came First, the Canadiens, or the Overzealous Montreal Media?

  12. nightmare_49 says:

       Bettman’s Kovalchuk Prosecution merely a Temper Tantrum / by Larry Brooks / NY Post


    If the league should lose, well, it’s not as if the floodgates will open over the next season with teams throwing tens of millions in front-loaded deals at their franchise players.

    The players, as an entity, might want to pay attention to this throwing down of the gauntlet by Bettman two years in advance of the next round of collective bargaining. They sure weren’t paying attention last week when, we’re told, no more than 10 players showed up for the union’s meeting in Los Angeles.

    Read more:

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