Tough-guy Nilan has big soft spot for his dogs

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Nobody has ever questioned Chris Nilan’s toughness, but the former Canadiens enforcer has a big soft spot for dogs.

The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs reports that Nilan was living with his girlfriend in Oregon a few years ago, emerging from treatment to overcome substance addiction he’d developed through some 30 surgeries and the 251 times he fought in his unforgiving role of NHL enforcer. Jaime owned a pound rescue, a border collie/shepherd mix she had adopted as a puppy in Costa Rica, nursing it back to health.

“Jaime was working but I wasn’t, having just gotten out of treatment, so I had a lot of idle time,” Nilan, 54, told Stubbs. “I was focusing on my recovery, going to my meetings, but every day I’d get up and run the dog at the beach.

“It was therapeutic for me, honestly. With Jaime, the dog helped me get back on my feet.”

Nilan was in Afghanistan on a goodwill tour 20 months ago, visiting the troops for a third time, when their dog was fatally struck by a car back home.

“We went through a difficult time, a real rough time,” Nilan told Stubbs.

Nilan and Jaime, now living together in Montreal, have two new dogs.

“You come home after a long day and you want to talk about unconditional love?” Nilan told Stubbs. “That’s what our dogs give, and it’s pretty cool.”

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