To Boston, Philly, Pittsburgh or Washington?


Hockey Inside/Out and Gazette columnist Dave Stubbs is filling in for Sports Illustrated’s Michael Farber with CJAD Radio-800 commentary weekday mornings at 7:55 a.m. ET, guesting with Abe Hefter.

On Wednesday, Stubbs and Hefter discussed the Canadiens having nailed down a playoff berth with their exciting 2-1 overtime win over Chicago at the Bell Centre on Tuesday. Listen here to their chat, with CJAD morning host Andrew Carter.


  1. jordo says:

    The earliest the #2 seed and the #6 seed can meet is the conference finals, so if Montreal and Philadelphia finish as expected, then we are in good shape.

  2. cuzzie says:

    The Habs system is made for the playoffs. I pity their opponent.

  3. Garcia129 says:

    Did anyone else notice how the entire bench errupted when PK scored… except Plekanec? He had one leg already over the boards, as if he was expecting a line change. He gave zero emotion. Almost as if he was dissapointed that PK scored and not him. I also recall seeing him say something to PK with a stern expression at the beginning of OT. PK was skating away from him, and he grabbed him as if to make sure that he was understood.

    Anyone care to over-analize this, as I have? Probably reading too much into this, much the same as when Gomez didn’t celebrate with him the last time PK scored an OT winner.

    In Price we Trust

    • LA Loyalist says:

      I think we’ve seen enough of the Czechs and Russians that we can generalize they can be moody as hell, even the ones with the bigger personalities like Kovy or Ovechkin.

      I would also factor in that any rookie who shows up a vet is not going to make the vet happy.

      I am personally the opposite of PK, but I love his exuberance and think it brings a lot to the team. Would be interested if anyone else noticed additional examples over the year.

    • Gorges_the_great says:

      Pleks is never a very emotional guy. I wouldn’t read anything into it. I also noticed that he talked to PK at the beginning of OT. Probably just a vet trying to guide the rookie.

    • bwoar says:

      You’re really, really overthinking that. It’s nothing at all, Plekanec was getting ready for a change, paying attention to the guy who was coming off – to avoid a bench minor. Simple as that.

    • 44har48 says:

      I wouldn’t read too much into it, but nice catch on your part. He probably feels the way I do about Subban. Great talent, going to be a good one, I am glad he is on my team, but he has a lot to learn and he is not at the level most would make him out to be. I look for my D men to be sound defensively first, and while I can’t deny he is ready for the NHL offensively, he continues to make really stupid rookie mistakes on the defensive end that cost us. Great player and a keeper, but cool the jets on him being tops in the league yet.

  4. DarthWade says:

    Count me in as wanting Boston in the first round. They’re actually worried about us and I’m glad. I can’t wait to see the “friendly” reaction Chara is going to get the moment he steps on the Bell Centre ice.

  5. LA Loyalist says:

    The revisionism never ends.

    Like Winston Smith, some posters live to rewrite history.

    Fact: Last year, Price blew chunks.
    Fact: This year, Price is great.
    Fact: Last year, Halak was all-world in playoffs:
    Fact: This year, Price, playoffs… TO BE DETERMINED, with a not very good team in front of him – that’s why they call it the future, because it hasn’t happened yet.
    Fact: re Eller/Halak – ok, it was opinion, I concede. Doesn’t mean I like the trade 🙂
    Fact: Posters hate facts.

    Bring on whomever.

    • punkster says:

      You did OK until the Halak/Eller trade statement. That is opinion not fact. (though you did salvage a bit of cred with your last statement of fact 😉

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

      • LA Loyalist says:

        I’m not against Eller, and blah blah blah the market was bad, but I still think we blew that trade. That said, I’m willing to concede it’s opinion and will delete that line item.

        see, I’m reasonable, some times 🙂

        • 44har48 says:

          Halak was not what some of you would make him out to be and professional GMs know how to evaluate talent, not on one playoff run, but on a entire body of work. Hell, there were a lot of us who could see it, I’m sure the other GMs did:) Not to mention he is a small goalie that will continue to have fits in the NHL as the rules favor bigger goalies with equip, etc…

          Eller is already showing skill and progression, and is going to be a great compliment to Avtsin, Enqvist, and Pax. I know everyone is all about Lablanc and Kristo, but these guys I just named, are the real deal, mark my words. And they are learning NA game and not playing in little jrs.

    • bwoar says:

      One thing dude,

      “Any amateur stock market trader could have done better than Eller.”

      You’ll be revising that soon enough 😉 Stick to the facts.

    • Mark C says:

      Playing loose and fast with some of those so called facts.

  6. bwoar says:

    Just to clarify in case anyone is holding out for Pacioretty’s return…

    “Pacioretty has already begun workouts in the gym, though his agent Alex Schall said this week he wouldn’t be able to return until training camp.” (April 2)

    Read more:

    I hope that’s easily understood, there’s no ambiguity there.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      I think it would be morally reprehensible on the part of Habs management to allow Patches to play again this year, though I’m sure the guy wants to. The answer has to be no.

      • bwoar says:

        I agree with you, why risk his career and well-being just to help a team that PG & Co. have already forsaken for next season? I just wanted to post a definite statement on his status so we can move on. Absolutely, the answer has to be no.

        • LA Loyalist says:

          Actually, guys, who among you think that Crosby will play in playoffs? And do you think he should? Or will it depend if they get through the first round?

          Remember, we may hate Pittsburg, but we still need him to play for Canada.

          • bwoar says:

            He shouldn’t play, and I doubt he will. I can’t imagine their brass too keen on rushing him back, he’s got too many years ahead of him to take that risk.

    • NoTinFoilCups says:

      Okay he’s not coming back until training camp. That begs the question: Why include skating in the conditioning? What if he catches an edge?

  7. Jdub1985 says:


    Even Boston doesn’t want MTL!

  8. The Juice says:

    Please, PLEASE, let it be Boston!!!


    “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

  9. Habfan4lfe says:

    I hope for Pittsburgh or Washington first. At least you know it will be a cleaner series. Boston and Philly, we’ll be lucky to make it out of arena alive with cheap shot artists like Chara or “we do everything dirty” Philly. Oh and please have respect for us. Pfft. Pitts or Washington be a lot better for us.

  10. RGM says:

    Just a friendly reminder…

    “Carey Price is a good goaltender, don’t get me wrong. [But] he will not be a good goaltender in Montreal. [Montreal] should’ve kept Halak. It’s a shame that this kid is going to get the treatment in Montreal. They’re just waiting to get him. Good goaltender. Should’ve been in St. Louis.”

    Suck it, Cherry.

    Carey Price is All Hart!
    Go Habs Go!

    • Max_a_million says:

      Suck it indeed!

    • mdp2011 says:

      you can also add to that list, Red Fisher, Jack Todd, and about 90% of the media and fans in Montreal.

      • Max_a_million says:

        Not 90% of the fans. Everyone else yes.

        90% of the fans have always loved Price. Don’t mistake noise from a small minority of malcontents for popular opinion. It’s a common mistake, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
        Evidence: Remember he was selected overwhelmingly as the starter in the all-star game by fans before this.

      • nick says:

        To Jack Todd’s credit, he wrote an article stating how wrong he was, and how amazing Price has been this season.

        I’m not sure about the others.

      • RGM says:

        I don’t consider Fisher, Todd, and crew as being in the same category as Cherry. The Montreal media have had their revelations this year, and many of them are more often correct than they are wrong. They’re good journalists who were simply wrong on this front.

        Cherry, however, is a blowhard and a fool who has nothing good to say ever about anything to do with the Montreal Canadiens. It’s pathological and it runs from a 30-years long wound because he can’t count to five, and he’s let that cloud his judgment ever since. I relish him being so wrong about Price in much the same way that I relish seeing the clips of his beloved Bruins skating off the ice dejected, broken, beaten.

        Carey Price is All Hart!
        Go Habs Go!

    • Corporate says:

      I love Carey and I have been a supporter since day one and as a goalie myself I saw the potential. But I know hindsight is 20/20, but let’s image he would have had a rotten year, like last year or the year before. The media and fans would ahve jumped on his back and asked for Pierre Gauthier’s head. So, yes, Cherry is a douche, but he was kinda right. Now everything is fine because Carey has exceeded expectations.

      • RGM says:

        “he will not be a good goaltender in Montreal” = wrong
        “[Montreal] should’ve kept Halak” = wrong
        “It’s a shame that this kid is going to get the treatment in Montreal.” = wrong
        “They’re just waiting to get him.” = wrong

        Other than the parts where he says that Carey Price is a good goaltender, exactly in what way was he “kinda right” may I ask?

        Carey Price is All Hart!
        Go Habs Go!

    • soperman says:

      Good work! It’s nice when someone keeps track of the thousands of stupid things Cherry says, the same way “Mr. I-told-you-so” reminds us of the occasional thing he got right.

    • Habfan4lfe says:

      Seriously anyone who cares what Cherry has to say has got a screw loose. He’s a senile old goat who makes crap up, shows no respect for new and upcoming players like Price or Subban. If I could, I’d push the old goat down the stairs of the Bell Center. I bet I’d get a standing ovation too. This guy has a talk show in Ottawa and I can’t stand listening to his BS. I switch radio stations as soon as I hear the idiot.

  11. observer says:

    Is Pacioretty to play in round one?

    • Corporate says:

      As of now no. but I don’t care if we need him or not. I rather he sit out the year and come back next year healthy. Look at Ian Laperriere. he had to retire cause he came back too soon last year.

      • Max_a_million says:

        makes no sense at all, he will be back in the first round

        • 24 Cups says:

          Speaking of making sense…..

          Would you rush your son back even though it may increase the chances of ruining his career and long term health?

          Get real.

          • Max_a_million says:

            4-6 weeks for an injured bone, and he seems to have recovered well and quickly from the concussion. I wouldn’t think twice about it. Don’t confuse the scariness of the incident with the reality of the recovery time.

            I saw a professional soccer player lose a year stepping off of a curb the wrong the way, which seemed quite harmless.

            Medically speaking I am being quite real, and deal with these things regularly. People need to speak out of knowledge and not fear.

        • bwoar says:

          He’s still concussed and has only skated once. Even if the bone has healed there’s no word yet on concussion symptoms. At this point it’s unlikely he’ll be back (maybe a faint hope.)

          You keep saying things make no sense…. I’d humbly suggest that just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean a person is speaking nonsense.

          • Max_a_million says:

            I say it makes no sense because the nature of the recovery is 4-6 weeks. I deal with these things all of the time. It’s very similar injury to a person falling of a roof when shoveling snow. JM came out with a big smile to announce the possibility of his return, this is not something JM does very often. He was giddy last night after the game, and when announcing the possible return of Patches. Those are the only two times I can think of. They are rare for sure, which means there is reason to take this as a significant gesture.

            It makes no sense because people throw medical opinions out there with no knowledge basis behind it.

          • LA Loyalist says:

            Yo, Max-a-million. Where did you get your medical degree? When and where did you evaluate the patient?

            Lose the patronizing tone. I don’t like it.

        • punkster says:

          Absurd. Did you ever do the research I suggested?

          ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  12. HabsFanInTampa says:

    This morning’s paper: “Toronto misses the playoffs for a franchise record 6th consecutive season”. I love the sound of that.

  13. Max_a_million says:

    Subban and Price are remarkable … WOW!

    What about Tom Pyatt. What an incredible 13th forward. It’s incredibly hard to come out of the press box like that, and he just brings such speed, passionate play, and mistake free hockey. Tom Pyatt was super last night.

    Love this team!

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Pyatt seems to be getting more chances and adding a little more to help the team lately.
      Unfortunately, when Darche, Pyatt or Desharnais and many of the Habs foot soldiers add zero toughness to a team that’s about to do battle with Boston and Philadelphia, there’s a problem…

      Pyatt is a decent player but i think they could find someone for the same price tag who brings a little more to the table.

      • Max_a_million says:

        Did you watch the game last night?

        We have never been the tough team on the block, and never will be. It’s not what we do, and we win a lot more than any of the goon teams do. Always have and still do.

    • observer says:

      pyatt should not be mentioned in the same breath as subban and price who are stars. cammaleri has been rounding into form the last couple of games, his scoring touch may now finally returned.

  14. pmaraw says:

    enjoy ur pingpong roadtrips, hoping for less 7 game series for you guys and our guys!

  15. slamtherimtim says:

    anyone know when playoff tickets will go on sale

    • Julie H says:

      They go on sale this Saturday at two. Turn your computer on for 12 because the waiting room will be open before that.

      Good luck!

      ♪Your cares and troubles are gone. There’ll be no more from now on. From now on happy days are here again, the skies above are so clear again. So let’s sing a song of cheer again. Happy times, happy nights, happy days are here again♪

  16. mdp2011 says:

    I think the Habs can beat Boston, Philly, or Pittsburgh , don’t want them to play Washington. The Habs can take out Philly, especially without Pronger and they still have goalie issues, that is why the Habs should pickup Leighton on re-entry waivers. This way, Philly can’t turn to him when Bobrobsky fails and is pulled after the first 2 games, also it would give the Habs a good backup for next year at half the salary, I think he makes 1.6, so Habs could get him for 800K.

  17. Marc10 says:

    None easy, but a win over Boston would be the most satisfying and the ideal launching pad to a deep drive.

    Carey, Carey, Carey, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!

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