Tinordi in lineup, Weber out for Jets game

Jarred Tinordi, called up from the AHL on Wednesday, will be in the lineup Thursday night when the Canadiens face the Jets in Winnipeg (8 p.m., TSN-HABS, RDS, TSN Radio 690).

After Thursday’s morning skate, Michel Therrien told reporters that Yannick Weber will be a healthy scratch to make room for the 6-foot-6, 205-pound Tinordi. The coach added that Gabriel Dumont could replace Jeff Halpern in the lineup, but that it would be a game-time decision.

Carey Price will start in goal.

“I think I’ll be playing with Frankie (Bouillon),” Tinordi told reporters after the morning skate. “We’ve played together before so it should go well tonight.”

The players missing from the optional morning skate were Max Pacioretty, Brian Gionta, Michael Ryder, Rene Bourque, Brandon Prust and David Desharnais.

(Photo by John Kenney/The Gazette)

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  1. byrneoNL says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned this. PK Subban was essentialy told to stop hitting. We lose Emelin to injury, and Subban is ordered to stop throwing those hits on people coming over the blue line. So it’s open season – but it doesn’t *have* to be. Go look at PK’s hits the last 8-9 games and marvel at the goose eggs.

    Teams used to have to be aware of PK lining them up for the big hit, cause he likes to do that, but MT told him not to do it anymore. MT calls up Tinordi and tells him to be this big physical presence.. well MT when PK was hitting, we were winning. So you might wanna let PK go back to being PK.. in the first and second periods anyways.

    • mrhabby says:

      how do you know MT said that to PK.

      • The night they clinched I called Therrien and passed on a message. Tell PK to take er easy the next two and a half weeks. It was meant for the PK, not the entire team 😆

        Poor communication. This slump is all my fault!

        -10 this morning, hope they enjoy their walk to the MTS Center haha

        Shane Oliver
        Twitter @Sholi2000
        Custom Sports Figures

        • mrhabby says:

          do you guys get spring and summer out there.

          • I went for a run yesterday, half way through it it started snowing, almost storm size. I stopped put both arms in the arm and yelled really, 6 more weeks? You’re dead to me ground hog! OK I didn’t do any of that but I did stop. look up and say to myself….I hate this province right now. 🙂

            Shane Oliver
            Twitter @Sholi2000
            Custom Sports Figures

      • byrneoNL says:

        Cause it’s been all over the news and reported on by sources way more credible than me. Specifically he was told not to go looking for the big hits, and let the hits come to him. But between the lines, it’s basically “stop putting yourself out of position with the big hits” Every time Subban went for a big open ice hit, his defensive partner never covers for him. So some inopportune odd man rushes were happening, or PK was being unjustly Penalized for crap like highsticking or other phantom calls on those plays. For a few weeks the results were unjust penalties or odd man rushes against. So the coaches told him to stop doin it. Everyone knows this. The problem is now, since everyone knows PK is no longer stepping up with big hit, players are just waltzing in freely and unpressured.

    • LTHF says:

      Who will be the healthy scratches tonite?

    • Habsrule1 says:

      Can I get a link on this story about PK being told to stop hitting?
      If you’re referring to the hit he missed and received a penalty for, I never heard anyone say one time that PK was to stop hitting.

      As far as Savard. I have no idea if he’s being paid by the team or not, but I have no problem with what he said about Price.

      I hope it lights a fire under Price’s ass.

      Go Habs Go!!

      “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  2. John Frodo says:

    The Jets will throw this game, a higher power commands them to not get into the playoffs. The Peg Wives rule.

  3. Un Canadien errant says:

    So watching the Oilers-Blackhawks game last night ever so briefly and watching Justin Schultz, it struck me again how he would have fit right in with the Canucks, and how he may be rethinking his decision to go to Edmonton. The reports are that Vancouver was a ‘finalist’, but he chose to go with the young team on the cusp of greatness, and Edmonton (?) instead.

    He wasn’t alone in thinking all the young talent would magically coalesce, finally, and they would sweep into the playoffs like the Oilers of old. Some reputable journalists predicted they would do just so. Instead, he’s on a team with talent and potential, but big problems and big holes in its roster, and a management team in upheaval, and major roster changes on the way.

    On the Canucks, he would have slid in to a veteran lineup that has been through the playoff wars and knows about winning. He would have had veteran defencemen ahead of him like Alex Edler, Dan Hamhuis and Kevin Bieksa to do the heavy lifting at the blue line, and been able to take more sheltered minutes as he adjusted to the NHL game.

    As a right-handed shot and a setup man on the powerplay, he would have been a good complementary piece to either Jason Garrison or Alex Edler as the left-handed bomb from the point. Especially now with Ryan Kesler back, he would have had the option, when he and the lefty defenceman switched up sides to facilitate the one-timer, to either go to the D-man or straight up to the faceoff dot to the right of the goalie, where Mr. Kesler makes a living on the powerplay.

    So it’s only one season, decisions like this are made with a long-term view, and things can change quickly, but right now I have to wonder how much better off Mr. Schultz would be living in Vancouver and having a real shot at a deep run in the playoffs.



  4. Bill H says:

    Kilgour’s Bar Meets Grill in Toronto at 509 Bloor St West used to have Canadiens’ games. I haven’t been this year, so I can’t confirm if they still do it though.

    • bel33 says:

      I haven’t been myself either this year… but it’s a Habs hangout in Toronto… I don’t see them not showing the games.

      Place is small though… so give them a call to see about when to show up for a game if you want to try and watch.

      Great atmosphere there!

    • thejonnoexperience says:

      I’ve watched a few games at Kilgour’s this year. It is rather small so it’s a good idea to show up a little bit early. I was turned away for a Saturday night game a few weeks ago due to the crowd.

  5. sg81 says:

    1- Price has certainly been playing pretty poorly but anyone saying the Habs should trade Price is a clown.

    2- It boggles my mind that with the putrid defense the team is playing, Kaberle is still left as a scratch. The guy is nowhere near as bad as people make him out to be and it is a farce to think that guys like Weber, Drewiske and a couple others are better than he is. Kaberle should be playing on our 3rd D pairing and on the PP. I would actually rest Markov and Bouillon for the last 2 games and play Tinordi-Kaberle as the 3rd pairing, see what happens.

    • habs12 says:

      I have to agree with Kaberle. If the goal is to win, then why not use the best players we have? Besides Pittsburgh, the east is so wide open, and anything can happen. Why bench a player who is better than Weber, bouillon, drew and more experienced than the call-ups (with a Stanley Cup ring) just so we can buy him out, if his contributions can actually help the team win? It may be a little late, now that Diaz is back, but he should have been playing while he was injured, at the very least to help the powerplay.

      • sg81 says:

        Absolutely agree. Hopefully Markov and Bouillon can get the week off here, Markov has been atrocious defensively. I really think that going into the playoffs, we should pair 3 offensive guys with 3 defensive guys. I think Kaberle would excel with Gorges as his partner. Anyone can play with PK as he’s by far our best D.

        Subban – Bouillon (or Tinordi if he shows he can stay)
        Markov – Diaz
        Kaberle – Gorges

  6. Ian Cobb says:

    On the question about Cary Price and being inconsistent right now! Part of Serge Savard’s comments written by Stu Cowan

    “You remember (Ken) Dryden and Patrick (Roy) … if I look at those two I don’t recall Patrick having a night that he didn’t try. Some nights he maybe let in a couple of tough goals, but very, very, very seldom. But he always tried … he always tried to win each game and he did not give many bad goals in a row and he kept us in the game all the time … sometimes we didn’t deserve to win and we won. But this guy is not doing that right now … he shows us at times that he was able to do that, but he didn’t do it on a regular basis.”

    Savard added about Price: “I rate this guy very highly, but he’s not showing it now … but the whole team is not playing very well at this time.”

    We are sure going to need Price at his best this play off run, or it is going to be over very quickly! Ian

    • alfieturcotte says:

      As soon as he was asked to comment about Price, he indicates his position on Price by saying “you are talking to the wrong guy”. It’s a polite calling out of Price, but make no mistake, he’s negative on Price.

    • Mustang says:

      I find the entire “Price” discussion that has been going on for the past couple of weeks, to be very interesting. There are some fans that think Price is the best goaltender that has ever played in the NHL while others think he is a bum and should be shipped out of town. Neither extreme is correct in my opinion. Price is a very good goalie that is having a tough time right now for some unknown reason. He is not the best goalie we have ever had and he is not the worst. I hope that he can regain his form in the next few days or as Ian has said, this playoff run is going to be over very quickly.

      • nunacanadien says:

        Enough of this Price thing, just bench him and make him the perpetual backup goalie who will save our butt if you love him that much! For now we need to get a stanley cup for God’s Sake! We need to win. Carey Price is just a backup goalie, always has been, proven he is nothing but, especially under Jaro Halak! The habs should start looking for a real NHL goalie, and for that matter put to rest the notion that a small team can win a cup. All we do is watch the habs get beaten up all year long when Emelin is hurt or playing like a typical Russian! Enough Russians! Draft Canadian! Canadians don’t let you down! The Canadiens though have let us down by being the Smurfs!

    • Blondemon says:

      I agree Price seems lazy sometimes. But other times, he really battles. Like at 4-0 against Pit, that lunge at a puck, at first it looked like a huge save, but then replay showed it hit Markov. Still Price, would have saved it with the huge effort post to post.

      The saves against Panik and St. Louis (blocker and sprawling pad kick) were game-changers. I’d like to see the stats on the number of games Price has won where we scored first and early, ie. in the first period, or even got a 2+ goal lead. It seems when he surrenders the first goal (and second and third) we lose every time. The team seems to give up.

      ***Drive for 25***

      • Mustang says:

        Last year it seemed like Price gave up an early goal (within the first 5 minutes or so) in a lot of games, of course the team was not very good (I am being kind). He did not seem to do that very often in the first 40 games this year but nothing has gone right lately.

    • New says:

      Price needs to learn how to concentrate everything into a 200 x 85 and get into the zone. He needs to chill. Unfortunately if the team wins it is always because this or that player had a big slapper. When they lose it is always because of Price. Heck, writers complain when they lose 6-5 that Price didn’t stop enough, while if they win 6-5 they write about the great comeback by the guys sniffing around the other blueline.

      In Montreal a goalie can never do enough. That pressure isn’t really pressure, it is a fact, like the oxygen in the air. Price should do like Thomas, just get in front of the puck and hope Chara doesn’t fire it in when your back is turned.

  7. alfieturcotte says:

    Kudos to Serge Savard for calling out Price.

    Clearly the skeptics are growing with each poor performance. Savard appears just as puzzled by Price as many are – “he looks like he can be a superstar” but concludes that based on his inconsistency “I just don”t know what to say”. Interestingly, he also questions Price’s dedication, stating that Price is not putting in an all out effort, “not trying” al la Roy. Hmm, I’d say those are clearly not the words you want to be reading about the guy we just locked into a multi year deal with that eats up 1/10 of the team’s salary.

    Trade Price, Trade Price, Trade Price before it’s too late. Six years is enough to know that he just is not the player he was projected to be.

    • Chuck says:

      Serge’s opinion holds no weight in the daily dealings of the Habs, nor should they; he’s not around the club on a daily basis, so it’s just his outside opinion that Price isn’t trying… certainly not enough of a reason to trade him.

      Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

      • twilighthours says:

        Is this true? He was on the payroll less than a year ago as a special advisor. If he’s collecting a paycheck from the team, he needs to shut his yap. If he’s jockeying to become media, then he’s entitled.

    • twilighthours says:

      This has nothing to do if Price is dedicated or not. If he’s good or not. It has to do with basic managament.

      Managers do not call out their employees in public. It’s the most basic rule of dealing with people.

      And as far as we know, Savard is still on the Habs’ payroll.

      Totally in the wrong for a member of Habs’ brass to do that to a team member. Keep it in house.

      • ed says:

        I don’t think Savard is still paid by the team. Molson “engaged” his services to find a GM. As far as I can remember, that was the extent of it, and Savard is no longer a member of the Habs.

        • twilighthours says:

          Are we sure, Ed? Some of these old times are special ambassadors to the team. They’ve been around forever.

          And if he is not in any way connected to the team, then he should not ever be again. It’s just a classless thing to do to a team that recently employed you, might still employ you, and might employ you again in the future.

          Got a problem with Price? Keep it in-house.

          • ed says:

            I agree that Savard should have kept his mouth shut.

          • alfieturcotte says:

            Sorry Twilight, I disagree. Had he praised him lavishly, would it have been acceptable to go outside of the house? Perhaps Price needs more calling out, it might actually serve as a wake up call. I admire those players/coaches/old timers who have strong opinions and are unafraid to share them. They might not always be right, but at least they are unafraid to go off script for a few moments so we can hear some truth (well, truth for some like me who share his view re: Price).

  8. HabinBurlington says:

    Mr. Hickey asks where to watch the Habs game tonight in Toronto.

    Pat, make a trip down the QEW to Burlington, I’ll rustle up some other HI/O members from the area and will promise to have you staggering.


    • Chuck says:

      Let me know, and I’ll be there!

      Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

  9. Steeltown Hab says:

    I wouldn’t be against resting Markov until the playoffs. Play Beaulieu Tinordi in the meantime.

    Markov gives his body a rest, and the kids get some experience in case they’re called upon in the playoffs.

    Doubt it will happen but I’d be interested in seeing a Pacioretty-Eller-Bourque line, biggest line we could put out there.


    Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

  10. Ozmodiar says:

    We always hear:
    Price’s demeanor when winning == cool, calm, efficient
    Price’s demeanor when losing == lazy, lackadaisical, aloof

    The secret is – Price’s demeanor is pretty much always the same when he’s in the net.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      A perfect demeanor for playing goalie in this town, don’t you think, Oz?

      • Say Ash says:

        There was this fiery guy that won a few cups once…

        • Luke says:

          …and then rage quit on the team.

          Takes all types… but I’d rather calm and cool over sulky and bitter (like Ryan Miller).

        • Habfan10912 says:

          Agree Ash but to each their own. That firey guy had a few stinkers too. If I recall he was criticized for being too emotional and selfish. The point is they are who they are. If they plat poorly its probably something other then their demeanor, no?

      • Ozmodiar says:

        Perfect demeanor for being a goalie, yes. The sticky part might be “in this town”, where fans are quick to criticize and look for answers to what is wrong. Many fans pick the easiest answer such as a player’s demeanor.

        In this particular case I think the problem lies in the defense and some technical issues with Price. I just hope he isn’t labelled as lacking intensity because I don’t think it could be further from the truth, TBH.

  11. Un Canadien errant says:

    Serge Savard was a guest on the TSN Radio Montreal show “Off The Cuff” with host Chris Nilan on Wednesday, and the two Canadien warriors discussed the current state of the Habs. They touched on various hot topics, such as the Canadiens’ lack of size, and Carey Price’s play of late.

    Mr. Savard is in a delicate situation in that he has links to the current management team, having helped Geoff Molson find and hire the current General Manager Marc Bergevin. Regardless, he’s also plain-spoken man and was relatively critical of Carey, explaining that he thought early on he would be a great goaltender and a superstar, but that “he’s not showing it right now.” He also compared Carey to Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy, and explained that while the latter had some bad nights, he doesn’t remember him ever not trying, not battling during a game.

    Ouch. This is going to register on the Richter scale. It’s okay for fans to say stuff like this, but pretty controversial coming from Serge Savard, and an example of trying to douse the fire with gasoline. And his reference to a goalie fighting and trying hard instantly made me think of another goalie.

    Being on the West Coast, I’ve been exposed to Canucks hockey to an almost toxic level, and went through the Dan Cloutier years. This was the seasons when they had maybe the best line in hockey with Markus Naslund and Todd Bertuzzi, with journeyman Brendan Morrison as the centre (the thought of which is almost enough to send me on a tangent about Vancouver GM’s having two-thirds of a Hall of Fame line and being incapable/unwilling to get the final piece, and think of what the Sedin twins could have accomplished had they had the big tough scoring winger everyone has been crying about for years, but I won’t), and a big piece on defence with Ed Jovanovski.

    In goal, however, was Dan Cloutier. Now Dan wasn’t the biggest, the best or most talented goalie, we were always told, but he was a ‘battler’ who ‘wore his heart on his sleeve’, he was emotional and gave his team a lift when they needed it, the announcers would harp.

    Except when things like this happened (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhNAhEE-BnI approx. 45 second mark). Which led to this famous shot (http://blogs.theprovince.com/2011/11/11/shalagan-canucks-where-are-they-now-dan-cloutier-a-beach-ball-history/), which we believed to be photo-shopped, possibly the first use of it bringing together a goalie and a beachball, and was widely circulated in the prehistoric internet days of dial-up modems.

    So maybe Mr. Savard has a point about Carey, and maybe he can work on his intensity, maybe it’s not all that it could be when the going gets tough, but I’ve had my fill of goalies who battle hard, and wasn’t the big plus with Carey that he shows no emotion and that he’s cool under fire?



    • Habfan10912 says:

      Nice post UCE. I recall a few Met players in the past who had a similar calm demeanor. One was Kevin McReynolds and the other Carlos Beltran. Both were very productive players who were never totally loved by their fan base until they were gone. Often fans accused them of lack if effort. I see the sane in Price. Some say when he slumps he doesn’t extend effort. When he’s winning he’s composed. I think he’s just one of those people who remains calm no matter the situation. It can’t be lack of effert. At least I don’t believe it is.

    • twilighthours says:

      Exactly, UCe. He’s got ties to the team, so he shouldn’t be running his mouth. Horrible management.

      • Cal says:

        The only tie is he helped Geoff Molson pick a GM. Other than that, Savard is NOT part of the Habs organization.

        He was asked to comment on it, so he did. Did he throw Price under the bus? No, but he didn’t exactly endorse him either.

        • twilighthours says:

          Can we be sure that Savard isn’t a member?

          And if he’s not – great, but after that frank discussion, he shouldn’t be ever again. I would touch him, were I Molson.

          • Cal says:

            Yup. You can’t find him in the listings anywhere as a member of the Habs organization.
            He did a favour for Geoff Molson and since then has not been involved in anything.

  12. Thomas Le Fan says:

    I don’t believe anyone disagrees with the fact that Carey Price AND THE ENTIRE TEAM needs to play better. Some of us, however, don’t see how hating your players really does much good except as an exercise in masochism.

    There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk.

  13. derfab says:

    Habs will show up tonight against a desperate team. Whatever happens, I don’t see the point of going all out on Saturday. Toronto’s main goal will be to beat up on 2 or 3 habs. I think we should dress some guys we have no intention of using in the playoffs. Is White back? Let them run at Kaberle, Drewiske and hope someone crosschecks orr or Phaneuf or whoever in the teeth.

  14. HabinBurlington says:

    Happy Birthday Alexei Emelin, 27 years old today according to our man Stubbs! Anyone heard if indeed surgery on knee was done, and if so was it indeed Dr. Andrews in Birmingham?

  15. HabinBurlington says:

    Anybody heard from our friend down in South Beach, Miami, Hab Solutely? Last I recall he was working on an off season drinking/smoking program for Markov this upcoming off season.

  16. Maritime Ron says:

    There’s going to be a lot of scoreboard watching tonight.

    While we’ll be concerned about the Toronto@Florida and Boston @Tampa games, the Jets and fans will be holding their collective breath watching the Ottawa@Washington and NYR@Carolina games.

    What’s interesting is that the Ottawa and Rangers game starts 1 hour before our game meaning the 1st period will be over when we start, and those 2 games will be over when we start the 3rd period.
    Wins by both the Rangers and Ottawa eliminates the Jets. Anything less and they are still in it. So we may see a totally deflated Jets team in the 3rd period, or one fighting for its NHL life.

    Rest assured they will play the first 10 minutes as hard as they ever played.
    A Great challenge for us to see if we are out of our 1st period/first 10 minutes game funk!

  17. Marc10 says:

    I don’t have a problem with Savard’s comments. He’s entitled to his opinion and it’s perfectly reasonable to say Price did project as a superstar early on (Junior, AHL) and has been spotty at times since… That’s fair.

    It is a bit rich comparing Price to Roy and Dryden. One is one of the greatest of all time and the other is a Hall of Famer who played on the greatest team of all time. It’s hard to come up looking good against those two.

    Compare Price to his contemporaries and I’d be fine with that… Lundquist, Kiprusoff, Renne, Quick, Ward, Thomas, Jaro, etc… I’d stay away from Martin Brodeur comparisons though. He’s another ‘once in a generation keeper’…

    And The Senateur is right, Carey has to step up. He’s the goalie. It’s part of the job. Go for gold Carey. Let’s win in the Peg and play Budaj in Toronto.

  18. adamkennelly says:

    Do any of the comments from players and coaches sound like a team headed in the right direction leading into the playoffs?


    Does Serge Savard know what he’s talking about?


    I said a while ago that this shortened season favors the Habs – cause our small team only gets pounded for half the games before playoffs. Still true – but it has caught up to us. MB should have made a move or 2 at the deadline cause ya never know. Too late now.

  19. Phil C says:

    We still talking about Serge? To me he was just stating the obvious. That Price needs to be better, but that he is also high on him. What was he supposed to say, that Price has been great lately?

    I thought his more controversial comment was that the Habs are too small to sustain a physical forecheck. This is a criticism of how the GM has built the team.

    • Loonie says:

      This is what’s hilarious to me. With Bourque, Pacioretty, Eller, Ryder, Galchenyuk and our fourth line there’s no way this team is too small to sustain a forecheck.

      • Phil C says:

        Sorry Loonie, my post was inaccurate. I meant being forechecked, not forechecking yourself. I am a lousy paraphraser. Here is what Serge said:

        “You play a lot of games every week and, at the end of the day, I think it hurts the smaller team,” Savard added. “It really showed this year a few games when we played Philly, for example, and they kept hitting us. I think we’re a better team than Philly, but it didn’t look that good that night.”

        But to your comment, I agree that the Habs have plenty of size up front despite the constant laments on this site. But the D are small by NHL standards, and the Markov pairing have had trouble with this since the Emelin injury. I think this is why Tinordi is back in.

    • Marc10 says:

      I’d assume he means the D… absorbing the forecheck. That’s more of a problem.

      Cube, Gorges, Diaz… That’s half the D. And Markov doesn’t exactly play big.

      If he means our forwards… That’s off base. We’re not a beast, but we’re speedy and with some size.

  20. Loonie says:

    So to recap some of the media coverage this week….

    1. Josh Gorges says some teammates aren’t committed and that it’s leading to errors based on lack of effort and focus. Those errors he said were related to coverage in the defensive zone. Stones in glass houses Josh.

    2. Michel Therrien says the system is only half of the battle. The players need to show up. Nothing about adjustments Michel? Nothing of changing how personnel’s used?

    3. Michel Therrien again with the “Price needs to be our best player”. Said it at the time and I’m saying it now. Therrien knows it, Price knows it, his teammates know it. But there’s no point in saying it to the media when the goalie and the team in front of him are struggling. Time for the TEAM to give their best effort and clean up the awful play.

    4. Serge Savard says that Price is inconsistent. Certainly fair, but funny words coming from the man who helped Geoff Molson search for a GM. That same GM who hired this coach who can’t get this team or any of his previous NHL teams out of the quicksand they found themselves in.

    Lots of excuses, plenty of finger pointing and nobody, most importantly the coach is standing up and saying “we all need to be better, MYSELF included”.

    • RetroMikey says:

      We needed to get better before the season began or even from 2 seasons back.
      Honestly, we are a team in progress for years to come.
      I’ll say it here if others are too chicken crap to say it whether fans here, the media, ex-Habs players, etc..

      “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

      • Loonie says:

        You can always get better and a case can probably be made for needing to always get better. What you don’t need is a blame game.

        • 123456 says:

          i read your four points and i answer TRUE to each – then i move on.,… i do not see a blame game. these are professioanl coaches, players and mgmt… ready what they say and agree or disagree. don’t make a battle when there is not one to be had.

          • Loonie says:

            I’m sorry if you felt I was trying to pick a fight. I haven’t seen anyone on the team be completely accountable during this stretch of terrible play and it’s getting very frustrating watching what I see to be a blame game unfolding.

          • 123456 says:

            i agree with the acountability factor. as cliche as it may be – i’d like to hear price say… “we have not been playing great and it started with me, i will get better and that will make the team better.” i guess then some would say he has an ego problem. price has let in a few softies lately (tor game) but the defense has also been terrible. i’m looking forward to the playoffs!!

    • Phil C says:

      2. Therrien’s system does depend a lot on execution. If you are going to send two players deep on a forecheck, if they don’t get there in time, or don’t backcheck hard, it leaves the D exposed to an easy dump-in or odd man rush. If you are sending both defensemen into the corner in your own end, you better win the puck battle or the opposition will get a clean shot in the high slot or worse. It is a high risk/high reward style of play which I prefer considerably more to the boring stifling style of JM.

      • Loonie says:

        Everything depends on execution. My point is that nobody is without culpability through this two week circus and I think it’s time they either shut up or spread accountability evenly across the board.

        • 123456 says:

          you are both correct. and phil i like your point – mos tpeople just bash and say stuff but you broke down a part of the game. the habs “swarm” the puck… how does a team beat that… move the puck faster. . .BUT even before that teams can start to slow our forcheckers down before they get a chance to swarm.. that is really how you beat it.

        • Phil C says:

          A little more humility from MT wouldn’t hurt, can’t argue with that.

  21. HabFanSince72 says:

    The avearge cap over the next 4 years will be roughly $70M/yr.

    That means the mean salary of an NHL player is $3.5M/yr.

    But before reaching UFA status, players’ salary are considerably lower than after.

    This means that $3.5M/yr for a post-UFA player is below the NHL average.

    So a player in this salary range is actually expected to be average to slightly below average, performance wise.

    • 123456 says:

      i see what you are saing but there is a lot more to it – pre UFA salaries can be a lot higher than the $3.5 you state. i think we would all agree there are many post UFA players getting 1.5-25 that are solid grinder, pest, defensive, tough type players that we would all rate as better then their peer group (prust, moen types). the problem with average post UFA figures is guys like crosby, malkin, gomez (he he) skew the average so i would say that a %3.5M post UFA player is expected to be about average, not less than average….

    • Ozmodiar says:

      Most rosters have 23 players, not 20, and not all teams spend to the cap. That puts the average salary under $3M.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Not to get too technical, but I think the median salary would be lower than the average, the salary scale gets distorted by many players at the minimum or thereabouts, and very few at the upper end $10M/year. Maybe someone can crunch the numbers, but my guess would be that the median salary would be closer to $2.5M.

  22. JohnBellyful says:

    I hate to say it but there’s evidence of discrimination at work within the Canadiens’ organization. How else to explain this whole notion that the team’s best players should play their best. What about the team’s worst players? When was the last time you heard coach Therrien say, “It’s time our worst players played their worst?”
    Or “Our so-so guys need to play so-so.”
    Or “Kaberle, you’re suiting up tonight.”
    (It’s been so long since the K-man played I can’t remember if he’s good, bad or Leaf awful.)
    Let’s see, he’s played 10 games this year – and was plus 4! Slacker! I can see why his services were no longer needed and he was scratched, the team was playing so well, until their recent swoon.
    Since then it’s been strictly practice for him. Practice, practice, practice. What’s he been working on? His shot? Skating? Pinpoint passing? Hip checking? Crease clearing?
    All five, you say!
    Ahhhhhh, now the veil is lifted, mine eyes have seen what les glorieux have planned. Kaberle – fleet of foot, sharp of eye, rugged of build from weeks of practice – will be inserted into the lineup come playoff time fresh of effort. While all his teammates and their opponents struggle with exhaustion and nagging injuries, the debilitating effects of a compressed schedule, TK will be flying, undebilitated.
    And here some of you thought he wasn’t being played because the team wanted to protect a disposable asset in order to buy out his contract in the summer.
    Disposable? Hah! He’s indispensible!
    In fact, so great has he become at playing defence he’s altogether invincible, he’s, he’s, he’s indefensible!

  23. Savard added about Price: “I rate this guy very highly, but he’s not showing it now … but the whole team is not playing very well at this time.”

    This is the correct answer. Well done Serge, we appreciate your time.

    Next on Off the Cuff, Carey Price or Jaroslav Halak

    Now that’s good radio 😆

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures

  24. Storman says:

    Someone mention Serge Savard is an upset fan He is an 8 time Stanley Cup Champion as a player and 2 time Stanley Cup Champion as a GM,, I think his resume speaks volumes as do his comments concerning Carey Price…
    Upset fan last time i checked he was still a Senior Vice President, Hockey Operations for the Montreal Canadiens… I think for Serge Savard to call out Price into question, he knows more of what is going on behind closed doors, and has inside information on Carey’s compete level, confidence woes and or mental preparedness, practice habits nutritional habits etc., I think he is calling him out as Therrien did, in hopes of getting Carey’s competitive juices flowing at maximum level, they are trying to find some way to kick start his compete level, and surrounding environment and practice habits to beat down the door of the funk he is in…
    Therrien yesterday, Savard today, obviously management is not happy with what they are getting out of Carey Price ..

  25. Maritime Ron says:

    A question.
    Is there a method to the perceived Serge Savard’s public madness?
    Is there any precedent?

    Serge Savard is no innocent spring chicken. He has been around a very long time. He has lived it all as a player and GM in Montreal and experienced the best be that of Toe Blake, Scotty Bowman, Sam Pollock. He has also lived experiences with Claude Ruel, Al McNeil, Boom Boom Geoffrion, and Irving Grundman.
    There is not a ‘trick of the trade’ he doesn’t know or hasn’t learned.

    Although Savard is not an official part of the Habs organization, his words still carry significant weight.
    He knows how to USE the media, and as an outsider, his words can’t be linked to anyone in the organization.

    Was this interview meant to become a rallying point for a team that looks lost at the moment?
    Was this done with a purpose?

    Turning the clock back to 1986, the Habs had a terrible streak in March with 2 wins in the 12 games, including 6 losses in a row.

    Back then, Toe Blake accompanied the team as an advisor.
    He was so humiliated by the late season collapse, that he went public wondering if the Canadiens would ever win another game!

    We know how that all finished.
    Say hello to Toe Savard.

    • The Cat says:

      It doesnt always work. Remember Lafleur’s 4 fourth lines comment?

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • As disappointing his comments were, it will only make Price play better, and the next time Serge is around the office Carey will shake his hand and keep on walking.

      Really though was he speaking as Serge Savard, or a disgruntled fan who can’t handle the Habs playing poorly.

      I bet had you asked him April 11th, the same questions he’s have a different answer.

      I bet he would have talked about the entire team, and I bet he would have never said a word about Price.

      He sounded like an upset fan, and nothing like Serge Savard.

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures

    • Cal says:

      Plenty of method to Savard’s comments. Seeing how comparatively poor (compared to many NHL goalies) Price has played this season has been a disappointment to many. Price’s average play has been hidden by the success of the team.
      That’s not to say the team has been any good since they clinched a spot.
      Savard is giving Price a kick from afar, but unless a reporter asks him directly about Savard’s interview, Price won’t know anything about it.


      • Maritime Ron says:

        What’s funny is when all pro athletes say they never watch TV or read the papers or listen to radio, yet they always seem to know what’s going on and who said what…..

  26. Bash says:

    The D setup is obviously crucial. We don’t have a lot to work with.

    We have four who can play with “some” physicality:
    Subban, Tinordi, Bouillon, Drewiske

    And three who can move the puck:
    Diaz, Markov, Subban

    One who will block shots with his face if required:

    One who does not add any obvious piece:

    And one who is a practice (but not collision!) dummy:

    In the real season we can only go as far as Subban can take us. He will play 25 minutes, PP and some PK. Gorges seems like the obvious partner.

    Markov can make hulking energetic youngsters better. Let’s try Tinordi here but play them against the other teams third line, often with DD’s line to generate some goals. The other option is Drewiske but he is perhaps too slow

    That leaves Bouillon and Diaz as the other pair (with Drewiske and perhaps Tinordi) as options and having to face the other team’s second string for 4-5 minutes per game.

    “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” (anon)

  27. Danno says:

    The Jets need to beat the Habs tonight if they want any hope of making the playoffs – and even then it’s a slim chance


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  28. third generation haber says:

    I find it fitting that at a time when many of us worry about how physical teams like the leafs can manhandle les boys that a pint sized 37 year old from Quebec should dominate them. Poetry:-)

    j.p. murray

  29. habfanacrossthed says:

    A late night hello,

    saw the Leafs lost tonight. My supervisor buttoned up his shirt, hiding his Leafs shirt underneath. That’s how i found out they lost. I couldn’t stop grining the rest of the shift. My lines for tonight’s game. For the kids.
    Ryder Plekanec Gionta
    Pacioretty Eller DD
    Bourque Galchenyuk Gally
    Prust Halpern Armstrong

    Subban Gorges
    Markov Tinordi
    Diaz Weber

    Keep Calm and Habs on.

    GHOD – Go Habs Or Die

    • Dave Jones says:

      I like your forward lines. I wonder why swinging DD out to the wing and promoting Eller to second line doesn’t come up here more often (maybe it does implicitly, with all the DD hate and Eller love). I suppose there is concern about Galchenyuk’s readiness for NHL centre. I’d be happy to see these lines, though.

      Not sold on Weber over Bouillon just yet. Excited to see Tinordi in though, and definitely think he and Markov finding some chemistry is our best hope of filling in, if only partially, the gaping hole left by Emelin’s absence.

  30. HardHabits says:

    HIO captured in a meme.

    • Roy_s_WINK says:

      That is certainly not how I or any Hab fan I know conducts himself.

      Your meme is bad and you should feel bad.

    • blu3chip says:

      lol you should come to Toronto and witness all the disappearing/burning Blue Jays flags.

    • habsmanagementzero says:


      There is considerable controversy about Montreal goalie Price.Many fans like him,think that all the goals going in,especially many obviously “soft” goals are not his fault,or that it is the defenses fault,or that he will be the goalie of the “future”(he is 6 years in the league-when is the future??),or that he has not even played badly(ranked 52nd in save percentage but hey statistics dont tell the “whole” story),and that he has played great except for the current 6 game tailspin,or that at 6.5 MILLION DOLLARS a year the team “knew what it was doing” when they signed him longterm,or that the “Price haters” are inundating this web site Or,Or,OR,OR,…..You get the picture.There are more excuses being made for Price than there are seemingly stars in the sky.
      The truth is in 6 years of numbers which clearly show he is a slightly below average goalie.Visually I see soft goals going in almost every game.Statistically he has a horrible record in 1 goal games(which occurs quite often in the playoffs);he has a solid LOSING RECORD in the playoffs,and in my humble opinion has NEVER shown to me that he can single handidly win a game.
      I have not followed Halak much especially since he has had some bad injuries the last 2 years,but I can honestly say that Halak won many game s by himself and got the Canadiens into the playoffs single handidly,not to mention the UNREAL playoff performance against Washington and Pittsburgh.
      Budaj has shown flashes of the “halak magic” single handidly beating Boston after The Habs were down 4-2 going into the 3rd period.He stopped 7 one on one scoring opportunities in the 3rd period,allowed 1 goal,and stopped 6 or 7 in a row shootout chances which allowed the habs to get the 2 points(which if they didnt have now would make this slide much more interesting.).Budaj is also 8-2-1 (If I recall correctly) and to my coaches eye 1)much quicker than Price both laterally,glove and side to side(in fact he beat Boston before 4-2 with a great side to side late game save)).
      Surely Therrien can see this by himself.If not then Price is a warlock,casting an “unreality spell” on everyone who sees him play.Therriens big decision is does Therrien have the guts to start Budaj in the playoffs???? Personally I would,but I dont think he will.He gave Budaj a shot in Pittsburgh and quite frankly Budaj had his 2nd bad game on the year—-geez this reminds me so much of the Halak/Price situation….In summary people can prop up Price and make excuses but the bottom line is can he stop pucks.Price has CLEARLY demonstrated over 6 long years that he is NOT even close to being an elite goalie.

    • chinahab says:


  31. daveho29 says:

    Wore my Habs cycling jersey tonight for the first time. Was going to save it for the test of metal, 67km mountain bike race in June, but seeing as I knew tonight would be a lot of fun I figured the they could use all the good mojo they could handle.

    I hope I spread enough good karma to make it’s way to the “peg” 🙂

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Hey, local boy Hab fan! Good to see we have a small HIO cluster of Glorieux fans in the Vancouver and Sea to Sky region.

      I’ll look for your jersey, I’ll be at the finish line with a beer in hand cheering you guys on.

  32. jedimyrmidon says:

    Here are a number of factors that should be independent of Price, i.e., Price cannot be the direct cause and held responsible for the following:

    – Team getting forechecked to death
    – Soft play in the offensive/defensive zone
    – Not hitting
    – Losing all puck and board battles
    – Leaving guys wide open in the slot as a result of lost battles
    – Poor PKing

    We have witnessed ALL of these things consistently over the past two weeks, which is why I am adamant in lessening the blame that is 95% aimed towards Price.

    Speaking of which, I tend to express disappointment in DD often, but, seriously, the guy is the most sheltered player on the team, both game-wise and criticism-wise (at least in terms of popular opinion). He just slips under the radar. Moen (justifiably) gets a lot of criticism from the media. You have to get through practically every other player on the team before you get to DD though (unless you stand out for being rather good like Chucky, Gally and Eller).

  33. thehammer says:

    Clay I can agree with you on both accounts. But does that mean I don’t believe in Price? No. I still think he has the skillet to be great.

  34. thehammer says:

    Good goaltending is hard to find. We’ve been a mediocre team for a long time. Get rid of price and we’d be the same or worse. With rask I’m sure we’d be in the same spot.

  35. thehammer says:

    Out of all of those players mentioned I’d still take Price.

  36. The Dude says:

    The next two games and the following 1st round will tell us who Carey Price is and what his future has in store for him. The team rides on Price ,so Price has to ‘shut the net up for the storm that’s coming’. If he can’t the team is done!

  37. lesboys1993 says:

    Longtime reader, very rare commenter. Last week, early in the late-season slide, I posted an apologia for #31. I pointed to various things – the nature of the post-lockout game, long-run stability vs. short-term expectations, and the incredible difficulty of building a roster of skaters over time when you’re also searching for an elite goaltender.

    I still stand by every one of those claims. As far as I can see, nothing in the last week alters the fundamentals: (1) that CP is a conservative goalie who plays the percentages and looks past the immediate hills & valleys for long-run stability, (2) that this is what the Habs need over the long term, so that they can focus on building out the rest of the roster, and (3) that while various goalies may be hotter in a given season (Niemi? Quick? Biron? etc), long-term stability is more valuable to an organization that is looking to generate balanced excellence through the draft and through internal development over the long run.

    The most provocative claim I made was that Price resembles Dryden & Fuhr in one respect: that he requires a solid D to do their part, and that he’s the kind of keeper that is going to help win more 6-5 games than 3-0 games. I still think this is right.

    This won’t stop us from being aggravated during periods of bad play (as Dryden once remarked, until the last 92 seconds of the ’72 series, he was the most hated man in Canada). And none of this prevents staff from calling him out on his compete level (Serge Savard did the same to Dryden, albeit as a teammate, back in the old days).

    Still: remember that the young man is a serious elite athlete, working hard at the details, and will endure his share of ups and downs, and not only this season. And that having him beats the alternative: sacrificing a balanced roster and investment in prospect development to acquire a new goalie every 18 months. (e.g. the Sens didn’t find themselves in a good goaltending situation because of planning; it happened because of a *lack* of long-term planning that played out randomly well)

    Cheers, and GHG!

    • Roy_s_WINK says:

      What an excellent read!

      You should comment on a more regular basis.

      Thanks again!

    • third generation haber says:

      Spot on! in Price we don’t know what appreciate what we have and fail to recognize (As with Subban) that the best is yet to come. Those who don’t live by the draft, die by it.

      j.p. murray

    • Dave Jones says:

      Right on. Great post.

    • CharlieHodgeFan says:

      I’ll agree, in a backhanded way. Price offers stability at an important position. He will not pan out as a star, but he will be an average, consistent goalie who will be outclassed by any goalie with a hot hand, on any given night.
      To win with such a goaltender (and he gives the team a good chance to win) you need a strong team. It’s pretty simple. I don’t think Price will ever be a top five goaltender anymore, but he may be a top 15, consistently. You should win with such a goalie, if you have a top 5 defence and top five offence. Price is in place, and the rest has to be built.
      He was a good pick, and is no Benoit Pouliot. He can do the job and can ride along to championships, making a major contribution. He will never steal a Cup a la Roy, and may not often steal a game. Stealing games is up to the rest of the team, and he will do his part within his means.
      He’s a nice husband – bald, pudgy, kind of dull, whose six pack is beer and who can be trusted to hold a job and love his kids. His career won’t be sexy, but good things could come of it.

  38. thehammer says:

    A lot of players have been MIA. What do you guys think of Eller and Gallagher. I’ve liked what Eller has been doing. And if everyone has the spark that Gallagher had I don’t think we’d be talking about any of this

  39. jedimyrmidon says:

    I feel sorry for Price.

    Seems like when the team struggles badly, all people ever want to talk about is him. Even when the team is hemorrhaging 5-6 goals a game, people for some reason want to blame him the most while neglecting the team in front of him. I bet even the worst backup goaltenders in the league wouldn’t give up that many goals as has been the case over the past two weeks. No, that doesn’t make Price the worst goaltender in the league – anyone who thinks so is foolish. What that means is that there are other factors involved.

    Even some intelligent enough to realize that the team’s poor play in front of him has had a huge effect on game outcomes, they still put put most of the blame on him, and add a little asterix: Carey could be better to keep his team in the game* (* even though the team in front of him is playing like they have no clue what they’re doing).

    The reason you talk about 1 guy is if that 1 guy is justifiably the reason for a team’s losses. At this point, listening and reading to the masses, I just think it’s laziness and the need for a convenient scapegoat.

    • Clay says:

      That’s what happens when you are paid like a superstar – everyone expects you to play like one. Ask Scott Gomez. Both are examples of being overpaid, and not producing like their salary dictates.
      If Price was making $1.5 million a year, I don’t think most people would be as irate as they are.

      ☞ “And yet not choice but habit rules the unreflecting herd.” ~ William Wordsworth ☜

      • blu3chip says:

        Not necessarily.

        We have been bashing Price diligently since he entered the league (and was making $850k + bonus).

        We bashed Gomez because of his 7 mil contract; we bashed Price because it is a tradition to run goalies out of town in Montreal.

        • Clay says:

          Most of the bashing in the early years were for 2 reasons;
          1) because Price did not play as well as the ‘back-up’ goalies on the team (which IMO he did not), and
          2) Gainey was perceived to have rushed him into the NHL (which, IMO, he did).

          ☞ “And yet not choice but habit rules the unreflecting herd.” ~ William Wordsworth ☜

          • jedimyrmidon says:

            Wait, so Price was bashed because Gainey brought him in too early?

          • Clay says:

            No, that would have been Gainey being bashed. But you must remember that time – let’s not relive it.

            ☞ “And yet not choice but habit rules the unreflecting herd.” ~ William Wordsworth ☜

          • blu3chip says:

            So we (or you) bash him no matter how much he is getting paid. What was your point again?

            Oh btw, Price’s first season: 24 W 12 L .920 SV.

          • Clay says:

            I am not ‘bashing’ him. Just having a conversation.
            However, what did he do in his second season? Here are his second season stats:
            2008-09 52GP 2.83GAA 23W 16L 10T 0.905 Save %
            OK, but not great – like the rest of his career.
            And he then set the Habs record I mentioned below in the playoffs (Most goals against, 4-game series: 17 Carey Price 2009 vs. Boston, Conference Quarterfinal (0-4))
            If you want to cherry-pick stats, you see they can go both ways…

            ☞ “And yet not choice but habit rules the unreflecting herd.” ~ William Wordsworth ☜

      • jedimyrmidon says:

        Well, Price played fine throughout most of the 40 first games. People seem to brush that away. They want perfection. 3 bad games (or worse, 3 bad games in a row) is unacceptable for someone paid so high. I bet ANY goalie wouldn’t have fared better if their team resembled the Habs forwards and D over the past two weeks.

        In fact, I bet if Budaj were the Habs’ #1 goaltender at 1.25M a year, and he were performing poorly, people would start flaming the GM for not having a better option on hand. And once again, the team’s collective play goes unblamed (or hardly blamed).

        You know what? It’s impossible to reason with people in this situation. Because for many, blaming the Team isn’t satisfactory. They HAVE TO focus their blame on one guy: Price, the coach, eventually the GM.

        The forwards? There are 12 of them. Too much blame diffusion. Defense? 6 of them. Double improvment, but still too diffuse. Goaltender? 1 for any given game. Starter goaltender? Even better.

  40. thehammer says:

    Has price been very bad as of late yes. I think he and everyone on the team knows that. I’m sure it bothers him.

  41. thehammer says:

    Hab fan in leaf jungle, do you know price? Do you know of his character and work ethic? How do you want him to react. The whole teams body language look like crap? Carey is a pretty quiet guy to begin with.

  42. hab fan in leaf jungle says:

    Tinordi is not the answer to what ails the Habs. Price is. This kid has no fire in him. He doesn’t care when he lets in a stinker of a goal and one more and then another. He just calmly goes to the bench for a drink during the TV timeout. I would be ashamed to look at my teammates if I put the team in the hole like that and made them have to play 40-50 minutes from a 3 to 5 goal deficit. Price doesn’t care b/c in his mind he blames it on his teammates for not playing well. Thank you Serge Savard for calling him out. The media should have done this long ago but they clearly lack the guts.

    • blu3chip says:

      How should he have acted after letting in some soft goals?

      Slams the stick against the board and falls embarrassingly when he gets off the ice? I bet that will show you some fire in him.

      We should get out of Toronto man, the atmosphere is making us dumber by the minute.

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      Why don’t you talk about his other teammates? Do they all have the Fire in them? Does DD, Moen, Ryder or Bouillon play like they have the Fire in them?

  43. thehammer says:

    Blu3chip…TRUE and without its percentage of classless fans.

  44. thehammer says:

    Edmonton is still an extremely young team. Give them a few more years with a few key additions and they will be fun to watch.

  45. jphk says:

    Quite amazing that the truculent, “big bodies” of the Leafs could not manage to contain a dwarf like St-Louis. 5 goals against 5 on 5??? Hope we do face the Leafs in the first round…

  46. thehammer says:

    If he were to ever leave I would hope somewhere out west. Not in the same conference at least.

  47. thehammer says:

    Man Dingga I agree. I hope he wants to stay in MTL but I don’t blame him if he doesn’t. Never heard Marty say that but it makes sense.

  48. Man Dingga says:

    I honestly don’t think Price will last if they have a slump like this next year. I could see him asking for a trade. As even keel as he is, the media and fan scrutiny has to affect you and get to you. Brodeur talks about it any time he talks about Price, Marty said “to be as young and good as he is and then to be playing in the toughest market in the NHL, you have to give him props.” I actually think it would benefit him to be out of this market. When a team fails year after year to address there defensive woes, it really is beyond me. As much as this team has played within a team system its really only masked our biggest problem.

    • blu3chip says:

      This type of slumps will happen again and it is the responsibility of the management to shield Price from the overbearing media and fans.

      Montreal would be a much better city without its ridiculous media.

  49. Bill says:

    Serge Savard blames Price for Habs current woes and criticizes him for not being as good as Dryden and Roy. Senior moment? Perhaps.

    The interesting part was watching exactly which posters jumped in to congratulate Serge for pooping out this turd of wisdom.

    Let’s just say it was an obvious meeting of the minds.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

    • habsfan0 says:

      Wow…Bill…you’re actually dumping on Serge Savard. That’s almost blasphemous. Sort of like me dumping on Kirk Muller.

    • Storman says:

      So now a living legend does not have the resume to call out Carey Price in your view,,, So an 8 time Stanley Cup champion as a player, 2 time Stanley Cup Champion as a GM is pooping out turds of wisdom, Bill did you not always argue that the posters that find Price’s game not to be at an elite level, probably do not have the resume to criticize him, now you say Serge Savard is pooping out turds of wisdom,,,AGHH

  50. This time tomorrow night we should be talking about number win number 145! This time next year who knows, maybe pass Vezina, all done on mediocre teams.

    See you in Winterpeg boys!

    Love it!

    1 Jacques Plante-314
    2 Patrick Roy-289
    3 Ken Dryden-258
    4 Bill Durnan-208
    5 Georges Vézina-175
    6 George Hainsworth-167
    7 Carey Price-144
    8 Michel Larocque-144
    9 José Théodore-141
    10 Gerry McNeil-119

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures

    • Clay says:

      All due respect Shane, that list means nothing until he makes this list:
      (All time playoff goalie wins) – Sorry, didn’t have time to find one exclusive to Canadiens goaltenders.
      Here’s an interesting Canadiens playoff record Price does hold: Most goals against, 4-game series: 17 Carey Price 2009 vs. Boston, Conference Quarterfinal (0-4)
      (From http://ourhistory.canadiens.com/records/playoffs_goalies )
      ☞ “And yet not choice but habit rules the unreflecting herd.” ~ William Wordsworth ☜

      • blu3chip says:

        Price was 21 in that playoffs.

        And the badly injured team, finishing at 8th with 93 points, barely made it to the post-season.

        But yea, its all Price’s fault.

        • Clay says:

          Woah there! I never said nor implied it was all his fault. I was merely posting a Price record, like Sholi did. My point there being that it’s easy to cherry-pick stats.
          But look at what I said BEFORE that part – because that is the point. He needs to play well in the playoffs.

          ☞ “And yet not choice but habit rules the unreflecting herd.” ~ William Wordsworth ☜

          • blu3chip says:

            Ok sorry.

            Sholi’s “misleading” stats does show one thing: Price has outlasted many ex-Habs goalies in this crazy town.

          • otter649 says:

            That season Habs were tied with Fla for points 93 & got only one point after Markov got hurt in the regular season – A miserable ending to the season (regular/playoffs)……..

  51. HabFan in Edmonton says:

    The Oilers mail it in again. They have scored 1 goal or less in 8 of their last 10 games. How is that for futility.

    Now you can get back to discussing Carey Price.

    • blu3chip says:

      What a shameless team.

      I hope the league will man up and bar Oilers from top 5 picks for a couple of decades.

      • H.Upmann says:

        I think some of that tanking is going to backfire on them with players wanting out…. Especially if big market teams are willing to pay

      • HabFan in Edmonton says:

        They should be embarrassed. They picked number 1 for 3 years in a row and they are still behind the Calgary Flames who traded their best 2 players for draft picks. Maybe Mactavish will save them, he was such a great coach. Maybe they should also bring back Muckler and Sather. Maybe Peter Pocklington can come back and buy the team again. No forget that, he’s broke now.

    • Habilis says:

      When you get drafted by Edmonton, you should be sure to have an up to date passport.

      Not because they play in a 2 country league, but because you’ll be heading to the World Championships EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Ask Ryan Smyth if you doubt it.

      • HabFan in Edmonton says:

        The Oilers should hire Claude Noel as coach. They may not win any more games but the post game press conferences would be magical. Did you see him last night ? It was awesome !!!

        • Habilis says:

          “That has to be the stupidest question I’ve ever heard” LOL. I saw, he’s too funny.

          Yeah, Noel is the man. He’s like Torts in that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, but Noel’s witty and funny where Torts is grumpy and condescending.

          He would be awesome in Edmonton, I would stay up just to watch the pressers. Plus, his brutal honestly might even shock them into caring. Maybe.

  52. Ton says:

    I am not a price hater…………..i like the guy………i don’t think its fair to cut him up and take personal attacks at him……..I speak of how he does his job only………..how can one argue with serge savard, patrick roy last week on anticambre, in end Price is rated high but he hasn’t shown us yet…….hope it comes………quote from savard…….

    “Nilan asked Savard how he would rate Canadiens goalie Carey Price:

    “Maybe you’re talking to the wrong guy,” Savard said with a laugh. “You know, at the beginning when this guy came up in the league I really thought he was going to be a superstar and at times he doesn’t look like he will be a superstar and other nights he does. I don’t know what to say … even if the team doesn’t look too good lately, I think this guy in the nets should have done a lot better to help the team when they go through such a tough period.

    “You remember (Ken) Dryden and Patrick (Roy) … if I look at those two I don’t recall Patrick having a night that he didn’t try. Some nights he maybe let in a couple of tough goals, but very, very, very seldom. But he always tried … he always tried to win each game and he did not give many bad goals in a row and he kept us in the game all the time … sometimes we didn’t deserve to win and we won. But this guy is not doing that right now … he shows us at times that he was able to do that, but he didn’t do it on a regular basis.”

    Savard added about Price: “I rate this guy very highly, but he’s not showing it now … but the whole team is not playing very well at this time.”

    • I don’t have a problem with Savard at all, he spoke the truth, Carey isn’t playing well at all, but the team in front is worse. He missed that point.

      Both will be better next week…..they have too or we’re done. Not a secret.

      Right now Price is the man,


      144 BABY! 144

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures

  53. sheds88 says:

    where were all the price bashers when we were winning ?

  54. showey47 says:

    Not that i’m comparing price to roy,but price already has a better career save percentage,even though he sucks. Even if our goalie was named Patriken royden he wouldn’t be doing any better right now with how bad the D is playing in front of him. Team game boys and girls,team game.

  55. HabFanSince72 says:

    I guess the Leafs are having the old post playoff clinching letdown.

  56. L Elle says:

    @habsfan0, can’t reply to you down there. A true Hab fan hates only one team, and that’s the Bruins. 😉

    We’ll continue the “discussion” tomorrow, maybe.

  57. Sportfan says:

    If anyone can remember or if they were told by people they knew how was Jacques Plante treated?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • Kfourn says:

      “How would you like it if at your job you made one little mistake. Then all of a sudden a red light went on and 15000 people yelled you suck” – jacque plante

      Well, he’s kind of had it in for me ever since I accidentally ran over his dog. Actually, replace “accidentally” with “repeatedly” and replace “dog” with “son.”

      “It’s sad when our rookies have no NHL experience before they jump up to the NHL.” – nunacanadien

  58. Sportfan says:

    WOW Tootoo is a Red Wing?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  59. Mark C says:

    Some peoples dislike of Price is blinding them to the larger issues at hand. Yes, Price has played poorly lately, but citing him as the main issue for this team’s current woes is such a red herring. This team is having real issue playing their system as they did earlier in season. If in a prime of his career Patty Roy walked through the door, the Habs still wouldn’t be winning on a consistent basis given the way they are playing.

  60. Seps says:

    With the amount this site loves Patrick Roy, it sure is funny that the crowd treated him so poorly when he went through a time of struggle. And Thibault and Rucinsky? Yeah they were a great addition.

    I don’t think Habs fans are capable of consistently loving a goalie, regardless of who it is. The goalie would have to stand on his head every night for that to happen. Or have such a good offense that no one complains about the amount of goals scored on them.

    • Sportfan says:

      How did people feel about Dryden?

      Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

      • Seps says:

        Wasn’t alive in that time period but apparently they booed Dryden too according to L Elle. And refer to “unless the offence was so good that the goaltending didn’t matter”.

        • L Elle says:

          As soon as Dryden gave up one goal, it was chants for the backup Bunny Larocque. Ditto Roy. “Racic-ot”. Actually, Price gets a better treatment than previous goalies.

          The same fan base that has booed Larry Robinson and Guy Lafleur among others.

          • Sportfan says:

            That’s really sad that they would react that way.

            Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

          • L Elle says:

            It is sad Sportfan. Mario Tremblay, in an interview, said that he saw Serge Savard in tears after being booed. This is why I didn’t like him talking about Price. He should know how it feels, and give him his support.

          • habsfan0 says:

            Almost ALL hockey players get booed at one time or another during their careers,even Guy Lafleur was booed at one time. Booing is sometimes seen as a sign of respect,which is why Subban is booed on the road so often, and why Crosby is booed in Montreal.

            Of course, this doesn’t apply to that POS Chara.

          • L Elle says:

            Dude, getting booed by the opponent is respect, not by your own fans. That hurts. “ça fait mal” – Jean Beliveau.

        • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

          Hab fans (of the past) were knowkedgeable and they believed that the mgmt. had drafted players with the talent level to execute and win consistently. When these players didn’t compete hard every night and try like hell to win every game they were rightly booed. The fans knew that the team would never go 80 and 0 but they expect the players to give 100% EVERY NIGHT. This team and Price in particular do not give 100% and should rightly be booed. If you don’t want to be booed, Price, don’t put your team in the hole by 4 goals after 10 minutes of play. Savard was right that Price is not the great goalie that Gainey led us all to believe. We could have had Rask, Kopitar or Hanzal or Johnson in that 2005 draft.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        Same thing. If he had one bad period people were all over him.

      • habsgod says:


      • Loonie says:

        Dryden was loved one day and hated the next.

        • GrosBill says:

          Very true, my father STILL talks about how over rated Dryden was. Was very simular to Price situation (minus the fact that the 70s team was one of best ever). MANY fans hated that he let in softies, or said their mom could backstop that team to a cup etc…..I personally loved Dryden and find it crazy to even throw his name in the same sentance as Price. People forget how fans turned on Roy and Dryden MANY times! This city can be ruthless……

    • L Elle says:

      So true. This is a fan base that booed Ken Dryden as well. And people wonder why nobody wants to play here.

    • blu3chip says:

      That’s why Price is the perfect goalie for us. An emotional goalie won’t last very long in this city.

      The fact that we have some d-bag media here in Montreal doesn’t help…

  61. Sportfan says:

    Lotto 6/49 going up to 3 dollars soon what a joke/scam. It might be worth it if at least half the profits went into healthcare or school systems not some rich persons pockets.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  62. blu3chip says:

    Price is fine. He has a short stretch of bad games, so what? He is playing in a jam-packed shorten season, which is very harsh on the goalies.

    And we are using St. Patrick as the measuring stick now?! Geez I guess we will be comparing Galchenyuk with Béliveau next season.

    Price is not ‘noncompetitive’. He is just naturally calm and composed. Fix our D, add more muscle to our forwards, and we will be just fine. Price is our least concern.

    This is supposed to be a ‘rebuilding year’, and we were like the 3rd team to clinch in the league… Take it easy and enjoy the ride.

    • JohnBellyful says:

      Maybe Price is TOO composed and could use an attitude adjustment.
      If he were to — and this is just a suggestion, and not a reflection on his character — but if he were to, say, somehow get involved in a failed gamma radiation experiment conducted by the U.S. military, it might do wonders for his game.
      Especially after he gets bumped in the crease.

      • blu3chip says:

        Price is pretty good at cross-checking players who are blocking his view lol He’s 6’3″, I think he can handle himself.

        You can never be too composed. Emotions don’t make you a better player, determination does.

        • habsfan0 says:

          Wasn’t Scott Gomez determined?

        • punkster says:

          Ya but…gamma rays man, think of the possibilities…come near my crease and BOOM you’re a radioactive crispy critter.

          No more net crashers, no need for any big defenceman to clear the crease…THE CUP IS OURS.

          ***SUBBANGIN’ NOW BABY!!!***

          • blu3chip says:

            Dude, Gally needs the gamma rays much more than Price does.

            Imagine when Gally stands in front of the net, instead of getting pushed left and right, everyone, including the goalie, just ran away lol

            Price can then score from the other end of the rink and win us the cup.

  63. Sportfan says:

    Good job on New York (isalnders) for making the playoffs! Also I hope we some how take first in the division again because New York or Ottawa would be a great series!

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  64. BKAK72 says:

    The last Canadiens dynasty of the 1970s is often remembered for its rich roster of all-stars. What is often omitted from conversation is the work ethic they exemplified. IMO that’s the point Serge Savard is making (re: Price) – work hard all the time.

    As an aside the Legends of Hockey video is a mandatory view for all HABS fans. I feel very fortunate to be able to remember that dynasty even if the memory is faint. My heart goes out to all our young HABS fans that have seen no more than a line (or two) of true superstars since 1993. You deserve so much more given the team/league insist on gouging you in the wallet to often watch AHL talent.


  65. JohnBellyful says:

    Tough times in Montreal. The team is under a lot of pressure. More than at any other point in this season.
    But that can be a good thing, right? After all, look what pressure will get you:

    – diamonds (and the ladies)
    – lumber (and a durable deck)
    – tires (and a smooth ride)
    – cookers (and a great stew)

    And let’s not be so hard on the Habs for being less than aggressive. They’re still capable of great things, liking winning the Cup.
    Remember, it’s the soft tissue of the oyster that produces the pearl.
    (If only we still had Clammy).

  66. The Dude says:

    I have to step into the Serge Savard setting facts straight ‘ factoid ‘he just laid on the ‘PriceBots’ and remind them that if you attempt to slam The Great Serge Savard ,you are an idiot! So save yourself and just nod your heads….what a great day man,hehehe

  67. clutch73 says:

    I don’t think what he said was that bad, he’s saying Price has to be more consistent


  68. L Elle says:

    Serge effin’ Savard knows more than Patrick Roy, Marty Brodeur, Ryan Miller, JS Giguere, Marty Biron, and other goalies? Price is 25, methinks Serge needs to take his Geritol, and as twilight so eloquently put it, shut his yap.

    According to our lovely Hab fans. Patrick Roy sucked in ’93 pre playoffs, and had to be traded, then he won a Stanley Cup, then he was escorted out of the city, then he won 2 more Cups.

    Let’s wait before we call him a bust, at least until he’s 30.

  69. Phil C says:

    So if I am reading the standings correctly, the Leafs could finish anywhere from 2nd to 8th (excluding 3rd) with only two games left. That’s a little crazy. Other than Pittsburgh, the East is wide open.

  70. AceMagnum says:

    Thank you Serge!

  71. Storman says:

    Savard basically said what we all hoped but just have not seen, Price is not turning into the superstar we had hoped for , but he is being paid a superstar salary which hurts even more..Savard hit it on the head Price can be so good at times,, but when he is bad and or the team is bad he can not carry the load a la Patrick Roy, I think the big issue with Price is the Gomez effect, people want to see more bang for the buck he is being paid..Way more compete level at the very least..

    • twilighthours says:

      Savard may be right, he may be wrong. You don’t call out your players in the media. Simple as that.

      Savard is dead to me.

      • H.Upmann says:

        Savard going to sit in his penthouse and cry now lol

      • RetroMikey says:

        The problem is fans like you explode in a fit of anger if Price your idol is criticized based on your last statement.
        I agree with Serge, and I’ll be the one to say it that Price is no elite goalie nor will he ever be unless he wins the Cup in Montreal, period.
        Great in the World Juniors but has proven nothing yet in Montreal and his playoff record is mediocre.
        Not a clutch goalie.

        “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

        • twilighthours says:

          Mikey, you know nothing about me, and entirely missed the point.

          Well done.

        • blu3chip says:

          “I’ll be the one to say it that Price is no elite goalie nor will he ever be unless he wins the Cup in Montreal, period.”

          You sounded like a goalie can single-handedly win the cup.

          • RetroMikey says:

            Past goalies who had a hot hand in winning the Cups for Montreal were Dryden and Roy with average teams backing them at best.
            Ride with a hot goalie and it all comes into place where the players are then confident in one another and your defense and forwards play at a higher level.
            It’s worked with other teams as well like the Hurricanes winning the Cup with an unknown goalie in Cam Ward who was a rookie but who had a hot hand in the playoffs.
            It starts with the hot goalie entering the playoffs.

            “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

          • Mark C says:

            C’mon, what BS! Roy and Dryden didn’t win Cups on teams that were average at best. They won Cups on teams that were well above average to great, and in some cases all-time great.

          • blu3chip says:

            So we are talking about hot goalies now??

            Price is an elite goalie if he plays like an elite goalie, with or without the cup. ‘Turning hot’ at the right time and win the cup doesn’t make you an elite goalie; failing to get the cup because you can’t score a goal doesn’t mean you are not an elite goalie.

          • punkster says:

            Lest we forget…at one time RM had the name Carey Price where that question mark presently sits.

            ***SUBBANGIN’ NOW BABY!!!***

          • showey47 says:

            when the habs won the cup in 93 they were 6th overall in the league,they were 2nd over all for most of the season till they had a late season skid winning only 8 of their last 20. I have a hard time believing dryden at any point in his career had an average team in front of him.

    • blu3chip says:

      Price is already a superstar. Just need more consistency (and better D!)

      • nunacanadien says:

        Price couldn’t stop a beachball on some nights. His head is not there. Trade him so he can be the superstar he dreams of being. Right now the management and coaching staff worship Price and the team is taking a beating because of that. Cup teams had some great power forwards to lead the way along with a hot goalie. We had hitters. The habs are nothing but a bunch of smurf midgets and a shame they went that way under Gainey! Time to bring back the old Habs, enough of this drafting small Trevor Timmins, enough of signing the world’s smallest captains! Enough is enough! We want the old habs back!

  72. twilighthours says:

    What the he11 is the deal with serge savard? Less than a year ago, he was molson’s special advisor for the GM search. He may no longer actually be involved with the team, but he certainly is viewed as an insider. And here he is throwing price under the bus?

    Pathetic. Savard needs to shut his yap.

    • Storman says:

      I think for Savard to say this, he knows more of and has inside information on Carey’s compete level, I think he is calling him out as Therrien did, in hopes of getting Carey’s competitive juices flowing at maximum level, they are trying to find some way to kick start his compete level, and practice habits to beat down the door of the funk he is in…Therrien yesterday, Savard today, obviously management is not happy with what they are getting out of Price..

  73. sprague cleghorn says:

    Wow. Many cheap and high stuff!!! Let me give you my Western Union Payment now!

    … ‘ow could we forget that?

  74. otter649 says:

    Interesting move made by San Jose awhile back by moving defenceman Brent Burns @ 6’5″ 220lbs & turning him into a winger and hopefully a future power forward & he can skate well enough to be a forward…….

  75. boing007 says:

    Big Joe Turner had ’em. Tonight the Laffs have them. The St. Louis Blues.

    Richard R

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