Thursday video theatre

Ma Kostitsyn remembers the time Andrei and Sergei set the family cat on fire.



  1. Xtrahabsfan says:

    I heard they then choped up burnt kitty and then snorted it…………….

  2. Danno says:

    Eva was told the Leafs finished in 29th place, but at least they get a good draft pick…


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

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Thursday Video Theatre

But first, a riddle:

What did the Hart Trophy finalist say to the Vezina Trophy finalist?


•  •  •

Speaking of trophies, you read it here first:

Next Canadien name to join Bob Gainey and Guy Carbonneau on the Selke Trophy:

Tom Pyatt

Tom the Bomb 2.0 skates like the wind and might have the highest hockey IQ on a very smart team.

Jacques Martin loves the kid, and so do I. 

•  •  •

Papal benediction of the day, from my man Frederic Tomesco of Bloomberg News:

Habemus life!

• • •

One more riddle:

What’s the Russian word for “garbage”?


Let’s count the choking Russians:

Ovechkin, Semin, Varlamov, Kovalchuk, Malkin, Ponikarovsky …

In the on-deck circle: Nabokov




  1. Batalla says:

    Getting cocky now…  Settle down…

  2. petrov14 says:

    Id prefer to play the Ruins too.

    ______________________________________ Gionta for Captain.

  3. Revolution No. 9 says:

    Yep. Wikipedia:

    To be eligible for the award, a player cannot have played any more than
    25 games previously in any single season, nor have played in more than
    six games in each of two separate preceding seasons in any major
    professional league.

  4. FSUPhi1584 says:

    I’d rather play Boston than Philly to be honest. Philly has more skill offensively; all Boston has is Savard, and Sturm and Ryder are OK. Philly has a stronger crease presence which is the only way they can score on Halak, plus Briere usually plays well in Mtl.

  5. FSUPhi1584 says:

    I was about to use the lucky bounces and the bad reffing as a reason why the games were so close. I lost count of how many times Crosby intentionally and with obvious intent tripped out players, without the call. My reaction to that call at the beginning of the game was: Finally a make up call on Crosby especially after that chicken shit stunt he pulled at the end of game 6. Also not to mention, the no call when PK was tackled leading to that first goal in Game 4.

    Speaking of lucky bounces. How about the puck that bounced off the refs skate and on to Kunitz’s stick. Thats pretty much the only way they could score on Halak, with deflections and the like.

    I’ll admit, our goaltender was hotter, but Fleury practically single-handedly won them games 3 and 5.

  6. SPATS says:

    When it’s all said and done years from now, I suspect #13 & #41 may be hanging from the rafters….


  7. shootdapuck says:

    The unbiased series assessment of a diehard Peguines fan:

    “Yes, because the Habs have SUCH a strong defense core, eh?

    Plain and simply we got beat by a hot goalie, lucky bounces and
    questionable reffing on their side; and a lack of passion and
    willingness to “pay the price” on our side. The most depressing part of
    this is that when playing at their best, and firing on all cylinders the
    Pens can face a hot goalie, lucky bounces and bad reffing and STILL
    WIN. Yet they didn’t.

    All in all the habs have less than ten
    (and I’m being generous here) players who could even crack the current
    Pens line-up right now.

    Excuses are not the way to go here. Complimenting an un-deserving
    opponent is not the way to go either — in fact it’s counter productive.
    The players in the room have to man up, take personal responsibility
    for their failed actions (or lack thereof) and move forward.”

    “Questionable reffing”, “un-deserving opponent”  what a joke coming from a Pittsburgh fan! Must have snorted an excess of coal dust in that smelter!


    “The three stars as selected by Red Fisher of the Montreal Star:
    1st star: Henri Richard
    2nd Star: Doug Harvey
    3rd Star: Jacques Plante

    Final score Detroit Red Wings 5 Montreal Canadiens 3”

  8. JD_ says:

    “A lot’s going to be put on us like it has been all series. I mean, they’ve beaten Washington and now they’ve beaten us. I think it’s time to give this team some credit for what they’ve done rather than picking apart why we didn’t do what we were supposed to do.” – Pittsburgh defenseman Brooks Orpik

    Attaboy Brooksy. Tell it like it is.

    Your team can’t melt down if there’s no heat. And it was effin’ hot in the Mellon. Word.

    Don’t know about you, but I was positively floored by what a mess the Pens made in their bed from the get-go. Crosby stoopid right out of the gates. Fleury back to the useless form that had me shakin’ my head all those years ago when he was the first overall pick. Malkin invisible. Gonchar beggin’ to be Heimliched.

    More importantly, a Habs team that was so utterly poised and prepared, if you still don’t get JM, you never will. The Habs played like they knew all along they would win. No visible hint of pressure other than a few untimely and ill-thought penalties by the D.

    And Halak. One step closer to the ultimate individual trophy in professional sport: The Conn Smythe. Assuming, of course, Squid doesn’t walk away with it.

    For whatever reason, and it isn’t overconfidence, I’m not worried about either the Broonz or the Flippers. In fact, I’d venture that either one of them will go down hard and fast. I don’t know why; call it a gut feel.

    Chicago or San Jose? That’s a whole new enchilada.

    Whatever the case, I’m off to buy a big Habs flag. Promised the kids a week ago that there’d be one when we were done puttin’ away Sid & Co.

    Meltdown complete. 

  9. Captain aHab says:

    Won’t he still qualify for it next year?

  10. Captain aHab says:

    The way they’re playing right now, the only trophy anyone on that team wants is Stanley’s. And anyway, Pyatt doesn’t score enough to win the Selke nowadays.

  11. JasonM says:

    Happy brithday PK.

  12. Big Bird says:

    You can also add our very own Sergei Kostitsyn to that list of ‘garbage’.  It’s a shame because he’s such a gifted player.  Perhaps there is no word for ‘team’ in Belarussian.  Although his older brother seems to get the concept (off and on).

  13. Big Bird says:

    And in another news Quebecor wants to bring the Nordiques back…

  14. Norcal Habsfan says:

    when they announce the Calder trophy winner in Vegas later in June, Myers, or Doughty, or Tavares will get up there and they will receive a smattering of applause but everybody applauding will know in their hearts that the true rookie of the year played only 2 games in the regular season and then took the NHL playoffs by storm. Talent, grit, poise and freaking clutch in pressure cooker situations–PK Subban.

    Happy B-day PK

    I loved how in every highlight of a Hab’s goal celebration you came barreling in from the point to mob the goal scorer. It was almost funny after awhile.

  15. Shublips says:

    What a win!  What a team!  This team is SO much like the one in 93′.  Here is the breakdown of how they are similar:

    I believe.

    Habs on Facebook: on Twitter: on

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Thursday Video Theatre

This music video is amazing.

Something to entertain Habs fans until the puck drops hours and hours from now.


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