Three more sleeps


Is it going to be GREAT or what?

Interesting that Canadiens Bruins is the only opening-round series that includes back-to-back games, the sixth and seventh, if necessary.

• Red Fisher on a fresh start

• Dave Stubbs on a dream match-up

• Jack Todd on what we learned about the team

• Sean Gordon on P.K. Subban

Debate moved to Wednesday

HNIC broadcast sked

• Mathias Brunet’s trophy predictions

The view from Boston

And a pump-up video from spikeyproductions100:


  1. terrier92 says:

    My prayers have been answered. Bruins Canadians Playoffs. I will be there for all games in Boston. Boston fans attitude toward Montreal can best be summed up in the fact that outside of Garden at every game a vendor peddles MONTREAL SUCKS t-shirts. Funny to be going to a Bruins-Atlanta game in OCT and seeing these shirts being sold. I have purchased one for my daughter. A man must make sure his children have the proper values.

    Go Bruins

  2. habsgod says:

    we will game 1 in boston! you heard it here first!

  3. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Any way you look at it, one thing will never change. Boston sucks.

    “Hate the Bruins like a sickness”

  4. 4m3y2j says:

    I think we can steal 1 in Boston.the key to this series will be game 3,we have to win that game,after that the psychological advantage could swing our way .I think this will be Carey’s Dryden/Roy Moment,
    We need to play w/ the discipline we had in Jersy for the 3-1 win,control is key here.

    • Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

      Exactly. Split, or really be “in” both games in Boston than come out flying at home. Our speed, plus 21,273 crazies will have Chara and Timmy T pooping in their adult diapers. Who knows, Mike Ryder might even get all tender-headed reminiscing about the good old days and throw some paper airplanes from the press box.

      Sorry for being obnoxious, props for being generous,
      y’all down, we booze hounds, take two drinks and pass.

    • Pucking Masshole says:

      You lump Price in with Roy & Dryden? That is just crazy! A world of hurt is about to rain down upon Price. Get out while you can, before it is too late.

  5. Jdub1985 says:

    There’s not much to analyze here, Boston will lose because they have no character.

    • Pucking Masshole says:

      You will lose because you have no men playing for your team. Girls only. Short, pudgy girls. Hard to win with that.

      • Habtastic says:

        Your trolling makes it quite obvious that your condition relegates you to the type you describe in your last eloquent post. But everyone needs love. Probably why they tolerate you, Masshole.
        The Drive for 25

  6. Rob D says:

    I think the Bruins win this in 5. It depends on how tight the reffing is in this one. IF they let a lot of the intimidiation tactics go, MTL won’t have many answers. They are a tough team but the size advantage is mostly in the Bruins favour.

    The Habs just don’t have enough scoring when the middle of the ice features goon hockey..slashes, cross checks and face washes. Unless Cammy goes on a similiar scoring streak like last year where he seemed to score the HUGE goal at every crucial part of the game..I don’t see them winning.

    They had a great year and there’s much to be proud of. The Bruins are exactly the type of team I didn’t want to face even though we have a winning record against them.

    If the refs call it tight on the rough stuff? We have a legit shot. But that’s what Ottawa would have had in the finals a few years back (a shot) if the powers that be hadn’t decided that the much bigger Ducks could mug anyone they wanted to. (I hate Ottawa but…)

  7. mrhabby says:

    habs vs b’s. not a very good match up for the canadiens..

    brawn/some skill against speed/skill.

    i really hope habs win and its a long grueling series. close and physical with no crap.
    all our players have to take the game to there next level (pleks, bp, ak, gomez) to name a few and please no pussy penalties or we will lose.
    i hope we skate hard for a full 60 minutes and price plays fantastic.

    ps..iam not looking forward to a complete disection if bruins blow us out and management says well…. we had injuries to deal with all year. going into next year it will be more or less same team so we have to show progress.

  8. Timo says:

    WTF?! Is the “pump-up” video made by the bruins fans?

  9. Timo says:

    So… sadly I think officiating will be pretty one sided in this series. I rarely bitch about the refs, but something’s telling me that Habs will have to beat no only the Bruins but also the refs as well as the NHL disciplinary god Collie.

  10. HardHabits says:

    I for one am not over-confident. I like the Habs chances but they are still the underdog.

  11. rocketsglare says:

    Pundits are using the last Bruin win as a statement game and believe it
    will carry over into the playoffs. The fact that the Habs took the season
    series apparently has no relevancy for them. IMO, the 7-0 loss was an aberration, the result of a Habs team still in a state of shock. The more likely scenario for the coming series will be games hard fought and decided by which team is able to impose on the other their speed and skill for 60 minutes and more. Based on the season series, the Habs should prevail in this series if history is any indicator.

    • Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

      Also, let’s not forget that in the 7-0 game, we had Plekanec, Halpern, Sopel and Darche returning, and it was pretty obvious that they weren’t ready to play in such an intense game.

      When you have 4 veterans returning, the young guys usually relax a little, thinking they have less to do on the ice. The returning players also didn’t have their timing back, so it made for a bad game all-around.

  12. ed lopaz says:

    I think the Habs should take this series to 7 games.

    And like the Washington and Pittsburgh series last season, the home team Bruins will not be a slam dunk in game 7.

    here’s why the Habs will do well.

    1) Carey Price is the difference.

    2) Subban and The Wiz on the power play

    3) Cammy makes his playoff return

    4) Subban and Gill on the penalty kill

    The Bruins will play a clean game and try desperately to stay out of the penalty box.

    I believe we match well against the Bruins in a clean game, where the refs will be watching for any nonsense.

    I’m not sure if we will win game 7, but I believe it can easily go to a game 7,

    with at least 2 games decided in overtime.

    Very close series.

    Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

    • Seps says:

      This series will not go to 7 games, and if either team hopes to advance past the 2nd round, a long 7 game series between rivals is emotionally draining and is not ideal.

  13. joshua94k says:

    There are only two Canadian teams in the play-offs this year. (One team that didn’t make it was hyped all year long as a team that can’t miss to a team that can have a miraculous finish to a team that will be better next year). However, Habs fans from Nova Scotia to British Columbia can finally get to see some exciting hockey on CBC now that the Leafs are gone till September.

    CBC Hockey Night in Canada has the TV rights for both the Canadiens and Canucks. Unfortunately for Habs fans, a Canadian national network will have people like Don Cherry, Mike Milbury, Garry Galley, PJ Stock, all Bruins fans, covering the game. Then there will be Ron Maclean talking about the importance of Kaberle while Roman Hamrlik will hardly get spoken about.

    Already PJ Stock has started. He tries to say that he has no biases in his oberservation and then goes on to say…

    Roman Hamrlik is 67, Gill is too banged up etc.
    The Canadiens lack character.
    They are unsure of their lines.

    How can this guy get on National TV. Hamrlik has played amazingly this season and 4 days rest will do wonders for him. The same for Hal Gill with 6 days rest.

    The Canadiens lack character… Cammalleri, Plekanec, Gill, Sopul played hurt down the stretch. Let’s see the Bruins play without Chara and see their character. The Canadiens played without Markov and Gorges and still made the play-offs.

    They will beat the Bruins without them as well.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

    • Mark C says:

      What a laughable “analysis” somehow based on one game Montreal lacks character, yet Boston has it. Which team beat the #1 seed, and then the defending Cup Champ last yearv(2 game 7 wins on the road)? And which team blew a 3-0 lead in game 7 and a 3-0 lead in a playoff series?

    • Keith says:

      Like I said in another thread…STOP WATCHING THOSE DOUCHEBAGS ON THE CBC!!! Get yourself RDS if you can, listen to CJAD on the computer, and log onto Boone’s Blog (I know I don’t really have to tell you that), you’re heart and blood pressure will thank you.

  14. Mad Habber says:

    Say what you want about TSN but I wish the Leafs/Sens had have made the playoffs just so that the Habs would be jettisoned to them. Let the Bawrunes love begin. I like how he uses one game to show a lack of character…

  15. Julie H says:

    Happy Monday morning everyone. I don’t know what the weather is like anywhere else, but those of us in Montreal woke up to the loud sound of booming thunder and bright room filling lightning.

    So we get the big bad Bruins as our Round 1 matchup. I’m not going to go through the list of reasons why this is bad. This time last year, we all joked about playing Washington in Round 1 after scraping into a playoff spot thanks to a loser point. The joke being “Washington takes it in three” because we know we don’t have consistent offensive threats like Ovetchkin, Semin, etc. I don’t have to remind anyone how we did.

    I think the guys are in a better frame of mind going into the post-season this year than they were last year. As long as they show up for all of the games again the Bruins, I think they could find a way to win. Don’t give in to the bullying ways. Don’t listen to the people who say “we’re too small” “we don’t have any grit” anyone who says things like that isn’t a true Habs fan. Or if they are, they’d rather be on the negative side to start because then if we lose they can say “told you so.” We have had success against the Bruins in the playoffs on more than one occasion.

    There’s a reason why they haven’t won a cup since ’72: they don’t do well in the playoffs. Sometimes a strong season doesn’t mean jack-all. Ask last year’s Vancouver Canucks. I have a good feeling about this year. I’m not talking ghosts or regular season records. All of that is out the door as of now. If they can get their heads in the game and Carey stands on his head…if they play like a team they can win like a team. They have proven that time and time again. C’mon Les Boys! We want two parades this year 🙂

    Usually I wouldn’t follow the rest of the league (I might watch the odd game if it was on) but since Koivu’s team is in, I’ll be paying attention to that series as well. I hope they get far!

    I also want to draw everyone’s attention to a contest that is going on on Twitter and Facebook called “Put Your Game Face On.” If you are on one of these social networks: go like the Canadiens de Montreal page or follow them, change your profile picture to a picture of yourself with your war paint on (bleu blanc rouge), upload it to the facebook page or post a message to @canadiensmtl making sure to include the hashtag #putonyourgameface.

    Usually I wouldn’t plug this kind of thing, but I happened to post a picture of myself the night of the game vs the Hawks, saw this contest, entered and won a puck autographed by Brian Gionta. You also might be able to win two tickets to a Habs playoffs game if your picture is chosen. Good luck and have a great week everyone!

    ♪Your cares and troubles are gone. There’ll be no more from now on. From now on happy days are here again, the skies above are so clear again. So let’s sing a song of cheer again. Happy times, happy nights, happy days are here again♪

  16. JonoPEI says:

    So I’ll be in Montreal for game 3 and boston for game 5.

    Where would you guys recommend looking for tickets? Ebay, stubhub, craigslist, the alley behind a strip club?

    I won’t have much time to meet to pick up tickets, so if I could get them shipped this week, that would be easiest.

  17. habsfan_61 says:

    my playoff predictions:
    wash-nyr wash in 6
    phil-buff phil in 6
    tb-pitt pitt in 5 maybe 6
    van-chi pick em
    sj-la sj in 5
    det-pho det in 6 maybe 7
    nash-ana too close to call

    finally bos-mtl. its a push. any team can win despite bos being our bi&*%ch throughout history. should boston decide to go the physical route and the habs dont take advantage of them being in the box then we will get crushed. ill take price over thomas subbie will be a target as will the tree chara. if the habs get to use the transition game and speed often we can run them out of the building. lots of ifs and buts here. hoping for a habs victory with minimal pain. either i want a good series minus the bs gooning it up. go habs go.

  18. G-Man says:

    Sean Gordon has written an unbiased article- and it originates from Toronto! (I am flabber, er,…habbergasted!)

    Time to ride to bandwagon, Habs fans. Forget the season, forget the excuses. It’s time to drive for #25.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Sean Gordon is known to be a Habs fan.

      • observer says:

        Expos fan.

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          And he likes scallops too apparently. Pan seared.

          • Rugger says:

            Made that for dinner last night, with a Mango-wine sauce.

          • Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

            Down here they eat they shuck ’em and eat ’em raw, still pulsating on the way down. In the “old days” they used to pay the shuckers by the bucket full out on the boats. The best shuckers wouldn’t stop, they’d just pop raw scallops all day instead of stopping to eat. Pretty sure cigarette ash probably made it in the bucket too though……

            Fishing trawlers used to give Halibut away to the crew because there was no market for it, and lobster sandwiches were what the poor kids took to school for lunch…..

            Sorry for being obnoxious, props for being generous,
            y’all down, we booze hounds, take two drinks and pass.

  19. G-Man says:


  20. Matthew says:

    Jack Todd,
    Please start checking your facts, “This is a team that does not come from behind in the third period. Ever. They don’t score many goals”, is quite simply not true. If you took the time to actually watch some of the games or even just read a box score you would see that once again you are wrong.

    Case in point:

    -October 9, 2010. PITTSBURGH (AP) – Even in their new arena, the Pittsburgh Penguins still have no answer for Mike Cammalleri.
    Cammalleri and Scott Gomez scored in a 24-second span over the final 2:12 and the Montreal Canadiens came back for a 3-2 win over Pittsburgh on Saturday night, keeping the Penguins winless through two games at brand new Consol Energy Center

    -January 8 -2011: MONTREAL (AP) – Max Pacioretty made the Montreal Canadiens’ 3,000th NHL home game a memorable one in several ways.
    Pacioretty scored 3:43 into overtime, completing Montreal’s 3-2 come-from-behind win over the Boston Bruins on Saturday night.
    January 22, 2011, yes they lost but they were down by two goals going into the third period…

    – MONTREAL (AP) – The Anaheim Ducks rallied around Saku Koivu to ensure that the former Montreal captain’s emotional return to the Bell Centre was capped by a win.
    Bobby Ryan scored in the shootout, Jonas Hiller stopped all three Montreal shooters and Anaheim recovered for a 4-3 victory over the Canadiens on Saturday night.
    Ryan, who gave the Ducks a 2-1 lead in the second period, shot past Carey Price on Anaheim’s second attempt for the only goal of the tie-breaker.
    Montreal’s Max Pacioretty scored his second power-play goal of the game with 12.6 seconds remaining in regulation to send the game to overtime.

    • observer says:

      I believe Todd meant that if the Habs were trailing at the end of the 2nd period they do not come back. That Boston 3-2 game you list is the ONLY game in 82 games this year that the Habs won when down as the 3rd period started. AND of the 16 teams in these playoffs, Habs are the lowest scoring team.

      Nothing wrong with his facts.

      • Matthew says:

        If Jack Todd said, “This is a team that does not come from behind in the third period. Ever. They don’t score many goals” and you yourself point out that the Habs did in fact come back after trailing in the third period, than how can you say “Nothing wrong with his facts”?
        His facts are wrong. The habs did come back in the third and win on January 8th and they came back in the third and lost in a shoot out on January 22nd and on October 9th the Penguins were leading 2-1 in the Third period and lost 3-2, would you not call that coming back in the third?
        Perhaps you should change your handle from “Observer” to “Ignorer “as you seem to be ignoring some facts…

        • ManApart says:

          Getting a little technical there Matt. Ok they came back once or twice. Todd’s point is correct in saying the team does not score goals and getting behind is a sure fire way to losing, because the Habs just don’t come back in the third when down. Except for that one time.

        • ManApart says:

          Ok technically Todd was exaggerating, they came back to win twice and once to lose in a shootout. But he’s practicallly right, Montreal being down in the 3rd means that there is a huge chance the game is over, because they don’t score very often.

          • observer says:

            Ever hear announcers say so and so is 24 and 5 or whatever when they score the first goal of the game? In how many of those games a goal was scored first did the game get tied by the other team at 1-1 or whatever tied score later in the game. But announcers keep giving that stat about first goals of the game.

        • observer says:

          The FACT is ONLY one game this season was won by the Habs when they were losing on the scoreboard as the 3rd period started. ONE game that win over Boston with 2 late goals scored to tie it up. AND repeating Habs are the LOWEST scoring of the playoff teams so obviously even if they score a goal in the third other teams score more of those than them.

          Another big , I mean small problem is Habs have a difficulty scoring 5 on 5 because of their size which you know Boston will try to take advantage of.

        • Psycho29 says:

          That’s Jack Fraud for you…Does little research and prints whatever he wants. Hey he must be right, he said “EVER”
          His columns have little substance…..All he’s there for is to get a rise out of people and sell papers.
          Although with me it had the reverse effect, because of the crap he spews I cancelled home delivery and haven’t bought a Gazette for at least 10 years.
          As far as I’m concerned he, Don Cherry and Milbury are all the same.
          Yesterday on NBC Milbury and Maguire showed the Patches hit and Milbury said that police were investigating….and “maybe the cops should investigate the stansion first”
          What an a$$….

  21. Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

    Split in Boston, a quick MTL goal in game three and that’s all she wrote. We’ll go to Boston up 3-1 and come home later that night ready to rest for round two.

    Not at all far fetched if the boys can channel whatever they used last spring to block shots and transition like mad, but this year stay out of the box a little more please.
    Sorry for being obnoxious, props for being generous,
    y’all down, we booze hounds, take two drinks and pass.

    • The Cat says:

      Its gonna be a tough series, a real shame game 6&7 are b2b. I wonder what effect itll have on the victor if it goes that far, its a good chance theyll drop the first game of the 2nd series.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

      • Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

        Sober second thought: short of a split in Boston, keeping them to one goal games would feel like wins in the room.

        I don’t think it will go 7, back to back won’t be a factor. 5 or 6 extremely close games, hopefully with the last few bounces going our way.

        Sorry for being obnoxious, props for being generous,
        y’all down, we booze hounds, take two drinks and pass.

      • observer says:

        Might also be a 4 game sweep if Habs show up afraid of them?

  22. HabFanSince72 says:

    I admit it, I look back into the bowl after taking a dump, I slow down at the site of car accidents, and I click on links to stories about Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan.

    I’m curious, what can I say.

    But “The View from Boston”?

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  23. PuckHead72 says:

    B’s in 5…

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