Three 3s

Three wins in a row, three Ws at home, three on the road.

And with nine games in the books, your Montreal Canadiens are first in the Eastern Conference.

Night of the Plumbers

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Jane Findlay has this view from the Commentariat:

Who said Jacques Martin hockey was boring?  It’s
a very long time since we’ve been able to watch our team play such
fast, exciting, intelligent hockey on a regular basis.  Few people saw
this coming last year when the team took most of the season to gel, the
games were played largely in our zone, we were outshot night after
night, and we had no chance of winning if our goaltender wasn’t
outstanding.  Price is playing well, but, apart from the Pittsburgh
game, he’s not stealing the wins.  The whole team is contributing, and
everything from faceoffs to defensive zone coverage to the transition
game is much improved from last year.

Alexandre Picard has earned
his spot.  He’s not the fastest guy or the toughest along the boards,
but he makes intelligent plays and not many mistakes.  I thought when he
and P.K. started playing together that it was a risky pairing, but for
the moment it’s going surprisingly well.  Unfortunately he’ll probably
be on the bench when Markov comes back.  The RDS guys think it should be
Spacek who sits, but that’s not going to happen with his salary.
 However, Spacek was better last night; that penalty at the end of the
second period, which led to the Islanders’ second goal, was BS.

think it’s only a matter of time until both the powerplay and the Gomez
line unblock.  Our first powerplay last night looked great, and we
should certainly have scored.  P.K. hit the post, and Gionta missed a
certain goal.  We’re creating chances and moving the puck well, so I
think success is not far away.  The same goes for Gomez and Gionta, but I
wish JM would put Pouliot back with them and give the line a handful of
games before trying someone else.

Lars Eller had another strong
game and is visibly gaining confidence.  JM is managing his role and
ice-time well; perhaps the idea that he “ruins” young players, which
floated around all last year, will quietly go away.

We’re racking up the wins and looking great, but we have yet to play Boston, Washington or Philadelphia.

three-star selection is a joke.  How can fans not realize that it
becomes meaningless if we choose three of our own players in a close
game?  It’s true that we dominated the Islanders for long stretches, but
there’s no way James Wisniewski, with a goal and two assists, should
not have had a star over Price.

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