Thirteen saves for Price in All-Star Game

Canadiens goalie Carey Price in his All-Star Game portrait.
© Harry How, Getty Images

Canadiens goaltender Carey Price made 13 saves on 16 second-period shots in Sunday’s 58th NHL All-Star Game.

Price, representing Team Staal, yielded goals to Anze Kopitar, Steven Stamkos and Danny Briere of Team Lidstrom, which finally won the game 11-10.

It was Price’s second All-Star Game appearance, having played in the 2009 game in Montreal. His save percentage of .812 on Sunday trailed only the .882 of Anaheim’s Jonas Hiller, who also played the second period. Hiller and Price were last and second-last goalies chosen in Friday’s draft of players.

Price and Habs teammate P.K. Subban, who took part in Saturday’s SuperSkills competition, will join the Canadiens in Washington on Monday for their Tuesday game vs. the Capitals.

Below: Price and Subban during Saturday’s SuperSkills competition:

Canadiens goalie Carey Price and defenceman P.K. Subban during Saturday’s Honday NHL SuperSkills competition in Raleigh, N.C.
© Harry How, Getty Images


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  2. dasbooth says:

    Agree 100% – If yu don’t like it, don’t watch it. The fans in Raleigh seemed to be enjoying it and at the end of the day, I don’t think the NHL is all that sustainable without the US market. So well done, the Fantasy draft was fun to watch as well. Glimpses of HBO’s 24/7 were showing through with the players trying to display more personality.

    “Shutouts are really more of a team stat” – Carey Price

  3. Timo says:

    He isn’t?! NO!!!!!

  4. CanadienBoy says:

    Hey i got 3 niece lakers fishing today -12 and sunny great day

  5. fbkj says:

    thx for the read

  6. observer says:

    outdoors all star game like this one? yes definately and in miami.

  7. Propwash says:

    *edit* didnt work, tried a roflcopter


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  8. Duracell3 says:

    Happened for the KHL in Red Square outside a couple years ago, it was very nice. Very much a TV event though as there wasn’t much in the way of seating. It might be difficult to project weather though.


  9. fbkj says:


    its been years since weve had players that are clearly coveted by every other team in the league…


  10. emann_222 says:

    Thank You! For pimping my article … Hope you enjoyed it yourself =)

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  11. lavie says:

    The two guys on the picture will be “ruling” Habs for the coming 5-10 years. :-)

  12. SmartDog says:

    You my friend, are a genius.


    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  13. RGM says:

    The word in your avatar is very fitting because you are a clown. An evil wrestling clown.

    Go Habs Go!

  14. SmartDog says:

    What a strange question that is.  Are you in the right place?


    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  15. Adam says:

    If I may, I’d like to offer a defence of the All-Star game.

    If you are old enough to be posting on this forum, you are outside of the demographic that the All-Star game is for. Red Fisher is a legend, to be sure, but he’s in his 80s. It’s not meant for him, or for those in their 50s, 40s, 20s, whatever. When I was 10 years old, I ADORED the All-Star game. To see all the best players on the ice at the same time, it was like looking at a bunch of giants. Everyone on the ice were all, well, all stars.

    It’s not meant to be great hockey. It’s meant to be fun for the kids. And if it hooks the next generation like it hooked me, then hockey’s future will always be bright.

  16. OneTimer says:

    Good post Adam

  17. joeybarrie says:

    Been hearing alot of talk about the Allstar game. I didn’t personally watch any of it except the 2nd period.

    However, the game seems to be bashed alot. This is what I think.

    Proceeds of the game go to the Player Pension fund and a charity run for the Kind N Community Foundation. Not a terrible way for these millionaires to spend a weekend. Its a week off for the rest of the league, and its barely a practice for those who played.

    So if you dont like it dont watch it. But other than that who cares? No big deal. Why do we get so frustrated with it???

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  18. Exit716 says:

    It’s not your money, so why do you care?

  19. Timo says:

    Did you say “doneky b@lls”? Cause you can’t say that.

  20. OneTimer says:

    and just like that, the Timo holiday’s over. Good thing too, people were starting to forget Gomez isn’t a goal scorer around here

  21. Stuck_in_To. says:

    sorry, misposted

  22. JohnnyBEast says:

    We aren’t the only ones who thought Price was the best goalie in the game…




  23. habs365 says:

    PK is a all around good person and hockey player..but he still gets treated like s–t.

  24. Mattyleg says:

    The original reason for the All-Star game was to raise money for charity (the family of a player who had died). The point was to raise money, and the game was an afterthought. A formality.

    Nowadays, there is no reason behind the event (apart from the ‘charity’ of the NHL coffers), and the game itself is such a downer. Nobody tries, nobody skates, and you wonder why you’re watching in the first place. Even pond-hockey has more interest than that.

    It’s nice to see the players relaxed and not wound up like springs, as they are for most of the year, and people cracking smiles… but is it all worth it?

    Before the game, I saw a lot of people on here saying that the All-Star game was a good place for players like PK to ‘showcase his skills’. Where did that happen? Where did anyone showcase their skills? Playing half-hearted hockey against a half-hearted opponent showcases nothing, apart from the fact that you can appreciate how hard everyone works during the regular season, as compared to the All-Star game.

    Get rid of the All-Star game, make it a ‘prospects’ game and give the NHLers a chance to relax. Or just hire in some monkeys and elephants, put NHL jerseys on them, and have a proper circus. Not the shadow of one.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  25. wmarcello says:

    I completely agree. I also adored the All-Star Game and Skills Competition as a kid. When you’re just a little guy playing your heart out and wishing one day to play in the NHL, seeing all these stars together is just a dream come true.

    That said, I am now 29 and I still enjoy the All-Star Game :). I think it’s nice seeing a different type of hockey at least once a year. I sit through more than a few snooze-fests during the season, so I don’t mind seeing the annual offensive juggernaut. I probably saw at least 2 dozen plays last night that I would never see at any point in a real season. It’s pretty obvious the players enjoy playing the game, and I personally find it contagious.

  26. rogieshan says:

    I really wish the NHL would consider staging the all-star game outdoors as its annual Winter Classic. The latter has always been built as a spectacle anyway. Why not make it a truly old-time hockey, shinny event: throwback jerseys, no helmet or heavy equipment. Fans would actually get to see the players in a bigger-than-life setting.  

  27. Habnofear says:

    So……our high priced Habs represented  the team well in  this  ALL Star.Gomez , Geo,Hammer,Spach and Cammi= around $25 million . I think I’d take Malkin and Byflegen instead and keep the large change for  someone  that’s a game changer.

  28. fbkj says:

    this i agree with, merge the two, take out the pissing contests between teams as well as the points… i approve

  29. fbkj says:

    instead of posting with this much thought, you should try and dumb it down and list salaries


  30. fbkj says:

    also whats creepy and horribly dishonest about this post is that you left out markov but threw cammi under the bus


  31. Psycho29 says:

    I didn’t see a lot of other high priced all-stars today….like Lecavalier, Mike Richards, Luongo, Spezza, Heatley.

    So what was your point?

  32. Habnofear says:

    Shhhh,If Bettman gets a hold of your idea next years game will be played in New Mexico on roller blades…..

  33. Ayan_SB says:

    I think some of you fans should use the All-Star weekend to take a break from hockey for a few days. Go out, play in the snow, forget how much Gomez makes per year or how many giveaways Spacek has per game, at least for a few days.

    I, and many others, on the other hand will still watch the ASG, but without the incessant whining of who was chosen, how they were chosen, or why the game doesn’t matter.

    Cause you know what? It doesn’t matter, and in an 82 game roller coaster season in which it seems like every game does matter (even the pre-season apparently), the ASG is quite refreshing; it’s simply a fun event made for highlite-reel moments. I didn’t see one frown in the stands or on the bench of either team this weekend. Now I call that a weekend well spent.

  34. 24moreCups says:

    Love the fact that Price robs Kessel, then right after PK scores a nice one of Fleury!

  35. Duracell3 says:

    It would limit your options as far as cities, I don’t think the NHL wants that, although I’ve heard they can make the ice outdoor at 18 degrees reasonably, so maybe they could go for it and see how it turns out.

  36. emann_222 says:

    Great weekend for the Montreal Canadiens. Habs fans should be thrilled witth the performances of both PK and Price.

    Congrats boys – you made us proud.

    Wanna read more on my ASG 2011 thoughts and recap?

    Please read and comment and share at:


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  37. TheDagger says:

    Oh, well I would take Crosby, Ovechkin, Buff, Stamkos. Because it’s just that easy. It’s crazy that PG would rather Gomez, Gio, Hammer, Spatch, and Cammi. We need some people like yourself who know how to put a team together.

  38. fbkj says:

    wow more strawmen, anywhoo


    on multiple levels

    but teach me teach, where are your season tickets ill pop on by and would be glad to hear your gay thoughts

  39. fbkj says:

    inorite? i want to like people, but its sh[t like that that makes me hate them

    like our master plan was to pay GOMEZ this much money


  40. Mattyleg says:

    Heh heh.


    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  41. Timo says:

    Ok… Now we can finally get back to real hockey and Gomez scoring in buckets. 

    Although, I think the break was welcome. 

  42. Number31 says:

    Haha hilarious. I posted it the same time you did (was watching TV so I was slow to press “post”). Yes, liked it very much :)


    PK got major love this weekend. My favourite comment was from a guy from the Hockey News on Twitter: “The more I see P.K. Subban refuse to let his personality be stamped out by humorless hockey scolds, the more I like the guy.”

  43. emann_222 says:

    Awesome job from our boys. So much to be proud of!

    Visit me at and

  44. emann_222 says:

    You’re right – that’s one of the best comments that could be made about that kid … as much as I have agreed that he needs time to grow – I also think he’s the future of the team. Love that guy.

    Visit me at and

  45. Habnofear says:

    What’s creepy is your avatar and your ego.Markov has been a Hab for many a year leave him alone ,christ he lost his knee’s for the team!  See the difference is I’m talking Stanley Cup and your a wanna be Habs guru who hasn’t experenced the Montreal Canadiens experence to it’s fullest and that’s cool …but when it comes to the Habs ,you’s be the student and I be the teacher boy…… 

  46. Exit716 says:

    Today’s game was also for charity.

    The Carolina Hurricanes.

    Hopefully they reaped enough profit so as not to force the Molson kids to sign another huge cheque this off season for revenue sharing.

    I have zero respect for a team that generates $65 million in revenue, $35 million of which comes from other league partners.


  47. Propwash says:

    Hmm, posts were deleted…..

    anyhoo, fbkj, If we managed to figure out who is who in Hatters, granted it ain’t the same, I’d buy a pitcher and talk hockey.

    *edit* Whoever I offended in the discussion that was deleted, I apologise.

    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  48. fbkj says:

    how would factoring in weather be different in russia than here?

  49. Duracell3 says:

    The Plek-Ak27-Ak46 line at its peak was probably coveted but that was just a few years ago, but it’s been a VERY long time, maybe Koivu when he was just coming into the league that we’ve had really young players drafted by us with this many good years ahead of them. The last players I remember with this much excitement around them was maybe probably theodore, and he was just one guy on a team mostly full of bad. To be fair probably Lats as well for a very shor time.

  50. fbkj says:

    sound asessment

  51. BJT says:

    love it. they are the future. (I hope)


    Formerly known as Camel_Larry.. ‘Sub-BAM! What a hit!’ ..”No more Looser on this teams!!” – Canadienboy

  52. christophor says:

    Hopefully 10-15

  53. Chuck says:

    Timo, I think that you’ve stumbled onto Gomez’ problem: he’s been shooting into buckets and not into the net.  😉

  54. Chris says:

    My waiting several hours was simply because I was not in my house and therefore couldn’t sit in front of my computer to reply to your post.  I apologize for needing to be somewhere and therefore being gutless.

  55. HabFanSince72 says:

    I have to agree with Andrew here. Your stats don’t support your argument – quite the other way round. There are consistently more good centres because that is the position that tends to attract the strongest and most talented players.

    This is why a lot of players drafted as centres end up playing on the wing. At the start of this season the Habs had the following players who were centres in junior hockey: Cammalleri, Plekanec, Gomez, Halpern, Eller, Lapierre, Pyatt, Boyd. That’s 8 out of 12 forwards.



  56. andrewberkshire says:

    Chris, I respect that you have to take the devil’s advocate position on everything anyone states on this site, but do you have ANY idea how full of sh– you sound?

    Everything you just typed out supports exactly what I said, which is that there are more good centers available than any other position. More centers being drafted means there are more overly dominant centers in junior leagues than dominant players at other positions. This is easily provable just by looking at the players in the stats column on the NHL’s website and look at centers. About 25 centers in the NHL have point per game potential in this league, and more centers fitting that position come into the league every year.

    I know you like to harp on the idea that goaltenders are largely interchangeable today, but that’s also not true at all when you break everything down and look at consistency in performance. There are about 10 goaltenders in the NHL who’ve been consistently very good this season, and even fewer who’ve been dominant for 3+ years in this league. The opportunity to have a young stud goaltender who can be dominant for a decade IS in fact a much more valuable asset than a point per game center, which is surprisingly abundant.

  57. Chris says:

    GM’s and scouts of the NHL call shenanigans on your comment.

    In fact, here’s the number at each position drafted in the past few years:

    • 2010:  2 centres, 1 left wing, 1 right wing, 1 defenceman
    • 2009:  4 centres, 1 defenceman
    • 2008:  1 centre, 4 defencemen
    • 2007:  2 centres, 1 right wing, 1 left wing, 1 defenceman
    • 2006:  3 centres, 1 right wing, 1 defenceman

    For a position that has so many more good players plying their trade than any other, NHL teams still seem to draft them in abundance.  For those keeping score, that is 12 centres, 1 left wing, 3 right wings and 8 defencemen drafted in the past 5 seasons in the top 5 overall.  And 0 goalies.

  58. Chris says:

    I agree to an extent.  But you can also look at it as that teams are always looking for the next elite center (not just good), knowing that those guys are indeed very hard to find.

    Many scouts and GMs will always talk at the draft about the constant search for elite centers and defencemen, as those are the two positions that can make the players around them look better.  Goal-scoring centers are one of the rarest breeds out there, especially if they bring any kind of physical game.  That is why so many draft analysts have little conniption fits whenever a goalie is drafted particularly high…there simply is no reason to do it.  Now, I will qualify that statement in the context of the 2005 draft, which was basically one of the worst drafts in NHL history when you get past Crosby.  So Price at #5 is entirely sensical given how weak the pool of candidates was.

    When you look at the NHL in the past decade, the goaltending position has obviously been dominated by Brodeur, Luongo, Lundqvist and Kiprusoff.  Interestingly, that quartet has combined for 0 Stanley Cups since Brodeur won his last one back in 2004.  Miller, Bryzgalov, Thomas, Nabokov and Vokoun are probably the next group of guys over the latter half of the decade.  Again, combined 0 Stanley Cups.  All these guys are elite goalies, yet none of them have been able to lead teams to Stanley cups.

    Instead, the Stanley Cups have been won by guys like Fleury (a high draft pick himself, but one that many disparage because the strength of his team), Osgood, Niemi, Khabibulin, Ward and Giguere.  Khabibulin might be the only one of that group that has been even close to consistently good for any period of time.  Giguere has lost his starting gig more than once in his career.  Ward has been up and down, although is on the whole a good goalie.  Osgood is the perfect example of where good is good enough.

    An elite two-way centre, like Mike Richards, makes your team better on offence, on defence, on the PK and on the PP.  They have so many ways to influence the team for the better.  An elite goalie might stop 20 more goals over the course of a season than a good goalie on the same team.  The fact that so many of the best goalies in the league in recent years have toiled either for non-playoff teams or teams that make hasty exits in the playoffs suggests that the goalies simply don’t make that big a difference in the big pictures.  The odd year, you get a crazy run by a goalie…but those are just often from the “good” goalies (Roloson, Halak, Giguere) as they are from the “stud” goalies.

  59. Chris says:

    Well then I guess we will disagree.  I’m really not interested in discussing it with somebody whose default statement is to accuse somebody of being full of sh–, nor with somebody who tries to devalue my argument by a flippant comment about my having to play the devil’s advocate on every post (paraphrased).  That one really gave me a good laugh, given how “inconsistent” I’ve been about the relative value of goalies, something you even brought up later in your post.  Clearly, it could not simply be that I disagree, I am just playing a devil’s advocate and therefore implicitly I support your point of view.  I know I’m arrogant, but come on Andrew…that is pretty up there.


  60. andrewberkshire says:

    I’m sorry if the manner in which I pointed out that your evidence didn’t support your point offended you, Chris. However waiting several hours to respond in order to likely avoid a retort, and then grand standing on tone instead of addressing what I actually said, kinda gutless. Just saying.

    Your consistency on goaltender values is one part of the equation of what we’re talking about, when really the issue at hand is the value of centers as opposed to other positions in hockey. When confronted with evidence contrary to what you stated, you didn’t rebutt it, you just skirted the issue and said I was rude. Being rude however, doesn’t mean I’m wrong. The rudeness you talk about however, is mostly just surprise at you bringing up something to “support” your point that so obviously flies in the face of what you’re saying.

  61. rob_c says:

    I hate Tim Thomas, but there’s no denying he’s a great goalie. I have a hard time believing he’s the luckiest goaltender in the league. From what I hear he’s got a huge compete level and he plays with a lot of emotion. You think its possible maybe thats what sets him apart from some other goaltenders?….his ability to never give up on a play…. we see it time and time again. He’s not as good as his numbers are this year, but he is a great goaltender. No one said he was going to the Hall of Fame.

  62. rob_c says:

    I hate Tim Thomas, but there’s no denying he’s a great goalie. I have a hard time believing he’s the luckiest goaltender in the league. From what I hear he’s got a huge compete level and he plays with a lot of emotion. You think its possible maybe thats what sets him apart from some other goaltenders?….his ability to never give up on a play…. we see it time and time again. He’s not as good as his numbers are this year, but he is a great goaltender. No one said he was going to the Hall of Fame.

  63. ooder says:

    ugh lame


    88 is the new 23

  64. fbkj says:

    it said be continued, has it continued? probably in the comic/graphic novel or whatevs we find out

  65. ooder says:

    so after a all the hype all we got was the 2 minutes lol

    and btw who was the “secret identity”?


    88 is the new 23

  66. rob_c says:

    First time posting, but comments like this always get me going. You all know a draft is a crapshoot…. With that said maybe having Kopitar on our roster last season with Halak playing the way he was would have been the difference between losing to the flyers and potentially lifting the Cup. Noone knows. What I know is I’m from Hamilton and was at many of the games when Price was backstopping the Bulldogs to the Calder Cup. His performance in my opinion was just as brilliant as Halaks last post-season if not Price’s actually surpassed it. I wouldn’t say he had a game like Halak did in game 6, but the consistency surpassed that of Halaks. But one could argue he wasn’t facing the likes of Semin, Backstrom, Ovechkin, Green, Crosby, Malkin etc. and I guess you’d be right. Personally I like our drafting philosophy of drafting the best player still available and hope they continue to do things the same way. when comparing Price and Kopitar I believe Price was the best player then, as he is now. just my opinion, I’m happy with our goalie being named Carey Price.

  67. fbkj says:

    so your saying with our 5th overall pick we should have drafted the 12 projected, 11th overall? instead of the player who on some lists was projected as 4th?

    i realize hindsight is cool like that but man…

  68. ooder says:

    huge Kopitar fan…

    i don’t think one decision is better then the other.

    if it was kopitar it woulda been kopitar.

    but it’s price and there should be no regret.

    a center can be shutdown.. even the best of them

    a great goalie cannot be broken


    88 is the new 23

  69. andrewberkshire says:

    Actually there are more good centers in the NHL than any other position, but thanks for your analysis, Jack Todd.

  70. Shiloh says:

    Price was clearly the best goalie out there today – and he’s playing like a top-5 goalie this year. That being said, I wish we had drafted Kopitar instead. Bryzkalov was picked up on waivers by Phoenix a few years back and Thomas was a rookie in his 30’s, so there are opportunities to pick up a great goalie – but a number one centre doesn’t come around very often.

  71. Cool Ice Price says:

    I agree on 99% of your post Dawg but Thomas IMHO is not a great goalie. He is having on great season (so far) many goalies have one or two good to great seasons in the career.


    Habs Passion unites us all

  72. andrewberkshire says:

    He’s already surprised me with his .907 save percentage ranking him 28th in the NHL.

  73. Habnofear says:

    Just like a Habs fan to count out Jaro Halak…second half is coming up and Jaro may yet surprise?

  74. Chris says:

    Brodeur has won three Stanley Cups, but he’s also seen his team fall in the first round seven times in his career.  Even Patrick Roy had a couple of forgettable playoff performances.  Roberto Luongo has had questionable playoff performances. 

    Like any other player, great goalies can be broken and are broken all the time.  Carey Price hasn’t gotten past the second round yet in his career, so it might be early to rank him as a great goalie.  Statistically, he’s having a nice season.  Just like tens of other goalies have had in recent years.

    Look at the Vezina Trophy finalists in recent years:

    • 2009-10:  Ryan Miller, Martin Brodeur, Ilya Bryzgalov
    • 2008-09:  Tim Thomas, Nicklas Backstrom, Steve Mason
    • 2007-08:  Martin Brodeur, Henrik Lundqvist, Evgeni Nabokov
    • 2006-07:  Martin Brodeur, Roberto Luongo, Henrik Lundqvist
    • 2005-06:  Martin Brodeur, Miikka Kiprusoff, Henrik Lundqvist

    In the last 3 years, 8 different guys have been finalists for the Vezina Trophy.  Henrik Lundqvist and Roberto Luongo are always in the mix.

    Who are the early favourites this season?  Probably Tim Thomas as the runaway leader, with Jonas Hiller, Carey Price, Roberto Luongo, Marc-Andre Fleury, Henrik Lundqvist and Jonathan Quick all battling it out for 2nd and 3rd.  And I wouldn’t count out Cam Ward if the Hurricanes do their customary second-half surge, nor can we dismiss Pekka Rinne in Nashville, who is quietly posting some great stats for a team that few thought could compete.


  75. Chris says:

    I really like Jaro, but he’s not going to catch the other guys in front of him for Vezina votes.  He just won’t get enough wins to really be in the mix playing in St. Louis.

  76. Mattyleg says:

    My God, are you serious?

    You were expecting something competitive???

    What on Earth makes you think that there is any reason to compete in this game? There are NO stakes. No reason to try, no reason to win. That’s the All-Star game, my friend. Always has been.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  77. nickster13 says:

    what a boring game! No one was trying, even the goal attempts were weak… they really need to have this thing at the beginning of the year or end of the year or something so guys arent so tentative…

  78. fbkj says:

    it said to be continued 😛

  79. ooder says:

    uggh ok so the whole super hero thing was all pumped up

    did i miss something?

    because to me it seemed like nothing happened.. there was some shadow that sucked everyone up and then the hurricane showed up and the bad guy just said he knew the hurricane’s secret identity… some michael or other

    other then that the ASG is what it is… nothing competitive.. let it stay that way

    at least its not the pro bowl


    88 is the new 23

  80. saskhabfan says:

    Next years location of the ASG,bettmans summer home.






    I think I know more than most about hockey and believe my opinions are almost always reasonable and thought out.-manapart.

  81. Danno says:

    Bill, thank you for sharing that with us. It’s such a heart-warming story and just one more reason to love PK.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  82. Bill says:

    Here’s a link to the PK Subban story on CBC Radio One. There’s a cute picture of PK with the two kids, and you can also listen to the interview the woman gives about PK meeting her boys.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  83. SeriousFan09 says:

    Credit Shanahan for tying to inject life into the ASG with the new format, but it didn’t really work to bring any more competitiveness or energy to the actual game. Players still very halfhearted about the whole affair.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  84. fbkj says:

    dont see that ever happening, nor would i want it to for the obvious reasons, it is what it is

  85. andrewberkshire says:

    In the end the weekend is for kids, so who cares. Everyone needs to stop being so negative about it, it’s pathetic.

  86. ABHabsfan says:

    Congrats to Carey, I thought he aquitted himself quite well and made a couple huge stops. He should have had an assist if Staal could have handled the puck! Fearless prediction: the goalies for Canada in 2014 Sochi- Carey Price and Cam Ward

  87. andrewberkshire says:

    Price and Ward would be my picks as well.

  88. Number31 says:

    Hiller and Price had the best save percentage and faced the most shots of all the goalies today. But they’re used to playing behind a group of guys that routinely hang them out to dry ;D

  89. Harani says:

    Yup he is! And he also visited some sick children at the Montreal Children’s on Christmas Day. He’s an awesome person.

  90. Bill says:

    Repost from another thread, just want to make sure everyone sees it:

    Just heard this great interview on CBC Radio 1 regarding PK Subban. The interview was with a woman who had adopted a young oprhaned boy from Haiti, and already had another young son. A friend with some pull managed to get her tickets to a game for the kids AND arranged for her boys to meet their hero, PK Subban. The woman recorded their meeting and played some of it: PK came off as just unbelievably nice to these little kids, and the woman made a point of mentioning how she was expecting PK to just come out of the dressing room and meet the kids for a minute and then go, but instead he hung around with the kids for 15 minutes, gave them sticks, and gave them the memory of lifetime.

    No word on whether or not he did all of this respectfully :)

    Anyway, the guy is a gem.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  91. avatar_58 says:

    PK! Awesome for those kids

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