Therrien: “We’ve got to make sure we go back to basics.”

About 15  players took part in the Canadiens’ optional skate Monday at Scotiabank Place in Kanata, Ont., as the team turns its attention to Game 4 against the Ottawa Senators.

Carey Price will be in net Tuesday when the Canadiens and Senators meet again in their best-of-seven series (7 p.m., CBC, RDS, TSN Radio 690). The Senators hold a 2-1 lead in the series.

We really didn’t play our game yesterday,” coach Michel Therrien said of the Habs’ embarrassing 6-1 loss to the Senators in Game 3 Sunday. “Even if it was 2-1 (for awhile) we didn’t play the way we’re capable of playing right from the get-go.

“In the first two games we played really well five-on-five and yesterday we didn’t play well five-on-five. So we’ve got to make sure we go back to basics.”

The Canadiens’ power play also needs to be a lot more threatening than it was in Sunday’s game, Therrien added.

Canadiens defenceman P.K. Subban said he believed the Habs didn’t do a good enough job of moving the puck out of their zone efficiently.

“We didn’t do a good enough job of getting pucks deep and putting the defence in situations that they don’t want to be in,” Subban said. “And I think when you do that you allow teams to move out of their zone with ease. And I think we did that.

“We have to understand that we’ve got to go back to playing Montreal Canadiens hockey and executing our game plan,” Subban added. “We’ve been a team that’s always bounced back when faced with adversity and I have no doubt in my mind that we’ll bounce back tomorrow.”

(Photo by Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press)


  1. GROS BILL says:

    Bring back the lineup from Game 2. Let Price start, bring in Budaj after the second goal.

    Gros Bill

  2. rhino514 says:

    Regarding the Desharnais signing, it think it was indeed a lack of patience on MB´s part. I think it was a bit of bad timing/luck; if Eller had his breakout game a week earlier, (we will never know this) but i bet DD wouldn´t have gotten the extension. I also would venture to guess that DD being a homeboy put a bit of extra pressure to get that done.
    Hey, evaluating talent is no easy task. i´m sure all GMs have a few on their books they would like to have back.
    Gorges at 4 million hurts. Moen 1.8 million hurts. But I´m sure most teams out there have similar contracts. Injuries, unexplained decline, you just never know. At least we won´t have any disasters on our books after the summer buy-outs.
    At least with DD, the faux pas has really more to do with eller´s emergence, DD is still a decent point getter and could possibly be unloaded; his contract isn´t that bad for what he produces. Or hopefully another year on the wing for galchenyuk will not retard his development, though I am of the opinion it will. The kid is ready to play centre.

    • Steeltown Hab says:

      I really can’t see DD being dealt unless it’s a giiveaway / salary dump. You can’t realistically expect a decent return on this guy.


      Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

      • rhino514 says:

        he´s a 50 plus point getter, more if surrounded by good linemates. To teams who are weak at the centre postion that´s not bad. Good centres are hard to find, he´s decent, just not as good as the three centres we currently have.
        And even if he were just a salary dump, that´s not bad, 3.5 million saved.

  3. Lines for tonite?????

    Galchenyuk – Plekanec – Gionta (If heathy)/Ryder
    Pacioretty (If healthy) – Desharnais – Bourque
    Prust – White – Gallagher
    Moen – Halpern – Armstrong

    Gionta (If heathy)(Sits)
    Ryder (Sits)

  4. Steeltown Hab says:

    Ryder either with Plek Gionta, or with Plekanec Bourque, no other line combo will work with him. Considering we need scoring, that’s what you gotta do. You put him with DD you bring your team down to 3 lines. You don’t and throw DD with Pacioretty Bourque, and depending which Pacioretty shows up we might have 4 lines to work with.


    Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

  5. habstrinifan says:

    I lied!

    As me dear old Pappi once said. If I CRAP when I PP it hurts in the end! Badda-boom-badda-bing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FIX THE PP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jols101 says:

    I am only guessing but I think we see Eller if we make it to the 2nd round.
    So, lets get ‘er done tonight and go home all tied up at 2 games apiece.

    • bwoar says:

      Depends on the extent of his facial injury. He could play with a cage, but is he’s got a serious break it’s gonna be 6-8 weeks. He *seems* like he’s not suffering bad concussion symptoms but I don’t think the doctors will re-evaluate that until next Monday at the earliest.

      As much as I’d love the guy back for us, very much so… the kid has a long career ahead of him, and I trust that the team would not allow his future to come into jeopardy with a rush back to the playoff grind.

      I mean, I wanna win NOW like everyone else, but, with the team we’re building, management oughta be keeping one eye on the future. Kinda hate to think that way as a fan though.


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