Therrien: “Anderson was the story of the game” (Video)


Lars Eller is spending the night at a Montreal hospital under observation after suffering a concussion and facial and dental fractures in the Canadiens’ opening playoff game against the Ottawa Senators.

Senators defenceman Erik Gryba checked Eller as he attempted to control a pass between his skates from defenceman Raphael Diaz. Eller, who lost consciousness, fell to the ice and was carried off on a gurney. The Canadiens advised the media during the game that the 23-year-old centreman was conscious and alert.

Senators coach Paul MacLean pointed the finger at Diaz after the game, noting he passed the puck in the middle of the rink to Eller when he wasn’t looking.

“And that’s always been a dangerous place as far as I know,” MacLean said.

“I think it’s a hockey play that ended up going bad for Lars Eller,” MacLean said when asked about the hit.

“Our player hit him but 61’s the guy to blame,” he said, referring to Diaz.

Therrien said he couldn’t comment on the play after the Senators 4-2 victory over the Habs.

“We all saw the hit and the league I’m sure they’re going to review it.  And I’m not allowed to make any comment,” Therrien said.

“I’m not going to blame (Diaz),” the Canadiens’ coach added.

Diaz told reporters after the game that he didn’t see Gryba: “If I see the guy coming I would never do the pass, of course.”

Therrien said he couldn’t ask for a better game from his team. “We’ve got 50 shots on net. It doesn’t happen a lot to get 50 shots on net in the playoffs and end up losing the game.”

Senators goaltender Craig Anderson “was the story of the game,” Therrien said. “He played really well.”

“And I’m really happy about the way we played tonight.”

You can hear more from Diaz below:

You can hear what Brendan Gallagher had to say after the game below:

You can hear what Rene Bourque had to say below:

You can hear what Tomas Plekanec had to say below:


  1. HankHardball says:

    “Senators coach Paul MacLean pointed the finger at Diaz…”

    So now we’ve gone beyond blaming the victim, to blaming the victim’s teammate.

    What’s next? Blaming a victim of assault’s parents for allowing them to be there?

  2. Pisstoff4greatness says:

    Where’s Dougie Gilmour, could’ve used his fire, intensity out their tonight. when I guys pisst for being penalized for a sissy call and slams the box door so dam hard it shatters, that a sign of how much he wants to win and not compromise his teams chances of winning, and it’s highly contagious because it’s a killer attitude!

    i’m looking for series changing effort in Gm2!


    • habsmanagementzero says:

      1)People Lie.Numbers dont.Price was the 35th best goalie last night playing against the 1st! The 35th best goalie for 6 years now has been defended by people who can not deal with reality.PRICE IS A BELOW AVERAGE NHL GOALIE.THE NUMBERS(and anyone with a brain) have said it for 6 years Moreover he is now 7-16 in playoffs.
      2) I think that the 27 shots in the 2nd period the Canadiens pasted against Anderson ere unreal.Contrast that with the fact that All the goals Carrie let in were BRUTAL.I must state that I think Carrie must have a problem that will one day come out.NO GOALIE IN THE NHL CAN BE THIS BAD NATURALLY.
      3)I think the series is over.The only possibility is that Budaj will come in and just play average.That will give us a chance if we can maintain offensive dominance.
      4) I also feel psychlogically that playing Price at this point would be a form of abuse against Price.He clearly is saying with his play”I DO NOT WANT TO BE IN NETS”.I think he is suffering a form of PTSD(Post trumatic stress disorder).It would be ABUSIVE to both Carrie and the team to play him anymore.CLEARLY!!!I will not go into all the signs but he appears to be turning inward and he should be watched.Simply put he is cracking up! AND thus The sooner Price is out of Montreal the better chance we will have of going somewhere in the playoffs.

      • gmonbo says:

        Brilliant, brilliant and bang on. I have noticed this earlier this year when we were winning and applauding Price, when in fact the numbers showed that we were winning despite Price. Everyone laughed at me when I said Trade him at the deadline . . . .


      • artartand says:

        Great! Come to the conclusion that Pricey has a psychological problem and needs to be removed as the starting goalie and traded for his own welfare and then end your comment saying it’s so we can go somewhere in the playoffs! What a douchebag! You must be a lawyer.

        Once a Habs Fan Always a Habs Fan!

  3. Hope Lars is okay. We need his moxie out there. Tough loss. Anderson was the difference…although we made it easy for him. Most shots were into his pads. He doesn’t have a five hole like the other goalie down ice. The Refs were cruel tonight. I noticed linesman noticeably focusing on waving habs out of the faceoff circle continually it seemed. Hope we bring it some more tomorrow. Lets take one for Lars.

  4. DickandDanny says:

    Anyone know when Price ordered the extra large 5 hole? I don’t remember that being a problem until about a month ago. It was always high glove, mid stick side on him. Now’s it those two spots plus the enormous five hole. It’s like shooting at a road hockey target when he’s in there. And that five hole moves laterally like the black hole, so you never know where it may show up. Beware. Don’t sit to near the glass or you may fall in and never be seen again.

    Anyway’s all joking aside there is an old adage in hockey, if you can’t score on a lengthy 5 on 3 pp then you don’t deserve to win. So, if the hockey Gods were watching tonight, then they dictated the outcome….and made Price their scapegoat.

    \”A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur\”

  5. Habs Requiem says:

    Well Game Plan for Game 2 better be crashing the net on Anderson. The shots were not indicative of the good scoring chances. Way too many shots from outside or bad angles. Momentum changed when the Habs let up on the 5-3 PP in the 2nd period. Instead of turning up the intensity they daudled and played for the perfect shot from the point and wasted the clock and made no effort to score. If we had added another goal there that would have made the difference.
    Secondly, playing DD’s line 20 mins tonite????? DD was a useless turd out there. Meanwhile Chucky and Galy11 get cut back to 12 & 14 mins respectively which doesn’t make sense. I’d rather see double shifting DD or Plex between them once Eller was out of the game to get their firepower going. We are going nowhere in this series if the #1 & 2 lines don’t get off their asses and do some scoring. Nice goal by Bourque. But that line should have buried more with the TOI they had out there. Pax has to get to the net….enough with the long range shots…he won’t be beating Anderson anytime soon with those. Lastly, play Tinordi more…Diaz & Gorges were crap out there all night.

    “I reject your reality and substitute my own”.

    – Adam Savage

    • DickandDanny says:

      Yup, bang on about how bad some of our guys looked while others were awesome. And you didn’t even mention how Price stood us up again. Stud, not a chance. Dud, maybe? We’ll see if he can put more than one good game together. It is the play-offs and that is a requirement. Right, Carey !

      DD has been awfule for a month. So has Ryder. And if yuor waiting for pacioretty to go the net, you’ll be old and rocking in a chair somewhere. he had his chance for that tonight on several occassions and he never once drove to the net. Notice how easily 40 year old Gonchar moved Pacioretty from the side of the net to behind the net. Like nothing. Is Gonchar superhuman? I can’t remember another big player who plays so small as Max…Frank Mahovolich maybe, until he got hit and then he would wake up. There is no wake up call for Pacioretty, even Chara’s dirty hit hasn’t brought Max to the realization that his big body can hit, go hard to the net, and make space for himself out there.

      “A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur”

  6. Sportfan says:

    Here is Ben’s article on how pathetic the Ottawa sun is
    If you guys get a chance write to the Sun and make you voice heard force them to remove that picture and apologize!

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  7. Sean Bonjovi says:

    My previous comment was not spam.

  8. deuce6 says:

    Bruce Garrioch should be ashamed of himself.What an asshat..Check out the cover of tomorrow’s Ottawa Sun:

    Brandon Prust doesn’t have hair on his testicles, because hair does not grow on steel….

  9. DickandDanny says:

    This was Jack Todd’s final comment on Price prior to game one…..

    “Price? Like it or not, it’s on him now. He’ll need all the confidence he can get at a time when he should be reaching the pinnacle of his career: Price will turn 26 this summer.”

    Yes, this one was definitely on him. Look, if you can’t stand the heat Price then get out of the kitchen. Three terrible goals. Two again went in through the biggest five hole… ever possibly. Just awful. How dio you look your teamates who worked thier butts off in the eyes after that pitiful perfomance. Just terrible. Awful, man I won’t be able to sleep tonight. Thanks Carey.
    Perhaps you may want to steal agame or two now and again or how about just win the easy ones, like tonight.
    Budaj in Price out. I can live with that. I think everyone can at this point. After being a Hab fan for almost fifties years i can honestly not remember having such little faith (or love) in a hab goalie. This guy just makes it difficult to get behind him and cheer.

    “A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur”

  10. AH says:

    Look at how the Habs and MT reacted when they scored the second it was the winner. They figured it was all over. Then they did nothing and lost..60 mins people!

    • ooder says:

      everything was fine until they let a shot on goal in the third period.

    • DickandDanny says:

      I agree, the 5-3 pp was not well executed, but i don’t think you can say the whole team quit. They kept skating and firing, it was Price who let them down. Again.

      \”A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur\”

  11. Sportfan says:

    Man I’m still steamed about Andersons little flop and the no goal maybe Prust should have just run him over at that point.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • The Jackal says:

      Yeah, that one was legit and it counted.
      Zebras lost us the game because of that.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • DickandDanny says:

      Yup, my thoughts exactly, don’t think I’ve ever seen a goalie get flung to the ice by an errant stick before. Can’t stand that little f____er, and I hated his twin Cailou too, so there you have it

      \”A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur\”

  12. Sportfan says:

    Habs will comeback tomorrow and to the Sens in their place.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  13. HABZZZ says:

    I think the story of the game is the play of Carey Price. His play has caused the whole team to play different. How can you not remove this guy. No confidence at all and on his knee’s before they even shoot. And how many goals is it in the five hole??

  14. Le Jadester says:

    How did they not call a penalty on Phillips when he put Gallagher into the net in the third at 15:50? Terrible.

    Gallagher is unreal and so is PK !

    Habs, OLE !

  15. showey47 says:

    yikes quick,thats 2 games you just cost the kings (and me in my pool).

  16. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Just watch the replay after Silfverberg scores. He is `WTF…that just went in`

    Good job Price, ya bum!

  17. Bun E. Laroque says:

    Anderson came up big. Price did not.

  18. ClutchNGrab says:

    Looking at the low number of goals the Sens have scored this season, I’m wondering if the 2013 Sens are really the 2010 Habs. Hope not.

  19. ooder says:

    a round off applause to Diaz and Price. Diaz played like shit all game, and Price just full on crapped the bed. 2 goals on 3 shots in a span of 2 minutes… 3 goals on 5??
    what is it with this guy… he is now last with the highest GAA and lowest save %.
    how on earth do you consistently let your teammates down?! that silfverberg goal was a joke, and you can tell that the team thought: oh no not again.
    the methot goal was a joke, off the glove and in it goes. The third goal was a bit of interference, but man what a big juicy rebound.
    the habs played great, made the sens look like an AHL team. Anderson played like a stud, while our thouroughbred forgot to show up for a period.
    so sick and tired of excuses for price.. step it up already.. you are not 21 anymore.

    • Curtis O Habs says:

      That about sums it up.

    • DickandDanny says:

      Man I was going to comment then I read your post and why bother. You nailed it. Price has the biggest five hole since a girl I went to high school with…at least she was enjoyable.

      \”A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur\”

    • Pisstoff4greatness says:

      Agree with most of your post on Price, the Price is really shit right now! I mean he only plays well if the team strategy is structured in a way that limits his shots against, very rarely has he won a game on a number of occasions where we were outshot. i’m not saying we should get outshot more often, but man you’re the #1 goalie being paid like an all-star, what the hell is this, sure the series is still alive, we may win it, but it’s disgusting to lose in this fashion Playoffs or not. You get a rest from the Leafs game more time to practice to be playoff ready and come out with this performance! I really wish Patrick was the goalie coach, right now! he would hopefully be going apeshit on you, so that you can wake up! it’s just a game sure, but alot of people paid there hard-earned money to come and see their team win, and that same money pays for you’re long-term extension. So be thankful that you got overpaid today without doing jackshit! and also on second thought, Under the Armour (your sponsor) is the will to win, but Under your Armour is a question mark.

      PS – Thoughts and Prayers are with Larry and his Family! its’ sad that for more speed, excitement, wealth (NHL), and Job security (Gryba), ethics and more importantly RESPECT is sacrificed. Stupid Gryba, ever thought of what goes around comes around?, Play the game clean. Yeh maybe a bunch camera angles might show that it’s a clean hit. But if you’ve played alot of hockey, then you should have the hockey sense, like you’re coach, to realize that if Diaz was making a pass to Eller, in a vulnerable position, then it’s a bad hockey play!

      Finishing your check can be broadened to also mean that your opponent doesn’t have an opportunity to make the play hereally wants, it shouldn’t mean taking the other guys head of who’s trying to make a living the same way you are. Trying to justify that I was just doing my job, finishing my check, or that it wasn’t intentional, you didn’t mean to hurt the other player, is weak justification, you compromised someone’s ability to earn a living just like yourself, that’ s inexcusable!


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