The week finally starts

Edmonton is at the Bell Centre tonight as the Canadiens begin a challenging December.

• Oilers are a work in progress

• Dave Stubbs on Jaro Spacek hitting 800 games

• Pierre Ladouceur on the Canadiens’ defensive system

• The view from

• Leafs lead 3-1 in third period. Leafs lead 3-2 with 8.7 seconds left. Leafs lose in OT

• And Rogers might buy MLSE

And from video scout Jarred Friedman: The Oiler kids, Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall, talk (reluctantly) about their ice cream dates



  1. db says:

    Looks like the last 6 teams have had problems with Atlanta.  I’d definitely take Ladd and Buff + cap space over Kovalyuck.  And that was before he signed his deal… Waddell is building a solid core and fans will start to notice.  I hope they make the playoffs actually.

  2. WarHero says:

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  3. TomNickle says:

    The question was what do we need to contend for the Cup.  I never said that Kostitsyn or Pouliot weren’t playing physical, their willingness to be physical has been a major reason for our success so far.


  4. habfan53 says:

    I checked the rds site and could not find it (too bad) it is FUNNY.

    Basically Lavoie thought he was going to have the day off so he shaved his MOVEMBER ‘stach then he was told he had to go in. Spacek saw him and said  “no questions from you today” When Lavoie said BUT  Spacek said  NO NO get away I not answering anything I’m not talking with you today all with a big smile 

  5. Habs Proud says:

    Was it a tape to tape pass to an opposing sniper in the slot, misses two team mates, “good play just poor execution”? oh wait a minute wrong game!

     Way to go Mikey, keep that up and “Burkie” will have you on the block.

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