The team takes shape

Pat Hickey on the Pouliot signing

Pouliot deserves another chance – François Gagnon

• Pouliot is working out, looking to put on 12 pounds – Pierre Durocher

Cap issues hinge on Price – Arpon Basu

Cleaning up the Canadiens room

Top UFA forwards – Scott Burnside

Savard in play

Rumour roundup

And a video display of Pouliot Passion



  1. mike g says:

    Then they wonder why guys like Briere and Lecavalier don’t wanna come here…

    Stupid/ignorant journalists, high taxes, unrealistic goals set by the population, and the media taking pictures of you in the hospital…

    What a nice place to play, eh?…..Uhum..

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  2. avatar_58 says:

    There’s more heart and effort in our american players than in the soft Quebecors they’ve had over the years. Do people seriously want Vinny just because he’s french? In other words who cares if Gomez outdoes him in points, IT’S VINNY AND HE’S FRENCH!


  3. Mikey_39 says:

    I would love to see Markov get a contract extension next year BEFORE THE SEASON ENDS.  I hate the policy of waiting till the season is over to negotiate contracts.  I don’t want to lose Marky. He’s a top defender in the NHL and the sooner we lock him up, the better.

  4. Chris says:

    Okay, first up…when you assert that somebody is incapable of independent thought, you are insulting them.  When you tell somebody that they conclude to know everything for expressing their opinions, you are insulting them. THAT is arguing like a child…so spare me your silly little comment at the end.

    Secondly…this conversation began with the following statement that I made and you disagreed with:

    “Perhaps not…but a lot of English soccer fans DO complain at the lack of English born soccer players in the Premier League now.”

    Notice that I never once said ALL English soccer fans.  I did say a lot of English soccer fans.  Based on my life experience, that is the case.  You clearly disagree, as is your prerogative…but you can cut the BS about me dancing around the point.  I have never wavered from the point in any of my posts. 

    Secondly, you once again make a series of assumptions:

    • I have never stated that I am a doctor.  I am not.
    • I do live in a large city, on the edge of the largest city in Canada.  I did not always live here, but have been here for the past 15 years.  How that even became relevant is beyond me, but there you have it.

    We will not have more to say on other topics.  I really don’t find it useful to argue with people who claim knowledge they do not have (yet assert that I act like the know it all in the exchange) and continue to insult me.  This is the second occasion that you have done that…the prior occasion was when you stated that I had clearly never played football in response to my comment that American football was 8 minutes of action and 52 minutes of hype.  When I cited the actual numbers, you conveniently never responded after that.

    I’m not interested in giving you a third opportunity to try and make smug little comments and assumptions about my intellect and/or ability to discuss things in a rational manner.

    So with that…cheers.  Enjoy the website…you will fit in well with the general tone of late.

  5. pic1983 says:

    If he drove the net more he would probably be an excellent power forward.  When he wants to, he can hit like a freight train.

  6. dh says:

    Portugal beat North Korea 7-0 in this tournament. 

  7. Mikey_39 says:

    RDS is reporting what the majority of their readers want to hear/are saying.  Just look at some of the comments from the readers on that site.  It’s pathetic.  I don’t mind having more Quebecois players and coaches, but the main focus should be on making the team better, not more french.  Sadly this issue will not go away….

  8. dh says:

    You can’t compare hockey to soccer just because there’s a goalie and a net.  In hockey with a break away, a goalie has probably a 50/50 chance to stop the shooter. 

    In soccer, it’s much easier to score one on one when a player gets into the penalty area – especially the middle.  The goalie would have to be very good and lucky to stop a shot from the center of his crease. 

    The battle in soccer is more at the mid field to prevent the forwards from getting to the center of the offensive zone.

    If you removed the offside rule from soccer you’d have more goals, but you’d just have players sitting in front of the goalie cherry picking.  I wouldn’t consider that much fun to watch.

    Like I said, if you find soccer boring, don’t watch it.

  9. Storm Man says:

    Tony 242

  10. crabvader says:


  11. crabvader says:

    Lol, now there’s a video on titled “Le Canadien ignorent-t-il les Quebecois?”

    Awwww, poor RDS, we’d rather draft some players with potential rather than some crappy Quebec players who can’t hold their own in an inept QMJHL league.

    They should really try to go beyond the draft and look at the French-Canadian players we have on the team. It might not be as much as RDS wants but to say we ignore them makes RDS look ignorant.

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