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Pat Hickey on the Pouliot signing

Pouliot deserves another chance – François Gagnon

• Pouliot is working out, looking to put on 12 pounds – Pierre Durocher

Cap issues hinge on Price – Arpon Basu

Cleaning up the Canadiens room

Top UFA forwards – Scott Burnside

Savard in play

Rumour roundup

And a video display of Pouliot Passion



  1. crabvader says:

    I really hope so in Sergei’s case.

    AK, while VERY unmotivated, has looked much worse because of his brother’s antics.

    I feel for the guy because he’s never been a douchebag. Still, he is not producing and he’s been a project for a little too long. He should be traded.

  2. Bob Barker says:

    Language has no place in sports. You think Man United fans cared that Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t English when he was playing for them? 

    I’d like to think that most fans, French Canadian or otherwise, realize that the top French Canadian talent is just as coveted by the other 29 teams. 

    The Habs will sell tickets regardless of the nationality of the players on the team. The NHL is no place to try and build “Team Québec.”

  3. crabvader says:

    That may be, they are still jackasses, which is my original point.

  4. KenD29 says:

    AK46 and his little brother Popgun74 will be wearing different uniforms by the start of the season.


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  5. crabvader says:

    Who was the last French-Canadian we had that was REALLY good?

    I’ll give you some time to think about it, it might also help you realize why we sort of tend to shy away from Quebec-born talent.

  6. johnny_habs_4ever says:

    Oh please!

    RDS is a money whore just like every other business.

    More controversy equals more page views. More page views equals more money from advertisers. Very simple formula. 

    Sometimes and the Gazoo cross that line too.


    Boone or Stubbs you may add your two cents.

  7. cautiousoptimist says:

    My sentiments exactly.

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”
  8. Gil says:

    Lets all forget the fact that the 80% french market (probably more like 60-70%, but I digress) also screams and yells when we don’t win every year, just like the rest of us.


    Go ahead and throw all the extra money we have just to secure underperforming french-canadians, or keep giving Guimauve and other like him those free passes, and we’ll NEVER win. You can’t have your cake and eat it too…

  9. crabvader says:

    I bet you 10 bowls of clam chowder that that tool Burke nabs him up.

  10. mike g says:

    Patrick O= AK46

    No thanks, AK is stressful enough to watch.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  11. Gil says:

    I’d give it till midseason.


    Let him get back on his feet (literally) and play before they consider offering him a contract. If he gets hurt again, it makes it hard to offer him big money and long terms…

  12. avatar_58 says:

    Using that logic how DARE the pens draft that smelly canadian Crosby. Should be 100% AMERICAN MADE.

    Except that stupidity extends only to Quebec for some reason.

  13. likehoy says:

    with all these buyouts…the only player i’m interested in is patches o’sullivan…he oozes offensive talent…could fit into our top 6 if no one pans out.

  14. Gil says:

    They can push him all they want…I really don’t see any quebecois on the UFA list I want to see on the habs….

    It’d be nice to see some French Canadians be picked up to keep the torch going, but between those that refuse to come to Montreal when they are free agents, the dwindling talent pool (just look at the last few drafts how many from the Q are first rounders…) and the rest being locked up by the other 29 teams, it makes it hard…

  15. crabvader says:

    Let’s also forget the fact that there are more than enough French-Canadians in our farm system.

    As long as they aren’t wearing the bleu, blanc et rouge, RDS and moronic people who don’t even know what a farm system is will keep pissing and moaning and it’s truly pathetic.

  16. KenD29 says:

    Problem is Markov was suppose to be undergoing major knee surgery. I believe they were reporting he would not be expected back until sometime in November.

    While it would be best for them to try and re sign him before next July, might be worth the wait until he returns from surgery to see how he has progressed.

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  17. G-Man says:

    Let’s all forget the fact that the Habs market is 80% french, shall we?

  18. johnny_habs_4ever says:

    Oh that retard!

    Don’t listen to him he’s a such turd. Doesn’t know a thing about hockey.

    Probably wears one of these:

  19. avatar_58 says:

    Markov isn’t immune either. Plenty of nights where he phoned it in and cost us games, but people just felt like blaming Price.

  20. KenD29 says:

    Mais Oui !


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  21. crabvader says:

    Well I’ve posted about this these past couple of days because RDS just won’t get over it. They keep posting something new about it almost every single day since the draft.

    It’s really pathetic.

    I mean, look:

    David Desharnais, Olivier Fortier, Dany Masse, Frederic St-Denis, Cedrick Desjardins (Acadian, but still), Gabriel Dumont, Phillipe Lefebvre, Mathieu Carle, Louis Leblanc, Maxime Lacroix, Maxim Lapierre, Mathieu Darche, Benoit Pouliot (Franco-Ontarian), Andre Benoit (Franco-Ontarian).

    Sure, they may be a majority who aren’t in the Habs big club, but it’s up to THEM to make the team, not up to the organization to let them get a free pass like Guillaume Latendresse and Pierre Dagenais simply because of their names.

    BTW, those are a lot of French-Canadian names, looks ike RDS has a very short memory.

  22. HardHabits says:

    A little advice. For your sake as much as ours, please change your avatar. There’s nothing positive to say about and it makes you look like you have anger management issues. It doesn’t matter what you write, it will always come across as offensive given that image next to your post.

  23. avatar_58 says:

    One could argue ALL players on the crappiest team look crappy. They were bought out because of the rebuild, that team is going all or nothing.

  24. kempie says:

    The Red Flag line.

  25. johnny_habs_4ever says:

    Sometimes when you clean your closet, you get rid of old clothes even if they still fit.

    Look at this fight. The man just came back from an eye injury.

  26. KenD29 says:

    Along with many more “Fustrating” and “No Show” times too!

    How many times did Gainey have to take a walk along the pier wit him?!

    At $5 million, no thanks. Give me a 3rd liner who goes to the net and SHOWS UP every night and is a solid guy in the dressing room any day!


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  27. mike g says:

    Then they wonder why guys like Briere and Lecavalier don’t wanna come here…

    Stupid/ignorant journalists, high taxes, unrealistic goals set by the population, and the media taking pictures of you in the hospital…

    What a nice place to play, eh?…..Uhum..

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  28. avatar_58 says:

    There’s more heart and effort in our american players than in the soft Quebecors they’ve had over the years. Do people seriously want Vinny just because he’s french? In other words who cares if Gomez outdoes him in points, IT’S VINNY AND HE’S FRENCH!


  29. Mikey_39 says:

    I would love to see Markov get a contract extension next year BEFORE THE SEASON ENDS.  I hate the policy of waiting till the season is over to negotiate contracts.  I don’t want to lose Marky. He’s a top defender in the NHL and the sooner we lock him up, the better.

  30. pic1983 says:

    If he drove the net more he would probably be an excellent power forward.  When he wants to, he can hit like a freight train.

  31. dh says:

    Portugal beat North Korea 7-0 in this tournament. 

  32. Mikey_39 says:

    RDS is reporting what the majority of their readers want to hear/are saying.  Just look at some of the comments from the readers on that site.  It’s pathetic.  I don’t mind having more Quebecois players and coaches, but the main focus should be on making the team better, not more french.  Sadly this issue will not go away….

  33. dh says:

    You can’t compare hockey to soccer just because there’s a goalie and a net.  In hockey with a break away, a goalie has probably a 50/50 chance to stop the shooter. 

    In soccer, it’s much easier to score one on one when a player gets into the penalty area – especially the middle.  The goalie would have to be very good and lucky to stop a shot from the center of his crease. 

    The battle in soccer is more at the mid field to prevent the forwards from getting to the center of the offensive zone.

    If you removed the offside rule from soccer you’d have more goals, but you’d just have players sitting in front of the goalie cherry picking.  I wouldn’t consider that much fun to watch.

    Like I said, if you find soccer boring, don’t watch it.

  34. Storm Man says:

    Tony 242

  35. crabvader says:


  36. crabvader says:

    Lol, now there’s a video on titled “Le Canadien ignorent-t-il les Quebecois?”

    Awwww, poor RDS, we’d rather draft some players with potential rather than some crappy Quebec players who can’t hold their own in an inept QMJHL league.

    They should really try to go beyond the draft and look at the French-Canadian players we have on the team. It might not be as much as RDS wants but to say we ignore them makes RDS look ignorant.

  37. HabFanSince72 says:


    You ignorant buffoon.


  38. mike g says:

    All I’m trying to say is if he’s such a good character guy, why aren’t they keeping him around to mentor and help Hall, Eberle, etc….?

    I’m not saying I’d complain if we signed Moreau, I was just having some fun with it. But let’s not freak out over this guy. He’s a Steve Begin, a little taller and a tad more offense in him..

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  39. HabFanSince72 says:

    How soon they forget. Kovalev gave Hab fans a lot of good times.


  40. andrewberkshire says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure, Dallas can’t afford him anymore.

  41. KenD29 says:

    Please, no more players from “Russia with love” unless it’s Ovi!  Seen enough here over the last few years. Markov is the only one who is a player on a regular basis.

    Habs need someone with grit, heart and desire. Someone who will be there game in game out, not afraid to give and take a hit. Armstong might be worth the look given the salary. Remember, not much left to spend at this moment unless as you mentioned, they shed some of the salaries (Hamrlik). to bad Spacek still has 2 more years, he could move on too!


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  42. johnny_habs_4ever says:

    He’s a great character guy (with size) playing with terrible players. EDM wants to change direction and anoint their fugly looking 1st overall pick as captain ASAP.

    BTW, your example makes no sense. Obviously you’ve never learned the cliche, buy low and sell high. 

    Everything can be bought at the right price. 900k per annum sounds about right for this kid.

  43. Paulin98C says:

    No risk? paying a guy Moore’s dollars to play 30-40 games? possibly less … yea no risk.

  44. SeriousFan09 says:

    If he’ll sign cheap, why not I say. Don’t think he’d come here but he’d be e good guy to add to the room for a year, he’s got a lot of experience he could lend to the younger players.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  45. Mark C says:

    Maybe so, but he still played every game and had the 4th highest ATOI average among forwards during the playoffs on the Flames.

  46. mike g says:

    You should never pounce on guys who just got baught out by the crappiest team in the league.

    It’s like Microsoft hiring someone who just got fired from pushing carts at Wal-Mart….

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  47. kempie says:

    The same thought crossed my mind. As much as I hate bringing in these old vets on the downside of their careers, it would be just for a year, he’s a big centre with decent hands, good leadership, can mentor guys like Eller and he’s no stranger to the Gainey administration. If we can get him for roughly the same $ as Moore’s asking for, I say do it for a year.

  48. mike g says:

    The state of the world depends on this result…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  49. johnny_habs_4ever says:

    Kevin Allen of USAToday reports:

    Moreau, Nilsson and O’Sullivan bought out by the Edmonton Oilers

    I like Ethan Moreau (6’2, 220lbs) as a 3rd line left winger. Goatier, call his agent up and low-ball him right now!

  50. mike g says:

    Welcome to Glen Sather’s office of the New York Rangers…

    How may we help you?

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  51. kempie says:

    My 2¢ on the UFAs in case PG is looking here for my opinion:

    My first choice is a crazy one: Dominic Moore. He knows the system, he fits and he’s no fun to play against. Not because he’s a punisher but he’s an opportunist. He often doesn’t seem to draw the coverage he should get. Plus, he should be relatively cheap. I’ve heard that his agent is prone to ask for too much but he only made $1.1 last year. I’d offer him a slight raise but if he wants $2M, no deal. If not Moore, then Armstrong, if he’s going to spend a little more. Frolov is pricey and streaky but worth a look if we have the $$$ by offloading Hamr. Lombardi is maybe a fit as well depending what PG thinks of our strength at centre. I’d like to take a look at Afinogenov. He’s very fast, has great hands and will come cheap. Hot & cold for sure but so is Frolov at 4x the $. When he was with Buffalo, he used to give me fits. Lastly, I think Lee Stempniak may be worth a tire kick. When he was with the Leafs he looked pretty good every night but that was on a pretty thin roster. At $3.5, I’d have to say pass but if he’ll come any cheaper, could be worth a call. I guess this all comes down to our budget but I can’t see us starting the year with 7 D. Even if 79 can’t go to start, it’s not worth $3.5 – $5.5 to keep another dman just in case. I think it comes down to Pouliot & AK. My gut tells me it’s likely that only one of them will get it done this year and I don’t know which one. If we had one of the guys on my list, JM would have a lot more flexibility to put together a strong top 6 on any given night.

  52. ed lopaz says:

    my daughter played U12, I totally agree with your post – had a good laugh. 🙂

  53. twocents says:

    Maybe it wasn’t listed because arbitration rights don’t kick in until a qualifying offer is put forward. Since it wasn’t, no such rights were accorded.

  54. johnny boy says:

    how about trying to sign Modano as a third line center?  would probably be better than Moore and cost around the same. maybe 1.5 mil.  assuming he’s still got a little juice in the tank, he could be a really good fit and could fill in on the top two lines in case of injury.  on a 1 year deal, there’d be no risk, and he’d bring a ton of leadership and experience.

  55. crabvader says:

    They’re talking about 12lbs of muscle.

  56. Chorske says:

    I’d add Richards to the “probably won’t be available” list.

  57. johnny_habs_4ever says:

    Tony Marinaro?

  58. mike g says:

    Very happy with…… Laich, Backes, Bieksa

    Ok with…… Cole, Handzus, Jovanovski

    Very mad with…. McCabe, Gagne, Bergeron

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  59. Storm Man says:

    Tony has this job hands down.

  60. dh says:

    Sometime goals scored isn’t the only excitement.  If you think so, maybe you don’t like soccer and shouldn’t pay attention to it.

    To me, 0-0 is usally better to watch than 10 – 0.  But that probably comes from coaching U14.

  61. ed lopaz says:

    I like Backes. As much as i supported Halak for helping us become the team that we were last season, I would have accepted a trade Halak for Backes. Backes is EXACTLY THE TYPE OF PLAYER THE HABS NEED!!!!

  62. JIMVINNY says:

    Aside from Backes, there are very few guys on that list I would like to see in a Habs jersey.

  63. HardHabits says:

    Thanks man. I am applying!!! I have my HardHabits CV ready. Hmmmm. Maybe I should use the David one and not mention HH during the interview.

  64. ed lopaz says:

    late in Tanguay’s last season, and in his last playoffs in Calgary, Keenan had Alex in the “dog house”.



  65. SLONCOLD says:

    i’ve always like B.Laich. He’s a great 3rd line guy with some size and good work ethic.

  66. HardHabits says:

    Ahem!! What am I, chopped liver?

  67. JIMVINNY says:

    I don’t believe he was arbitration eligible.  Otherwise, everything you said was correct.

  68. johnny_habs_4ever says:

    You need one helluva Halakian resume to land this dream job:

    Maybe one day the team will need an official CH troll.  


  69. HardHabits says:

    Welcome aboard. Good post!!!

  70. Mark C says:

    What benchings? He only missed games due to injuries. link: 

    Stop making stuff up. BTW, he averaged 17:40 and 18:47 in ice time per game with the Flames. That is a lot of ice time to give a player who doesn’t have high skill or qualities, wouldn’t you say?

    Also, Mike Keenan has despised many a good player in his day.

  71. TripleX says:

    My Uncle has season tickets to the Flames.  He told me often that Mike had put Tanguay’s ass on the bench again.  Maybe it was just in the playoffs or during games.


    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  72. TomNickle says:

    Please go do some research on the cap before you try to shove something so blatantly incorrect in my face Tony.

    There is a cap floor which teams must spend to in order to be compliant with the collective bargaining agreement.

    The cap floor this season is $43 million.  Meaning that they must have a payroll where they have $43 million spent in cap money.


  73. likehoy says:

    good point on kostitsyn…he seems to be slower than he was when he broke into the NHL.

    I think the weight is more what the Canadiens is asking of him more than what he wants.

  74. TomNickle says:

    Okay.  We’re going to have anywhere from $18 to $20 million in cap space for next off-season and keep in mind that we’ll have to sign Subban in the 2012-2013 off-season to an extension.  The following is a list of potential free agents, do some shopping people.  

    Wingers – M.Ryder, M.Sturm, E.Cole, J.Jokinen, J.Williams, C.Kobasew, S.Gagne, D.Backes, M.St.Louis, A.Semin.

    Defensemen – T.Daley, B.McCabe, C.Phillips, E.Jovanovski, E.Brewer, T.Kaberle, K.Bieksa, C.Erhoff.

    Centremen – P.Bergeron, T.Connolly, B.Richards, M.Handzus, M.Koivu, J.Thornton, B.Laich.


    I didn’t include Z.Chara and shouldn’t have included M.Koivu and J.Thornton because it’s highly unlikely they’ll remain unsigned.

    I think the rest of them are likely to hit the market.

  75. Storm Man says:

    And who would you trade for him? and no you cant trade 91

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