The team takes shape

Pat Hickey on the Pouliot signing

Pouliot deserves another chance – François Gagnon

• Pouliot is working out, looking to put on 12 pounds – Pierre Durocher

Cap issues hinge on Price – Arpon Basu

Cleaning up the Canadiens room

Top UFA forwards – Scott Burnside

Savard in play

Rumour roundup

And a video display of Pouliot Passion



  1. Storm Man says:

    Well I was very wrong about you but from what others have told me in emails and what you write in your post today I think your acting very silly and are acting as a child and the reason behind that is. I know more about this topic then you do and it eats away at you to no end so you spit out litlle words like your somekind of Im on top of the world superstar when in fact you know as much about soccer as you do about football and I did responded to your post when you talked about football but it was above you head that day. I played Div 1 football in the states so I have some great insight on the sport. I dont try and school you about what you talk about when it comes to hockey do I? as you have some good insight on the sport. When it comes to soccer and football I know more then you do. Case Closed.

  2. Chris says:

    Okay, first up…when you assert that somebody is incapable of independent thought, you are insulting them.  When you tell somebody that they conclude to know everything for expressing their opinions, you are insulting them. THAT is arguing like a child…so spare me your silly little comment at the end.

    Secondly…this conversation began with the following statement that I made and you disagreed with:

    “Perhaps not…but a lot of English soccer fans DO complain at the lack of English born soccer players in the Premier League now.”

    Notice that I never once said ALL English soccer fans.  I did say a lot of English soccer fans.  Based on my life experience, that is the case.  You clearly disagree, as is your prerogative…but you can cut the BS about me dancing around the point.  I have never wavered from the point in any of my posts. 

    Secondly, you once again make a series of assumptions:

    • I have never stated that I am a doctor.  I am not.
    • I do live in a large city, on the edge of the largest city in Canada.  I did not always live here, but have been here for the past 15 years.  How that even became relevant is beyond me, but there you have it.

    We will not have more to say on other topics.  I really don’t find it useful to argue with people who claim knowledge they do not have (yet assert that I act like the know it all in the exchange) and continue to insult me.  This is the second occasion that you have done that…the prior occasion was when you stated that I had clearly never played football in response to my comment that American football was 8 minutes of action and 52 minutes of hype.  When I cited the actual numbers, you conveniently never responded after that.

    I’m not interested in giving you a third opportunity to try and make smug little comments and assumptions about my intellect and/or ability to discuss things in a rational manner.

    So with that…cheers.  Enjoy the website…you will fit in well with the general tone of late.

  3. Storm Man says:

    Chris it is safe to say I think your a smart guy. Your dancing around what you have said in your post, I lived and worked in England for 5 years most of my Fathers side of the family is born and live in England. Im independent in my thinking on the topic we are talking about. It maybe be sentiments and contacts for you, but with me it is what I have seen with my own eyes been to lots of soccer matches live and to top that off a few family members play soccer and make a nice living at it in England. I dont know what part of Canada you live in but I would say it is not a main city or what you do for a living… I think in one post you said your a doctor? So maybe dont always conclude you know everything by what you read or friends tell you. Try and find the answers for yourself. I hope you have a good rest of your day and im sure we will have more to say on other topics. Chris one thing I have to say about you is you dont act like a child when you try and make your point. 🙂   

  4. Chris says:

    Since we’re in the mood for handing out advice, here is mine to you:  stop assuming you know so much about other people’s experiences and/or character.  Because you really have absolutely no clue at all about my life, nor should you….I refuse to share anything that might identify me on anonymous websites like this, for both personal and professional reasons.

    But perhaps you can explain something to me…you are chastising me for using my English friends as evidence that some English soccer fans do care about the lack of English-born soccer players on their favourite teams.  Yet your “life experience” in England is more important.  Why?  I am pretty certain you are not English…therefore I can only conclude that your “life experience” served only to allow you to interact with a bunch of English soccer fans.

    Both of us are doing the same thing…citing our life experiences in dealing with English soccer fans as evidence.  That your English fans were in England and my English fans happen to be in Canada for a couple of years doesn’t really change the fact that we are both using the thoughts and sentiments of our friends or contacts to make our respective points.

    You should try a little more critical thinking when talking about topics that you’re not too sure about.

  5. Storm Man says:

    Thank I guess. I have never had a guy call me cute lol. Chris I understand it was a honest oversight on your part on the topic we were talking about. Your great at finding articles and reading them and using them as credibility in your posts. You should try a little more independent thinking from life experiences when your talking about topics your not too sure about. We all can read and have friends who can tell us things.

  6. gauver says:

    I find it interesting that St. Louis would have been willing to part with David Perron if Carey Price was offered instead of Halak, and that Philadelphis was prepared to discuss trading Jeff Carter in exchange for Price but not Halak (both rumours courtesy of Bob McKenzie).  This suggests that the Canadiens management team aren’t the only ones to see greater value in Price than Halak.  That said, I would have traded Price for either one of those players, especially Carter if the rumour was well-founded. 

    As it is, the team is committed to Price.  I favour $2.5 million per season for two years.  If he pans out, he earns a hefty raise in two years time.

  7. Chorske says:

    I used to catch Moose games in Halifax, Sea Dogs games in SJ, and I saw the Cats play in Moncton. And I thought the product was pretty entertaining- until I caught a WHL game on TV (can’t remember who was involved). It really opened my eyes to how lame the Q game is. It’s supposed to be fast and offensive-minded but I thought it was kind of sloppy and undisciplined compared to the W. The Q games I saw were better than the Division III NCAA games I saw, but not by an overwhelming margin.

    The league is well-organized– the kids are well-taken care of, judging from the billetting standards and so on, and for the most part the teams are well-run and do the right things to create community support– but there is something self-satisfied and smug about the Q, a completely unjustified sense of entitlement among those that run the league itself, particularly Courteau and his cronies.

    I would really like to see more emphasis and a higher quality of play among the Canadian college teams. We really don’t have anything like the NCAA here, and that is a problem, because Quebec players face the choice of a) going to the US to pursue sports and education b) staying here and having to choose between the two.

  8. SLONCOLD says:

    – so the als don’t have a problem selling out an event at the big O come playoff time…

    – mcgill stadium is a horrible location to drive to and parking isn’t there.

    Montreal supports “events”, winners and hockey. the Impact by the way play right beside the big O

    now i’ll give you that the big is ugly inside. i wonder if the attendance would shrink if the habs played their games there…..

  9. SLONCOLD says:

    hard to get to? it’s 7 minutes away from downtown by metro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Storm Man says:

    Chris you gain credibility on topics when you have been someplace and have a understanding on what goes on and you see it with your own eyes not from what you read in the papers or what some soccer pals tell you in some beer league. I dont know what your parents told you how to findout things in life, Mine told me to experience things for myself, not what others tell me or what I read in papers.;)

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