The morning line

Marc De Foy of the Journal du Montréal wonders if the Canadiens are in the process of blowing their primary free agent target for the third year in a row. Will Mats Sundin follow in the skate steps of Brendan Shanahan and Daniel Brière?

In the New York Post, Larry Brooks writes the Rangers will go hard after Sundin. They also want two defencemen from a list that includes Mikal Roszival, Wade Redden, Brooks Orpik … and Mark Streit.

The Post story says Boston’s offer to Marian Hossa is 12 years, $100 million.

In the Toronto Sun, Steve Simmons has a nice appreciation of everything Sundin has done for the Leafs.

And at The Gazette web site, the Edmonton Journal’s Jim  Matheson surveys the whole free agent market.

Cap space: With the salary cap at $56.7 million, here’s where each NHL team is sitting as free agency begins:

Philadelphia $58.9-million

Anaheim $53.2-million

Boston $51.4-million

Dallas $49.5-million

Edmonton $49.3-million

Chicago $47.2-million

Florida $46.8-million

Carolina $46.4-million

Calgary $45.9-million

Nashville $45.7-million

San Jose $44.2-million

St. Louis $44-million

Toronto $43.7-million

New Jersey $42.3-million

Tampa Bay $42-million

Buffalo $41.9-million

Canadiens $41.5-million

Ottawa $41.3-million

Washington $40.9-million

Detroit $40.8-million

Colorado $38.8-million

Vancouver $37-million

Minnesota $36.8-million

Phoenix $34.6-million

Pittsburgh $33.9-million

N.Y. Rangers $33.8-million

N.Y. Islanders $32.5-million

Atlanta $31.2-million

Columbus $29.5-million

Los Angeles $27.8-million

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