The Last Battle

Wow. June 12, 2009.

The start of it all – October 4th, 2008 – seems like an eternity ago. A season of (never quite reached) highs and too often, bottom-of-the-barrel lows. A season too short, an enduring disappointment. A Centennial season turned infantile. It was, for our Habs, a year that wasn’t.

For either the Wings or the Pens, however, it will be a year to remember. A victory tonight will not be an awkward birthday party but a Championship – a crowning achievement won – not merely by aging – but through battle, determination, skill, vitality and maturity.

Stanley Cup Finals, Game 7. A good night for hockey fans.

Now 60 war-worthy minutes is all that seperates us from a summer that’s already here.

22C, sunny, and  quite humid.

Steak on the BBQ, beers in the fridge.


Enjoy the game everyone.

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